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bts masterlist.

► Roommates Series ;

→ [01] | Jimin & Jungkook
• when Jungkook won’t clean his mess.

→ [02] | Seokjin
• when he beats you in a game and steals your sandwich.

→ [03] | Jungkook
• when Jungkook is understanding.

→ [04] | Taehyung
• when your roommate isn’t as open as you are.

→ [04] | Taehyung | Drabble
• when you can’t sleep.

→ [04] | Taehyung | Clumsy | M 
• when you hook up with him at a party.

→ [04] | Taehyung | Smiles & Nose Freckles 
• when he brings you a gift.

→ [05] | Yoongi
• when it’s your birthday and Yoongi takes care of you.

→ [05] | Yoongi | Creepy Crawlies
• when you want to set the apartment on fire.

► The Castle ;


► Hoseok ;

3 a.m. | M | roommate!au
• when you can’t sleep, the rain is too loud, and Hoseok is your only comfort.

View From 4-B | M | neighbor!au
• when Hoseok has the perfect view.

Bad Boy, Hoseok |
• when Hoseok needs punishing.

Nerves | M
• when nerves get the best of you, Hoseok finds a way to offer comfort and release.

Sex Dice | M | feat. Seokjin 
• when you wake up to find your dreams are reality.

Melted |  
• when you send Hoseok one too many risque texts.

→ Costume | M | 01. 02. | hybrid!au
• when you can’t hide your “costume” from Hoseok any longer.

→  The New Mutants #98
• when Hoseok gives the best hugs.

→  Sleepy Eyes & Sighs
• when you get an unexpected surprise on your birthday.

→  Careful, Hoseok
• when he’s always getting hurt, and you’re always taking care of him.

→  You Are
• when Hoseok is clingy.

Petty Revenge | M  
• when Hoseok needs to get revenge on Min Yoongi.

Testing Limits | M  
• when you dare to have what is off limits.

→  Brave Hearts | feat. Yoongi 
• when you have to put your feelings aside for your friend.

Bound & Teased | M  
• when he ties and gags you.

Tempted | M | feat. Jimin
• when Jimin puts on a show for Hoseok.

Rerun | M  
• when you meet him in the back of the club.

Only for Tonight | M  
• when you need him to feel better.

Stay With Me | M  
• when you stay with him, even if it’s wrong.

Strawberry | M  
• when he has you for his meal.

• when you run into him after so long.

Firsts | M  
• when it’s your first time together.

Silver | M  
• when he teases you with a toy.

→  Royal Rebel
• when you sneak around with your guard.

Double the Trouble | M  
• when Hoseok gets daring during a movie.

Distractions | M  
• when Hoseok is more than distracted and distracting.

→ Nobody Like You | M | 01. 02. 03. | complete
• when you know you’re no good for each other, but you still want him.

Ride | M | View From 4-B AU
• when you finally get to fulfill his wish of you riding him.

Tardy | M  
• when you’re late to class to give him a reward in the bathroom.

Cloud Nine | M  
• when being with Hoseok feels like nothing but pure bliss.

Tension | M  
• when you’re hesitant to go all the way, and Hoseok has a solution.

→ Guarded Hearts | 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. Epilogue.
• when you’re a single mom and Hoseok is your daughter’s dance teacher.

Going Down? | M | View From 4-B AU
• when you can’t keep your hands off one another in the elevator.

• when he wants to stay in bed.

Sweet Dreams
• when you’ve had too much to drink.

Sugary Sweet
• when you try to bake him a cake.

City Lights
• when your friend ditches you at a party.

Gratified | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when teasing turns into a new experience.

Pulse | M | View From 4-B AU
• when he wants to try something new.

Good Boy | M | Kitten’s Got His Tongue drabble | feat. Hoseok
• when Hoseok doesn’t know what he would do if Namjoon didn’t touch him.

impression | M | View From 4-B AU
• when you end up making the wrong impression.

Tantalize | M | View From 4-B AU
• when you both play a game to tease one another.

► Jimin ;

Ruin Me | werewolf!au
• when Jimin is bound to you from ten years old until the moment you release him.

Grip | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when Jimin is stressed and needs you.

Heart’s Gone | M  
• when you can’t stop yourself from running, and Jimin would do anything to keep you.

A Long As… | continuation of Heart’s Gone  
• when you discuss your future.

Adoration | M  
• when you want to take care of him.

Hopeless | M  
• when you have to keep your love for Jimin a secret.

Red Silk | M  
• when Jimin tries on your panties.

Messy | M  
• when Jimin just can’t make it through dinner before having you.

Spank Bank | M  
• when you give Jimin a show.

• when Jimin finally gets into the Halloween spirit.

Ride [POV 01] | M  
• when you and a friend take Jimin for a ride.

Ride [POV 02] | M  
• when you and a friend take Jimin for a ride.

Voyeur | M | feat. taehyung & yoongi
• when you wanna read a smut that is a complete mess.

• when Jimin thinks you smell nice.

J&J Welcome Committee | feat. jackson    
• when you’re the new student.

Bubbles | M
• when you take a bath with your best friend.

Because He Loves You     
• when you lie to protect him.

Had to See You | M
• when he visits you at work.

Transfer Students | M
• when you sneak into a random classroom.

Two Is Company, and Three… | M | feat. Taehyung
• when Jimin is jealous you have a crush on Taehyung.

Petty | M
• when you hook up with Jimin out of spite.

Oops | M
• when he hears you moaning his name.

Daddy | M
• ??????

Black Magic | blackmagic!au  
• when you cast a spell, and get more than you bargained for.

→ Preheat to 350° | M | blackmagic!au  
• when things heat up in the kitchen.

Charming | blackmagic!au  
• when you spend the night.

Bewitching | blackmagic!au  
• when you celebrate Halloween together.

Witching Hour | M | blackmagic!au 
• when you can’t handle his magic.

Tempted | M | feat. Hoseok
• when Jimin puts on a show for Hoseok.

Ego | M
• when Jimin is too cocky.

Good Mornings | M
• when he’s been a good boy.

• when he needs some help, and you can’t take a hint.

Vibrations | M
• when you want to play a game with him.

→ Kitten’s Got His Tongue | M | 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07.
• when Yoongi orders Jimin and you from a hybrid companion service.

Watch You | M
• when you’re a million miles apart, and want to feel closer.

like the apple on the tree | M
• when you want a taste of the forbidden fruit.

► Jungkook ;

Human Error | robot!au
• when you create something that means much more to you than you ever realized.

Scared | robot!au
• when he doesn’t want you to leave him.

Halloween | robot!au
• when you try to get him in the Halloween spirit.

a pipsqueak and a robot | robot!au
• when he tries to cheer you up.

Green | robot!au
• when he’s jealous.

Creation Day | robot!au
• when he has a surprise for you.

• when you take a hayride with Jungkook.

Slower, Baby | M
• when Jungkook instructs you.

• when you’re too tired to move.

Olive Juice
• when it’s 3 a.m. and everything’s funny.

• when you need a reason to hold on.

Nothing Better | M
• when you love waking up next to him.

Boy Across the Hall
• when your niece won’t stop crying, and he offers help.

• when Jungkook makes you deal.

• when he reminisces and misses you during the holidays.

• when Jungkook is searching for a home.

• when Jungkook finds you more than fascinating.

Medicine | M
• when you give him a taste of his own medicine.

→ Dreamweaver | Coming Soon…
• when he visits you in your dreams.

The First 
• when he loves you the moment he meets you.

Games | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when you’re ignoring him, so he makes you talk.

Divert | M | nsfw image blurb. | sugarmama!au
• when he makes you late for your meeting.

Care for You | M | sugarmama!au
• when you’ve had a long day and he wants to take care of you.

quivering, whimpering |
• when he has a request.

► Namjoon ;

The Client | M
• when Namjoon has certain needs you can fulfill, and you get lost in the moment.

Under Control | M | werewolf!au
• when Namjoon does his best to stay in control.

Trouble | M
• when you’re looking for trouble, and know just where to find it.

Sex Dice | M
• when Namjoon grows tired of your teasing.

Play Thing | M
• when Namjoon is nothing but a toy.

be with you. | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when you help Namjoon relax.

Wicked Games | M
• when you have history with your best friend and a future that guarantees trouble.

Show | M | wickedgames!au
• when you show him he’s yours.

Runaway | M | wickedgames!au
• when you’re tired of running.

Drip | M
• when he calls in the middle of the night needing you.

• when you investigate your boss, and get more than you bargained for.

• when Namjoon saves the day.

Nobody | M
• when no one can love you like he can.

Pleased | M
• when Namjoon makes you feel good.

• when you hate the prompt you’re writing a series for and end up with this bs.

Desolate | M
• when you’re not supposed to have feelings for him.

Sneaky | M
• when you test his limits and fill him with frustrations.

Good Boy | M | Kitten’s Got His Tongue drabble | feat. Hoseok
• when Hoseok doesn’t know what he would do if Namjoon didn’t touch him.

► Seokjin ;

Sex Dice | M | feat. Hoseok 
• when you wake up to find your dreams are reality.

Teddy Bear | vampire!au
• when you find out a secret about Seokjin.

Lilac Butterflies 
• when Seokjin is too shy.

Machine | android!au 
• when you’re too flawed, even for love.

a defect in pink | android!au
• when he wants to know what the color pink means.

Some Things 
• when something unexpected happens.

Unbroken | M
• when you realize how much you miss him.

Dr. Jin  
• when you’re sick and he takes care of you.

Massage | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when you pay for an extra service from the masseur.

Gospel | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when you feel like sinnin’ in church.

blue brushed red  
• when you save his life, and then he saves yours.

► Taehyung ;

See You Again | mermaid!au 
• when you get 24 hours on land, but it’s not enough for Taehyung.

Yours | vampire!au  
• when Taehyung wants to be no one else’s.

Movie Knight  
• when you couldn’t be more wrong about Taehyung.

Attention | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when Taehyung wants to play during class.

Voyeur | M | feat. jimin & yoongi
• when you wanna read a smut that is a complete mess.

Too Hot, Hot Damn | M
• when you tease Teahyung with a popsicle, and make it up to him.

Boyfriend | M
• when you proposition Taehyung to be your pretend-boyfriend.

Taste | M
• when he marks you.

• when you can’t get thoughts of him out of your head.

Experience | M
• when you teach him.

Two Is Company, and Three… | M | feat. Jimin
• when Jimin is jealous you have a crush on Taehyung.

Monster | M
• when you trust him with your life.

Boss of You | M
• when you beg him.

V-Day | M
• when you spend Valentine’s Day with him.

Sex Dice | M
• when you’re in control.

• when he’s cursed.

After Party | M
• when you’re too horny to sleep.

Tease | M
• when you get him worked up during a photoshoot.

Drought | M
• when you shower together.

Lessons in Distractions | M
• when you need to help him study, but he has other plans.

→ pretty handsome awkward | 01.
• when you find someone to protect you.

► Yoongi ;

Adore | M
• when Yoongi has a hard time telling you how he feels.

Sex Dice | M
• when you want to watch a movie and Yoongi has other plans.

Midnight Feast | M | vampire!au
• when Yoongi wants to taste you, even if you’re off limits.

Devil’s Kiss | vampire!au
• when Yoongi has waited forever for you.

Blood Red | M | midnightfeast!au
• when Yoongi can never get enough of tasting you.

Perfect Fit 
• when Yoongi offers a little warmth.

Voyeur | M | feat. jimin & taehyung
• when you wanna read a smut that is a complete mess.

Ease | M
• when Yoongi has had a rough day.

Deviated | M
• when you’re hunting Yoongi.

• when you miss him more than you can handle.

• when you need him in the middle of the night.

Wet | M
• when he offers his services in the shower.

• when he stops by to check on you.

Opulent | M
• when he tries to win you over.

Opulent Drabble 01 | M
• when you spend a lazy morning with him.

Opulent Drabble 02 | M
• when he makes it up to you.

Hide & Tease | M
• when he pleasures you in front of your boss.

Hate You | M
• when you really can’t stand him.

Ask Nicely | M
• when you tease one another.

Let Him Hear | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when Yoongi wants Jimin to hear how good he can make you feel.

Pamper | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when he helps you relax.

How You Like It | M | nsfw image blurb.
• when he wants to hear what you want.

Time Well Spent 
• when he wants to stay in for Valentine’s Day.

→ Kitten’s Got His Tongue | M | 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07.
• when Yoongi orders Jimin and you from a hybrid companion service.

• when he is cute and irritating.

So the boy you gave your everything to
Walked away without looking back
And you’re left to pick up the pieces he left behind

2 boys later and you’re getting good at pretending he’s not here
But you’re still planning for ways to go back
Still searching for a reason to call

The boy you gave your everything to
Gladly took it, knowing full well he wasn’t planning to stay
He took and took and took until you were nothing but a ghost of what you use to be

So I’ll search for any other reason,
Any other explanation to why the fuck I feel like this,
But deep down I know it’s you,
The same way I know that it will always be you,
I don’t know why I keep running back to something I know is going to end up killing me,
But I guess I’ve always searched for a reason to destroy myself,
And you’re as good as any.
The signs as historical women

Aries: Jeanne d'Arc

Also known as the Maid of Orléans, Jeanne d’Arc (1412 - 1431) was a leader of french troops during the Hundred Years War. She came from a peasant family and could neither read nor write. When she was 12, it is said that she began hearing heavenly voices (one of them is said to have been the Archangel Michael), who told her to save her country. At this time, almost all of France was controlled by England. She went to Bourges to meet the dauphin, Charles VII, and when she left, she was the commander of the french troops. Her most famous battle was the Siege of Orléans, where the siege was lifted after only nine days. 1430 she was captured by Burgundians (allied with the english) and was burned at the stake on May 30th, 1431, at the age of 19. 

Taurus: Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great (1729 - 1796) was the Empress of Russia. She came to power after her husband, Peter III was assassinated. During her reign she expanded the Russian boundaries considerably and promoted education and Enlightenment - Russia grew larger and stronger than ever before. Russian borders spread as far as to the Black Sea and Central Europe. During her reign Russia became known as one of the great powers of Europe. She is the longest ruling female of Russia. 

Gemini: Nakano Takeko

Nakano Takeko (1847 - 1868) was a Japanese female warrior of the Aizu domain, who fought and died during the Boshin War. She was thoroughly trained in the martial and literary arts. During the Battle of Aizu, she fought with a naginata and was the leader of a group of female combatans who fought in the battle independently, as the senior Aizu retainers did not allow them to fight as an official part of the domain’s army.  While leading a charge against Imperial Japanese Army troops, she was fatally shot in the chest. Rather than let the enemy capture her head as a trophy, she asked her sister, to cut it off and have it buried. It was taken to Hōkai Temple and buried under a pine tree.

Cancer: Queen Christina of Sweden

Christina (1626 - 1689) was the Queen of Sweden, Grand Princess of Finland and Duchess of Estonia. She was the only surviving child of King Gustaf II Adolf, and when he died during the Battle of Lützen in the Thirty Years War, she became queen. However, she was only 6 years old when this happened. When she was born, she was believed to be a boy. When it was discovered that she was a girl, her father didn’t matter; he had become very closely attached to her. She was raised as a king, and her father made sure that she would inherit the throne when he died, even though she was a girl. Christina is remembered as being one of the most well educated women of the 1600s. She rejected the sexual role of a woman, and decided to never marry. In 1654 she abdicated, converted to Roman Catholicism (Sweden was a protestant country) and moved to Rome. 

Leo: Boudica

Boudica (dead 60-61 AD) was the Celtic war queen of the british tribe Iceni, who lead a major uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. Her warriors successfully defeated the Roman Ninth Legion and destroyed the capital of Roman Britain. She was later captured by Roman soldiers, but instead of letting them kill her she is believed to have poisoned herself.

Virgo: Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) is remembered as one of the greatest monarchs to ever have ruled England (and Ireland). Her rule is known as “Englands golden age”. She is also known as the Virgin Queen or Good Queen Bess. She never married, nor had any children. Therefore, her death marked the end of the Tudor Era. When the Spanish Armada invaded England in 1588, Elizabeth defended her strength as a female leader, saying: “I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.” 

Libra: Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn (c. 1501 - 1536) was the second wife of King Henry VIII. Henry had wanted her to become his mistress during the 1520s, but she refused, telling him she had to become his wife first. In order to marry Anne, Henry had to get divorced from Catherine of Aragon. However, as the pope refused to acknowledge the divorce, Henry broke with the catholic church, making England a protestant country. Anne Boleyn married the king in 1533 and was crowned the Queen of England, and gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, September 7th 1533. Henry VIII was mad at her for not giving birth to a son, and searched for a reason to get rid of her. 1536 Anne Boleyn was accused of adultery, incest and being a witch. She was found guilty, and on May 19th, 1536, she was beheaded. After her daughter was crowned as Queen Elizabeth I, Anne was venerated as a martyr and a heroine of the English Reformation.

Scorpio: Lyudmila Pavlichenko 

Lyudmila Pavlichenko (1916 - 1974) was an Ukrainian Soviet sniper during World War II. She is regarded as the most successful female sniper in history with 309 kills. In 1943 she was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union. During the war she was also known as Lady Death.

Sagittarius: Grace O’Malley

Grace O’Malley (1530 - 1603) was a female pirate and Irish queen in the 16th century. She  is sometimes known as “The Sea Queen of Connacht”.  She was apparently well-educated and was regarded by contemporaries as being exceptionally formidable and competent. Upon her father’s death she inherited his large shipping and trading business (a trade sometimes referred to as mere piracy). She once met Queen Elizabeth I of England, and refused to bow down before her, as Elizabeth didn’t recognize her as the Queen of Ireland.

Capricorn: Natalia Peshkova

Natalia Peshkova  joined the Russian Army when she was just 17, during World War II. She served as a combat medic, and spent three years at the front, accompanying wounded soldiers from the front to the hospital and fought diseases and starvation among the troops. As the war went on, Peshkova was promoted to Sergeant Major and after the war, she was awarded the Order of the Red Star for bravery.

Aquarius: Elizabeth Coleman

Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman (1892 - 1926) was the first female pilot of african american descent. She was an american civil aviator. She was denied pilot training in USA, so she learned french and went to France where she could become a pilot. She died in 1926, after flying an unsafe plane, which after ten minutes, unexpectedly went in for a dive and spun around. This lead to Coleman being thrown out of the plane at 610 m (2 100 ft), and she died instantly when she hit the ground.

Pisces: Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart (1897 - 1937) was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and also the first woman to recieve a National Geographic Society gold medal. She was a pioneering female pilot, determined and independant, and a supporter of women’s rights. She disappeared in 1937 when she tried to fly around the globe, but she is to this day still remembered as a legend.


Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa… I did it! Finally managed to finish this one! Thank you for everyone who enjoyed the preview, I really hope you buys enjoy the full thing. Please let me know what you thought of it! Lots of love, B xx


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They’re funny little things. 

Sometimes they take over your body and make you do things that you wouldn’t ever do if it weren’t for the obscene amount of hormones coursing through your bloodstream - you’d never eat a plate full of pasta and a whole chocolate bar right after or cry at the butter commercial cause that family looks just so damn happy that they have their butter and each other… And you would not, under any circumstances, be thinking about how much you want your friend to fuck you into oblivion if it weren’t for the hormones.

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Request: Hey, I just love your imagines and could I request about a Sirius imagine where the two of them have been the closest of friends for years and Sirius loves her so one day he’s like “Fuck it” and runs over to her and kisses her and when they finally pull apart she goes “what took you so long?” THANK YOU SO MUCH (sorry this was so specific) 😍😍😍😍😂

Word Count: 4,170


“Budge over,” Y/N gave Sirius a gentle nudge as she tried to sit down next to him in the common room. “But I’m so comfortable,” Sirius smirked, stretching out even further across the couch. “Sirius,” Y/N whined. She tried to shove him to one side of the couch, but he wouldn’t budge. “Fine,” she sighed dramatically before throwing herself into his lap and obnoxiously sprawling out on top of him. “Fine,” He laughed, not bothering to try to move her. “Are you going to move now?” She asked him triumphantly. “Mm, nope. Don’t think so,” he shrugged. “Okay, I tried,” Y/N sighed, moving to stand up, but Sirius wrapped his arms and legs around her so she couldn’t move. “No! Spend time with me!” He shouted, burying his face into her neck. “Then move!” She laughed, trying to squirm out of his grip. “But you’re so warm,” he whined, holding onto her tighter. “You are a pain, Sirius,” She shook her head with a laugh, but nonetheless stopped trying to escape his strong grip. “If you’re going to hold me captive here, can I at least get comfortable?” Y/N asked after a few minutes of silence. “I am not holding you captive, you love this,” Sirius corrected her. “But, yes. C'mhere,” He let go of her for only a second as she got comfortable on the couch, and began to reach for a book out of her bag on the floor.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N don’t you dare reach for that horrid book,” Sirius warned. “You don’t even know what book it is!” Y/N protested. “I know that it is going to take your attention away from me, therefore it is horrid,” Sirius stated, matter-of-factly. “You’re so needy,” Y/N laughed, ruffling his hair. “Oi! Be careful with m'hair!” He whined, but made no effort to stop her from continuing to run her fingers through his locks. “Sirius, your hair is a mess. I couldn’t possibly do anything to mess it up,” she told him. “I like it messy,” Sirius pouted. “I’m making a statement,” he declared, causing the girl to laugh. “Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, buddy,” she laughed, patting his head before continuing to play with his hair. “Feels nice,” he admitted with a content sigh after a few minutes of more silence. Y/N nudged her nose against his head and hummed in acknowledgement. “Sleepy?” He asked her. “Little bit,” she admitted with a small nod. Sirius began to draw patterns on her arm with his fingers.

“For the record, I could have been reading this whole time,” she said sleepily after a few more minutes of silence. “No, you’re spending time with me,” Sirius pouted. “We aren’t even talking,” Y/N laughed. “We’re bonding!” Sirius cried dramatically. Y/N laughed and shook her head, but she snuggled into him, losing the energy to do anything but take a nap.

“Sirius!” A high pitched squeal woke Y/N from her peaceful nap.

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I’m not excusing mamamoo for that bindi or blackface at all (as an Afro- carribean women that shit pisses me off) but like some of y'all are so fake for picking and choosing what groups y'all are gonna drop based on their actions like I can name so many groups that have done so much problematic shit and y'all will turn a blind eye to it so fast. Like I don’t wanna name names but I see blogs on here who stan certain groups who have done problematic things and they’ll forgive them so fast but they’ll witch hunt other groups. Let me make it clear I’m not justifying their racist behavior. I just wanted to state something that I have been seeing in kpop for so long. Like you can’t pick and choose what is gonna offend you. If two groups do the same fucked up shit and you only come for one group it just seems so fake. Like you don’t actually care about the issue and are just searching for a reason to crucify a group you don’t like and now you have a justifiable reason to do so now.

Y/N Rogers [ Peter Parker ]

Anonymous said to peteypxrker:

A Peter Parker imaginer where she is Captain America’s daughter and she’s dating Peter. She gets kidnapped by a villain (you choose) and both of them go rescue her. Once they save her the reader is glad to see them because they arrive just on time before she was about to be tortured. Once she’s safe Steve is mad at Peter for not protecting his daughter basically Steve goes all overprotective dad on him. But Peter and the reader talk with Steve so that he isn’t mad anymore. Sorry this is long ty!

A/N: I changed up the plot a bit to where she isn’t dating Peter just yet!

Warnings: some hoco spoilers I guess, some swearing.

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2AM - part 9 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst / Romance

Characters: Minseok X You

2AM [M] - Canon AU - Angst / Smut part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9

”Love?” Minhee’s voice rang out from behind the door and you knew the meaning behind her incredulous tone in an instant. “Are you seeing him again?”

“We are friends again. That’s all.” Your defense was quick, as was the speed of you moving aside so she could walk through your door. Saying it outloud felt strange. You could still feel the wet kisses he had playfully smacked against your cheek before he left. Your fingers longed to run along the softness of your own face the more you lingered on the recent memory.

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les mis characters as some things in my google search history

Jehan: norwegian curling pants

Marius: a bout de souffle what is it about

Grantaire: saturn sleeping at last chords

Bossuet: can people see you screenshotted their instagram story

Bahorel: hasa diga eebowai

Courfeyrac: anime daddy

Combeferre: habitability factors of various objects in our solar system

Feuilly: what can i make with the stuff in my fridge

Joly: poop cafe toronto

Enjolras: my dear find what you love and let it kill you

Cosette: non-linear love story

Eponine: fuck you aesthetic

Montparnasse: fancy knives

Musichetta: does it pass the bechdel test

Myriel: our father who art in heaven

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i feel…p chill that we haven’t seen nureyev yet in this season. honestly, i’d have been a little worried if we’d seen him so early. my guess has been that we’d see him somewhere at the end of the third chapter arc (at the earliest) and the end of the fifth chapter arc (at the latest). 

like juno’s got some shit he has to go through that doesn’t involve nureyev, maybe he gets some character development in before they bring the love interest back in for that drama

Read Pearl Jam's message to Chris Cornell on what would have been his 53rd birthday:

I keep waking up in the middle of the night and remember, fresh again, that you are gone. An absence grows in my stomach and slowly turns circles like a far off galaxy on a grainy tv.

The same questions follow and my heart races…searching for reasons and what ifs..I’m so selfishly sad that I’ll never get to see you again, never play with you again, never feel the bask of your approval or be part of your life.
We all miss you so much…it was always a given in my mind we would all spend more time together when we got older, we would play more music and love and be loved like we dreamed…this was your time and you shared it with us…thank you.You were too much…
Your talent was jaw dropping…your songs, lyrics, your voice…how could you have all 3…
And then, the not so obvious…your wicked sense of humor and your playfulness…
all of us are heartsick and we will never get over losing you.
We hope you’re in peace and that your particles are mutating and transforming in harmony with nature. We wish your family our utmost condolences and sympathies.

We love you Chris,
Happy Birthday

Character A is injured. Character B is still listed as their emergency contact.

“So, anyway, I drove about, I don’t know, four hours? Yeah, four I think it was to get the teacup pig- I mean who wouldn’t want a teacup pig, right?”

The girl- Nicole, Lily had said- stared much to excitedly at Sirius from across the restaurant table. Lily must have been joking when she said they would get on. She had to have been joking.

Sirius tried for a smile, “Uh. Yeah, right.”

The girl let out a shriek, “Right! I mean, it was a bit sketchy, honestly. The woman didn’t even ask my name. But I got the pig so, whatever, right?”

Nicole reached for her water, eyes trained expectantly on Sirius.

“I-“ Sirius had nothing, absolutely nothing to say. “Right…”

Nicole offered a slightly less enthusiastic, more uncomfortable smile, “Okay, maybe not everyone wants a teacup pig then… Whatever.”

Sirius had just enough mind to feel slightly guilty for not playing into the story a little more, when his phone rang.

He didn’t even try to feel guilty for the relief that flooded through him at the sound.

That had to be Lily calling him to tell him it was all a joke and that he was the most gullible person on this planet. Please be Lily. He dug into his coat pocket.


Faded sirens filled his ear, then the voice of a woman.

“Hello, is this Mr. Sirius Black?”

Sirius’ brow knit, and he held up a finger to Nicole who seemed to be having trouble getting her pasta noodles to stay on her fork and payed him no mind.

“Yes.” He said as he closed the restaurant door, wrapping an arm around himself and his thin sweater against the cold. He tried to push down the worry in his chest at the formal tones, “Yeah, speaking.”

“Mr. Black, I’m calling from Mercy Hospital on behalf of Remus Lupin. Unfortunately, there has been an accident…”

A ringing made its way up from Sirius’ heart into his ears, chilling him. Accident. It was like he was now listening to the world through cotton.

Remus. In an accident. Sirius’ heart beat against his skull. Remus who he hadn’t stopped thinking about for months. Remus who he hadn’t seen for months.

An accident an accidentanaccident.


An accident


Sirius brought a hand up to his mouth, stomach churning.

“Mr. Black? Mr. Black, are you there-“

“Yes. Yes, I-“ He pressed the hand over his eyes, “What- is he-” His voice sounded much too horse, like he’d been shouting. Please tell me he’s okay.

“I wasn’t on call sir, I’m afraid I don’t know the details. ”

Sirius closed his eyes, hand dropping to the brick wall. He felt like he was holding himself together, “Right. Right.”A thought occurred to him, “Wait.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Why are you- I mean, why did you call me? I don’t..” Why not James? Lily? His parents?

“Well, you’re his emergency contact, so…”

Emergency contact? Sirius’ heart sped up, fear combining with the lingering longing for Remus he’d been trying to suppress to a simmer for what felt like forever. It flared up, burning a hole in his chest through and through. Despite the fact that Remus had probably just forgotten about it, Sirius’ heart warmed.

“Right. Thank you. Thanks, I’ll be- in a bit.” He shook his head, he wasn’t making sense.

He didn’t even think he made eye contact with Nicole when he grabbed his jacket and threw (probably too much) money onto the table.


It was the only thing going through his mind.

The cabbie tried to talk to him on the ride there but he either didn’t hear the words or doesn’t remember what he said. The city lights were streaks of color in his eyes, and they stayed streaks when the cab stopped moving. He tripped on the curve. It was wet, and red and blue ambulance lights reflected in the puddled yellow surface. When had it started to rain? Sirius saw the sirens but heard only his own breath. The doors opened by themselves and he nearly tripped again. Everything was too white now.

“Remus.” He gasped at the woman behind the desk. He wiped wet hair from his forehead, leaning heavily against the counter, “Remus.”

She obviously recognized him from their phone call not moments before. She got up, motioning for him to follow through another set of doors that opened by themselves. His eyes told him she had started talking to, his ears didn’t.

She stopped outside of a room. 221. This door didn’t open by itself and Sirius was left, hands pressed to the hard wood and face alined with the small window. His heart went to his throat, his stomach into knots.

The scene wasn’t chaotic, but it wasn’t peaceful either. Sirius’ breath fogged up the glass and Remus momentarily looked as if he were asleep on a cloud, not a hospital bed. The sight was angelic and disturbing; it looked too far away. Sirius pushed open the door, wiping the glass as he did and Remus was back in the hospital bed and much, much closer. Panic threatened to simmer up again.

Sirius expected to feel out of place. He expected to feel as if someone else should be here. Remus would want someone else here. Right? But he didn’t. He felt just as draw to Remus now as he had any other day, maybe even more so with the whites of the hospital making him look pale and delicate.

“Drunk driver.”

Sirius jumped at the voice from behind him and turned to see the nurse from the phone flipping through Remus’ chart. She glanced up at him, then nodded her head to Remus, “He’s very lucky, you know.”

Sirius looked at her, then back to Remus with his slowly purpling eye, his bloodied lip, the IV and white bandage striped across his shoulder like a seatbelt.

“Lucky..” He breathed.

The nurse closed it with a clatter, hanging it back on the bed end, “Lucky. To be alive. To have someone come running at a moment’s notice. Honestly, what was that, five minutes?”

Sirius blinked at her. He didn’t know how long it had been.

She just smiled sympathetically and placed a hand on his shoulder, “He’s going to be fine. I’d still stay though. It’s good to have a familiar face around when they wake up.”

Even one they probably hate?

Sirius almost voiced this question, when he realized he had been left alone, door swinging shut behind her. Left alone to stare at Remus’ slowly breathing form on the bed.

Guilt washed through him in sudden, powerful waves.

If I hadn’t let you walk out would you still be in here?

Sirius took a breath and it shuttered its way through him. That was stupid. It had been months ago. There’s no way of knowing…

“Fuck.” He breathed, shuffling a little and looking around. He thought about sitting on the bed, but he wasn’t sure what Remus would do- how he would feel- when he woke up, and he didn’t think close proximity was the best way to find out. He pulled at the stool by the wall instead, wincing when it scraped against the tiles much louder than he had anticipated. He picked it up, placing it next to the bed carefully. He sat awkwardly and straight.

He might have sat there for hours, might have been minutes. Time passed sluggishly, then seemed to speed up, then slow again. His eyes slipped closed, he slumped forward onto the bed, just as dawn was filtering through the blinds and casting lines of warm light across Remus’ face.

Be okay. Sirius said it even in his dreams. Please be okay.

He woke up to a light tapping at his shoulder, long fingers shaking gently. It took him seconds to remember where he was and he sat up too fast, straining his neck.

“Fuck- Remus-“ His eyes went right to Remus, eyes roaming his face, searching for any alarming reasons for Remus to be waking him.

Perhaps the most alarming part of that search was that Remus didn’t look alarmed at all. Or that his hand had slid down Sirius’ shoulder and into his palm. Or that his fingers were gripping Sirius’.

Sirius stared at their hands for a moment, before slowly looping his fingers around Remus’ too, “Remus…”

Remus didn’t say anything. He just looked at their hands too. His eye was fully swollen now, cheek pushing it closed a little, but his lip looked slightly better. The bandage on his chest was clean so Sirius guessed that was good. And Remus just sat there, holding his hand. Sirius’ heart beat. He was utterly helpless against the feeling of Remus’ cool fingers, so utterly helpless.

“Before I blacked out,” Remus’ voice was barely there. He coughed weakly, but shook his head when he saw Sirius eye the cup of water on the bedside table.

“Before I blacked out,” he began again, eyes moving back to their hands, “I was thinking about you.”

Sirius was so, so helpless, “Re…”

“I was hoping they’d call you. I couldn’t remember if..” He coughed again, and this time Sirius took matters into his own hands, holding the cup out. When Remus didn’t take it, he raised it to Remus’ lips, but Remus covered the top, shaking his head, “I was coming to you-“ Another coughing fit but Sirius barely heard it this time.

I was coming to you.

Sirius stared at Remus, wide-eyed. He felt his heart frantically trying to keep up with his lungs, “God, Remus. God, if something had really gone wrong, if you-“

“I’m not-“ He cut himself off again and Sirius sighed.

“For fuck sake, drink.” He didn’t let Remus refuse this time.

When Remus had drained half the glass he let his head fall back against his pillows, eyes staying on Sirius, and hand gripping tighter, “I’m not blaming you. I’m not, Sirius, listen to me. Jesus.”

Sirius couldn’t help it. He pressed his lips to Remus’ knuckles, encasing the chilly hand in both of his own. If something had happened if something had happened his mind kept replaying. He would had never known. You would’ve never got the chance to tell him.

Remus’ eyes flutter at the small gesture and he sighs, “I missed you. God, I’ve missed you so much, Pads, and look, look what happened. We can’t-“ Sirius hears the heart monitor pick up and he shifts onto the edge of the bed, hand pushing through Remus’ hair, trying to calm him.

“We can’t waste a day.” Remus’ eyes are pleading and golden in the dawn light. He breathes for a second, turning his face into Sirius’ palm, “I can’t spend another day. Not like this. Not without you. Anything can happen at any time and- and if something happened and I didn’t have you-“ The monitor starts to pick up again and Remus’ chest is heaving against the bandages and Sirius does the only thing he can think of.

He kisses Remus. It’s soft, and more on the corner of his mouth than anything, to avoid his injury, but its like he can breathe again. His thumb runs along his jaw as he pulls away, forehead against forehead,

“Take it easy love, okay? You don’t have to spend-“ He closes his eyes, “Fuck, Re. Fuck, if you’ll have me you never have to spend another fucking second without me. If I had it my way, I wouldn’t leave your side. I’d never…” Sirius just shakes his head, pressing a kiss to Remus’ forehead, “Okay?”

Remus’ eyes are hooded and sleepy when Sirius looks back to him, but he’s smiling. A smile Sirius knows is reserved just for him, and one he hasn’t seen in a lifetime.

Sirius’ thumbs lightly over the swollen part of Remus’ lip, “Don’t you ever do that to me again, okay? I- fucking hell, Re-“ His voice breaks at the end and he can’t continue.

“I know.” Sirius’ can feel the heart monitor on Remus’ finger press into his cheek, “I was scared too.”

She loves him☺♥

Warning: This is long. Oh well! :) 

Touka is such a precious woman. I love her character from the beginning. Her attitude was a little scary, but what can you say when you’re constantly dangling yourself on a thin line between humans and ghouls? 

She was mean to Ken. But notice it was after he called her a monster. Touka only wanted to live, or find a reason to live. Since humans can live a guilt-free life, it makes it harder for ghouls to find their reason when they take instead of give. Their only will to live, is through love. Love of any kind. Call it cliche, but love is one of the strongest motives of all. Like I said though, love of any kind. Romance, family, or friendship. 

And so, she fell in love with Ken. How? Because he said that he would have been sad if she died. She didn’t have a reason to live. She didn’t really bother to search for a reason to live. She was just surviving, and surviving isn’t living. Those words he said made her feel important to someone, because almost everyone she loved has left her. At this point, Touka started growing a soft spot for him. 

I believe Touka loved Ken through his innocence and thoughtfulness. She opened up to him more after he presented his will to protect those he cares about, ghoul or human. That’s why when she confronted him on the bridge, she asked why did he change? Ken was no longer a goofy, shy co-worker. He was becoming stronger, and becoming stronger means more enemies. And someone like that would just be trouble, right? She lets her temper get the best of her but regrets it so much after. I believe that made her think and change. She scared him off because she was being selfish. “Maybe, I need to learn how to accept things that can’t be changed or else I’ll just be alone again.”

They both cared for each other in a quiet way. Ken disbanded his group so he could return for Touka. Isn’t that lovely? Sadly, those peaceful days were never going to return. She never saw him again. She wondered, but knew he would return. One of Ken’s last thoughts before being pierced by Arima, was Touka’s expression on the bridge. That was the last expression of hers to him. What a miserable thing, thinking he could see a more peaceful glance working with her again, yet to only find that last image of her in his head.

Now, finally, in :re. Touka finally sees the man she loves again. She doesn’t even let her emotions get the best of her. She accepted that Ken was Sasaki. She didn’t need to question. She just wanted him to at least have a home, somewhere. Because back then, he had no home. A human and ghoul. That’s what he was. As an investigator, he had a home. This shows that Touka will love this man through anything. Black hair, white, pudding style, haha…She finally isn’t just in love with the old Kaneki. And love comes in many ways, She loved him from a distance. 

Lastly, she made him a home. A home where all the people who cares about Ken can come to and hope together that one day, he would be able to come home. It wasn’t just for herself so she can have Ken back. She did it for everyone else too. That’s why in one of the chapters, you can see Nishiki smiling and a hint of Uta’s, and with Yomo listening when Shuu asked. So when Ken came back, he would see everyone who’s been waiting for him, and not just Touka. And the real Ken, not Sasaki. Touka has grown into such a thoughtful and lovely lady. 

She understands his loneliness. She understands why he is willing to throw his life away. She understands that he has been through a lot. In the end, she is still willing to love him. She is willing to mend a broken man with love. She kissed him because there is no more reason to wait. If he did not know that someone cared for him deeply as her, maybe he would have died somewhere without anyone knowing. Or maybe, disappear like he did during the Anteiku raid. Touka is his reason to live now. It’s not cliche. It’s a beautiful addition to the story. Ken has always relied on love. And now he’s found it. And this time, the love pleaded him to stay. He didn’t have to go chasing it. He didn’t have to feel hurt first. He didn’t have to dangle on a thin line. All he had to do, was be Ken Kaneki. 

Kaneki and Touka really are made for each other. To come from ignorance and anger, to understanding and compassion. Remember what Ken said about Nishiki and Kimi’s relationship? Well, in this case, Ken and Touka…They are the dawn to a new world. A new world for a home to everyone. A king and a queen who will provide a new future for their children. 

Thank you for saving Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima Kaneki. Your love has been there all along, and he is just now seeing it. 

We know you do. :) 

Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader) 1

Words: 1600+

Request: [screams] tIME TRAVEL AU WITH A. HAM (like bam u wake up one day in the 18th century) 👌 @ghcstflower

Warnings: Cursing, small mention of linnamonroll

A/N: making this into a series peeps! i didn’t think that a one-shot would suffice for what i wanted to write, soooooo, here it is!

Part 2

You grew up in Northeast New Jersey, so taking the bus back from NYC and your hometown wasn’t as hard as many might think. You soon heard about this new musical that many were anxious to see, and even your friends were constantly telling you about it. You ignored them, of course, because Broadway felt like an opera to you. Listening to showtunes and watching a show about one of the founding fathers just was not your cup of tea.

“Come on, Y/N! Just one song, please!” You friend begged, holding out their phone to you. You sighed, sipping on your coffee. It was freezing outside, below zero. You wore the biggest coat you owned, with giant earmuffs you found in one of your boxes.

You recently moved back to NJ, tired of the city life in Manhattan. Your family was right; living in the city was for people who were always on the go. Since you were the opposite of that, a writer, bumping into people in the streets every day, passersby’ stepping on your toes, was not the most entertaining thing you’ve done. Living there for four months was enough for you.

“No.” You grumbled, looking out the window of the local coffee shop. Your friend continued to whine about the stupid musical, and you eventually gave in, putting on the earbuds that she gave you. She played the opening song, called Alexander Hamilton. You smirked at the cheesiness, but pressed play.

“How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean…”

The song trailed on, and you bumped your head to the beat unconsciously, listening to the lyrics. You were surprised on how it sounded more like a mainstream song than a play. You didn’t notice your friend grinning at you, doing a little fist pump.

After the song finished, you gave her back her phone, sipping on your coffee once more. She looked at you, expecting a reaction. You shrugged, playing with your straw.

“It was alright.” Her eyes widened at your response. You didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of saying that you actually liked it, so denying it was the best way to go.

“Alright? It’s amazing, Y/N! Lin Manuel worked on this play for years, it’s anything but alright.” She mocked your tone, and you frowned at her.

“I told you, I don’t like Broadway shows. They’re boring and follow the same theme. I’m not interested.” She put her face in her hands, shaking her head slowly. You grinned at her actions, bringing your gaze back to the scene outside. Everyone seemed to be always on the move; headphones in and ignoring the world around them. You pitied them; they will never understand the world outside their screens.

“How am I friends with you?” She mumbled.

The rest of the time you were enjoying your break, she told you all the facts of the musical, even showing you some of the cast members. You couldn’t help but stare longer at the man who created the musical; Lin Manuel Miranda.

He was handsome, really handsome. You made a mental note of searching him up later, when your friend wasn’t bugging you about some tickets that she got. She convinced you to join her to see the musical, since your other friend cancelled on her last minute.

“If I go see this with you, would you stop trying to make me listen to the rest of the soundtrack?” You asked, throwing away the empty container into the recycling bin. She nodded quickly, to the point where you wondered if she gave herself whiplash.

“See you tomorrow!” She skipped away, trying to catch the next bus to bring her back home to Manhattan. You looked the train back to your town in NJ, taking less than twenty minutes to get there. You dragged yourself up the stairs, and into the apartment, closing the door behind you.

Later that night, you researched Lin Manuel Miranda. You were surprised that he wrote other plays, and won various awards for things that he created. It was a shock that he was single, his good looks and achievements made you think he’d be married and have children already. As you stalked this man online, your eyes began to close, blinking slowly. Before you fell asleep, you clicked on a link. Your eyes drooped closed, your face falling on your keyboard.

The sun shined in your face, causing you to blink quickly, glaring through your semi open lids. You groaned, rolling over. You reached for your phone, feeling a plant tangled in your fingers instead. You blinked, pushing yourself off the grass.



You were sleeping outside.

On the grass.

You looked around you, realizing that you were in an open field. It was eerily quiet, not even the birds chirping or the scurrying of squirrels climbing trees. A tent a few hundred feet away caught your attention, so you decided to approach it. You were still dressed in your sweats and tank top, what you thought you wore to bed. Before you reached the tent, a man came out, dressed in what seemed like a colonial uniform from the 1800s. His back was to you, but you noticed that his brown hair was long, pulled back into a hair tie. For some reason, your stomach churned staring at the man.

Did you stumble across some revolutionary reenactment? Is that why the man looked threatening, like he would shoot you at first glance? You searched your mind for some reason as to why you were outside, but the last thing you remembered was sitting next to your laptop.

You went against every instinct that told you not to go to the man, pushing your feet forward. He stopped moving, and you hesitated. He held his musket tight in his hand, quickly turning around to face you. He pointed his gun at your chest, an angry look on his face. You raised your hands quickly, shaking.

His eyes met yours, and he lowered his gun, confused. You gasped at the face in front of you.

It was Lin-Manuel Miranda. The famous guy you were researching last night.

“Miss, what are you doing out here?” He questioned, his hands still tight on the gun. You stumbled on your words, star-struck.

“Uh, I’m, um…” He put his gun in his holder on the side of him. His eyes were stuck on your body, the heat rising in his face. You wondered if he never saw a woman in a tank top before. “Excuse me, my eyes are up here.”

His eyes quickly made it back to your face, clearing his throat. “You did not answer my question, miss.” He replied, standing up straight.

“I’m sorry, but I have no clue why I’m out here. I woke up on this field. Maybe I sleep walk?” You said, lowering your arms. The leaves rustled on nearby trees, causing you to shiver, holding your arms tight against his chest. Lin realized how cold you were, and took off his overcoat, passing it to you. You thanked him, quickly throwing it on your body.

“Do you know where your home is? It must be close by.” You looked around, recognizing nothing in the vicinity. You turned back to Lin, and he had a small smile on his face.


“Well, I live in an apartment complex near 42nd street. I don’t remember seeing any open fields in the middle of the city.” You mumbled. He stared at you, a puzzled look on his face. He chuckled softly. “What?” You questioned.

“Are you okay, miss? I never heard of this forty-second street or an apartment complex? We’re in Virginia.” He stated, crossing his arms. “Were you sent by Laurens to play a joke on me? Wait, are you trying to seduce me?” He moved his hand back to the gun on his side.

This guy must be crazy. He lives in NYC, he grew up in Washington heights. For crying aloud, the Richard Rogers theater is right in the heart of Manhattan. You glanced around him, noticing more tents around. Wait, there was more than just ten.

There were hundreds.

You stared at Lin.

His outfit seemed quite authentic, to the dirt under his nails to the blood-stained pants. You don’t recall seeing the pictures online having red marks on the pants. He looked young, too, maybe in his early twenties. Not the man you recall seeing on the internet that was in his late thirties. He was staring at you as well, still cautious.

“What’s your name?” You asked.

“Alexander Hamilton.” He said simply, with a small bit of pride in his voice. You still fought off the idea that this may not be the time you were supposed to be in.

“Do you know who Elizabeth Schuyler is?” He shook his head, his foot tapping against the ground.

“What is a television set? A laptop?” He frowned.

“Are you telling me about a new weapon the British created? Who are you, miss?” He took out his gun from the position on his hip. “Who sent you here? And I’m not going to ask again.” You realized what’s going on.

“Tell me the year.” You said, your eyes widening. He didn’t say anything, his mouth in a straight line. “Tell me the year.” You repeated sternly. He smirked at you, rolling his eyes.

“1776.” He said, and you dropped onto the ground. He jumped back, confused.

1776. The year, it’s 1776.

What the hell is going on here?