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Energetic carnivores, long-tailed weasels spend most of the daylight hours scouring grasslands, pastures and saltmarsh for prey. Their slender heads and bodies allow them to enter burrows in search of mice, voles, snakes and large insects. The sharp teeth, keen eyesight and scrappy character of long-tailed weasels make them highly skilled predators, able to catch animals bigger than themselves. In mid-summer, whole families of weasels may be seen as males and females teach their young to hunt. Photo from Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge in Wyoming by Tom Koerner, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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You’ve seen the rise of the CC search blogs, there’s a lot, right? So, I made a post of ALL of them!! If your CC search blog isn’t on here, please RB this post, or if you already rb it and its not on here, please message me! There are too many blogs/characters to remember!!

EDIT: This list might be edit a lot! so if you are trying to follow them all, then keep checking back!!

EDIT 2: if you rb the post and your name is not on it right away, please don’t worry! if I followed you I will add you to the list! I can only edit this post on my laptop and I use Tumblr mobile a lot!!

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Hunger Games…camp? lmao

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Cars acotar characters would have

Rhysand: a sleek ass minivan for his future kids. Maybe he scents Feyre’s pregnancy and surprises her with it. There are most definitely heated seats and a bomb stereo. 

Feyre: a jeep wrangler. She takes the top down and rides around the city, letting her hair loose. She, Mor and Amren go flying. The back is clustered with her painting tools. Rhys pretends to be worried about it’s safety, but he loves going on night drives with her. The lights and moon illuminate her face, and she’s driving, so he can stare all he wants.

Mor: a porsche. You’d think she wanted it for its flare, but she loves going fast. It make her feel alive, and it helps that its a total babe magnet. Cassian is secretly jealous.

Azriel: a soccer mom car. What can he say? its practical. its the only car that “fits is wings, shadows, and edgy disposition,” -Amren, at some point.

Cassian: the Batmobile. First of all, puns are life. Second, its as brooding and flashy as he is.

Amren: shes a sassy snake. Everybody knows it. Tinted windows, base pounding. *side note- literally searched “snake car” and was not disappointed. 

Elain: cars are bad for the environment. She rides this through Velaris, later buying a basket that she loads with baked goods and flowers. Also, a knife. Cities have been known to be dangerous. She wears her chiffon dresses and flower crowns, smiling at bakers and painters. She has about 100 men hooked on her rosy cheeks.

Nesta: cars are for wusses. She rides this with a badass biker helmet- not because its safer, but because she secretly loves the way civilians ogle at her. And when she gets back home, she slowly takes it off and shakes her hair- slowly. Cassian ogles too. He swears slow motion entrances were gifted to her in the cauldron. She brushes past him, closing his mouth for him.

Tamlin: its his immortal life crisis. He isn’t ashamed. He calls it his tittymoblible. It gets egged most nights.

Bonus- Helion: not much to be said about this one. Pretty self explanatory.


“Please, Eliza” Alex pleaded. “Please?”

Alex tugged on her hand and stared at her with big eyes. Eliza could feel her resolve crumbling slightly.

“But the snakes creep me out.” Eliza scrunched up her face. Ever since she was young she would rescue animals from her backyard and try to help them, except snakes had always given her a bad feeling.

“I just want to see them for one minute. We just need to go in for one minute.” Alex begged. “Please?”

He looked so cute begging. Eliza knew that she was going to agree. It was too hard to turn him down.

“I’ll hold your hand the whole time?” Alex offered, a hopeful smile on his face.

“I think I’ll need a little more than hand holding. What else do you have?” A mischievous smile lit up Eliza’s face.

“A kiss?” Alex lifted an eyebrow.

Eliza thought for a moment and shook her head.

“I’ll buy you ice cream.”

“Alright.” Eliza agreed. A grin spread across Alex’s face and without any hesitation he leaned forwards and pecked her lips.

“That was not a kiss!” Eliza exclaimed. Alex grinned as she pouted like a kid that didn’t get their way.

“Fine.” Alex complied, he carefully leaned forwards and pressed his lips against hers. Eliza smiled against his lips and responded to the kiss. She moved her lips against his and slipped her fingers into his hair. He made a little sound in the back of his throat as her fingers tangled in his hair.

“Get a room!” a voice yelled.

Alex and Eliza jumped apart. Eliza’s cheeks burned red. Alex turned red as well, Eliza couldn’t help but giggle at how embarrassed he looked.

“Let’s go.” Alex sheepishly said, holding out his hand for her to take.

Eliza took his hand with a smile and lead the way towards the reptile house. Their feet slapped against the concrete in tandem as they walked.

She slowed their pace as they approached the reptile house. Alex sent her a reassuring look and slightly tightened his hold on Eliza’s hand.

The air conditioning of the reptile house blew against Eliza’s bare skin causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. The room was covered in pictures of the reptiles and fun facts about the animals.

“See anything scary?” Alex leaned down and whispered into her ear.

“Just this creepy guy holding my hand.” Eliza said playfully as she swung their hands forwards.

Alex chuckled and pressed his lips against her cheek.

“Let’s go see the snakes.” Alex pulled her forwards slightly in search of the snakes, while Eliza reluctantly followed him. They weaved through the small crowd of people until they were standing in front of a sign that said ‘python’ in curvy green letters.

Eliza took a deep breath and looked a little closer through the glass. She jumped back as she saw movement. As soon as the snake came into sight Eliza swore under her breath and tucked herself a little closer to Alex.

“You’re so gonna owe me.” Eliza murmured.

Alex chuckled and pressed his lips against her forehead.

Harvey's Vet Trip

Harvard Reginald Winston the first of her name finally got a damn vet appointment today after a small scare on the 14th. I came home after work and saw he mouth slightly open and when i picked her up she had a bit of drool on her mouth. PANIC MODE OMG CALL THE VET.
Called the vet, scheduled appointment.
Got in today!!

first off, she was very upset that i uncermoniously placed her in a pillowcase. V MAD BB.

Got there and the vet tech weighed her and we removed her from the bag. She IMMEDIATELY zooms straight for me and climbs atop my shoulder where she decides all is safe and its ok to calm tf down.

Vet guy comes in and asks whats wrong and i give him the low down. He takes a look in her mouth and immediately says he sees not sign of a respiratory infection- no inflammation, redness, or excess mucus around the glottis or in the mouth. I show him the pic (after an awkward minute of me searching through the 700 snake pictures i have and me apologizing that i have so many pictures and him laughing and agreeing i do have sooo many)

anyhow he looks at it and is puzzled and he tells me hes gonna take her in the back to get a fecal and he does.

He comes back and tells me the fecal looks good and he thinks there could be two possibilities:

1. She got aspen stuck in her mouth. Just like @equagga said

2. She’s a really old snake and she might have arthritis!!!


and dammit i just realized i forgot to ask how he know shes old and now im mad at myself.

anyhow, he said to keep an eye on it. If it does happen again we will see about doing xrays and getting her on meloxicam.

Im hoping it was a one time thing because if i have to start giving her frequent shots our relationship is not going to be very positive from here on out and as of right now she seems to associate me with safety. I literally started tearing up when she decided to climb me and calm down. Ultimate trust and i feel so good about it.

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"I wish you would write a fic where..." Hux is so thirsty for Kylo and so extra about it.

Ren has always been a fan of wearing layers, and he’s the kind of guy who will suffer through the summer heat with a jacket on at the very least. But in the winter, especially during this cold snap, he’s thankful he’s got piles of layers to wear – the car takes forever to warm up, and he’d promised to get up early on a Saturday to take Phasma to the airport for a 7 am flight. The sun is barely up by the time he returns home and tries to undress as quietly as he can so he doesn’t wake Hux, still asleep in the same position he left him. Or so he thinks.


“Hey, sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t,” Hux whispers, stretching with a comfortable hum. There’s something odd shining in his eyes, even as he blinks the sleep away. “Well. Mostly.” He reaches out for Ren, who’s shimmying out of his sweatshirt. “I woke up because I was dreaming about you, though…”

“Oh yeah?” Ren says. Part of him feels indulgent, like he’s letting a child tell him about an imaginary friend in vivid detail. His head is too far out of the bedroom, having driven for almost two hours already in the freezing cold, having already had his coffee and talked with Phasma for a long time and gotten gas, already thought about what else needs to get done that day. It feels like three in the afternoon, even though morning has barely begun. But another part of him is entranced, loving the idea that Hux is so soft and needy when he’s gone.

“Yeah,” Hux insists, reaching further, finding the hem of Ren’s shirt and pulling him with all his strength. Ren lets himself be reeled in, falls back into bed, using the toe of one shoe to pry off the other. “I was dreaming about you kissing me while I was asleep.”

“You didn’t dream that,” Ren answers, kicking off the other shoe so he can climb further into bed without Hux snapping back to his normal anal self and shouting at him for getting the dirt of the outdoors in their sheets. “I did kiss you while you were asleep, before I left to get Phasma.”

“No,” Hux insists. “Not like a goodbye kiss.”


“More like this,” Hux says, and he winds his way around Ren like a snake, searching through all those layers that kept him warm, making Ren suddenly, dramatically regret wearing them all. What good were they now, now that he was back in his warm apartment and his warm bed, up against his nice warm lover whose pale hands were exploring, pulling at buttons and zippers and sleeves. Hux’s lips are on Ren’s neck, soft at first, leaving just the lightest little circle of heat against the cold skin, but then harder, right on the pulse point the way Ren has always liked.

“Like this,” Ren repeats mindlessly, loving how he’s settling into the feeling, the list of things he was going to do today – clean out the fridge, pay the electric bill, look for something for Hux for his birthday – slipping away as sure as if it were a physical list that he’s dropped. “Yeah, like this–” He’s cut off as Hux raises his head, meeting his mouth, his hands still roaming and pulling, every minute raising Ren’s arousal until –

“Jesus, Ren, is that mud on the floor?”


“Your shoes! You wore them all the way in here like that?”

Ren takes Hux’s chin in his hand and steers his horrified gaze away from the shoes sitting in a little pool of dirty water. Not mud, really. “I’ll clean it up,” Ren promises. “Later. Don’t get distracted.”

For a moment it seems like Hux has gotten pulled too far out of the moment to return, but then he closes his eyes and nods. “Then get undressed and give me something else to focus on.”

Grinning, Ren pulls away the layers that Hux has loosened, happy to oblige.

You Need A Maid? Chapter 3

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Swearing
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.
Songs: Sun - Two Door Cinema Club

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You woke up the next morning with a headache that threatened to split your brain in two. You cursed yourself for having so much damn alcohol. What happened to only one? From under the pile of covers, your hand snaked out, searching for your phone to check the time. 5:00. Hungover and you still couldn’t sleep in. You sat up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes before deciding to slip into the shower. You reeked.

Standing in the warmth, soaping up your hair, the events from the night before hit you like a trainwreck. You gasped, asperating droplets of water and half choking to death. “Oh shit. Oh shit. What am I going to do?” The bar of soap didn’t seem to have any good answers. How could you have forgotten so easily, insulting the Avengers like that? Insulting Steve, of all people. You rinsed yourself down and climbed out, wrapping a towel around yourself before settling down in your armchair to think.

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It would be cool if each colour of googleplier represented certain types of searches.
Y: represents all the weird wholesome things that we search. Like snakes with hats. He’s the only googleplier that smiles like he ISNT going to murder you (not straight away at least)
R: Anything to do with romance, love or sex. (Also friendship and anything to do with flowers).
G: Tutorials. That boi will help you do almost anything
B: Need homework help? Don’t know why the sky is blue? How to hide a body? Blues your guy.

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w i t c h e s 
(part II)
they are only summoned at the darkest hour. whatever you wish for can be done as long as a price is paid. knowledge may cost a lock of your hair, a wish the bone of someone unknown. to change the future or the past, your earliest memory and a piece of gold. magic is only as good or bad as the witch who wields it. you’re better off not knowing which way they lean.


A sidewinder rattlesnake is training a robot how to turn and navigate tight corners.

The work, by researchers at Georgia Tech, Zoo Atlanta and Carnegie Mellon, continues efforts to both understand the biomechanics of the organism and to improve movements in limbless robots.

During studies of the real snake, the team realized that sidewinders control their movement through soft sand by undulating in horizontal and vertical body waves. 

The animals are very maneuverable by using these waves independently. Along with forward propulsion, modulating the two waves allows them to make shallow changes to their direction of travel, which the team calls differential turning. Sidewinders can also perform sharp reversal turns by altering their two body waves. Learn more below.

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