searching for mishas

here’s some cockles gifs... it’s for science

it looks like jensen went in for a kiss but misha was like ‘no jen there’s people with cameras here, save it for later’

mr. jensen hearteyes ackles



what are going to do with him when you get home jensen tell us all about it

jensen whAT are you whispering to misha??

The screams followed Jensen off the stage, only increasing as soon as he slipped behind the black curtain. They wanted more, they always did.  Adrenaline rushed through him and his heart was pounding erratically in his chest. Vancouver had been awesome, but this time knowing that Misha was watching him sing had given him a whole new burst of courage. He had wanted to do his fucking best, and that’s exactly what he did.  

He was met backstage by a roar of applause from everyone standing around, a clap on the shoulder form Osric and a thumbs up from Ruth. Frantically, he searched for Misha, scanning the dim sea of faces until he found him standing in the back, down the stairs and grinning at him like a kid who just got his favorite candy.

“So, what did you thi-” Jensen started but he was cut off by Misha kissing him and Jensen couldn’t remember what he was going to say in the first place.

After thoroughly taking his breath away and making him a little dizzy in the process, Misha pulled away, smiling radiantly.

“That was fucking amazing. I want an encore.”

Jensen blushed at Misha’s praise, smiling shyly, “Yeah, sure. When?”

A smirk slid onto Misha’s lips and he leaned in close to Jensen’s ear, “Later, when we go back to the room.”

“Okay babe, I can totally do that.”

Misha’s smirk turned into a grin and he sneakily reached around to slap Jensen’s ass and pushed him towards the stage. “Good, now let’s get back out there and give them one hell of a finale.”

As he stepped back out onto the stage, Misha at his side, he was met with thousands of screams, and blinding lights. He stepped back up to the mic, all of his friends around him, and the ghost of Misha’s lips still on his.

God, he really fucking loves conventions.

The Cockles Stream Highlights

• after exactly 34 minutes finally we had it!!!
• wooow misha was hella handsome there jfc
• misha using the campaign shirt tho
• misha searching for Jensen and calling him “Jackles”
• misha answering ppls coments yaaah
• okay as a Brazilian i have to point this out: misha laughing that there were so many portuguese comments and he was struggling to understand what the hell were we saying lol
• freeezing shit was freezing a lot but ok
• jensen suddenly appears yay
• jensen and misha staring at each other
• Jensen’s laugh and then putting his heas on Misha’s shoulder
• Mish saying next time it’d be better to cross stream
• [that means it will have another one, right? riiight? ]
• !!!MISH HANDED JEN HIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• misha saying jen would have to be there forever (not a bad idea tho)
• jensen not knowing much what to do
• jensen talking abt how mish got him into the campaign *heart eyes*
• misha coming back to get his phone and jensen teasing him saying he changed his password lmao
• my death