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A sidewinder rattlesnake is training a robot how to turn and navigate tight corners.

The work, by researchers at Georgia Tech, Zoo Atlanta and Carnegie Mellon, continues efforts to both understand the biomechanics of the organism and to improve movements in limbless robots.

During studies of the real snake, the team realized that sidewinders control their movement through soft sand by undulating in horizontal and vertical body waves. 

The animals are very maneuverable by using these waves independently. Along with forward propulsion, modulating the two waves allows them to make shallow changes to their direction of travel, which the team calls differential turning. Sidewinders can also perform sharp reversal turns by altering their two body waves. Learn more below.

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ive been so focused on working on my anatomy, and work and projects for the last several weeks that i’ve kinda neglected my creative studies. time to put that exercise back on the grid again ^u^’’

i was working on armor stuff but then the denizens happened. i searched up different snake patterns hehe

@dragon1598121​: Tumblr ate my earlier reply, so here’s a new one.

Lasso is not overweight, she saw her vet for her annual checkup and was found to be in great body condition.

If you are unsure whether your corn snake is in good shape, here are two things to look for:

  1. The cross-section of the snake’s body should look like a loaf of bread, i.e. kinda square on the sides and the bottom, and rounded on top.
  2. The body should taper to the tail in one smooth line. If there’s a hint of the “hips” your snake needs to lose some weight.

Here’s an extreme example of the “hips.” Also note that the snake looks cylindrical rather than angular in cross-section.

Image is not mine, it comes up as one of the first ones if you run a search for “corn snake overweight.”

Hope this helps!