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  • MC: Is there a word between “sad” and “mad”?
  • Smart Twin: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated.
  • Party Twin: Smad.

Score selections and concept tracks from Search Party on TBS.

Mix of piano, electronic, and ambient stuff, written to go along with the terrific songs in the show’s soundtrack. Some of these tracks didn’t end up in the show, or some were edited to fit, but these were my favorites. :)

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Happy Holidays – 1960s Surfer Girl (and a Lesson In Shading)

“Search Party” is a music-supervising business with offices on both coasts. I do the artwork for their holiday cards. The unifying motif from year to year is their logo: a 1940s barbershop quartet. This time I shrunk the quartet and stuck them in the tribal tattoo/red rose tramp-stamp of a Gidget-era surfer girl.

I also tried something new (for me, anyway) with this drawing. The ocean and surf was created by tapping the pencil’s lead repeatedly against the illustration board. (H – a hard lead – that’s the type of lead I use for final art.) Eventually, a sufficient density of dots creates a nice, textured area that doesn’t have the typical pencilled look. I have used this procedure many times since.
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By Kristin Harris

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