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🌛🌕Full Moons of the Year🌕🌜

the full moons of the year have a variety of names and were originally used to track the seasons and year, often used by farmers for planting/harvesting reference. each full moon may have various different names, the names used are the most common ones currently. 

🐺 WOLF MOON -  full moon of january. influences spells that strengthen and renew you, self care, prosperity and healing spells, as well as spirit work. 

❄️️ SNOW MOON - full moon of february. influences family related magic, domestic magic, spells that benefit others, and psychic abilities

🐛 WORM MOON -  full moon of march. influences preparation, planning, and time-intensive rituals, prosperity and healing magic, and tech witchcraft

🌸 PINK MOON -  full moon of april. influences spells that encourage growth, green witchcraft, potential, new beginnings, and working on relationships. 

💐 FLOWER MOON -  full moon of may. influences commitments, strengthend foundations, green/herbal witchcraft, spirituality and working with spirits.

🍓 STRAWBERRY MOON -  full moon of june. influences love spells, friendship spells, magic that instigates changes and introspection, and travel magic.

🌩️ THUNDER MOON -  full moon of july. influences grounding and cleansing, magic that works with higher powers, and storm/rain witchcraft. 

🐟 STURGEON MOON -  full moon of august. influences magic that gives back to others, magic that deals with emotionality, sea, river, and water witchcraft. 

🍎  HARVEST MOON -  full moon of september. influences kitchen witchcraft  completion, harvesting collecting debts, some interpret to be cursing. 

🏹  HUNTER’S MOON -  full moon of october. influences money, home, and protection spells, the search for guides and spirit work, astral traveling.

🐀  BEAVER MOON -  full moon of november. influences home and hearth, and preparation for the winter, cosmic/celestial witchcraft, astrology, revealings

❄️️ COLD MOON -  full moon of december. influences  protection spells, self care spells, renewal and prosperity spells, ending and casting curses. 

🌛 BLUE MOON - happens usually every 2.7 years. it is the second full moon in one month because the 12 full moons do not always divide evenly over the year, the month it happens in changes. best for magic that encourages wisdom, healing, logic, and studying, 


Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 2 842
summary : Reader goes searching for Kai in the woods during full moon.
note : This was the other idea for ‘ I See The Light’ but in the end I switched it up. Also this story is kind of connected to ‘ Under The Stars’ too.
*not my gif

Full moon.
On those days usually all her friends spent together in the Salvatore house , just in case Tyler got lose from the Lockwood cellar. None of them wanted to encounter his toxic werewolf teeth , specially with Klaus being all the way in New Orleans. Y/N went to the Grill to pick up some curly fries and bring them over to the Salvatore’s and enjoy a nice evening with all of them. Except when she got there , there was someone missing.
“Where is Kai ?” asked Y/N, taking out a pack with curly fries from the paper bag she had gotten from their favourite place. “Isn’t he supposed to be here by now ?”
“He .. is not coming.”
“What do you mean he is not coming ?” wondered Y/N , bracing her hands on the Damon’s fancy alcohol table. “It’s full moon. I know you are not his biggest fans but he is a vampire now. If something -”
“If something happens to him we will have one less problem to deal with.” said Damon taking a sip from his bourbon with a smirk on his face. “The way I see it - its a win win either way.”
Y/N sighed in frustration and turned on her heels , walking towards the front door. If none of her friends cared enough to do something , then it was up to her to find him and get him to safety … somehow.
“Where are you going ?” called out Stefan.
“To find my friend and keep him from being torn apart by my other friend.” she said , not bothering to turn around.
Caroline flashed in front of her blocking her way.
“Y/N , stay here. You may be a human but that won’t stop Tyler from attacking you if he sees you in the woods.”
“Ahhh … so Tyler is in the woods and not chained up and thats why Mr. its-a-win-win over there is being so chipper.” she crossed her hands on her chest. “Move Caroline. You might not care about what happens to Kai but I do.”
“Why ?” she wondered. “He literally killed his entire family less than 3 months ago. Why do y-”
“I care Caroline. Okay.” she snapped , leaning in to whisper in her ear. “Also your boyfriend kind of killed most of his family too so … stop judging.”
Y/N pushed her way past a very startled looking Caroline and a moment later she was already outside running into the woods. Y/N didn’t know where exactly Kai would be , only thing she knew was that she had to find him. Of course Damon would try and cross him again. Kai crosses Damon and Bonnie back in the Prison World , then they cross him and again. Trapped in a never ending ‘you cross me , I’ll cross you back’ circle. She didn’t even know who was the first that got it all started. Her friends never gave Kai a chance. Among all of them Y/N had been the only one not to judge him and accept him for who he is , giving him the chance he had asked for. If they had , they’d know Kai was actually a really nice person , a total goofball, kind and loving. At least with her he had always been that way.
The deeper into the woods she ran , the more her determination to find him grew. Even more so each time a wolf hawl could be heard , breaking the silence. Y/N kept running , tripping over a couple of times but she didn’t care.
“Kai ?” she called out , stopping for a moment to look around.
Trees. Just trees , the occasional owl and dozens of dried leafs and pine needles everywhere cruching under her feet as she ran. Not even for a moment she thought that she should’ve stayed at the house. Y/N was exactly where she had to be , even if that was in the middle of nowhere trying to track an all powerful vampire / witch hybrid. She broke into a sprint again , tripping over a tree root. Her shoulder rubbed against one of the trees , ripping her sleeve yet she kept running not stopping for a second. Ignoring the warm blood trickling down her shoulder.
“How big are those woods?!” she stopped , bending over and resting her hands on her knees. Y/N looked around hearing for the 10th time a wolf’s howl. Her eyes fluttered closed as she tried to figure out from where the sounds were coming and then broke into a run all over again. All of the sudden someone grabbed her and pinned her to a tree , the person’s hand covering her mouth. Then her eyes adjusted and she saw just who she was looking for.
“Are you trying to get yourself killed ?” whispered Kai. Out of everything he could’ve expected to happen that night , finding Y/N bleeding was not one of them. Damon had tricked him , saying they’d be hanging out at the swimming hole and he had fallen for it thinking that maybe , just maybe they were starting to warm up to him. Apparently not. Only person who cared was Y/N , but running into the woods on a full moon considering she was just a human was more than reckless. It was absolutely borderline insane. Y/N struggled against him , trying to speak. Finally her hand managed to remove his off her mouth.
“I am actually trying to prevent you from getting torn apart by a werewolf.” she said in a hushed voice , running her fingers through her hair. The relief of finding him , more like him finding her rushed through her body so fast it made her a little dizzy. It hadn’t hit her how much she truly cared about him and how much she loved him until the moment her eyes had met his a second ago. “Come on. We have to go. Now.”
Y/N took a few steps reaching for Kai’s hand when suddenly something tackled her on the ground. Tyler. He was in a wolf form , his mouth snarling at her and it looked like he was trying to bite her face off. She struggled , trying to keep his teeth away from her and avoid the spit that came with it. Only one thought pushing through her mind. Y/N didn’t care what would happen to her as long as he got away safely.
“Run Kai!” she shouted. “RUN!”
Kai stood there frozen for a moment , looking at Tyler on top of Y/N , ready to bite her head off . It felt as if an important detail from his relationship with her had surfaced in his mind. Y/N was about to be torn apart by a wolf , one of her closest friends too, but the only thing she cared about was Kai getting away. She cared about him so much she was ready to give her own life just to make sure he got away safely. Thing was - Kai was prepared to do the same for her. Ever since she had walked into his life , everything had changed. His entire life had shifted completely. How hadn’t he realised it before ? Without Y/N in his life , his existance was meaningless. He couldn’t leave her , he didn’t want to and wasn’t planing on it either.
“Motus.” muttered Kai , pushing Tyler off Y/N with magic. “Bad doggy.”
Tyler went flying across the clearing , hitting one of the trees so hard , the tree cracked and started to fall. He whimpered in pain but quickly recovered and growled at them. Kai grabbed Y/N in vampire speed , whoosing them a few meters away before pulling her into his arms holding her tightly. Her eyes showed surprise and something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on.
“Are you okay ?”
Y/N only nodded , feeling shaken from what had just happened. Her mind kept spinning trying to make sense of what had happened. Kai could’ve easily left her there, but he hadn’t even tho she had told him to run. Y/N had always known there is good in him yet she was still surprised. Her entire life there hadn’t been a single person willing to face certain death for her. Things could’ve gone in a completely different direction - Tyler could’ve jumped back at Kai , tackled him on the ground and Y/N wouldn’t have been able to do anything stop it.
“Why are you looking at me like that ?” she wondered , noticing how Kai was looking at her as if seeing her for the first time. Something flashed in his eyes for a second , too fast for her to completely understand what it was.
He cleared his throat , ignoring her question.
“Lets get out of here.” said Kai , a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He held onto her tightly and whooshed them away out of the woods and into his apartment. Kai pushed his feet off the ground with every ounce of strenght he had , landing on the open balcony. A moment later he let Y/N sit down down on the couch and went to find a first aid kid to clean her wounds. On his way , Kai took out a blanket for her to make sure the chill coming outside the open window wouldn’t get her sick. He’d be damned if he let any harm come to her. Ever.
“You are absolutely crazy.” he muttered sitting down on the couch next to her , opening the med kit. “What were you thinking running into the woods on a full moon with a werewolf on the loose ?! Tell you what - you weren’t thinking at all ! How can you be so reckless ?!”
“You. I was thinking about you.” she said quietly.
Kai stopped for a moment and stared at her attempting to process her words.
“Me ? You - you ran into the woods because of me ?” he wondered , a nervous smile on his face. Y/N could hear the surprise in his voice. “I am a hybrid. Your buddy Tyler can’t kill me that easily. You however - he most certain can. Werewolfs have no control over themselvs when they transform. You could’ve been torn apart. Why …why would you risk it?”
Y/N sighed , gazing into his eyes. Something had changed in them , there was a warmth she hadn’t seen before. And worry. Of course he was right - he could take care of himself but the thought of losing him scared her to death. Way more than any vampire , original , werewolf or any other supernatural creature ever could.
“Because … I couldn’t bear losing you.”
Kai felt his breath get hitched in his throat at her words. Her voice was a little louder than a whisper but the way she said it - lovingly , as if thats the most important thing she had said in his life. He wanted to say something to her but instead he just kept cleaning up the wound on her shoulder , which seemed to be a bit deeper than he had expected. Y/N flinched in pain a couple of times. Her words playing on the repeat in Kai’s mind the entire time.
What does that mean ? wondered Kai.
He pulled out a bandage and covered the wound.
“You know , that would heal a lot faster with vampire blood.” he said. “At least you don’t need stitches. I’ve never stiched a wound before. I bet that would’ve hurt like hell.”
Y/N’s eyes were fixed on his and it was like she hadn’t even heard him. (Truth to be told , she had been so lost in his eyes she hadn’t heard a single sylable of what he had said.) Kai found himself drawn to her , more than ever as if everything he felt towards her had been magnified. He brushed the palm of his hand against her cheek , the corners of his mouth twitching hearing her heart starting to race the second he touched her. Y/N leaned into his hand , her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips. Kai was leaning in towards her and either he was imagining it or she was leaning in towards him too. Their lips met in a soft gentle kiss at first and Kai slowly backed her against the couch until he was nearly on top of her. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she pulled him closer to her. The kiss getting more and more demanding by the second. Their lips moved in perfect sync with each other , as if that wasn’t their first kiss. With each moment Kai felt hunger burn inside him , a different kind of hunger. He wanted her. To kiss her , touch her and have her in his arms forever. There was no version of his life without her in it. Not anymore. Y/N flinched in pain feeling her shoulder glazing against the armrest of the couch.
Kai laughed under his breath helping her back into sitting position and bit his wrist. There was no hessitation , no questions - their eyes met in a silent exchange and Y/N’s fingers held around his wrist as she was feeding on him , feeling his warm blood trickle down her throat. A blink of an eye later her shoulder stopped hurting and all her scratches closed.
“Thank you.”
“Any time.” he said clearing his throat. Kai got up taking the blood covered cotton balls and the rest of the first aid-trash , throwing it in the bin in the kitchen. Kissing her had felt amazing. Electrifying. He had never thought a kiss could feel like that. A moment later he returned to the living room and saw she wasn’t there. Part of him felt crushed thinking maybe he had scared her off. Then he saw her standing on the balcony. A blanket covering her shoulders as she stared at the night sky. Her heart was racing and he wondered why that was.
“Enjoying the view?” asked Kai , standing barely a step away from her. Y/N turned towards him with a smile on her face and a glow in her eyes. Was he imagining it or did she move closer to him ?
“Maybe.” she said shyly smiling at the ground. The night sky covered with twinkling stars and the full moon ahead was beautiful but seeing Kai made her heart stop for a moment. The memory of their first kiss sent butterflies in her stomach.
Kai wanted nothing more than to kiss her again but he wasn’t sure she’d want that too. Then her hand reached for his , holding onto him tightly. His finger traced her jawline , tilting her chin up a bit until her eyes met his.
Y/N’s breath got caught in her throat. It had been a few minutes but she could still feel the lingering feeling of Kai’s soft lips on hers. The feeling of electricity coursing through her , waking up ever fibre in her body getting more magnified with him standing this close to her now. Touching her.
Kai gave her hand a little squeeze and a smile spread across his face.
“What are you thinking about ?” she wondered.
“You.” he said simply. “The bravest human in all of Mystic Falls. So brave she thought she can take on a werewolf on a full moon without any weapons or anything. Not even a cellphone.”
“I am not that brave.” she said quietly.
He brushed his palm against her cheek and the moment he touched her , Kai could hear her heart rate turn uneven - skipping a beat and then beating like a hummingbirds wings and skipping a beat here and there again.
“Yes. You are.” he said , pausing for a moment. “I never said 'thank you’ for coming to look for me…”
“..and almost getting myself killed.” she laughed nervously.
“Almost.” he smiled , gazing into her eyes.
A long moment passed and then Kai leaned in , their lips meeting again. The blanket fell off her shoulders onto the ground. Y/N didn’t need it. All she needed was Kai. Her hands hooked around his neck , rubbing the hair on the back of his neck while his hands snaked around her waist pulling her closer to him. It was as if a someone had started a wild fire and none of them minded being burned by it. Kai backed her against the small balcony door , not breaking the kiss for a second. His body pressed against hers wanting to feel every inch of it against his. Then suddenly he pulled away. Y/N’s hand hung in the air , her eyes still closed for a moment. When she opened them Kai was standing in front of her , smiling widely at her. He was waiting for her to say something , only she was at a lost for words.
“Damn.” she whispered smiling. Y/N took a step towards him and pushed her feet off the ground , jumping into his arms the next second. Her legs hitched around his waist. “Can we … um … would you -”
“Kiss you again ? Sweetheart , I won’t ever stop.”
“Then what are you waiting for?“she smiled.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Search the Darkness

Sit with your friends; don’t go back to sleep
Don’t sink like a fish to the bottom of the sea.

Life’s water flows from darkness.
Search the darkness don’t run from it.

Night travelers are full of light,
and you are, too; don’t leave this companionship.

Be a wakeful candle in a golden dish,
don’t slip into the dirt like quick silver.

The moon appears for the night travelers,
be watchful when the moon is full.

monstersinthecosmos  asked:

tell me your headcanons about everyone's favorite movies. and by everyone, i am speaking of course about vampires. ALSO this does not include movies that were specifically name dropped in canon. WHAT ELSE U GOT BRAH

*deep breath*

Louis fucking ADORES Baz Luhrman, is the thing. He fucking loves the color and the frill and the spectacle of it. He loves those kinds of intense, swirling pageants, when he’s not attempting VHS AND CHILL with goddamn wolf-related media circa 1991.
He also loves Tarsem Singh’s The Fall, but can only bear to sit through it once or twice a year, in silence, huddled on a couch with his arms around his knees and no other people interrupting his viewing.

Lestat’s a fan of noir, neo-noir, character-driven stories, and bombast. He loves him a strong narrator. (This does not mean he’s good at comprehending these works.)
He loved Léon: The Professional, and also every shiny silly thing Luc Besson’s made since. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is beloved, as is really any RDJ pic; if ever there was a sucker for a comeback kid, it’s Lestat. Ten-to-one Lestat’s arranged to bump into the man at red carpet events. Bet he likes John Wick, too, because how DARE kill puppies clearly murder sprees are the answer.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is the thing he and Louis tried to watch together and have just decided never to speak of again ever.

Daniel loves journalism and conspiracy thrillers, real or fictional; films where one person discovers the hidden thread beneath the common workings of the world. Always adored All The President’s Men and Three Days of the Condor, and–well, maybe he wouldn’t entirely have said no to just growing up to be Robert Redford.
He has a love-hate relationship, in particular, with the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers; he can see the horror, but not quite feel it. He’s been that tired. And those cold, alien things have a real beauty to them–why fear joining?

Armand enjoys surreal comedies–this we already know, of course. Any mention of Terry Gilliam is unnecessary here. He’s also got a soft spot for grand, gory spectacle, films with fountains of blood produced by practical effects of varying levels of proficiency. He’s got a nice collection of Full Moon films.
Also, Peter Greenaway films. Obviously. Search your heart. You know it to be true.
He has fucking enjoyed a viewing of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover. He enjoyed The Pillow Book somewhat… less.

Marius has every version of Phantom of the Opera ever committed to film. Yes, including Phantom of the Paradise. In particular, he enjoys Love Never Dies immensely because Raoul is OBVIOUSLY the problem here amirite.

Unsuspected Hero

Summary: Halloween | I’m like 85% sure my neighbour is a werewolf

Word Count: 1606

Member: Jimin


It was the last time you would put up with scratching at your wall, accompanied with gross moaning. Your neighbour having sex was no problem to you, you knew he was attractive and it was none of your business whether or not he was sexually active or not, but at least once a month he would have incredibly loud sex and keep you awake for most of the night. It wasn’t okay and it wasn’t fair. So, when you woke up the next morning, you quickly got ready before marching towards his door.

You lifted your hand and knocked, trying to stay polite. You knew that you would be fueled with anger and adrenaline until he opened the door and you would meekly whisper out an apology and some excuse before escaping. But you’d lost too many sleepless nights and you weren’t going to let it continue. The door opened and without even looking up at him, you started off.

“Excuse me, hi,” you started, eyes trained on the floor. “I’m your neighbour to your left and okay so we’re kind of in an apartment and what you get up to during the night is absolutely none of my business but you tend to be very loud some times and I’m not sure what it is but could you please keep it down?”

You felt your cheeks slowly get redder as the silence dragged on and you eventually lifted your head up to look at what was taking him so long to reply. When your eyes met his face, you let out a loud gasp and your hands flew to cover your mouth. What you had expected was messy hair and a tired look, but accompanying that were soft bruises covering his hands, arms, and face, as well as small scratches scattered everywhere. He was leaning heavily on the door frame and was blinking hard to keep his eyes open. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I didn’t know I was so loud.”

“Are- Are you okay?” you whispered back, your hand automatically going to reach out and touch his face but pausing and falling back, awkwardly. You couldn’t just touch a stranger.

He managed a meek smile in your direction. “I’m alright,” he chuckled quietly. “Wild night.”

“I can tell,” you sighed. “Do you need any help?” He began to protest softly, but you cut him off right away. “You can barely hold yourself up right now and you’re covered and bruises and scratches. You must be extremely sore.”

“Just a little bit,” he said quietly, fidgeting with his top. “But it’s alright, I don’t want to be any kind of bother to you.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” you soothed. “I had no plans for today. Here, leave your door unlocked and go sit down. I’ll run back to my place and make some soup and come back over with it, okay?”

You left before he could protest, so he just hummed, a rough sound with how his throat was, and shut his door, moving back into the living area. When you got back to your apartment, your thoughts ran wild. This was not what you had been expecting to do with your day, but you had also assumed that your neighbour was just having very loud sex. Now, however, you weren’t so sure. He seemingly had just woken up and there was no one else in his apartment from what you could see. Plus, the bruises and scratches on his body weren’t really those you’d find from any form of intercourse.

The more you thought about it, the weirder things seemed to get. Once a month he would scratch and moan and at first you had assumed it was dirty but now… You weren’t so sure. If this was how he ended up after one of those nights, it seemed to be slightly different. You grabbed your phone and went to check when the full moon was, but as you pulled up Google you paused and scoffed at yourself.

“Werewolves aren’t real, Y/N,” you whispered to yourself. 

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Sirius’ Picture-Guide on “How to get a werewolf”

First step: Where to find them

  • The Forest: They’ll always search for a save place to go to when there’s a full moon again. Don’t search for them in the forest during a full moon, especially if you don’t know them (yet, hopefully).
  • Book stores/libraries: Basically Moon-… everyone loves libraries! Books are not only a great way to distract yourself from stress and everything else in your live, Werewolfes also find it very calming to feel in control through being able to focus on one story for a while or through keeping discipline while studying since they’re forced to be out of control once a month.
  • Somewhere you can get food: Especially two or three days after a full moon Werewolfs will not have enough energy to cook meals themselves, so if they don’t have someone who does it for them already you’ll find some of them there.
  • Their bedroom: Yeah I know you want to get in there anyway, but that’s why this is the first and not the only step. A werewolf’s bed is more important than anything else since they not just sleep there and gather energy after exhausting nights, it’s often also the only place they can hide and feel safe. They need this privacy to cure their wounds until they’re comfortable enough with being seen again.
Non Serviam (V, Witch!AU)

SURPRISE, @hyongtae AND I ARE WRITING A DRABBLE COLLABORATION SERIES!!! Honestly this was all Jade’s idea and she quickly got me addicted right when she started to talk abt witches. She was only going to do Namjoon but I popped up and said I thought that Taehyung would make a hella cute forest witch. It is a drabble series so I’m always welcoming requests for little scenarios I could write abt!! yay!!!

Words: 1,866

Non Serviam - Hana.

Taehyung crouched down to inspect the terrarium in the corner of his bedroom, checking if each leaf was still perfectly placed on the small lettuce plant. Approving of the look, he rose from his position and slid on a thin but comfortable cardigan. He had a long day ahead of him.

Sliding on a pair of shoes, he reached for his basket along with a single, crumpled parchment with messy chicken scratch. It was always comforting to him, to leave civilization behind and spend his time in complete solitude.

Taehyung needed to be alone, all the wandering eyes and conversation of the city had him simply buzzing to get out at any chance he got. Although he enjoyed company, some days he really needed the quiet serenity of a forest, or the rush of a river sighing past his ears.

Although, soon he would have to go back to civilization. He needed to collect the other boys for the upcoming full moon ritual, and they all hated searching endlessly for his small cottage. Despite it being on the outskirts of this wood, none of them had a sense of direction. Typical, all class A witches, but they can’t even find their best friend’s house even though they visit it once a month.

“Yon!” Taehyung called, puckering his lips to make a tsk-ing noise. He left his bedroom, walking into his spacious living room, morning light streaming through the sheer white curtains. Yon sat on his sofa fast asleep, black hair brilliantly glowing in the streaming illumination brought by the open window. She yawned quietly, stretching at the sound of her name.

“Oh, did I wake you, Yon-ah?” Taehyung crouched in front of her, laying his head on the cushion beside his cat. She gently purred as he stroked her mane, and she licked Taehyung’s sleeve.

“I’ll be back at sundown. Will you be okay here? You know how Sun-ah is when I go out. Take care of your little sister for me. If she’s missing another patch of fur I’ll make you into a rat for a day. Again.”

Yon’s purring halted, and she rose to her feet, stretching elegantly. Taehyung scratched under her chin, before watching his cat run off into the other room. She listened so well.

Walking out from his small cottage, Taehyung was blinded by the brilliance of the sun climbing stealthily over the horizon. He was pleased to see the tinge of blue through the mask of trees, happy to know that it probably wouldn’t rain as he ventured off into the wilderness this time of the year. Even if it did, Taehyung loved the smell of wet Earth beneath his toes, the sky shining as precipitation dribbled between the clouds. It calmed him to no end. A somewhat therapeutic experience.

He trekked through the trees, projecting himself with the help of his main element, wind. He used his hand to propel himself up the small hill in his path, where the Trifolium lay. He would collect extra to have on hand for some potions Yoongi may need later on.

Finally walking through the tree’s, Taehyung came across the grassy field where the trefoil clove’s laid. Reaching under the stem, Taehyung picked them as gently as he could, careful not to break them as he hummed a soft tune. Most of the boys preferred  to eat these raw, but Taehyung always boiled them for the extra savory touch.

Collecting at least 20 single ones, Taehyung gingerly placed the green plant in the bottom of his basket and continued on Northward. Smoothing the parchment in his basket, Taehyung read the next ingredient on his list. Chicorium intybus.

Nobody could walk by the flower without noticing it, a small bush with blue, lavender and white flowers along the edges of the root. A quick snack, but even despite his watering mouth coming across the plant, Taehyung had to refrain from eating it. He plucked the flowers off the root, placing them beside the Trifolium. Things were going by smoother than before, and Taehyung soon found himself dancing between the bustling greens.

He ventured through the wilderness for the whole rest of the day, collecting as many plants as he could find with no fault. As Taehyung finished up with the last plant, a beautiful vibrant pink flower called Epilobium angustifolium, he heard a rustling in the bush behind him.

Ignoring the sound, he picked the rest of the buds on the plant. As the rustling continued, so did Taehyung’s curiosity. Could it be, perhaps a squirrel trying to find it’s way back to its family? He did not know for sure.

Taehyung placed his basket down on the dry grass, crouching down to the bush and moving it aside to see a small patch of white. A small bunny burrowed in the corner of the bush, staring at Taehyung. It was pure snow white, with a single gray ear. What was it doing alone? It looked as if it was just a baby…
Taehyung strained his head inside the bush, twigs and leaves catching his skin, gently laying his hand down on the dirt. His cheek was nicked by the twig, but he didn’t care too much. The bunny crawled closer to him, nose scrunching up as it sniffed his hand.

“It’s okay, little one…” Taehyung promise, stroking one finger under it’s chin. It seemed to be limping, and when Taehyung finally got the bunny from the bush, he realized that it was bleeding.

“Oh? What happened to you?” He wondered, tone soft and soothing. The bunny winced when he brushed some fur aside to see the wound, but Taehyung could tell it wasn’t too serious. Still, it would take time to heal and he had vowed to care for every injured animal he came by.

“Should you come home with me? I’ll patch your leg up and make it stop hurting.” He chuckled, opening the pocket to his cardigan and letting the bunny sit in it. Making sure that it was comfortable, Taehyung gave it a single Trifolium clover to munch on as he journeyed back home. The bunny seemed to gobble it right up, and Taehyung was happy to see that it hadn’t lost its appetite.

Collecting his basket once more, he began to make his way back to his cottage, checking up on the bunny every few minutes to make sure that it was alright. It had begun to get dark by the time he returned to the grass opening where his home was, just as he mentioned to Yon.

“Can I call you Hana right now? If you don’t like it, just tell me. Sun will love you. Don’t worry too much about Yon-ah. She’s getting to that age where…you know…she hates everyone.” Taehyung spoke to the bunny, but it made no attempt to respond. Pouting childishly, he continued on to the front door to his home.

It was wide open.

He froze, noticing the lamps on from the window beside the front door. He only turned them on to cook dinner and to study his alchemy spell books that Hoseok had suggested he work on. Taehyung shucked off his shoes, knowing that they would make too loud of a noise from the wooden floors. He put the basket down, placing the pocket flap over Hana and delicately patting where she sat.

“Just hold on, Hana… I’ll let you out in a moment. I may have to use some magic I’d rather you not see…” He stepped inside slowly, scanning around the small, dimly lit living room. Yon lay there asleep, while Sun rolled around under the coffee table with a toy.

He strained his ears, listening for any noise. In the kitchen, there was a distinct bubbling sound that made Taehyung furrow his brows. He reached for Yon and Sun, carrying them both in his arms as he turned the corner into the kitchen as silently as possible. Yon yawned, glaring at him with claws out. He gave her a small smile as an apology, but Taehyung knew Yon wouldn’t forgive him so easily. Not without a bribe of treats.

Peeking inside the kitchen, the bubbling came from the stove top, where one of his pots lay boiling. It was a ghastly garlic smell, and he held his breath, cheeks puffing out like a blow fish. Taehyung absolutely despised garlic. He readied his hand, feeling a sudden power surge through him as he whispered a spell under his breath, until-

-until you turned around from the pot. Your mouth was full, and you chewed a spoonful of food. Furrowing your brows at Taehyung, you swallowed as quickly as possible to yell at him.

“Put Yon-ah down before she hurts you or Sun-ah! I just sewed that cardigan last week. If she rips it again-”

He crouched down to place both cats on the floor, and Sun quickly scurried off back toward the toy she had occupied herself with before he rudely interrupted her. Yon hissed at him, tail springing back and forth through the air as she grouchily walked back to the sofa. You walked toward Taehyung, bringing the wooden spoon down on his head. He winced away from you, massaging the now tender spot.

“Ow…I almost turned you to dust! Why was the door open?”

“The door was open because you hate the smell of garlic.” You snapped, pinching his cheek. He furrowed his brows, leaning down to place a chaste kiss on your lips. Tastes like garlic… You put the spoon down on the counter, watching him open his pocket and pull free a pale white bunny with a single discolored ear.

“Why do you have a bunny in your pocket?” You weren’t sure why you were questioning such a thing, but the look Taehyung gave the bunny made you hold back laughter. He had fallen in love yet again.

“This little one is hurt. I need to make an elixir for it. Could you please get rid of that disgusting food so I can save a life?”

“The bunny is fine, it stopped bleeding already.” You observed, holding out your hands so you could inspect just how bad the injury was. You worked at a veterinary hospital

“Just turn it off. It smells gro-o-o-ss.” He whined, stomping past you to take the pot off the stove. You stroked the bunny’s head, holding it against your chest.

“Do you have the ingredients for an elixir? Have you even been studying what Hoseok has given to you?”

“Of course! Can you go get me 2 Alaria esculenta?”

“Arleen escape- what?” You raised a brow, utterly confused at what he was asking for.

“Right, forgot you have no idea what the real names are. Kelp. Kelp, (Y/N)! It’s in the bottom right drawer in the greenhouse, and…hmm…Oxalis.” He turned to you, making sure you weren’t confused. You were beyond confused. “It’s a white flower, in the drawer over top of the kelp. I have the rest in a basket outside. Give Hana to me.”

You rolled your eyes, handing the bunny back to him. “You already named it?”

“Why not? I’m taking care of it from now on.”

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The moonlight was bright and intense. Today was the night that Ale was going to hunt for fresh food. He had been craving it like crazy for a few days and the fresh meat that he bought from the butcher wasn’t enough for him. He left his clothes neatly folded near an old cabin before it was time for he could turn. His form was much smaller than normal werewolves, yet he was still bigger than a normal wolf. Once the numbing pain subsided, he went on the search for food.



Hiding the truth in my moping thoughts, I think of you who had been snatched away by the darkness. Dozy eyes and closed hearts paint a blue moon that floats above the chaos. At the place surrounded by flowers in full moon, I continue to search for frozen time. My dear friend, my friend that I have lost, this place is the very end of the land of our promises.  

Dean WinchesterxReader-Promise Chapter 12

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~Your P.O.V.~

“Yes. It’s them, (y/n).” Dean said sternly.

And I stared at them wide eyed. It couldn’t be possible.

The victims.

All of them.

Were hunters.


“H-how?” I finally managed to ask.

“Obviously our ghost had a thing for hunters…” Dean let out a dry laugh.

“But we have to make sure that they were indeed all of them hunters.” Sam said.

“How?” I frowned.

“We can call Bobby. He will know for sure.” he answered.

“Ok then let’s go” I said and Sam and Dean turned to look at me, confused.

“Well obviously we have nothing to do here anymore.” was my only answer.

“But we have to-” Sam started and I cut him off.

“I found him.” I said.

“Well then let’s go!” Dean immediately said after me and we all got into the Impala and drove off.

Just like before there was nothing but silence during the whole drive.

And I kept thinking.

Why only hunters? Why would he hunt down and kill only hunters?

Why most of them were female? This has to mean something?

It has.

And his brother. The fact that they passed away the same night.

Time passed even more slowly than before while it took us more time to get at the motel.

Once we arrived we all exited the car and and headed up the motel room.

“I’m going to call Bobby immediately, and a few more hunters.” Sam said and Dean nodded.

I sat on one of the beds and kept thinking. 

Something just was off.

“Are you ok, (y/n)?” Dean asked me breaking my trail of thoughts.

“Uhm yeah yeah fine. I was just thinking…” I replied.

“About?” he sat on a chair opposite me.

“It just doesn’t make sense…” I said and he frowned.

“Josh, the spirit, seemed to be a nice guy and a lucky one. He lived a happy life. He had a fiance and was about to become a father. No enemies or anything. Not to mention he new nothing about supernatural things, thus hunters…” I paused.

Silence followed.

Only Sam talking at the other room could be heard, and not quite clearly.

“It just doesn’t make sense…” Dean mumbled and I nodded.

“What else did you find out about him?” he asked and I explained everything that I have been told by Alice.

“So this clearly means that he is our ghost…” he said and I nodded again.

Silence followed again but it didn’t last for a lot as Dean broke it.

“So you said he was obsessed with Freddy Krueger?” I nodded.

“And his brother with werewolves?” I nodded again.

“And every month, every night with a full moon they went in search of werewolves?” he asked and I nodded for a third time.

“Well that’s what Alice said. She thought that since they went out every….” I trailed off as realization hit me.

How could I not have seen that.

“Dean, do you know if there have ever been here any werewolves. About five years ago or so?” I asked and he frowned thinking.

“Uhm…” he paused.

“Yes there were” Sam was heard behind me and I turned to look at him.

“There once was a case… Long time ago. And yeah maybe five or six years don’t remember. One werewolf. It kept attacking and attacking which drew hunters in town. So they quickly got rid of it. You know with a silver knife…” he said shrugging.

“How do you even remember all this?” Dean asked with an almost shocked face that made me laugh.

“I just do.” Sam shrugged again.

“Nerd” Dean mumbled and I giggled.

Sam shot him his best bitch face ad continued “So yeah the two girls, quite inexperienced I’d say, that Halloween night were-” he started but I cut him off.

“Wait girls? Halloween night?” I asked get on my feet.

“Yeah what?” he frowned.

I didn’t answer as I just proceeded everything in my mind when it all clicked.


Revengeful against hunters.

“(Y/n)?” Dean asked putting a hand on my shoulder.

“His brother. Werewolf. Full moon. Halloween. Hunters. Knife. Salt. Death. Revenge.!” I exclaimed.

“(Y/n) what-” I cut off Dean.

“They didn’t go out every night to find werewolves. They went out because one of them was the werewolf!” I said.

“Mark” Dean mumbled frowning.

“Yes! And that Halloween night there was a full moon. A-and just like every night they didn’t stay home. But that night there-there were hunters in town but they didn’t knew it!” I said.

“And so they killed him!” Dean completed me.

“Yes! So Josh promised to take revenge from hunters, and mainly female ones, for killing his brother!” I said in one breath.

“But… how was ‘Josh’ killed?” Sam asked.

I frowned. I hadn’t thought how he was killed.

“They thought that he was a spirit! (Y/n) you said that he had done the costume of Freddy very well, so what if they thought that he was a spirit since he was helping a werewolf?” Dean said.

“Yes. And that’s why there was salt everywhere.” I completed.

“Whow…” was all Sam said.

“Yeah…” I mumbled.


SSPrompt: Come Back

summary: It sounds like we would have had a great deal to say to each other.

a/n: I was feeling sappy, sue me.





“The more you fight it,” her opponent chided her, “the more it kills you.”

Sakura fell, panting on her knees, the poison worked its way through the wound and into her bloodstream. God, she thought, her heart swelling with regret, did it have to happen like this? 

Her assailant drew his katana and approached from the shadows. “I wonder how much your body is worth without a head.”

Without a shard of control left over her body, the most she could do was allow herself to fall back. She landed with a thud, feeling grateful enough that in the last moments of her life, there was a clear view of the sky.

A full moon, she noted with halfhearted delight. What a lovely way to die.

The third signature appeared in an instant, and as the light began to fade from her eyes, a flash of blue light and the sound of a thousand birds filled her ears. Her heart clenched tightly in her chest as all awareness escaped her before finally shutting off.






Once upon a time, Sakura’s mother had told her of the light on the other side, of the place where the sun shined all day long, and the ice cream never ran out. She had imagined that the sounds of heaven were meant to be beautiful.

Wake up.

But this sound…

This voice?


It was breathtaking.

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Tomorrow night a Full Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse or a Super Blood Moon Eclipse will happen.

A once in a lifetime opportunity, don’t miss it. I’m not sure, but I think it’s at
Sept 28 02:50 UTC.
Please, search around for a more accurate time and viewing conditions.

In the broad light of day mathematicians check their equations and their proofs, leaving no stone unturned in their search for rigour. But, at night, under the full moon, they dream, they float among the stars and wonder at the miracle of the heavens. They are inspired. Without dreams there is no art, no mathematics, no life.

Michael Atiya (Notices of the AMS, 2010)

Dancing In The Moonlight (Sehun)

You opened the curtains to your back porch and admired the clear evening sky, the full moon lit up the sky, and you could only wish your boyfriend were here to see it. You sighed and closed the curtains, not wanting to enjoy something you couldn’t share with Sehun. You grabbed a jacket and went outside for a late night walk to clear your mind.

It was freezing, but the streets were still busy; but you knew just where to go to escape it all. Deep in the forest was a cave, hidden by the vast amount of plant life. Sehun brought you here on several occasions.

You pushed aside the greenery that draped over the entrance and stifled a scream when you saw the giant blonde wolf lying at the end of the cave. It shifted in its sleep before slowly opening its eyes and seeing you at the entrance. It growled, causing your legs to give way. The growling quickly turned to whimpers as the massive beast trotted to your side, licking your face. You giggled as you pushed its face away from yours. 

“You’re not so scary, are you?” You cooed, stroking its face. You looked into its eyes and gasped. “Se- Sehun?” The animal whimpered again and licked your hands. “You- You’re- Are you- Is that you?” It nodded and slowly, a human figure was more and more visible.

“What are you doing here?" 

"Why didn’t you ever tell me? If you can change back-" 

"I can’t!” His rage is unleashed as he paces back and forth in the cave. “It’s harder to control it when the full moon is out and when the full moon’s light touches me, I can’t control it at all.” He turns around and sees your frightened face. “You’re scared.”

“No, I’m not!” You shout in denial.

“Say it! You’re scared, you’re disgusted, you’re wondering if you should call animal control to have me killed. Don’t lie to me! I can smell it! I can see it in your eyes!”

“Sehun! I would never!” Sehun’s breathing is heavy as he sits down, running his hands through his hair. You hug him, burying your face against his chest. “I would never…” His breathing seems to calm as you look up at him, making eye-contact. “You’re right. I’m scared. I don’t want to be…” He strokes your hair, his heavy breathing calming down quite a bit, just being able to inhale your scent. “Now what?" 

"Go home. I’ll be back when the full moon’s cycle is over.”

“No! What if someone finds you out here and-” Sehun hushes you with a soft kiss and you sigh like a lovesick puppy. 

“If you don’t tell anyone, I won’t be found. It’s going to get colder, so go home. Okay?” He sees the concern and reluctance in your eyes.

“I’ll be fine,” Sehun says sternly, a quiet growl following. “Go home.” You get up and pout, hoping it would change his mind. “Now.”

“I’ll visit you tomorrow morning then.”

“Don’t. I’ll come home when it’s time.” He follows you to the entrance of the cave and kisses you goodbye, stepping back as you push the plants out of the way and the moonlight floods in.

You had woken up early so that you’d have time to visit Sehun before going to work. You stopped at the entrance to the forest and took a deep breath.

“It wouldn’t hurt to just check up on him… Right?” You looked around carefully before taking a detour. “Sehun, are you up here?” You heard growling from the stream and you ran over, smiling as you saw Sehun’s wolf form splash around in the stream, trying to catch fish. You whistled and his head snapped upwards. He immediately came up the hill and changed back to his human form.

“I told you to stay away.” He says through clenched teeth. You pout, as you usually do when you want to guilt him into letting you have your way. You hand him a lunchbox.

“Well I can’t let you look like a fool trying to catch fish.” He swallows and licks his bottom lip. He looks away before reaching out for the lunchbox. 

“If you come here again in the next month, I mean it, you’re going to be in trouble.” You nod and sit beside him, watching him enjoy his lunch before going to work. You kept doing that and before you knew it, today was the last day of the full moon.

You searched for Sehun and spotted him sitting on a ledge, looking at the sunset. He heard a twig snap under your feet before speaking. “I remember telling you not to come here anymore,” he says, not surprised that you had showed up. “On the last day of the full moon it doesn’t matter if I’m in the moonlight or not, I’ll have no control.” You sit down a few feet away, also looking at the sky where the moon was rising.

You looked over and saw Sehun on his knees, his hands on his head. You moved to his side quickly and put your hands on his. “Sehun, look at me! I know you can control it. Fight back, I know you can.” He looks at you before backing away, halfway to his full transformation.

“Run.” He mutters, trying to fight back. “RUN! NOW!” It was too late as Sehun, now an enormous beast, stared back at you, nothing but animal instinct in his eyes. He walked towards you, making you back up into the cave.

“Sehun. Please- Listen to me… I know you’re in there.” You say breathlessly, tears streaming down your face as you felt your back against the wall. He lunges at you and you brace yourself for a pain that never comes. He stops himself mid-attack at the sight of your tears. You open your eyes and see him thrashing about before finally collapsing, slowly transitioning into his human form. You fell to the ground, motionless. As he stood up, his slim silhouette glowed from the moonlight that seeped in. He walked towards you and lifted you to your feet, kissing you sweetly. “You’re okay?”

“I think you should be more concerned about yourself, you were nearly attacked by a wild beast.”

“I’m okay, but you-”

“Fine. I think- I think it’s done, for good. I think it’s under my control.” He leads you out of the cave cautiously. When nothing happens, the two of you smile. You hug him tightly and you both sway slowly as he hums a little tune.

“Does this mean we can finally go home?" 

"Later… Isn’t this every girl’s dream? Dancing in the moonlight, somewhere no one will find them?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think that includes freezing to death. You might have some crazy genes that keep you warm, but I’m freezing.” Sehun holds you closer and smiles. 


"Much. Let’s just stay here forever." 

"With you, I could live with that.”


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Title: A Love Story Like Never Before

Pairing: NaruHIna

Prompt: Day 6– Moon

Long, long ago the Gods and Goddesses were curious of the new planet they created, Earth. When humans began to walk the Earth, they believed that something was missing. Something that would light up their path since the planet was shrouded in red dust. So they created a massive ball of light and when they sent it to the planet, the humans were more than overjoyed. But the ball of light eventually gave out since it stayed up in the sky for far too long. Puzzled, the Gods and Goddesses began to discuss among themselves until a wicked and troublesome God stepped up and proposed an idea.

Let us make a Sun and a Moon,” he said, “but it will each contain a soul of a human to keep it going. The Sun will rise during the day to keep all living organisms warm and alive and awake and during the night, the Moon will take its place too cool off the Earth and help the living organisms to sleep.

But what do you mean by it containing a soul of a human?” asked a Goddess, knowing well who this God was.

Here, the God gave a smile that hid a dark intention. “We won’t stay around for so long, my fellow Gods and Goddesses. We will need something that comes as close to us and who better than the humans that we have created ourselves. Of course, they will have to sacrifice themselves.

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