searching for a full moon

Sirius’ Picture-Guide on “How to get a werewolf”

First step: Where to find them

  • The Forest: They’ll always search for a save place to go to when there’s a full moon again. Don’t search for them in the forest during a full moon, especially if you don’t know them (yet, hopefully).
  • Book stores/libraries: Basically Moon-… everyone loves libraries! Books are not only a great way to distract yourself from stress and everything else in your live, Werewolfes also find it very calming to feel in control through being able to focus on one story for a while or through keeping discipline while studying since they’re forced to be out of control once a month.
  • Somewhere you can get food: Especially two or three days after a full moon Werewolfs will not have enough energy to cook meals themselves, so if they don’t have someone who does it for them already you’ll find some of them there.
  • Their bedroom: Yeah I know you want to get in there anyway, but that’s why this is the first and not the only step. A werewolf’s bed is more important than anything else since they not just sleep there and gather energy after exhausting nights, it’s often also the only place they can hide and feel safe. They need this privacy to cure their wounds until they’re comfortable enough with being seen again.

          it had been a couple of days since the month’s full moon, his mind filled with the images of his wolf-state’s track of the night in the forbidden forest. thanks to the wolfsbane potion being supplied by snape he was able to keep the beast from completely taking over his mind, of his thoughts and his morals. it didn’t stop the creature from attacking it’s own flesh when nothing to kill was found. demetrius glanced away from the essay he had written a single word of to the wound on his right arm, the damaged tissue already beginning to scar.  great, was all he muttered out.

In the broad light of day mathematicians check their equations and their proofs, leaving no stone unturned in their search for rigour. But, at night, under the full moon, they dream, they float among the stars and wonder at the miracle of the heavens. They are inspired. Without dreams there is no art, no mathematics, no life.

Michael Atiya (Notices of the AMS, 2010)


Hiding the truth in my moping thoughts, I think of you who had been snatched away by the darkness. Dozy eyes and closed hearts paint a blue moon that floats above the chaos. At the place surrounded by flowers in full moon, I continue to search for frozen time. My dear friend, my friend that I have lost, this place is the very end of the land of our promises.  

“Here I Am”

Title: Here I Am
Rating: G
Word Count: 700

Characters: Charlotte Sullivan, Deacon
Pairings: Deacon x Sole Survivor, Charlotte x Deacon
Timeline: Charlotte’s worked with the Railroad for almost a month now, she’s still searching for Shaun. No romance yet.

Under a full moon, Charlotte stands in the street in front of their house. Her house now, she supposes. Or, at least, what remains of her house. 

She’s passed by it many times on her patrols of Sanctuary. She holds her breath every time she does. It’s an old superstition she remembers her sister telling her when they were kids as they’d walk past the graveyard on the way to school.

Tonight she stops, turns to face her house, and takes a deep breath.

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