Are You Okay? (AU)


Rick sat cozily in his boyfriend’s bed, taking sips of a cup of tea as he read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the thousandth time, he had spent the night and was patiently awaiting Mystery’s return, he was talking longer than usual to get ready for the morning, but Rick thought nothing of it, he probably just got distracted on the way, it was a pretty common occurance for his ditzy lover
Once he had finished a chapter, Rick began to get a little worried, he had not heard any signs of him wandering the house, in fact, Mystery’s presence seemed much too quiet to be normal
He set down his book and tea, and got out of bed, wearing only his usual rocket ship footie pajamas, he began to search
It did not take him long to hear gentle sobs behind the bathroom door, purposfully muffled, he furrowed his eyebrows with concern, gently pressing his ear against the door