searching for the fountain of youth

Jungle Inferno’s New Maps!

With only Day 1 out of 4 for the Jungle Inferno update, we’ve had a lovely introduction to Saxton Hale and his theme park - which is actually also a map packaged in this update. 

But that’s not the only map that’s shipping with this update. Let’s also talk about not one, but FIVE more maps that were brought out of the workshop and brought over to the jungle, complete with some words from their authors about what we can expect from each map!

1. Mercenary Park

After a decade of dustbowls and gravel pits, it’s time to pack your snorkel, find your flip-flops, and endure a series of painful yellow fever vaccinations to your abdomen, because Team Fortress is heading to the tropics! Introducing Mercenary Park, a new jungle-themed disease-ridden 3-control point map, made in-house by us!

2. Lazarus

Lazarus is a compact 90-degree mirrored symmetry King of the Hill map designed for consideration for the upcoming Jungle Update. Lazarus is a Jungle map set on a volcanic island in Southeast Asia, revolving around RED & BLU’s island bases and the archaeological dig site they’re fighting over in search of the Fountain of Youth! 

3. Mossrock

Mossrock is a 2CP Attack/Defend map (Gorge-Like) jungle map, with deathpits, trains and mind-controlling radio broadcast stations.

4. Banana Bay

A chaotic payload race taking place along the cliffs of a tropical cove. This is a rotationally symmetrical map designed around a rail bridge with a train that acts as a hazard, flow redirector, and finale. Think last stage of Cactus Canyon, but PLR. Also more vertical. 

5. Enclosure

Welcome, to Charles Darling’s Triassic Preserve! The past - today! Enclosure is a three-stage payload map inspired by your favorite dinosaur movie.

6. Brazil

Koth_brazil, a King of the Hill map that takes place in a secret base in the jungle, where players fight for radar control.  

Congratulations to all the mappers, asset designers, art pass artists, coffee lackeys, and any additional roles we missed out who were involved in the creation of these maps and had them accepted into the game! Which map are you most excited to play for Jungle Inferno? 

I’m tired of being sad and having no clue as to why I am this way, so I’ll write about the happy bits of me and why I smile. I dance when I’m alone, when the music gets just right and I’m sure that no one is watching, it’s okay to feel lonely, I used to not like the idea of it, but once you’re comfortable in your own skin even depression starts to feel like a breeze. I’m reading a book that says we are the beliefs and thoughts that we think and believe in. So if I say that I’m happy a thousand times, one of those will come back as true. So if I say I’ll find the love of my life some day, some day she’ll appear in front of me while I’m writing another poem. It’s good to have goals, the only goal I’ve ever had up until recently was to keep myself happy with someone else, that’s not a goal, but an illusion. You can’t live your life for someone else, it’s called your life for a reason. Happiness must happen when I say so, so I’m saying so. We bring into this world the kind of kindness that we’ve been dealt, so when I fake a smile, my mother is omnipresent. Although it’s not real, fake it until you make it, right? The book also says, spend more time doing things that make you lose track of time, so I decided to write again and more often than not, to not compare myself to others because once you start doing that, there’s no going back. I don’t write like someone else, I write like myself. I don’t think like anyone that I know, there’s just you and the beautifully twisted world, we’re all trying to find redemption inside of coral skies and trustworthy friends. I would break my own hand to contain my anger, it is contained. Happiness is what we make it, so if I say that it exists, then it will be so. Listening to your guidance, that makes me happy. You know who you are. Breathless to the words, you paint the sunrise with your pinky and promise that as long as I’m here today, tomorrow will not be filled with sorrow. I keep writing letters to the future person that I will be, I wonder if I’ll change. I probably will, we all do in one way or another. I’m the kind of person that snaps a picture of the sky while I’m driving, I’m reckless, but we’re still alive. Life’s too short and I need to be more careful, I’m certain that death has given up a few passes for me. Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time? Like there’s something trying to make a statement, a lost word that even google couldn’t even get its hands on. Do you ever feel like no one’s really listening? We’re all selfish in the end, but the ones that truly listen– they are the ones that I live for. I maintain online friendships better than I do with my siblings, I guess our thinking is just on different frequencies. On the topic of frequencies– the you that you would like to be is out there, you just need to listen. Hear the right words said by the right person and you’ll be in the right spot to be the you that you’d want to be in this life. Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Remember that thing I said about thoughts? Sometimes we just need to let go a little bit, embrace the art of it. To be left to the wind, the unknown will bring us to more adventures and you may not be loved by many, but there’s a chance that you will be– why not take it? I would like to break out of this, I want to smile more and to laugh a little louder, I just want to make myself proud of who I will be versus who I used to be. And you can’t turn back the hands of time, you cannot change your mistakes– they are permanent, but you are not. There is a fire inside of your chest and if you keep suffocating yourself with an indescribable pain then you’ll only suffer in a incomprehensible way. I just want to fill this world with more love and less pain, I see a butterfly and I’m easily distracted– how beauty will fly past you if you’re not even paying attention because you’re so damn sad all of the time. So I drop all signs of negativity and lean towards the positive, I am the only vibe that’ll alter my moods, so I must feel more wealthy than a million silver spoons even if I don’t have any, so I must create the art that likes to spill from my fingertips, we live such short lives– why not be the best version of yourself? Who will you be if tomorrow was your last day on this planet? Will you cry because it’s over? Or will you search the ends of the earth until you’ve found the fountain of youth? I’ve got a secret to share with you. You can be a 100 years old and still have the sweetest smile, you can be in your 20s and have a soul heavy enough to sink the titanic, life is strange, life is strange. We live our youth to buy pretty things, but live our oak days trying to make up more time– it waits for no one, the wrong turn will break you, a simple kiss will turn your thoughts into poetry and a life of self-hate is a road that needs constant validation– why not be your own way out? Be your own lover, be your own brand of music, be your own kind of poem, be your own story of kindness, and if you’re not perfect just look around– nobody is. I’m tired of dreaming, I want to build it instead. You can’t be who you want to be if you’re still having the same thoughts from last year– you can’t change or heal in the right way if you’re not willing to break a few pieces of your heart because the clutter inside of our minds often match the attitude that we give off. So like a quote, so like a poem, so like a bedtime story. If I repeat it enough times, I’ll be happy. I just want to be happy. I just want to let go of the bad feelings. I just want to love myself enough to see a brighter day. You can’t change the world if you can’t even change yourself, right? If I repeat it enough times, then it must be real. I will be happy. Sadness is a crucial emotion because without it, being delighted and euphoric wouldn’t be so dense, but that’s the beauty of the intensity to which we should love ourselves. I want to be so fucking glad to wake up today that it’ll just drown my depression into the white noise. I want to glow in the dark and live like the jellyfishes, give my poetry the immortality to always bring a smile onto the faces of those that love who I am even if I’m a bit flawed because at the end of the day– you’re the only one sleeping on your bed, you’re the only one who’s going to determine if you’ve got enough room to breathe, you’re the only one to have the last say if you’re art or not.
—  I wanted to write something happy for you–
yes, you. The person that’s reading this.

A little observation

So… I didn’t have a chance to play the newest ES chapters in my old device yet, sadly. Today, though, I finally had the time to do so.

And something caught my interest.

In chapter four, when the Vaanti take the group to Sharktooth isle , Zahra and MC notice a tattoo on shaman Uqzhaals back, which depicts a volcano with a face jutting out of its side .

If you choose the right option, he tells MC about a legend :

As I read this, it instantly felt familiar.

No, not because I already played through this chapter on my other device, but because of something different.

It reminded me of the bonus scene we saw in the last chapter.

Of the temple in which Yvonne talked to the Endless, to be exact.

In this temple we see twelve pedestals, most likely provided for the idols to stand on them, guarding a walkway that leads to a gate to an unknown part of the temple.

If you ask me ,this is the place the shaman talked about.

“Twelve before the door, standing silent guard” . The twelve catalyst idols, when placed on their respective pedestals ,will guard the way to the door, which leads to somewhere we don’t know about yet (probably something mysterious and dangerous, from what it seems like. And probably the place that holds all the answers about La Huertas mysteries. Or even more questions.).

Uqzhaal explains that the legend he told MC about, as well as his tattoo, is about the “threshold” an important place from the Vaantis religion.

And I am certain it doesn’t have this name for nothing. The question is, what it’s a threshold to? Probably to whatever lies beyond the gate we see in the temple.

To further confirm this theory, about the temple from the latest chapter being the threshold:

As I mentioned Uqzhaals tattoo depicted a face jotting outside Mount Atropos side.

And this is the description we have of last chapters temple:

A dragon face, carved into the volcanos slope.


If I remember correctly this is the same temple in which MC buried their friends in their idol vision? If so I wonder where the lava was gone by then and if MC had buried them in the front or even the back part of the temple.


Does anyone have an idea which “fountain” Yvonne was referring to, as she searched for this temple? I’d guess she searched for a fountain of youth? Could this be what’s behind the door? (Also: did the scene with Yvonne, the compass and her search for this mysterious “fountain” remind anyone else of “Pirates of the Caribbean” or was it just me? 😅)


It starts on a Tuesday morning when a Luthor makes her way inside a physics classroom. She saunters inside, hips swaying, as she approaches the teacher who’s in the middle of a lesson. But Lena Luthor doesn’t care that she’s interrupting.

“You must be Ms. Luthor.” the teacher looks at the newcomer.

The rest of the class sits up. Their rapt attention focused on the young Luthor amongst their midst. She can feel their eyes, raking up from her expensive boots, to her black designer jeans, and further up to her calfskin leather jacket. She knows that most of the class is wondering what the hell a Luthor is doing at their school.

“I certainly must be, looking as good as I do.” Lena answers.

She sees the teacher’s eyes narrow and knows without a doubt that the older woman’s already lumped her into the deviant’s category. Lena doesn’t want to pretend like she’s anything but herself so she’s here, dressed like every bit of a rebel that she is.

“Care to introduce yourself to your peers?” the teacher gestures toward the rest of the class who look at her expectantly.

“I don’t think there’s a need for that.” because there isn’t a soul alive who hasn’t heard of the name Luthor, certainly not in this part of world. “But my socialite upbringing does compel me to properly introduce myself.” she stands in the middle of the room. “As you all know, I am the granddaughter of Lionel Luthor, the only child of Lex Luthor, and the only heir to the Luthor estates which as you all know is worth billions upon billions upon billions of dollars.” she knows the only thing these people really want to know is why the genius prodigy of the Luthor clan has set foot in their small town and is now attending such a small building but she won’t give them the satisfaction of knowing.

She disregards the whisperings as she scours the room looking for somewhere she can sit and pass the time.

Her eyes trail around the area as she glimpses over the face of the unwashed masses that look upon her like she’s a unicorn gallivanting around the fountain of youth. She continues her search for a spot until finally her gaze lands on a girl seated at the corner of the room, her head covered with long flowing golden locks, bespectacled eyes glancing out the window, completely oblivious to whatever’s going on with the rest of the world.

Lena’s feet take her toward that area, ignoring the fact that there’s a perfectly empty seat at the table near the second exit of the classroom. It’s usually where she’d normally sit whenever she felt like attending her classes but today isn’t a normal day.

“Move.” she voices her command at the boy seated next to the blonde who’s still staring out the window.

“But this is my seat.” the small nerdy looking boy stammers as he looks toward the teacher whose back is turned toward them. “Ms.” he’s about to call out to her but Lena steps in front, blocking his view. “Eep.”

“Do I look like I care?” she says as she continues to look upon the blonde. Emerald eyes narrow challengingly at the brown haired boy. “I don’t appreciate having to repeat myself.” he looks around the room for help but finds they’re all just staring at Lena. “Move before I rip you out of that seat.” the boy scampers off.

The boy scurries off to the empty seat, gathering his stuff, dropping his textbook as he takes his seat in the other end of the class.

There’s a loud clack that rings around the room. It brings the blonde out of her reverie as she looks toward the source of the sound. She turns her head and Lena’s greeted by the brightest blue depths she’s ever seen.

She can’t help but stare at the blonde. Her eyes break away from those bright blues, traveling toward a scar deep scar from her forehead toward her eyebrow down her delicate cheekbone. There’s another less deep but still noticeable along the girl’s pink lips and Lena thinks she’s never seen a creature more enrapturing than the one she’s sitting next to.

“What happened to Winn?” the blonde’s eyes widen with confusion as she finds herself looking straight into pools of emerald green instead of chestnut brown.

“He was wise enough to relocate.” Lena must be staring for too long because the girl’s suddenly turns, bowing her head, hand touching the side of her face which houses what she undoubtedly finds to be undesirable blemishes. “Upon my insistence.” it takes all of her self-control not to reach out and make the girl face her once more.

“Oh.” the girl processes the information.

“I’m Lena.” she pushes her seat closer to the blonde who looks her way once more, still a little confused. “And you are?” currently captivated by the newcomer’s Irish accent.

“Kara.” she smiles slightly after finding the ability to focus.

“I’m wondering, Kara,” she mentions the blonde’s name, loving the way it rolls right off her tongue. “If you’d be gracious enough to show me around the school?” bright blues look uncertain.

“You want me to show you around? Kara questions unbelievingly.

"Yes.” Lena assures, certain there’s no one else she’d rather spend time with than this girl who’s unknowingly done what countless others before had failed miserably to do: capture the Luthor heiress’s interest. “You see it’s my first day and I would very much like the company of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my entire existence.” it’s certainly not an exaggeration for Lena Luthor who’s intent on charming her way into the blonde’s life.

“Beautiful?” Kara continues looking dubiously at the raven haired newcomer, a blush adorning her cheeks as her hand travels toward her scars.

“Yes.” she affirms unabashedly. “I figure it would allow me to get to know you, Kara.” she wants to make her intentions known, wants to satiate her curiosity and drown herself with whatever information the golden haired girl wishes to share. “Besides, you wouldn’t want me to get lost now would you?” the blonde has a kind face.

“I wouldn’t want that.” the blonde finds herself saying.

“Excellent. Now, would you mind telling me what chapter we’re studying?” she inches closer toward the blonde’s textbook, letting her shoulder press against Kara’s who’s gaping at the sudden intrusion of personal space. “Relax.” she says, bolding placing a hand on the other girl’s knee, not daring to go higher for while she wants to let Kara know she’s definitely not interested in her platonically, she also does not want to scare the apparently skittish girl off. “I won’t bite unless you ask.” she assures, eyes sparkling with mirth while she grins roguishly.

Kara just averts looking into those captivating emerald depths. She tries to focus on the chapter before her but there’s a warm hand that’s still on her knee and the aroma of peaches with a hint of motor oil that’s surprisingly pleasant fills her senses.

Lena’s glad that Kara hasn’t shied away from her touch. She seems relaxed now so the billionaire doesn’t bother retracting her hand for the rest of the period.


It turns out, they have most of their classes together so when lunch rolls around, Kara doesn’t find it hard to be true to her word and show Lena around the school.

The school isn’t as big any of the old schools Lena’s attended so they’re able to get through the tour in little time before finally making their way to enjoy their lunch hour, passing through the empty classrooms as they head toward the cafeteria, walking side by side, shoulders but a hair’s width apart.

“So, tell me about yourself.” Lena broaches the subject that is Kara.

“There’s not much to tell.” a hand flies up to her face. She fidgets with her glasses, tilting them up and down on the side of her frame, risking a glance at those curious emerald depths. “I’m not very interesting.”

“I find that hard to believe.” Lena murmurs, honestly coating her tone.

“I’m being honest.” she’s not belittling herself out of false modesty but Lena is unconvinced. “I mean what would you like to know?” Kara finds herself offering, wanting to continue the conversation so she can hear the shorter girl’s sultry brogue.

“Everything.” she responds aptly.

“I don’t know where I’d begin.” she isn’t used to being put on the spot like this, but then again she isn’t used to having a beautiful girl at her side, one that seems to be taking every opportunity she can to come onto her, either.

“I say start with the basics then.” Lena smirks.

“I was born in Metropolis.” Kara recalls. “I had to move here when I was fourteen.” she doesn’t elaborate why and is thankful that the other girl doesn’t ask. Green eyes look at her expectantly and all the blonde can do is pout. “I’m sorry.” she apologizes. “I can’t think of anything else to say.”

“That’s alright.” they had time to get to know each other.

“I’m not used to this, you know.” Kara murmurs. “To someone wanting to get to know who I am.” she confesses. “I’m usually the quiet girl that sits in the back of the class, unnoticed by all.” no one really pays attention to scarred nerd. “I stick to doing my work as well as I can so the teachers hardly call on me.” she cringes at how nerdy that sounds yet Lena’s smirk only widens. “And I can count the friends I have in one hand.” she doesn’t want to disappoint the shorter girl, doesn’t want the newcomer to think she’s anything more than plain old Kara.

“So, no romantic entanglements I have to worry about?” Lena questions and Kara looks at her incredulously, mouth opening and closing as she struggles to process the raven haired beauty’s words and intention.

“That’s what you’re taking from my speech?” she pauses her stride, turning to face the newcomer.

“I don’t see the point in sugarcoating things.” one thing that she’s learning is that life is too short to bullshit her way through. “I was being honest earlier when I said that I wanted to get to know you.” Lena states. “I find myself incredibly interested in you, Kara.” she declares.

“I think you’re suffering from malnourishment.” the blonde rebuts.

“Well, I am quite ravenous.” her tone drops, voice throaty, as her eyes sparkle with coquetry. She boldly steps toward the bespectacled blonde, her fingers brush against golden locks, tucking them gently behind Kara’s ear. The blonde stands, frozen and totally taken back by Lena’s brashness and intrusiveness. “But I think there’s time for that later.” self-control has never really been her strong suit but her explicit methods don’t seem to be failing her now, seeing as Kara hasn’t slapped her or ran.

Still, she doesn’t want to push her luck so she begrudgingly retracts her hand and heads toward the cafeteria doors. She holds the door open and gestures for Kara to enter.

The blonde snaps back to reality and rushes past Lena who follows her inside. They gather their good quickly before Kara heads over to where she usually sits during the lunch hour and Lena sees four people seated at the table, a lanky dark skinned boy fiddling with a camera, a girl with caramel skin and wavy brown hair with her arm wrapped around an another girl with auburn.

There’s one boy who’s familiar to Lena, the one who unfortunately had to move his seat twice. She deduces that he’s in their year and attending the majority of A.P. classes that the blonde is in.

Hopefully she can spare him the glare and he’ll move on his own accord.

Kara takes her seat, greeting her friends with her patented smile while they all stare at the newcomer who is invading her personal space. By now, they’ve all heard the whispers. They know exactly who’s gracing their presence.

“So why are you slumming it with us, Lena Luthor?” camera boy questions.

“I’d hardly call spending time with Kara, slumming it.” she scowls at the tall lanky bald headed boy who bristles at her rebuttal.

“James.” the boy from her previous classes with Kara, Winn, reproaches with a terse look on his face. “What he means to say is, welcome to our table, Lena Luthor.” the aforementioned girl rolls her eyes at their antics.

“I’m not Beetlejuice, you know.” saying her name three times won’t make her disappear.

The comment earns her a small chuckle from the blonde by her side. She relaxes, focusing on the symphonic sound, and the fact that she’s the one who made Kara laugh with her rapier wit. It all comes to an end too son and Lena realizes that the blonde’s probably just catching wind of her last name since the girl hadn’t been paying attention in physics.

She’d managed to escape roll call since she transferred in today and the teacher’s probably hadn’t upgraded their rosters yet.

“Excuse their rudeness.” Kara recovers. “That’s Maggie and that’s Alex.” the caramel skinned girl, Maggie, gently nudges the auburn haired Alex who’s glaring daggers at Lena. “That tall one is James and you know Winn from our A.P. classes.” she introduces the table. “Guys and girls, this is Lena as you all apparently know.”

“Charmed.” she remarks as she plunges her fork down into her mashed potatoes.

“So,” the little one, Winn she thinks, begins and Lena looks up from her plate. “How are you liking Smallville so far?” he asks. “Wait, that’s kind of a stupid question isn’t it? I’m sure it’s boring compared to Metropolis.” the boy reasons. “Not a lot of stuff happens here, unless you count the occasional pranks on the famers and the cows.” he remarks sadly. “I’m sure you’re bored here. I know I am since I have to wait a week before our computer store gets the new Ryzen processor.” the boy sulks. “I swear, I told Mr. Collins to order those…”

“Winn.” Maggie interjects before the little one goes on a full rant about the new computer processor. “Let Lena answer your question.” they look at her expectantly.

“It has been eventful.” she faces the beautiful blonde beside her, smirking as she licks the mashed potatoes off her spoon. “And I’m quite certain Kara here will make sure I’m properly entertained, won’t you Kara?” she sends the blonde a wink and is quite pleased when she sees the girl’s cheeks turn pink.

“If you want me to.” Kara stammers.

“I definitely want you.” she knows she’s being downright suggestive, borderline lewd with the way she’s undressing the girl with her eyes, but she’s enjoying how the blonde’s skin turns redder with each provocative comment.

“You know, I’m sure Lena can find other ways to entertain herself.” Alex interjects heatedly.

“Yes but it’s not as fun when you play with yourself.” she smirks challengingly at the auburn haired girl who’s practically foaming at the mouth. “I’m sure you two would know what I’m talking about.” her eyes drift toward the two girls who are obviously a couple so she doesn’t quite understand why Alex is seething because of the special attention she’s giving Kara.

“She got you there, Alex.” Maggie snickers, placing a kiss on her girlfriend’s cheek to wipe the sour look off her face. “You’re alright, Luthor.”

Lena isn’t really seeking their approval and doubts she’ll ever get the majority vote seeing as Alex is still glaring at her, James looks like he’s brimming with jealousy, and Winn is obviously still suffering from the effects of her threat and glare.

Not wanting to instigate a heated debate, she chooses to merely observe their interactions, keeping her eyes on Kara of course.


She leans against the locker wall, knowing her intended will have to come and grab her textbooks in order to complete their homework assignments.

Lena had been disappointed because she’d been forced to part with Kara since they had different electives. The blonde had her writing elective and the young Luthor had chosen mechanics. Luckily, they only had five classes instead of the six, a perk of being a senior.

She sees that beautiful shade of gold turning the hall, heading straight in her direction. Blue eyes widen as they land on her, no doubt the blonde is wondering what she’s doing hanging about her locker room.

Kara flashes her a small tentative smile.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” Lena encourages, wanting to address the billion dollar elephant in the hallway that is her surname. “Speak what’s on your mind.” Lena hadn’t anticipated her being a Luthor would be a problem, mostly because she thought Kara had known.

Then again, the girl had been busy looking out the window. And Kara isn’t the type of girl to get caught up in the gossips.

“I guess I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around it.” she confesses as she opens her locker. “You being a Luthor just makes this,” she gestures between the two of them. “It just makes things stranger.” Kara admits because she can’t quite comprehend certain things about Lena’s and her intentions.

“What?” her head tilts questioningly.

“The fact that you’re so interested in me.” because Lena’s probably met people from all over the world yet she seems to be truly captivated by plain old boring Kara.

“Not really.” she smirks defiantly and Kara hates that she’s so easily charmed by the raven haired girl. “We Luthor’s have the keen ability to see the potential where other’s cannot.” it’s what makes their business so profitable. “How about I give you a lift home?” Lena offers. “I did say I wanted to get to know you.” she needs Kara to understand she’s serious.

“Oh, I still have to stay for the paper.” Lena recognizes this as the blonde’s way of gently pushing her away and the youngest Luthor realizes she has her work cut out for her. “I’m the editor.”

“Really?” the blonde ducks her head and nods in response. “Then I’ll wait.”

“You don’t have to!” Kara turns hastily toward the raven haired beauty, head shaking vigorously. “I mean, we have lots of homework and I still have to finalize the layout for Friday’s edition.” Lena reaches out, placing her hands over Kara’s as the blonde clutches her textbooks like a lifeline. “I would hate to trouble you.” it’s half the truth.

“It would be impossible for you to trouble me.” she says as she takes the books out of the apparently aspiring journalist’s hands.

“You’re not going to take no for an answer are you?” Kara deduces.

“Luthor’s never do.” she purses her lips. “I’m certain that’s our lesser known family motto.” Kara can’t help but be charmed by that damned accent. “Trust me, darling,” she secures other girl’s texts in one hand as the other flies toward the blonde’s face. The youngest Luthor takes the journalist’s chin between the crook of her index finger and her thumb. Emerald green meets baby blue and Kara feels like she’s drowning in quicksand, unable to move and break herself free from the newcomer’s captivating gaze. “It’ll be easier if you just get used to me being around you seeing as I can be quite relentless.” Luthor’s are a stubborn breed. “Unless you can give me a genuinely valid reason as to why I shouldn’t be.” she challenges.

Kara says nothing, merely turning around. Lena smirks as she trails beside the blonde, clutching the newspaper editor’s books as they head toward the paper room.


It continues. Their bond develops, mostly because wherever Kara turned Lena would be there at her side but strangely the golden haired maiden doesn’t mind the young Luthor’s relentless pursuit.

Still, it’s been weeks and Lena feels like she’s still not close to attaining her ultimate goal because here she is, wandering the streets of Smallville alone on a Saturday because Kara’s busy with an errand that she must absolutely attend to. It’s always seems to be the case. After finalizing proofs for the paper or doing their homework, Lena would drop her off at the Kent family’s flower shop to take care of whatever mysterious business she has and take her leave.

Whatever it is, it apparently consumes her weekends as well.

But of course, the raven haired genius wishes to respects the other girl’s privacy more than she wishes to satiate her curiosity so hasn’t once asked what it is Kara’s so preoccupied with. Whatever it is though, Lena believes there isn’t a good enough reason for the blonde to turn away from what they could have.

So it absolutely confounds Lena because she’s almost certain the blonde’s so close to succumbing to their ever-growing bond.

She can see it in Kara’s eyes, the way they soften whenever their gazes meet, but most of all she can feel it whenever she touches the blonde beauty, how soft and welcoming they’ve become under the tips of her fingers.

But still, there’s something stopping the blonde from accepting the affection she’s so willingly giving.

She’s too wrapped up in her thoughts to notice her surroundings so imagine her surprise when she feels a pressure around her knee. She looks down to find a little girl with a very familiar shade of gold adorning her locks.

Her eyes narrow as she looks down into the little girl’s bright blues and she swears she’s looking at a miniature Kara Zor-El.

“I don’t think I need to ask who you belong to.” she whispers to the little girl who looks at her in fascination. “Are you lost?” the little girl shakes her head. “Playing then?” she ventures a guess and earns a wide grin from the adorable toddler. “Why don’t we go find your playmate? I’m sure they’re looking for you.”

“There you are!” a very familiar voice catches Lena’s attention.

“I assume this little beauty is yours then?” the young Luthor guesses and Kara’s eyes widen with panic. Lena grasps on the little girl’s hand, the one that’s still on her thigh, while they walk toward the frozen blonde. “Kara?” her eyes narrow as she observes the obviously alarmed Kara. “You alright?” she reaches out to the taller girl, placing a hand on her arm that’s meant to anchor her back.

Kara blinks, turning from Lena and choosing instead to focus on her miniature version who is looking curiously between the two of them.

“Yeah.” her voice betrays her, cracking with the weight of her anxiety. “I’m fine.” there’s an edge in her tone, one that seems to be warning Lena not to ask any more questions. “I just…” she breathes but it does little to rid her of the weight she feels inside her lungs. Green and blue keep observing her, both shining with worry and Kara wants nothing more than to appease both the girls before her so she plasters on a smile, one that doesn’t quite reach her eyes but it seems to satisfy the little girl. Not Lena, of course. “I see you’ve met Vera.” she introduces the toddler. “Vera, that’s my…”

“I’m her Lena.” Kara’s blushing now but still looks so guarded. “So she’s the errand you absolutely must attend to?” Lena smiles as she grasps the little girls hand as they walk over the obviously tense blonde.

“Was an ewwand?” the toddler asks.

“A mission that someone absolutely must do.” she bends her knees, so she could look straight into the little one’s eyes. “And I don’t blame Kara for wanting to spend time with you.” this earns a wide smile from the toddler who can’t be more than three years old.

“Youw eyes are pwetty.” the little girl states, completely mesmerized. “Gween like weaves on twees!.” she squeals excitedly.

“Yours are too.” she bops the little girl’s nose.

“Cos I got Yeyu’s eyes!” the girl declares proudly, looking up at the older blonde who’s gazes at Lena guardedly and it reminds the Luthor of their first meeting.

“Yes,” Lena hadn’t been certain before but now there’s no doubt in her mind. “Your Yeyu has very nice eyes.” she agrees, giving both blondes an earnest smile. “And we wouldn’t want them to get tired having to look for you all time, would we?” the girl gasps, shaking her head profusely. “Maybe no running off next time then?” she suggests and the girl pouts before nodding. “Wouldn’t want Yeyu to get worried, would you?” the tiny blonde turns and faces the older blonde, dragging Lena closer to the frozen writer.

“I’m sowwy, Yeyu.” she continues to pout at Kara. “Yeyu?” the little girl grabs onto the older blonde’s hand, jolting her free from her thoughts. “I’m sowwy.”

“It’s alright.” she smiles a smile that doesn’t brighten her eyes.

“You not mad?” the girl needs further assurance so Kara shakes her head. “You shuw?” she’s full on puppy dog pouting and Lena’s glad she isn’t on the receiving end because she’s certain there’s no way in hell anyone can resist that look.

“I’m sure.” she smiles again, this time it’s sincere. “Now come, I think we’ve taken enough of Lena’s time.”

“Oh.” the little girl pouts once again.

“It’s quite alright seeing as I am actually quite free.” she announces, watches as the light seeps back into the little girl and it’s clear that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

“Really?” the little girl looks up to Kara. “Can she come wit us to the pawk?”

Kara sighs because she knows she is powerless to deny the girl such a simple request. It would be unfair to disappoint the girl and it certainly doesn’t help that she knows Lena won’t refuse the offer to spend time with her either.

“If you want?” Kara extends the invitation, meeting Lena’s gaze.

“I want.” Lena doesn’t want to intrude, doesn’t want to burst the bubble Kara’s surrounded herself around. There’s a reason why Kara’s kept the existence of this little girl from her and the young Luthor doesn’t want to tear down this particularly sensitive barricade. “But only if it’s alright with you.” she wants Kara to have a choice in the matter.

Kara looks torn then, between wanting to keep the wall between them just a little longer and her desire to please the toddler, the genius, and of course herself.

“What do we say?” Kara turns toward the little girl.

“Can you pwease come to the pawk wit us, Leeena?” she’s batting her eyelashes now and Lena actually has to fight herself from cooing at the adorable blonde who has her hand stretched out to the raven haired newcomer.

“It would be my pleasure.” Lena remarks, taking the small hand in hers.

“You sound diffwent.” Vera notes as they begin their stroll toward the park.

“That’s because I’m not from here.” she informs the little toddler. “I was born in Ireland.” the girl looks to be confused. “It’s a country across the ocean.”

“Yeyu is from the oder side too!” Lena nods, knowing the tradition of Krypton had been for female descendants to hyphen the first name of their father with their last. “She was bown on Kwypro!” she declares a fact that Kara hadn’t shared with Lena but the genius had deciphered it rather quickly.

“Krypton.” Lena gently corrects. “I’ve been there once, on a ski trip.” the island was located between the arctic and Russia. “It’s cold but so beautiful.”

“Is Iwand beautifu too?” the little one is curious.

“Yes.” Lena answers honestly. “There’s a lot of castles where old princesses lived.” she laughs at the amazed look on the girl’s innocent face. “Lot’s of greens everywhere. You’d love it there.”

She continues to talk about her homeland, tells the little girl tales about the myths of the Gods and Goddesses of the old world, before looking at Kara. Lena notices the blonde seems intent not to meet her stare, content to listen as little Vera asks the questions that the blonde hadn’t permitted herself from posing herself.


“She’s out cold.” Lena announces as she makes her way down the stairs of the Kent household and Kara isn’t surprised since the little girl spent the whole day running around the fair grounds.

“It’s a miracle you’re still standing straight.” Kara teases the raven haired girl who spent the whole day chasing after the little blonde. “Thank you for today, for all the days you’ve spent with us.” Lena scowls not liking how the aspiring journalist is sounding like she’s about to say goodbye. “I don’t know how I could ever repay your kindness.”

“There’s nothing to repay.” Lena guarantees.

Her presence around Kara and Vera has been a regular occurrence. She’s taken quite a shine to the little blonde while Vera practically worships her newest playmate. It’s no wonder that they’re inseparable now, parting only when the Kent’s need Kara and even then, there are times when Lena’s invited to stay for dinner.

“There is.” Kara turns away, unable to meet her gaze. “I haven’t been fair to you.”

“I don’t mind baby sitting.” she comments, treading lightly toward the blonde who looks like she’s about to confirm the truth. “Not for such a smart and sweet and beautiful girl.” it’s Lena’s truth. “Who clearly takes after her mother.” she broaches the subject she knows Kara’s cautiously approaching.

The blonde smiles thankfully at the genius.

“Most people assume she’s my sister and I don’t bother to correct them.” and Lena would have too, if it weren’t for the panic stricken look on Kara’s face, her obvious discomfort, and the fact that Kryptonese is one of the many languages that Lena learned. “It’s not that I’m ashamed of her or anything like that. I just…”

“Don’t want people to know because you’re afraid they’d judge her for it.” Lena remarks understandingly.

“I was….” Kara pauses, gathering her emotions.

“You don’t have to explain.” because she accepts the kindhearted blonde no matter what. But the blonde shakes her head. “You don’t need to justify a thing to me or anyone else for that matter.” she’d never judge Kara for what others may perceive to be a mistake.

“No.” there’s tears brimming behind those glasses. “I do owe you an explanation.” she asserts. “Because I want…” there’s a crack in her voice. “I need you to understand…” Lena nods, giving Kara her full attention. “I was sleeping in my room.” and already the young Luthor dreads where the blonde is going with this conversation. “And I heard a crash… I went down stairs to my father’s office and saw my father on the floor, bloodied and unconscious.” the tears are falling and ever drop falling feels like a dagger is being driven through Lena’s chest. “I looked over to the safe and saw a man emptying it, then on his desk was my mother, she was screaming as they…” she shakes with anger as she remembers the man who pummeled his way into her mother. “She screamed at me to run and I tried but they caught me and then it was my turn….” it’s too much and everything comes barreling down, the floodgates of her emotions are opened as the normally bubbly blonde begins to sob uncontrollably.

“Kara…” Lena wastes no time, wrapping her arms around the beautiful girl who’s trying to push her away but the young Luthor continues to wrap her arms around the distraught girl.

“The police came and the men had been too busy arguing to notice the snipers…” Kara continues with her story after she gathers herself enough to push through. “I was lucky enough that they didn’t sensationalize the news on the media.” she’d been fortunate to escape public scrutiny. “Apparently Cat Grant took pity on me and decided not to publish what really happened to my family, blackballed my story from leaking out.” and Lena understands now, why Kara has been so passionate about news and controlling how information is released. “I had been too traumatized to worry about what happened to me that I didn’t think about…” her eyes drift toward the stairs, were Vera’s room is located. “I don’t want anyone thinking she’s a mistake because she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” she declares resolutely. “Martha and Jonathan took us in because Clark though it would be best for us to have a quiet life outside the city.” she’d come after the pregnancy and that’s why no one had known. “We were fine and I thought I could never want anything more…” but then Lena came along, like a wildfire that blazed past her defenses. “But I was selfish.” she pulls herself from Lena’s embrace, ripping herself out of the raven haired girl’s comforting hold, bright blues ablaze in anger and disappointment. “That’s what you make me, Lena. Selfish.” she watches emerald greens flicker with confusion. “I liked having you around me, liked hearing you talk about everything and nothing, and most of all I liked it when you touched me…” she turns away as though she’s revealed an abhorrent truth. And perhaps for Kara, she did see it as such and that just breaks Lena’s heart all the more. “But do you understand now, how absurd the idea of you and me is?” there are tears, hot and angry and filled with shame and all Lena wants to do is erase these feelings. She doesn’t want Kara to feel guilty for wanting her, not when she had no reason to. “I’m sorry that I let it continue for so long, that I let you…”

“Is this why you’re telling me this? You think this’ll be the thing that will push me away, drive me to the furthest corner from you?” Lena shakes her head in disappointment. She knows Kara’s doing this because she thinks it’ll force Lena to see how unworthy she is. And Lena disagrees wholeheartedly because Kara she deserves only the best this world has to offer and the youngest Luthor will gladly spend the rest of her days proving it to the blonde. “If that’s the case then you underestimate my feelings for you, Kara.” she stands firmly. “I’m here to stay.” she declares, leaving no room for argument.

“Lena…” a strong pair of arms wrap around her as the floodgates of her emotions break, Kara sobs uncontrollably into the raven haired Luthor’s collarbone.

“I’m here for you.” Lena says, pulling away from Kara slightly so green can meet blue. “I’m here for Vera.” she declares as she wipes away the blonde’s tears. “I’m not asking for you to return my feelings.” even though they both know Kara already does. “I would never ask you for anything you’d be unwilling to give.” and the blonde knows this. “I just want you to accept my presence as a constant.”

“Even after… still?” she asks, though she can see Lena’s truth clear and tangible in the young Luthor’s emerald green depths.



She sits, staring at that chiseled jaw, thankful that those green eyes are currently focused on the pages of her novel. It allows Kara to stare at the raven haired beauty and sit and wonder why she’s still gracing her with her presence when it’s obvious that the rest of the school wants a piece of the Luthor heiress.

Yet Lena seems content to just bide her time, reading a book, waiting for Kara to finish writing her article for the school paper or spending her free time accompanying Kara and Vera.

“I can feel you thinking.” the genius looks at the blonde expectantly.

“I still don’t understand, how it is you’re still here.” she’d shared with Lena her most deplorable truth yet the genius stays. “How you can sit there and continue to look at me like that?” because those greens still gaze upon her like nothing’s changed, still simmering with want and affection that seems to be amplified daily. Lena still stares at her like she hung up the moon and painted the stars on the night sky. Perhaps the only difference now is that Lena looks at Vera fondly as well. “Still?”

“All I see,” Lena’s hands flies toward the distraught girl. She cups the blonde’s face with one hand, while the other was busy tracing the scars adorning Kara’s features. “Is you.” she doesn’t see a strong survivor or a shattered soul. “Sweet,” she takes Kara’s hand in her own. “Smart,” she links their fingers together. “Strong,” she brings the Kryptonian’s hand near her lips. “Pure,” her lips meet the back of Kara’s palm, bringing a blush to the blonde’s delicate features. “Irresistible.” and she knows that this is Lena’s truth, that it hasn’t changed despite her sharing her own truth.

“Irresistible?” Kara repeats. “Pot calling the kettle black much?”

“Oh, well I already know I am.” she remarks confidently as she frees her other hand of the novel, inching closer to the blonde. “I wouldn’t be here with you if I weren’t.” she remarks, challenging Kara to dispute her statement. “But you know, I wasn’t done with my list of your attributes yet.”

“Oh?” apparently Lena isn’t done listing all of the blonde’s desirable qualities.

“Honest.” it’s a refreshing trait, perhaps one that she admires most about Kara. “Virtuous, like a modern day heroine really.” she raises her free hand, brushing her knuckles on the blonde’s cheekbone. “I’ve been to five continents on this Earth.” she needs Kara to understand that she isn’t some passing dalliance. “Met girls and women from all over.” slept with more than her fair share. “But you are the most breathtaking creature I’ve ever beheld.”

It’s hard to tell, who’s inching closer. It maybe Kara, it’s probably Lena, or highly likely that they’re both unable to deny their attraction to one another anymore. Their lips are but a hair’s width apart and Lena feels Kara’s warm breath upon her and they’re so close to meeting.

An excited squeal breaks them apart as Vera runs excitedly around the Kent’s backyard.

Lena sighs as Kara slowly, almost painfully, regains her personal space. The young Luthor decides she must get used to little Vera’s interruptions seeing as they’ll be happening in their future. Besides, it’s simply impossible to be upset at the adorable girl who is so much like her mother.


To her credit and Lena’s absolute glee, Kara doesn’t avoid her after their almost kiss like she’d been dreading the blonde would do. Then again, it’ll be impossible for Kara to attempt since Vera and the Kents have welcomed Lena so openly in their lives. Hard to believe but even Jonathan Kent, the notorious Luthor skeptic, fell to the youngest Luthor’s charms much to Lena’s utter delight and Kara’s absolute shock.

It’s made Lena even bolder now with her flirtations and advances. There’s not an instance when she doesn’t blatantly proclaims her wanton desire. She constantly creates opportunities to touch the blonde.

And according to Winn and Maggie, they were the talk of the town. Not that Lena really cares.

But she knows that Kara isn’t used to the attention, doesn’t want any of it, so the young Luthor’s been actively trying to make sure it won’t affect the blonde or her daughter. Thankfully, her charm and last name can influence almost everyone’s good opinion. There are of course stragglers who are refusing to stop spreading hateful words about her relationship with Kara.

Lena knows they are merely jealous so she hasn’t really paid any of them any attention.

But as she waits against Kara’s locker she sees Simone Smythe, the mayor’s daughter, and Leslie Willis, the school’s number one gossip, heading her way she knows that’s all about to change.

“I see you’re still busy with the Kent orphan.” Simone practically sneers, envy clear and present in her entire demeanor. Her nose upturned because she believes Lena to be fraternizing with someone of a lower class when she is clearly the better pick. “I don’t even know why you’re bothering with her.”

“Maybe she’s into the girl next door type.” Leslie Willis, the school’s number one gossip, remarks. “I mean, aside from those god awful sc-”

“If you want to keep your tongue,” the young Luthor steps toward number two and three of Smallville High’s most popular students. She knows they’re looking to knock her off her peg somehow, because Lena’s number one. “Keep your mouths shut.” it’s downright barbaric, Lena knows, but Luthor’s are known for their vicious nature.

“Is that what you got kicked out from your last school?” Leslie is ready to stir the rumor mill with her next juicy gossip.

“Do you really think it wise to antagonize me?” she cocks her head to the side, regarding the pair of imbeciles before her. “You think you can rule this quaint little town but my reach extends farther than your tiny little minds can ever comprehend.” it’s the honest truth. “So if I hear either of you uttering one more deplorable thing about Kara, I will make your pathetic insignificant lives miserable.” as her grandfather taught her, there are worse things than death. “Now run along before I show you just how ruthless a Luthor really is.” she snarls, enjoying the fear that’s shining through their entire demeanor.

They wisely follow her order and the Luthor smirks triumphantly. As they pass Lena’s met with a familiar pair of bright blues that are wide with shock. No doubt the blonde’s surprised because the raven haired beauty had been nothing but sweet and kind. Sure she’s a bit of a wise ass and a downright flirt but Kara had never thought Lena would be capable of being cruel and cold like the Luthor reputation that precedes her.

“Are you alright?” Kara asks as she steps forward, nearing Lena’s cautious form.

“How much of that did you witness?” the blonde takes a purposeful step toward the young Luthor who won’t meet her eyes, fearing she’ll see disappointment directed her way.

“All of it.” she speaks honestly.

Lena channels her inner Luthor, gathers her courage, and readies herself for journalist’s reaction. She expects to be chastised, for the Kryptonian to advise her not to delve into her Luthor upbringing, for her to be told to ignore the bullies. But what she gets instead is a warm accepting hand on her cheek, one that guides her gaze toward Kara’s bright inviting blues.

“You’re not upset.”

Kara shakes her head, smiling brightly at the young Luthor. Her fingers trail down the raven haired beauty’s cheek to her wonderfully cut jawline.

“Why would I be?” Kara’s hand continues to move, grasping onto Lena’s, as she entwines their appendages together. The young Luthor looks at the blonde disbelievingly. “A little surprised.” she admits. “Because you’ve always been so warm and thoughtful.” not just to her but Vera as well. She blushes and Lena’s eyes narrow curiously as she listens intently to the girl’s next words. “But you know, I’m here for you too.” Kara murmurs. “The good the bad and the in between.” and she accepts Lena as a whole, just like Lena accepts her. “Though I’m certainly hoping I never get on your bad side.”

“You never have to worry about that.” Lena assures quickly. “Neither does Vera.” they’re the only two people in existence who can boast this fact.

“I know.” she actually smirks and the raven haired beauty can’t help but swoon. “Rao help the person who does.” because the Luthor wrath is infamous. “But you do know that Leslie will probably be telling everyone you hit her and that’s probably why you were expelled from school.”

“I wasn’t expelled.” the young Luthor knows Kara’s been wondering what the billionaire’s daughter is doing in their quaint little town. “I did nothing impressive to land me here but tell you what, go out with me tonight and I’ll answer whatever questions about me.” she’d been planning on telling Kara, seeing as the blonde had told her truth so now it’s only Lena’s turn, but the genius figures she’d take the opportunity to deviously extort an outing with her favorite person.

“Go out with you?”


“But it’s a school night and…”

“I’m sure Alex and Maggie won’t mind watching Vera for a little while,” because Lena knows Kara doesn’t want to abuse the Kent’s kindness. “And if not, well we can even bring her along.” Kara looks at her like she just suggested they go burn the gym down. “Come on Kar, live a little.” “I promise I’ll make it worth your while.” with that, Kara can’t help but nod her head.


“I’ll swing by around 6 tonight.” Lena grins whilst Kara curses her damned accent because it never fails to melt her resolve.


Lena parks the car and immediately rushes toward the passenger’s side to open Kara’s door. She extends her hand and the blonde instantly takes it.

“We’re at look out point.” Kara notes as she looks around the empty cliff side.

“Well we’re at a cliff point but not the one everyone frequents.” she wanted complete privacy, an intimate setting where they wouldn’t be seen by the unwelcomed masses. “This is cliff side view from the Luthor estate.” she cranes her neck toward the Luthor manor on the edge, the mansion by the edge of the beach.

“Oh, sorry.” she fiddles with the rim of her glasses in embarrassment. “I’ve never been to look out point.” she’s always been focused on Vera and her studies. Her gaze is out onto the ocean, seemingly endless, and full of possibilities. She feels the cool breeze caress her features and takes in the beauty before her, completely oblivious to Lena’s movements behind her. Kara turns and sees that Lena’s finished setting up. “Wait, is this a date?” she looks at the picnic blanket laid out in the middle of the field.

“Yes.” Lena thought she’d been obvious.

“I’ve never been on a date before.” which means she’d probably never been asked out on one before.

“Oh.” Lena frowns, suddenly feeling like she should have made an even grander gesture so Kara could better commit this moment to memory. “I should have prepared a better soiree than this.” she eyes the basket she made, scrutinizing their surroundings, a frown etching into her mouth.

“It’s perfect.” Kara appreciates her efforts all the same.

“I’ll just make it up to you next time.” because the Luthor in Lena won’t accept anything but the excellence she knows that’s what Kara deserves.

“Next time?” she plants herself down on the blanket, eyes narrowing playfully at the confident heiress. “You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you Luthor?” though they both know she’d probably say yes to anything Lena wanted, trusting the raven hared heiress wouldn’t lead her or Vera astray.

“About you,” she joins the blonde, positioning herself beside the beauty. “Absolutely.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” and Lena knows she’s only being playful but it’s an opportunity for the genius to further validate her feelings for the blonde so she takes Kara’s hand in hers, squeezing it like she’s afraid that once she lets go the Kryptonian will be carried far into the wind.

“I haven’t.” Lena assures. “Yes, I’m a sweet talker and a decided flirt but I’ve never declared my feelings for someone so explicitly as I have with you.” she gazes deeply into those warm trusting blues. “You’ve been honest with me and so now I should probably do the same.” Kara waits for the raven haired heiress to continue. “I’ve had my share of girls throwing themselves at me just because I’m a Luthor.” she admits. “And I let them because I thought I might as well enjoy myself because one of the privileges of being who I am is having things come so easily.” she wills their eyes to remained locked, not allowing herself to turn away. “I thought I could get away with everything and I have,” the byproduct of the Luthor gene. “But then my grandfather was diagnosed,” there’s a weight pressing against her throat but she pushes through. “I told father and mother I wanted to come home and they wouldn’t deny me my wish.” she smiles. “They never do.” because despite their massive fortune, Lena knows she’s the one they treasure most. “So I returned to Metropolis but I just couldn’t stand seeing my poppy in that bed, looking so frail with all those tubes..” her voice begins to falter. “So I lost myself for a while, trying to run away from the reality of it all, like a coward I ran from the one situation I couldn’t control.” she doesn’t bother controlling her disappointment or anger. “I was reckless and desperate to forget so I wasn’t there when he needed me most.” Lena scoffs derisively. “He died and I wasn’t there.” there’s anger boiling through her veins. “My parents decided we should take this moment to grieve,” her father and mother wanted a quiet and peaceful time for their family. “They’ve been so sweet and understanding.” not once did they display any disappointment at the youngest Luthor. “And I don’t deserve any of it because I am every bit the spoiled socialite everyone’s claiming me to be.”

“Lena.” Kara starts, ready to prove Lena wrong but the heiress won’t allow a reprieve from her guilt.

“There’s no excuse for what I’ve done.” she confesses her greatest shame. “But I learned quite a bit from it all,” at least she took some lessons from her loss. “Now I’m done running.” she means it every time she tells Kara she’s here to stay. “I don’t want to hide anything from you.” she’s prepared to cut through the bullshit and lay out all her cards. “From the moment I saw you sitting in that corner, looking out that window, dreaming of a world beyond the one you know, of the life that could have been.” Kara’s eyes bulge because she’d never told anyone this. “I knew I had to have you.” it was a pull she’d never felt before. “I want you.” she doesn’t want to lose any one else. “I want Vera.”

“Why?” it’s incomprehensible, the girl who could have anyone and anything, wanting some one with so much baggage.

“Because you’re you.” Lena answers like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Sweet, and smart, and kind, and pure.” she brushes Kara’s hair back. “It’s very rare to find a girl so so very beautiful inside and out,” her hand settles on the Kryptonian’s cheek. “One who doesn’t even know how special she really is.”

“Lena..” the other girl always knows what to say.

“But I want you to want me to.” because Lena refuses to be another person to take from Kara.

She leans forward pausing when she feels the blonde’s breath upon her lips and Kara knows she’s giving her a way out, a chance to back away, the opportunity to forget all this but for her to turn away from Lena is impossible.

Kara responds by placing a hand on the back of Lena’s neck and pulling her closer until their lips meet.

Because Lena makes Kara so selfish.

And a lone tear falls from Kara’s eye because she can feel Lena’s compassion, her kindness with each movement and each caress. She’s never been touched like this, with so much desire and devotion, and Kara never believed she’d be able to feel how a kiss should be, not after all that happened.

The blonde presses their foreheads together after they part for air. Green meets blue and she smiles, ready to impart another truth.

“I think I wanted you the moment I looked into your eyes.”


Kara practically skips out the door, chancing one last glance at her mirror, before heading out into the hall.

The last instance she’d ever felt this giddy was when she was eight years old, about to climb onto a pony for her first riding lesson. A lot has happened in between then and now, things that made her believe it impossible to feel such unadulterated happiness that didn’t necessarily concern her adorable daughter.

But here Kara Zor-El is, brimming with so much happiness that she feels her chest will burst with her overwhelming zeal.

She hears laughter, raucous yet still contagious, as she heads further down the stairs. When she looks out from the bottom of the stairs she finds Lena seated at the Kent’s dinning table, with Vera seated in her lap.

“Good morning,” it’s meant to be a greeting for everyone though her eyes are locked only onto Lena.

“Yeyu!” the little girl greets as she bounces on Lena’s lap, hands outstretched, clamoring for her breakfast table hug and kiss. “Kisses!” she declares and Kara smiles at her very affectionate daughter.

Kara makes her way around the table, placing a kiss on both Jonathan and Martha’s cheeks before slouching toward her daughter. She gives her three kisses, one on either cheek, and another on her nose, earning a grateful giggle from the little toddler. Kara then hovers toward Lena, uncertain what she should do considering last night’s events.

“You not gonna kiss Lena, Yeyu?” little Vera asks and Kara’s blushing while Lena continues to look at the blonde, smirking with her perfect brow curved upward.

“You’re certainly welcome to.” Lena sultrily invites.

“I mean, I wouldn’t want to disappoint Vera.” Kara quips as she inches toward the raven haired genius, but the problem was she didn’t know exactly where she should plant her lips.

“Just Vera?” Martha Kent teases and the aspiring journalist blushes even darker.

“For God sakes, Kara!” Johnathan Kent laughs at the older blonde’s conundrum. “Just kiss her.” so Kara does what the audience is requesting and plants a quick kiss on the raven haired genius’s cheek.

“The cheek?” Lena pouts and Kara can’t help but roll her eyes affectionately at the sullen girl.

She pushes forward again, planting another kiss on the Luthor’s face, this time landing one her lips and Lena beams, looking smug and so incredibly content. Kara plants herself beside Lena, readying her breakfast whilst Lena continues feeding Vera off her plate.

“You didn’t have to pick me up.” Kara gently reminds.

“Isn’t it expected of couples to ride to school together?” the raven haired genius cautiously questions because despite their exploits last night, they hadn’t quite established their relationship.

“Well, yeah but…” she hears Martha actually cooing. “Wait, does that make me your girlfriend?”

“I’d certainly hope so.” Lena declares.

“Oh.” she processes the information, chancing a glance at the Kent’s who are merely observing their interactions with wide smiles accompanied with a euphoric look. “And that makes you my girlfriend too right?” she’s still uncertain about how relationships are conducted.

“For now.” Kara looks at her in confusion as the raven haired beauty places a hand over Vera’s eyes. She doesn’t have time to dwell because her mind becomes too foggy when Lena presses their lips together in a not so chaste kiss. One that’s broken when Jonathan Kent clears his throat rather loudly. “I’m going to marry you one day, Kara Zor-El.” the raven haired rebel breathes against her and Kara knows that statistically, couples in high school hardly ever make it to the altar. “I asked Vera and she said it’s okay.” the little girl nods and smiles while Kara laughs at her daughter’s enthusiasm.

But there’s not a statistic that Lena can’t defy so Kara finds herself eagerly resigning herself to the fate that the youngest Luthor’s designed for them.

“I’d be okay with that.” Kara murmurs against Lena’s lips.

The Fountain of Youth

Summary: Wolfgang is a bandit in search for immortality; the fountain of youth. Kala is the guardian, set to protect the fountain. Somehow, over seven days, it doesn’t seem like the fountain needs protecting anymore.

Word count: 10,062


A/N: yo this was inspired by a sidestory in the anime ‘The Seven Deadly Sin’, and tbh, you guys might hate me but I am dead inside, so you have to as well. please enjoy, i spent so many fun hours writing it. all the love you can give will be greatly appreciated!

(tagging, in case you miss it: @sunbakkoush @our-connection-is-a-miracle @fiftyeightminutes)

Sitting on the brink of the Ancient Tree of Life, Kala felt the wind whisk past, taking along the golden leaves that forever bloomed across the branches. The flat in the middle of the tree, with its branches creating a secret hidden area that held the most important thing in that entire forest; the fountain of youth. It had been Kala’s sacred duty to protect the Tree for seven hundred years. Those years, spent simply living and never dying, always protecting the cup that could grant immortality; it was a boring life. Kala had been constantly alone, never able to leave until it is her time to go - but seven hundred years was taking its toll on Kala; the boredom killing her faster than any bandit could dream of.

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Ain't No Grave (Hold This Body Down)

Written by: @jediannabeth

Summary: When Jason was kidnapped by pirates in 1719 on his way to Virginia, he didn’t expect to actually join the crew of The Argo. Now, it’s 1724, the height of piracy is underway in the Caribbean and New World, and the rumor of the legendary Fountain of Youth has circulated among the network of pirates. Teaming up with Captain Reyna Ramírez-Arellano and her crew, they search for a way to destroy the place before its treasures get into the wrong hands. And the only way to locate it is to find the infamous pirate duo Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, who ruled the seas in the 17th century, but vanished nearly seventy years prior.

Pairings: Percy/Annabeth, minor Jason/Piper 

Rating: M 

Art by: @peacefulpercy

Beta’d by: @annabethcaser

Read it on ao3

Killian Jones Imagine- Pirates Life for Me

When Killian asked you to marry him, never in a million years would you imagine yourself on the Jolly Roger sailing the oceans in search of the fountain of youth. As much as you didn’t want to go, Killian didn’t want to go either. He wants to keep you as far away from the pirate lifestyle for as long as he could but when he was commissioned to do this job, he couldn’t refuse such an offer. Being just married you begged to tag along, a honeymoon of sorts you complied. 

“Captain, we have eyes on another ship.” one of the crew members calls up. 

You and Killian are standing on the top deck overlooking the entire crew. Mostly consisting of young men whose lives are indentured to servitude, your crew is attentive. Killian extends his telescope and looks at the other ship which is gaining ground. 

“We wait ‘till nightfall. Savvy?” he answers his crew. 

Turning to you, he looks intently at you trying to decipher what your thought are. He knew at first that the prate life wasn’t to your liking, but little did he know that it was growing on you. You love the fancy costumes and the constant adventure. It isn’t every day that you get to order around a whole crew of people and search for a hidden treasure. As every day passes he feels more guilty for dragging you out here. 

“What do you think?” 

“You made the right call. From the looks of it they are heading southwest and we want to be going,” you pull out the compass that is chained to your leather jacket  “ Northwest.” 

“Aye.” his jaw clenches. 

Returning back to the open waters as the sky starts to diffuse into radiant colors, you walk down the steps towards the slovenly members of the crew. Whenever you approach on of them they straighten up and refuse to look you in the eye, in fear of upsetting the captain. 

“Boys get some rest, we move at sun down. Higgins please keep an eye out for me. “ you order. 

Turning on the heel of your leather thigh high boots you grin as you trail back up the stairs. Upon entering the wooden doors of the captain’s quarters you sigh and close the doors tightly behind you. When you peer up you see your husband slouched in a chair, swirling a glass of rum with his hand and a distraught expression evident. 

“What’s the matter dear?” you walk over to him and lightly sit on his knee. 

“We have been out here for so long. I never wanted it to be this way.” His pours the liquid down his throat. 

The candles flicker softly as the boat rocks back and fourth on the uneven waters. You could tell that he is tense and worried, nothing that was out of the ordinary. Delicately you snake one of your hands on his shoulder and gently begin to knead the tension away. 

“No need to be so tense Killian, I don’t mind really. I kind of like it honestly.” you place a soft kiss to his jaw. 

He removes the hat that rests crookedly on your head, his calloused fingers brushing against your cheeks bone as he moves a stray strain of hair from your face. He would never admit it but his favorite part of you is you eyes. He sees a fire in them that he has never seen in anyone else, a fire so strong that it could warm the heart of anyone you look at. You feel the cold air hit your shoulder as hook slides down your jacket. His soft lips connect with your warm skin, he gently trails up to the back of yours neck. 

“Hook.” you grin knowing that he secretly loves when you call him that. 

You spin around on your feet, taking his hand in yours. His vehement eyes stare back at you behind smudged eyeliner. He follows in your footsteps and stands up right, his gaze never breaking yours. When he kisses you its like an electric spark, all the tension is released the moment your lips lock. You hand firmly rests on his chest, your fingers curling against the trimmed hair. 

“Captain.” you whisper in his ear.

“Yes m’lady.” 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too (y/n).”

The two of you go back to your from activities. Your chest begin to rise and fell rapidly as you two kiss desperately. Not since you wedding night have you two had a moment alone, and this served as a perfect time to be alone. The floor boards creek underneath your feet as you shift your weight a little. Running over to the bed you bounce on the silk covered sheets, tucking your feet under you as you giggle. Killian dominantly strides over to you as takes another good look at you. Taking in your beauty, he finds the genuine happiness in your life together. His fingers swiftly unbutton the top three buttons of your shirt. 

“Captain!” someone pounds on the door. 

You sigh as he hangs his head in disappointment. He turns around and heads out of the cabin, strapping on his sword on the way you. Collecting yourself you  swing your coat back onto your shoulders. once you open the door you see Killian hunched over a map underneath a burning lamp. The crew awaits orders from their eager captain. Buttoning up your frilly blouse you stand next to Killian pressing your hip into his leg. 

“Where to next captain?” you read the map. 

“You tell me love.” he hands you the map. 

Looking at it you examine the delicate drawings that are printed on the map. Only a few of the details of the terrain could be made out. You rack your memory as to where this could be, that is until you recognize one of the points on the map. When you and Killian first started dating, you met in Neverland. Your first kiss was on a high cliff overlooking a cave. 

“Hook, it’s Neverland!” you gasp. 

“Off to Neverland! Hoist the colors!” he grins, places a kiss on your lips to your surprise.

The crew busies themselves with work as Killian takes his spot behind the wheel. The same fire in his eyes that you saw when you first met is now blazing as he fixes his gaze on the path to Neverland. You stand next to Killian who is steering the ship, you watch out for any other ships that would impede your trip. The stars gleam down upon you lighting up the way. 

“Welcome to Neverland boys!” you call out to the crew. 

Upon entering the island of Neverland, an eerie silence falls upon the crew, Many of them have been lost for years, you could tell by the absentminded stares which ones could hear Pan’s flute. 

“Watch out lads, Peter is bound to be near. Remember, a dead man tells no tales.” 

You stick close to Killian knowing what kind of power Peter has. You were once a lost girl, saved by Killian who is our home. Killian has proved time again that the home isn’t a place but rather a feeling. You grasp the metal hand guard on your sword tightly as you make you way through the dense forrest of Neverland. 

“You have the chalices?” you ask. 

“Higgins has them in his bag.”

“What about the mermaid’s tear captain?” a young boy asks. 

“(y/n) is an old friend of the mermaids.” Hook answers back. 

The lagoon is calm, almost too calm for the shores of Neverland. When you swam here years ago, the waves would always crash above your head. Softly singing, you place your hand into the salty water. Your melodious voice beckons the mermaids to the shore because no matter who is singing, they can’t resist the sound of music. It acts as a universal call for them. The crew quivers in the back as mermaids start to swim up to the shore. These girls ave long hair and shiny tails and scales litter their alabaster skin. 

“(y/n) what brings you to the lagoon?” your friend asks eyeing one of the sailors in the back. 

“Aqua de Vita.” 

“Say no more. “ 

The mermaid disappears back into the foamy water, the sound of the gulls echoing in the distance. The smell of salt fills your lungs as you await the arrival of your friend. You peer back at Killian with assuring eyes, and turn back to the water as you hear a splash. Your friend hands you a little vial and gives you a stern look. 

“Don’t waste it.” she flips back into the water and swims away. 

Returning the vial back to your hopeful husband, he smiles looking at the cloudy liquid. He signals for the rest of the crew to head forward but then stops as he hears muffled whispers from behind the tall palm trees. 


“Everyone quiet.” he calls out drawing his sword from his belt. 

You also draw your sword from the inside of your jacket and told your hat back so you have a better view. Everything is silent for a few seconds before Peter emerges out of the brush. He has his eyebrow raised paired with a cocky expression plastered on his face. 

“Greetings. Hook what a surprise. (y/n) always a pleasure to see you love.” he walks past you. “So what brings you to my island?”

“Can’t a man enjoy an island with a few of his friends?” he jokes. 

Out of the corner of your eye you see one of lost boys inching up to you, a knife tucked away in his hand. Trying to to make any sudden movement, you move your sword toward him signaling him to back off. When he doesn’t get the memo you step closer to Killian who now is clued in to what is happening. 

“Back off the lass would ya!” he points a finger toward the boy. 

After that all hell breaks loose as the sounds of swords hitting each other fill the air. You are faced with your long time foe Felix, and to your back is Killian dueling Peter Pan. 

“1″ you call out.

“2″ he answers.

“3″ you both say as you switch places.

You swipe you sword at Peter nicking his side which causing his to grab the wound. 

“I don’t fight invalids.” Killian sighs shaking his head at the lost boy. 

Hitting his with the butt of the sword he knocks the boy down to his feet and concentrates back to Peter Pan. 

“(y/n)!” she says, concern laced in his voice. 

“Yes?” you huff ducking from a sword that was song above your head. 

He grabs your hand and pulls you into his body, colliding his lips with yours. 

“What was that for?” 

“Good luck.” 

Peter limps off back into the brush leaving your crew mostly unharmed and intact. You open your compass and it points toward Killian, exactly what your heart is looking for. 

“Forward boys!” 

[Author’s note: Hey guys! I thought I would write one that is a little bit longer. I hope you like it! I might do a part two I haven’t decided. Let me know what you think!]

The Lost Princess {Biadore} Chapter 1 -C*NT

A/N: This was a prompt that was sent to my sideblog, and I thought this would make a great multi-chapter AU because it’s looselybased off of my favorite Disney movie ever Tangled. I’ve changed quite a few things around, there’s more of a back story for Flynn/Roy, I felt uncomfortable using Roy’s moms real name so I decided to name her Isabelle. Some other Rugirls will be making appearances as well (Jinkx as Mother Gothel, Manila as the Queen’s maid etc.). Adore will be a cisgirl in this fic so I apologize in advance because I know that’s not everyones favorite thing in the world to read. This chapter is on the short side to start the story off, but I promise I’ll spoil you with extra long chapters as the plot thickens. 😉 TW: Murder/Death that could be potentially interpretated as a way to commit suicide, please read at your own risk-it is a small scene but I still like to warn. TW for Depressive thoughts as well. Sorry for my obnoxiously long A/N, please enjoy the story!

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NoVA Gothic:
  • You are walking through the woods on a quiet trail with cracked and crumbling asphalt. A parched stream cuts through the narrow stretch of wilderness, and through the gaps in the trees you can see endless rows townhouses, once affluent, but now eroded like the blacktop under your feet. You step on a heroin needle. It cracks under your shoe, and as you step back in shock, you spot a dead cat resting hidden in a bush. 

  • You are standing in a bustling metropolis, or so you think. A tea shop is offering free samples and you stop, tasting the fresh iced raspberry flavor, before crossing the street to buy a bowl of high-end American gelato. The desert freezes your stomach and you feel a creeping nausea: how long have you been here? Night falls and middle aged business people flood the streets, searching for youth in their beer bottles outside Jackson’s. You have to escape the lights, the noise, the flocks of people discussing the stock market and the traffic.  There are brick-front buildings, and fountains shooting water into the sky, and you walk for what feels like miles. At last you reach the edge, and the city disappears. Suburbia sprawls before you, as you fall to your knees, weeping. 

  • The fall weather is crisp and cool, with the scent of pumpkins in the air. A woman pulls her screaming baby out of a Toyota Sienna minivan, both of them wearing matching ochre ponchos and Ugg boots. She pulls down her Tom Ford aviators, shutting out the world, desperate for a coffee to drown out her headache. Begrudgingly, she enters a Starbucks. This is not where she wants to be: the woman longs for a corner cafe out of a magazine, with hardwood floors, and potted rosemary centerpieces, but there is only Starbucks. She walks up to the cash register, her baby wailing over the sound of Nora Jones, and orders a skim chai tea, no whip. The barista smiles vapidly, and hands her a pumpkin spice latte. 

Immortals { by Fall Out Boy }

Together, Person A and Person B have sailed the world in search of the legendary fountain of youth. And they’d found it. After drinking from it, and being granted the gift of immortality, they were surrounded by a group of crazed people, bent on becoming immortal as well. However, the pair had finished all the water available, which wasn’t more than a handful. The group tears the two apart. While Person B manages to escape, they get away with Person A. Person B then spends centuries searching for Person A.

  • Ending One: Their immortality was limited, and the group had killed Person A long ago.
  • Ending Two: They’re reunited after an eternity apart.

As early as elementary school, my sexuality eluded me. I thought I might be gay but would soon be thrown off by my female crushes. It took over a decade of grappling with my sexuality to finally come to terms with who I am: a proud bisexual. It took therapy, alcohol and a hell of a lot of soul-searching to feel comfortable and confident in my identity. Within seconds, I had my years on introspection ripped away from me, simply because of my youth.

Clearly, this type of biphobia is rooted in ageism – the idea that young folk (including people in their twenties) are naive and incapable of making decisions for themselves. Consequently bisexuality is just like any other weird habits kids grow out of – like mixing all the drinks at the soda fountain to create one disgusting, sugary elixir.

There’s no real way to combat the argument against ageism without sounding like a temperamental child upset over his early bedtime. My argument, in essence, is the same as his. He’s old enough to decide what time he goes to bed, just like I’m old enough to know my sexual identity. But what else is there to say? I am old enough.

There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way society views the sexuality of millennials (especially those who fall somewhere on the sexuality spectrum). Yes, sexuality is fluid. Yes, it can change, but that doesn’t mean that what we’re experiencing now is any less valid. Trivializing our thoughts at a young age only increases the already arduous process of discovering who we are, both sexually and nonsexually.

—  When Are You Old Enough to Know Your Sexuality? | Zachary Zane for the Huffington Post
The Daily Routines of Geniuses

Harvard Business Review by Sarah Green

Juan Ponce de León spent his life searching for the fountain of youth. I have spent mine searching for the ideal daily routine. But as years of color-coded paper calendars have given way to cloud-based scheduling apps, routine has continued to elude me; each day is a new day, as unpredictable as a ride on a rodeo bull and over seemingly as quickly.

Naturally, I was fascinated by the recent book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. Author Mason Curry examines the schedules of 161 painters, writers, and composers, as well as philosophers, scientists, and other exceptional thinkers.

As I read, I became convinced that for these geniuses, a routine was more than a luxury — it was essential to their work. As Currey puts it, “A solid routine fosters a well-worn groove for one’s mental energies and helps stave off the tyranny of moods.” And although the book itself is a delightful hodgepodge of trivia, not a how-to manual, I began to notice several common elements in the lives of the healthier geniuses (the ones who relied more on discipline than on, say, booze and Benzedrine) that allowed them to pursue the luxury of a productivity-enhancing routine:

A workspace with minimal distractions. Jane Austen asked that a certain squeaky hinge never be oiled, so that she always had a warning when someone was approaching the room where she wrote. William Faulkner, lacking a lock on his study door, just detached the doorknob and brought it into the room with him — something of which today’s cubicle worker can only dream. Mark Twain’s family knew better than to breach his study door — if they needed him, they’d blow a horn to draw him out. Graham Greene went even further, renting a secret office; only his wife knew the address or telephone number. Distracted more by the view out his window than interruptions, if N.C. Wyeth was having trouble focusing, he’d tape a piece of cardboard to his glasses as a sort of blinder.

A daily walk. For many, a regular daily walk was essential to brain functioning. Soren Kierkegaard found his constitutionals so inspiring that he would often rush back to his desk and resume writing, still wearing his hat and carrying his walking stick or umbrella. Charles Dickens famously took three-hour walks every afternoon — and what he observed on them fed directly into his writing. Tchaikovsky made do with a two-hour walk, but wouldn’t return a moment early, convinced that cheating himself of the full 120 minutes would make him ill. Beethoven took lengthy strolls after lunch, carrying a pencil and paper with him in case inspiration struck. Erik Satie did the same on his long strolls from Paris to the working class suburb where he lived, stopping under streetlamps to jot down notions that arose on his journey; it’s rumored that when those lamps were turned off during the war years, his productivity declined too.

Accountability metrics. Anthony Trollope only wrote for three hours a day, but he required of himself a rate of 250 words per 15 minutes, and if he finished the novel he was working on before his three hours were up, he’d immediately start a new book as soon as the previous one was finished. Ernest Hemingway also tracked his daily word output on a chart “so as not to kid myself.” BF Skinner started and stopped his writing sessions by setting a timer, “and he carefully plotted the number of hours he wrote and the words he produced on a graph.”

A clear dividing line between important work and busywork. Before there was email, there were letters. It amazed (and humbled) me to see the amount of time each person allocated simply to answering letters. Many would divide the day into real work (such as composing or painting in the morning) and busywork (answering letters in the afternoon). Others would turn to the busywork when the real work wasn’t going well. But if the amount of correspondence was similar to today’s, these historical geniuses did have one advantage: the post would arrive at regular intervals, not constantly as email does.

A habit of stopping when they’re on a roll, not when they’re stuck. Hemingway puts it thus: “You write until you come to a place where you still have your juice and know what will happen next and you stop and try to live through until the next day when you hit it again.” Arthur Miller said, “I don’t believe in draining the reservoir, do you see? I believe in getting up from the typewriter, away from it, while I still have things to say.” With the exception of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — who rose at 6, spent the day in a flurry of music lessons, concerts, and social engagements and often didn’t get to bed until 1 am — many would write in the morning, stop for lunch and a stroll, spend an hour or two answering letters, and knock off work by 2 or 3. “I’ve realized that somebody who’s tired and needs a rest, and goes on working all the same is a fool,” wrote Carl Jung. Or, well, a Mozart.

A supportive partner. Martha Freud, wife of Sigmund, “laid out his clothes, chose his handkerchiefs, and even put toothpaste on his toothbrush,” notes Currey. Gertrude Stein preferred to write outdoors, looking at rocks and cows — and so on their trips to the French countryside, Gertrude would find a place to sit while Alice B. Toklas would shoo a few cows into the writer’s line of vision. Gustav Mahler’s wife bribed the neighbors with opera tickets to keep their dogs quiet while he was composing — even though she was bitterly disappointed when he forced her to give up her own promising musical career. The unmarried artists had help, too: Jane Austen’s sister, Cassandra, took over most of the domestic duties so that Jane had time to write — “Composition seems impossible to me with a head full of joints of mutton & doses of rhubarb,” as Jane once wrote. And Andy Warhol called friend and collaborator Pat Hackett every morning, recounting the previous day’s activities in detail. “Doing the diary,” as they called it, could last two full hours — with Hackett dutifully jotting down notes and typing them up, every weekday morning from 1976 until Warhol’s death in 1987.

Limited social lives. One of Simone de Beauvoir’s lovers put it this way: “there were no parties, no receptions, no bourgeois values… it was an uncluttered kind of life, a simplicity deliberately constructed so that she could do her work.” Marcel Proust “made a conscious decision in 1910 to withdraw from society,” writes Currey. Pablo Picasso and his girlfriend Fernande Olivier borrowed the idea of Sunday as an “at-home day” from Stein and Toklas — so that they could “dispose of the obligations of friendship in a single afternoon.”

This last habit — relative isolation — sounds much less appealing to me than some of the others. And yet I still find the routines of these thinkers strangely compelling, perhaps they are so unattainable, so extreme. Even the very idea that you can organize your time as you like is out of reach for most of us — so I’ll close with a toast to all those who did their best work within the constraints of someone else’s routine. Like Francine Prose, who began writing when the school bus picked up her children and stopped when it brought them back; or T.S. Eliot, who found it much easier to write once he had a day job in a bank than as a starving poet; and even F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose early writing was crammed in around the strict schedule he followed as a young military officer. Those days were not as fabled as the gin-soaked nights in Paris that came later, but they were much more productive — and no doubt easier on his liver. Being forced to follow the ruts of someone else’s routine may grate, but they do make it easier to stay on the path.

And that of course is what a routine really is — the path we take through our day. Whether we break that trail yourself or follow the path blazed by our constraints, perhaps what’s most important is that we keep walking.


*this is my opinion based on people I know under the signs*

ARIES: can’t fucking stand y'all know it all asses sometimes. artistic and creative. hot-headed. take a a dose of chill every once in a while. competitive over stupid shit. Some of the most ambitious people. and y'all are actually really emotional! people don’t give you enough credit for that.

TAURUS: I don’t know too many under this sign. but from the ones I know, there are 2 types of yall. the first is super chill like they’re high 24/7 (they probably are). very skilled in the arts. always looks nice no matter what. all around just gives zero fucks about what people think. HIPPIES. they just have this aura that makes you want to tell them everything.
the second kind is fucking STUBBORN. HOT. treats people like they are below them. flirty. lazy lazy lazy.

GEMINI: CRAZY y'all just some crazy mf. always a good time when you’re with them. don’t bother giving them advice cause they won’t take it. annoying most of the time. constantly searching for love. very childlike even in appearance like they found the fountain of youth. their smiles are contagious. really sweet people once you get a chance to open up the emotional side of them.

CANCER: complains about every fucking thing. y'all are really understanding of other people’s problems. can be manipulative depending on the situation. acts like the victim to get out of problems. very beautiful people. OVER PROTECTIVE. all of the ones I know look very innocent. they aren’t the crybabies people make them out to be. aggressive. will fight for anything they believe in. a friend for life.

LEO: i only know one person under this sign. loyal. bold. loves to spoil their partner(s). HIGH sex appeal. Ambitious. great music taste attentive but also wanting more attention than they are willing to give. appearance of a lion in human form. alert eyes. great people with big generous hearts! oh and also shut the fuck up sometimes and let other people talk. love y'all still.

VIRGO: they speak from the brain not the heart. very neat and organized. loves giving advice to people. BIG HEARTS BIG HEARTS. will be with you till the end. they actually like experimenting i.e new hair colors, new makeup colors etc. talkative never a boring conversation, because they speak from the brain they bring up topics that get other people thinking.

LIBRA: I don’t know any that are close to me. but very beautiful people . models. funny as hell!!

SCORPIO: my favorite sign ever. I don’t know why everyone is so afraid of y'all. most of my friends are scorpios. y'all are homebodies. they like the idea of having a family and being with their S/O. always have a plan to get what they want and will go through with it at any cost. the most loyal people you will ever meet. anger issues. will die with/for you. SO PASSIONATE. extroverts. SEX-Y. so funny but only a few will get their dark humor. always money hungry. will help you with whatever you need. someone you will be with for life. the GOAT (greatest of all time). LOVES TO FIGHT whether it’s just for fun or for something they believe.

SAGITTARIUS: i only know 1 saggie. athletic. very sweet. caring. not much to them. they are really carefree and just want to travel all the time.

CAPRICORN: expressive. they know who they are and won’t change for anyone. they like to show off. hard working toward their goal. y'all can be some boring ass people. has very expensive taste. loves to help and be asked for help. they are so so so generous.

AQUARIUS: THE MOST ATTRACTIVE. best personality. hella tough. go with the flow type people. friendliest sign I’ve met. y'all are too secretive at times like you’re plotting to take over the world. BOLD in appearance and in what they wear. tries too hard to be funny sometimes. the human form of acid. Y'all are so fucking great.

PISCES: I don’t know where this whole sweet little cinnamon roll stereotype came from for this sign but .. WRONG. these mfs are ready to kick ass whenever wherever. fighters. they have no filter and will speak their minds whether you want to hear it or not. plays the role of a bad ass or angel. I truly believe y'all are not from this world. artistic in many fields. obnoxious. forever a kid. so damn irresponsible! the best music taste. y'all seek something that doesn’t exist in this world but exist in yours.most petty of the signs. accepts those for who or what they are. ethereal appearance.

‘Ah,’ said the old man. 'Of course, that’s the really annoying bit. I’d read so much about the Fountain, and you’d have thought someone in all those books would have mentioned the really vital thing about the water, wouldn’t you?’
'Which was–?’
Boil it first. Says it all, doesn’t it? Terrible shame, really.’

on the Fountain of Youth | Terry Pratchett, Eric

“Little is known of Ponce da Quirm, a quiet scholar who spent almost the whole of his life in a search for the Fountain of Eternal Youth, in defiance of colleagues who said the whole thing was a myth. It might seem something of a waste of a life, but he apparently reasoned that even if he found the Fountain at the age of 80, one drink then would make it all worthwhile. It is believed that he did indeed discover the legendary source; it is certainly the case that he turned up in Quirm in some excitement clutching a small bottle of some brownish waster, ceremoniously downed it in front of an invited group of friends, and was considered to definitely look a little younger just before he died of a cocktail of at least five deadly water-borne diseases.”

–Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs, The Discworld Mapp

Minho: “Dibidibidis my name is- ,i mean..uh the last time you saw Captain Jack Sparrow aka me,I was searching for the Fountain of Youth. After I gave this nice mate in an alley my gold teeth,he told me that the first bottle I saw in this place would be filled with the fountain’s water. Now here I am about to look this good forever.”

Onew: “No one cares about your youth fountain pirate man. I’m 85 and I’m still fine as wine or ‘daddy material’ as young folk like to call people such as myself. Anyways look at these here eggs,they hold the key to my youthful looks. This is what Ronald McDonald was after when he attacked me earlier today. Now I’m not 100% sure if they’ll hatch into chickens yet,but I’m willing to wait that out.”

Jonghyun: “I wanted to eat this…but I guess I can eat the eggs or can I? I mean I’m half-dog demon,but do dog demons even eat eggs? But I’m also half-human,so I guess I can eat eggs if I’m not allergic? But will my half-dog demon self reject the eggs? Does the demon cancel out the dog? Eggs or this? Kikyo or Kagome? Where am I right now?”

Taemin: “I literally just came here for the icecream, I don’t know why I was forced to come with you people. And hey you camera person,don’t film me I don’t look my best today.I actually grew out my hair to cover my face in situations like these. I mean I’m still beautiful behind this hair curtain, but it’ll be too much for you too handle.”

Minho: *realizes all too late that if he didn’t give away his gold teeth he would’ve had more than enough money to afford his bottle of fountain water*

Onew: *looks at the camera fully aware that Key aka Ronald McDonald will eventually see the video and decides to get revenge by paying for the eggs on Ronald McDonald’s tab*

Jonghyun: *thinks that if he looks at the camera lovingly long enough the camera man would pay for his food*

Taemin: *still doesn’t know why he’s stuck with these 3 people, but hopes his charm will get him a free icecream*

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Do you think Stan will die first or it will be Ford ?

they will die together, searching for beaches and babes (but they’ll probably find the fountain of youth before that happens anyways, so neither of them will ever die yup yess this is canon)

Can we pls get a “fountain of youth” episode or au or smth where Shiro and Allura (aka THE RESPONSIBLE ADULTS™) get turned back into their teen yrs, the paladin teens turn back into their preteen yrs, and pidge is turned into a smaller child? Coran, now looking in his 20s, goes in search of the planets antidote for this sitch and leaves the rest in the castle ship bc “what could go wrong? They’re planet side and child locked out of the controls room!” But of course Teen Rebel™ Allura goes off for adventure bc “I’m a princess I can do what I want 💁🏻” and she drags Space Boy Scout™ Shiro bc “everyone should b bad every once in a while” and the paladin kids at some point get a transmission to the castle ship and one of them (Hunk) replies to it saying “our mom’s busy rn can we take a message?” And whoever’s on the other end is like “uhh… sure?”