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What kind of cat would the s and m bros be (and yui if it ok) and how would they act. (I love you mun but I'm way to nervous to come out of anon)

Don’t worry hun, its perfectly fine if you want to stay on anon just know I love you too… but don’t play with my emotions like this because I had to go through so many cat photos and… cats are just so great, like I can’t deal. 


Shu - Siberian Forest Cat

Reiji - Bombay

Ayato - Abyssinian

Kanato - Munchkin

Laito - Solmali

Subaru - Cymric


Ruki - Russian Blue

Kou - Singapura

Yuma - Maine Coon

Azusa - Scottish Fold


Yui - Ragdoll

*Crying* Babies…

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Headcanons for hakuyuu and hakuren with their s/os (separately btw, not poly) who has trouble falling asleep and how the two help their s/os calm down and get to sleep?

Right away! Some cute headcanons for the underrated bbs!

Ren Hakuyuu:

  • Will search for a remedy from the best doctors in the Kou Empire, or ask mages to use some (harmless) spell on them.
  • Keeps calm in order to make them calm down. If it was a nightmare, he will gently pat their back and even bring them into a warm embrace.
  • Won’t push them into telling him for how long they’ve having problems with sleep, since he knows it’s not the moment, and that he should focus on the problem at hand.
  • Brings them some warm tea and makes their bed more comfortable for them.
  • Will not fall asleep until he is more than sure that they have, and even then he will stay awake for some more time in case they wake up again.
  • Not big on cuddling, but if it helps and relaxes his s/o, he will make an effort and big-spoon for them.

Ren Hakuren:

  • So very worried; he hates seeing them in a bad mood and so tired, even more if it’s because they can’t sleep (he sleeps like a rock, so he can’t relate).
  • Prepares everything for them to fall asleep quicker. His first option would be making them (even more) tired by… tickling them (I know what you were thinking, dirty minds).
  • Is going to make sure their bed is the most comfy thing for them, starting by offering himself as the mattress.
  • It’s so cute seeing him try to stay awake to ensure that they fall asleep, as well as pretty sad. His s/o will tell him that he can go to sleep several times, but he is very stubborn.
  • Some days, when he doesn’t have anything to do, he will suggest taking a nap with them. 
  • Is so very passionate that he makes sure no one makes noise when his s/o is trying to sleep. Almost so much that he ends up being the loud one; later on, he apologizes like a sad puppy and he is literally the sweetest thing ever.
Dark Fate Mukami Prologue Translation

If you choose Ruki     If you choose Kou     If you choose Yuma      If you choose Azusa


――Life is meaningless without a light called ‘love’.



Socrates: … …Mm… …

Karlheinz: Too fast to live, my friend.

Socrates: My my. How many defeats does this make it?

Karlheinz: This would be the 183rd time.

Socrates: … …It can’t be, right?

Karlheinz: It is, no doubt. Right here… …I mark the board for track. Look. There’s 183.

Socrates: Sigh… …Damn!

Karlheinz: No need to get irritated, friend. The more we play, the better of chance there is for the day to come where you’ll win.

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Azusa and Yui searching for cute nail art for Kou and then perform it on him. And then Kou is just like so glad with it. I want Azusa to be good with make up.

not only do I want azusa to be good at makeup but also he would look so good IN makeup??? azusa is beautiful

Who would’ve thought [2/2]

Paring: Ren Kouen x Reader / slight!one-sided! Alibaba x Reader

Summary: Your wanted to build your life on your own. Who knew that your search would lead you to the First Prince of Kou Empire?

part 1 masterlist

Jealousy - that ugly feeling inside so many felt.

Alibaba never thought he would feel such strong jealousy.  Yet, when he watched you with him in Balbadd, he couldn’t help himself. Why? Perhaps because he never actually perceived you as big sister, but like a woman. But he let you go, because he was once again coward. You said you wanted to be a lady of your own fate when you left on your own journey.

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Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Azusa Dark 10 Translation

| Mukami Prologue | Dark Prologue | Dark 01 | Dark 02 | Dark 03 | Dark 04 |Dark 05 | Dark 06 | Dark 07 | Dark 08 | Dark 09 | Dark 10 |

*Open with CG*

Shin: Hehe, is this a joke? There’s no way you can kill her.

Azusa: You think so? I’m being serious here.

Yui: … … … …

Azusa: You need her, don’t you? Well, not her, but her blood… …

Either way, you’d be in a fix if I killed her… …right?

Shin: … …

Azusa: Don’t move. If you move even an inch, I’ll slice her neck with this knife.

Yui: … … … …

Shin: … …And? How you gonna stop me from moving?

Azusa: … …Like this… …!

*CG End*

Azusa: *whispers* Close your eyes… …!

Yui: !!

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Ruki VS Kou Part 3
Ruki VS Kou Part 3

The Track 4 of the Diabolik Lovers Versus II Vol.5: Ruki VS Kou~

(made by augustoctobervixen)


Kou lands

Kou: And there, that was fun right M-kitten, huh, you were scared, why? Maybe you hate adrenaline kicks perhaps? (you know the feel in roller coasters etc,)

Kou: I see, well I guess flying through the sky with me is on a totally different level. Next time I do it, I will be more careful. I will hold you mo~re strongly next time we jump. –giggles- M-kitten you really are an easy girl to understand, it is really cute. Women really have to be like that right? That aside, the reason I took you, is because I wanted to show you this.

Kou: It’s beautiful right here, it’s a giant flower field. I wanted to show you this scenery. Hmm but, since the moon is not so feeling all too great tonight, I wonder if it will do. Don’t you think the moon of the eclipse is disgusting? It’s all red and all. You know, when I was still human I remember seeing that once. It was like a hole ate the en~tire moon, ah when you are talking about a trap hole, it is the full moon right. Don’t you think it is like that, the sky is like one big trap hole. It’s like it is opening a big trap hole all of a sudden. Whenever I looked from that manhole up to the moon, it felt like it was opening a whole new place for me back then. It’s interesting you say? I see it’s fine if you want to think of it that way.

-rustles of leaves-

Kou: – stretches out and lays down on the flower field- Say, come and lay down too, on this flower bed. Come this way, ah, come on get on with it. –takes your hand and pulls you down- How is it, the situation of sitting here with a beautiful man, it is the best situation right~ Eh? Beautiful man? Of course that’s me, this Kou-kun right. Are you really asking that to a top Idol? (ok srry just how stupid can you be? There is only you and him there and you ask that, I can only say ‘just how stupid can you be’ )

Kou: Do you want to be punished I wonder, like this. –kiss- Just now? It was just a simple kiss. Wasn’t it enough? I see, the more severe punishment is coming after this one though~ Nfufu, are you trembling, it’s alright, there is no need to be afraid. Even I want to do, all of this and all of that to you, I am holding back from it. It is because you are sending of a really good scent now, in short in means you are the one who is seducing me. I won’t listen that it isn’t your own violation that you are doing this. –giggles-

Kou: But first let us watch the flowers first, the flowers here are really awesome you know. Look. –magic sparkles- Can you see the flowers shine through the ice? These flowers are forever alone, they will continue to bloom forever, forever, and forever, staying beautiful until the eternity has come for them. Like us vampris. –chuckles- Say, what do you think seeing this, do you think that forever blooming flowers are beautiful? Or are you scared?

Kou: You can’t answer right, whether you answer with ‘it is beautiful’ or with ‘it’s scary’ in the end I still need to punish you for either answers. Ah, I can’t hold back anymore, back then, Ruki-kun sucked your blood right. Because of that… –licks lips- it is emitting a really naughty scent now. For some reason I can’t even concentrate on the flowers anymore, as expected of the scent that is smelling like this right. I too, am on my limit. Say M-kitten, you want to feel good right? –kiss- Just be honest, come look at me, to be topped by me between all these forever blooming flowers and the lunar eclipse. If you stay like this even you will become strange right? Hmm, it is preferably that way? –kisses-

Kou: This me, will use these fangs, to bite over and over again. –kiss- Until you are one of my kin, until you are mine. –chuckles and drinks- Are you scared, there is no need to be scared, because the greatest fear humans have is the fear of dying right. For example, once you become a vampire you will lose that fear of death and live without a fear. This time I will suck from your ear. –drinks and giggles- To think that you are scared. You are thinking too much of it. If you have time to think. You better start stop thinking and just fall. –drinks-

Kou: I am the same, well, maybe I am dying too. I kept on thinking I don’t want to live anymore. The funny thing is once you keep on thinking I want to die, the moment that you are dying you keep on praying that you don’t want to die. Even when I didn’t had a future, nor a family. I wonder why I kept on living as a vampire. What do you think M-kitten. –giggles- Are you taking me serious, you little idiot. –kiss- Of course there will be no answer to that. Hmm? What is it? It is because I had companions. Do you mean like Ruki-kun, Yuma-kun and Azusa-kun? Hmm, I see, so you had that kind of thinking. Well it’s true, those times at the orphanage were though and painful, I guess because everyone was there it was less painful. We played like idiots with each other. –chuckles- (;w; I’m sorry guys, this is really touching)

Kou: Furthermore, Ruki-kun was a bit weird back then right? I wonder what was wrong? Hmm, I see, no wonder I could feel something from him. Hmm? It’s nothing, I just understood the conversation. Say, that aside, give me something back. Say, that aside, give me something back, I just made you feel good right? This time it is my turn, come, kiss me, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Right now, I, know already all of you. Come, -kiss- yes, do it more. I will do the same thing Ruki-kun did. Don‘t think of foolish things, just think of me, more, more. –kisses- This time do my eyes, come, hurry up. Ngh. –giggles- it tickles. As you might know this eye (his magical eye I assume), is my most prized body part. Do you like this eye too? –giggles- I see, this eye can see all, it has a really strange power.

Kou: No way, you have to do more to repay me. Where are you going to do it this time? My cheeks? –giggles- You really are so cute M-kitten, you make me want to tease you even more. I don’t hate your screaming voice. –giggles- Not my ears, I am… really weak… there. –giggles- You are doing this on purpose aren’t you. I will repay… Mnm… -kiss- Don’t, -kiss- if you do it again I will make you cry for real. (this sounds both hot and exciting in all ways >///>)

Kou: -kisses- Don’t stop until I have forgiven you. Do you want to do it that way? I don’t mind though. –kisses- Are you breaking apart now? What, in the end you wanted that (fiy sex). Fufu, I like this kind of lady you are M-kitten. Even so you are a human, at least, I am thinking of it that way. Because I am a person who doesn’t have any reason left. Hmm? I am not like that. I wonder, is it really like that, do you want to know? –kiss- I won’t tell you for free though~ You need to do more, you want to know more about me right, that is way, ne~ -kiss- What should I do, you ask. Fufu, there are a lot of things you can do, for example, seduce me like your life depended on it. If you can’t do that, indeed, then you need to think of something else that will satisfy me. (I am thinking of r18 subjects now ^///^;)

Kou: Indeed, a little while ago you had your blood sucked a lot right, how about you plead for yourself to be sucked? I don’t hate that you know, I hate it more when people pretend they aren’t selfish, so if you say it selflessly like that, I will hear you out though. Eh? You can’t, boring, then I won’t tell you. That is what I wanted to say. I don’t like to be put into a box with beasts, I will tell you anyway. Humans and vampires, are different after all. Unlike humans, vampires are very free, humans are chained to many things in life. If they aren’t tied to something they are worthless and are unable to do anything. That is what I think of it at least. (he means that humans always search for an excuse to blame their actions, ie, religion, parents, stress)

Kou: In a way, it is pretty sad actually. I noticed this when I became a vampire though. Humans are happy when they obtain a certain freedom right. But, there isn’t a ‘true freedom’ for humans right. As long as the world has something to chain them, Humans will never be free. At least, that is what ‘that person’ also said. Now I think of it, I am pretty jealous of him. Somehow things just gotten really difficult. Ruki-kun told me it is because there is a difference in having reason and no reason. When that person turned us into vampires and taught us that, I guess he meant it like that. –chuckles- Is it difficult, indeed, even I don’t understand it that much.

Kou: While I may be a vampire, I still own some reasoning. I wonder if it is because I was a former human. –chuckles- Well who cares about this subject. Furthermore, this vampire called Kou-kun with reason, standing like this in front of you, that reason has gone somewhere, make me think I want to eat you right here and now. –kisses- I want you blood again. Say, can I? even you are looking at me with anticipation, your body must be yearning for it too right. Eh, don’t lie like that, if that is the case, let me confirm that. –chuckles- If you are struggling it means it IS like that. Re~ally, it is better if you are more honest with yourself. Well then, hmm, what is wrong? Eh, ah, I thought it would be best to go back now. Maybe you wanted some more?

Kou: Eh, I don’t actually think Ruki-kun is worried, back then, when you were handed over, I thought you looked rather pained. I know in one look that Ruki-kun’s influence is great, even though he calls you Livestock. Ruki-kun adores you very much you know. It would be weird if I am the one who would replace him right. But, you know, I also have this feeling that I don’t want Ruki-kun to have you, but at the same time I don’t want Ruki-kun to be sad. What should I do? That is why, it is hard for me to give you up. (allow me to cry again ;v;)

Kou: Nnn, aaah seriously! No matter what I do I will get punished by god anyway! Both are bad options. Anyhow, let’s go back to Ruki-kun.

-you two walk back-

Dark Fate Yuma Maniac Epilogue Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02     Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02     Ecstasy Prologue

-Scene: Castle Living Room-

Kou: ――Ruki-kun… …

Ruki: Kou… …! Why are you up? I told you to get some rest.

Kou: Hehe… …I’m fine already.

Ruki: You still can’t walk without a support, correct? If you keep wandering around like that, it’ll only cause more problems. Listen to me and go back to bed.

Kou: Geez~ You’re so cold, Ruki-kun. There’s no way I could just keep still.

Yuma-kun and M Neko-chan are still missing too… …

I wonder what happened to those two… …Azusa-kun and I managed to escape, but them… …

Ruki: A familiar’s searching for them as we speak. They should be returning soon.

Anyway, how’s Azusa? Is he conscious yet?

Kou: No, he’s still out… …he had really bad injuries, so you can’t blame him.

Ruki: I see… …Well, you’re both lucky enough to have made it back here alive after fighting with that younger first blood.

But seriously… …If there’s not a person there to watch you, you all end up in trouble.

I’ve told you not to let your guards down, haven’t I?

Kou: And so Ruki-kun’s lecturing begins… …I’m very injured y’know. Cut me some slack.

Ruki: Don’t act injured when it’s convenient for you.

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Futaba: Tanaka kun?

Reunited with her first love

It really is you, Tanaka-kun!

Kou: I told you it’s Mabuchi. “Tanaka Kou” is no longer here.

Stop searching for the old me.

It’s really annoying.

Futaba: Why did he change so much?

He had a secret

Kou: I’m sorry… (crying)

Tanaka-sensei: He couldn’t forgive the useless person he was, he told himself that he shouldn’t laugh.

Narumi: I don’t want to leave you Kou. 

You’re deluded if you think that time will stop for Kou if he’s with me, don’t force yourself on me!!

Futaba: Kou…!

Kou…I love you.

Kou: Yoshioka, I can’t date you.

Aya: For someone who can’t think about their own happiness, don’t think you can support others. 

Futaba: I want to bring back Kou’s smile.

Murao: You can still make it.

Yuuri: Let me borrow Futaba-chan for the day.

Futaba: I don’t understand, but I want to understand you from the bottom of my heart, is that feeling so wrong?

Spring Youth is always making mistakes

Ao Haru Ride.

Credit: Us (please credit if translating into other languages)

Vandead Carnival Kou Chapter 1 Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w/Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Sub Scenario w/Subaru   Sub Scenario w/Azusa   Chapter 3   Sub Scenario w/Kanato  

-Scene: Carnival Gates-

Yui: (So this is the demon world… …)

(I thought it was going to be a scary place, but… … it turns out that it’s pretty decent here… …)

Kou: M Neko-chan! You’re staaaring off again.

Yui: Ah, sorry Kou-kun. I didn’t mean to, it’s just that I’ve never been here before… …

Kou: I understand. But, if you lose me in the crowd, won’t you be all alone?

Are you oookay with that? Even if the scaaary demon world monsters eat ya up?

Yui: I-I’m not!

Kou: Heheh, really? Then don’t keep your eyes away from me. ‘Kay?

Yui: Yeah, okay. Sorry.

Kou: Well, I don’t think there’s any monsters here actually. But if there were, I’d crush ‘em ♪

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Dark Fate Yuma Maniac Prologue Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02    Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02

-Scene: Forest-

Yuma: I think it was around here… …ah, there it is.

The underground waterway――this has gotta be the place. I just came here with Yui yesterday.

(As we were getting deeper inside, I was struck with a strange, nostalgic feeling)

(Then, just as I got a headache, a fragment of my memories came flying back… …)

When we first came in here, she was pretty scared… …Thinking back now, maybe she had a hunch or something.

(That girl. She’d probably be telling me off by now… …)

(She’s worried about me. I told her not to follow me, pushing her away… ..)

… … … …Ggh.

Hah. There’s no point in thinking about it. Let’s go.

-Scene Change: Underground Waterway-

Yuma: … …I got the headache around here yesterday.

Uugh… …must be here… …

… …Ggh… …Aggh… …

(What… …the hell… …this memory… …Augh… …)


Edgar: Here’s a place that’s exclusive to us. Our secret base!

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Magi 296 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, so I cannot guarantee the following snippets are completely accurate. In other words, these can be completely wrong, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Also, feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST these snippets anywhere.

In which the plan for saving the Kou Empire is set into mention, and Alibaba goes back to a certain place after 3 years… .

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{ quiet hearts of midnight }

     Ten men, noble and grand, stood around him like great cities. Their uniforms paraded with colors and lights, shining bright and plentiful. The ten men were saviors       protectors. They stood guard over the citizens like always, but tonight their faces were grim and unforgiving as someone tried to break through. A vampire, fangs slick and dripping with blood, eyes gleaming in the moonlight. The ten men were ferocious with rage for the loses of those whom they had sworn to protect. Like knights, they raised their weapons. Fire, silver, wood. Everything the books said would bring a creature of the night to his knees. The vampire was weak, not having indulged in enough people to heal his wounds. He bent to the floor, helpless. And there stood the boy, heart throbbing in his ears, footsteps nearing. Someone offered him a weapon to help in the vampire’s demise, but he couldn’t hear their words. That heartbeat echoed and echoed in his head until he could feel nothing. Until he was overcome with a malicious urge. It only took a few minutes for the ten men to fall to their feet, ankles slit, heads abandoned from their bodies.

          And when the vampire looked up at him with gratitude in his eyes, the boy smiled.

     Ra       Kou’s voice mumbled out in the confinements of the small room, but words weren’t able to finish. Liquid was all over his face, catching him by surprise. A hand came up to wipe it all away. By his eyes, it was a thin liquid, pouring from the corners of half-closed slits. Though it was dark inside, he could tell they were tears. Kou had no idea why he’d been crying, but knowing he often had night terrors, he didn’t bother questioning what sort of nightmare had plagued him this time. On the other hand, upon speaking, something had dripped down over his lip. A suspicious finger pressed against his chin, and sure enough, a thicker liquid lay in wake. He groaned and leaned over, spitting out the blood that burst to get out. Only a bit dripped from his mouth, and he was thankful, at least, that he wasn’t choking on the rusty crimson.

     He was flat against the hard, cold floor. Arms held goosebumps, but he didn’t mind the cold. Instead, his head blurred with confusion from the night before. It was slow to come back to him, but he was finally able to grasp precisely when he’d walked into the storage closet and when he’d fallen asleep. The only missing factor was that someone had been inside with him before. Making sure to rid any visible signs of the tears and blood clear from his face, Kou pushed himself off the ground. It smelt of peaches in there and he focused on that as he steadied himself, opening the door to set out on his search; whether Ramsey was still inside, or lingering outside, Kou would find him.