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Ancient Jewelry Replicas on Etsy

In the past, a few people have asked me where they can find ancient jewelry for sale. While auction houses such as Christie’s, Bonhams, and Sotheby’s certainly offer ancient jewelry in their lots, not everyone can afford to buy genuine artifacts, myself included! I’ve thus done quite a bit of online sleuthing, searching for high-quality reproductions, and I thought I’d share what I’ve found with you all. Happy shopping!

Ancient Jewelry

Ancient Coins

  • Golden Artifacts (Greek and Roman coins)
  • Ancient Legends (mostly Roman, Greek, and Byzantine, but some Jewish and Biblical coins too)
  • Antiqua Nova (mostly Greek and Roman, with later European coins too)
  • Vibraa (Greek replica coins turned necklaces)

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Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces 

rules Aries and Scorpio, exalts in Capricorn
Mars is reckless, free, excited, and fighting for a personal cause in Aries. They battle against life and the forces that stand in the way of pure, undiluted self-expression and triumph. 
Mars is not alone with Scorpio, Mars is there with Pluto and those daggers can feel like they are being thrown into sheer darkness. The fight is for larger-than personal causes, the battle is for the truth that is revealed to them from behind the veil, fighting death. These conflicts are taken partly under water where they cannot breathe, and partly on land where the smoke is too dark to see through, daggers are thrown from the invisible 
Mars comes to fruition in Capricorn, it evolves from the child in Aries to the Capricorn parent in a powerful, profound, and influential manner. The only way forward is in an upward direction, climbing up the mountain in sheer determination
The Ram and the Goat both have horns. So does the devil that Scorpio battles.

rules Taurus and Libra, exalts in Pisces

Taurus is the creator and lover of beauty with Venus, standing in marvel at the natural design and mimicking these practices with the material and the mind. Taurus envisions, conceives, paints, and brings to life the sensory delight of the universe, Aphrodite plays with Taurus when they light a fragrant candle, soak in a sugary bath bomb, and dance to a song. Love is a tangible display
Taurus decorates the room, Libra makes it warm, inviting, and personable. The beauty of Venus is integral to the Libra’s inner balance, but that means balancing beauty with the grotesque, softening its sharp edges, using its shadow to reflect beauty in the light of the Venus mirror. Love soothes the whole world. Venus is a mental dreamer in Libra, a mind that paints idyllic lenses over their eyes, they can oscillate between two worlds - the real world, and the imaginary
Pisces doesn’t just imagine the dream, Pisces lives in it. Pisces is inspired by beauty and the beautiful act of creating it, infusing the spirit of Neptune being the higher octave of Venus. Love is an experience of bringing and experiencing God

rules Gemini and Virgo 

Mercury is childlike, restless, wild, witty, informative, clever, and mischievous in Gemini, delighting in Gemini’s multiple interests, curiosities, and minds. Gemini learns out of self-satisfying indulgence and the instant gratification of sharing new information before it becomes tedious and swiftly forgotten, they can become lost and distracted in nervous energy
The twins have grown up into a seamlessly multifaceted, steady and adaptable in Virgo, Virgo is Gemini wearing the focused and analysed glasses, capable of remembering and applying important and applicable facts. Virgo sublimates nervous energy into productive outlets. Virgo is a mutable mercurial sign like Gemini, so they are many people inside Virgo, but they are better at hiding them and utilising their qualities at the correct moments than Gemini is. Unlike airy Gemini, those Mercury wings are chained to the earth, it makes the picture much clearer  


rules Sagittarius and Pisces, exalts in Cancer
The Jupiter temple is reached by foot, flight, mind, intuition, and experience with Sagittarius. Jupiter is the publisher and the philosophies of Sagittarius are stored by the Jupiter’s pen in the collective cultural mind. There is a real opportunity to rule their world, because they know as it stands that their positivity, optimism, faith, and generosity is rewarded by fortune and their hostility, anger, self hatred makes the skies turn grey
Jubilance and rapture is the peak Jupiter experience in Pisces generated by faith, unity, and belief. Pisces is the celebration of spirit, evangelical song, and courting the mystical, the saviour that Sagittarius writes about in their myths. Pisces is the temple Sagittarius searches for.  
The expansive quality of Jupiter is experienced through Cancer’s imagination, dream, and internal experience where the seven seas reside when they shut their eyes. The temple is the light inside.

rules Capricorn, Aquarius exalts in Libra
Capricorn materialises spiritual law through form and structure. Capricorn is an earth sign so it’s also the construction of laws of land. This is Saturn reaching and expressing its ultimate and peak potential, so anything is possible with Capricorn.
Aquarius materialises cosmic and celestial law through consciousness. Aquarius threatens the structures of Saturn. Aquarius is Capricorn who has climbed to the top and mastered the system, Aquarius has inherited this expertise, and so it can be detonated from the inside
Libra materialises karmic law. Libra also negotiates and compromises the rigid laws of Capricorn by integrating and shaping the human perspective, ethic, and moral righteousness. Capricorn has implemented the law, but is this law fair and reflect a human value system? Capricorn is the judge, but Libra is the prosecutor, defender, the witness, and the conscience



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Infinite AU Social Media Posts: Riley’s outfit for the night

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