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August Monthly Calendar

I went through some of my mom’s old magazines in search of a nice August aesthetic, and came across this nice fruity theme that I love! While my August calendar doesn’t have much on it yet, I’m looking forward to filling it throughout the month. I can’t wait to experiment with more add-ins moving forward.


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Headcanon: after returning to Russia and before Yuri arrives to live with him, Victor spends all his free time searching old and new magazines and purchasing posters of Yuri, and just before he arrives, he puts them all in a wall just like Yuri's room in Yu-topia. Imagine Yuri's face when he sees it.

Haha!! When he sees them, Yuuri would probably react like…

But deep down, he’s secretly going…

Ted Bundy had an unusual childhood.  He grew up thinking that his mother Louise Cowell was his sister and his grandparents were his parents, a farce that the Cowell clan arranged to avoid the scandal of an illegitimate child being born to a young, unwed woman.  Ted’s grandfather Samuel Cowell, the man who filled the role of father in his earliest years, was an abusive bully and bigot who regularly beat his wife and the family dog and once threw his daughter Julia down a flight of stairs for oversleeping.  Gradually, Cowell’s violence escalated.  As the atmosphere in the house grew more and more tense, the impressionable child developing within its toxic influence began demonstrating strange behavior, such as surrounding his then-teenage aunt Julia with knives while she was sleeping. 

In 1950, when Ted was four years old, Louise abruptly changed her surname from Cowell to Nelson and left her home in Philadelphia to live with her cousins in Tacoma, Washington.  She took Ted with her, which no doubt set off some alarm bells in his head as to who his mother really was.  A year after the move, Louise fell in love with a military cook named Johnnie Culpepper Bundy.  The two married in May, 1951, and Johnnie formally adopted Ted.  In the years that followed, the couple added four more children to their clan, and Johnnie made a concentrated effort to establish a bond with his adoptive son, taking him on camping trips and other father-son activities.  However, Ted steadfastly spurned all advances, regarding Johnnie with open contempt that often manifested itself in outright insolence because his stepfather was uneducated and made little money.  To Ted, who coveted wealth and refinement above all things, Johnnie was an embarrassment.  

Ted was a sensitive child, shy and insecure in his interactions with other children.  Friends noticed that the tiniest slight unraveled him, and that he had a violent temper that was easily roused.  As he entered into adolescence, these problems only grew more pronounced, until his sophomore year of high school when he finally (in his own words) “hit a wall” in his social development, experiencing a sudden and extreme alienation from his classmates. “I wasn’t sure what was wrong and what was right,” he would later explain about this private crisis.  “All I knew was that I felt a bit different.”   Ted’s uneasiness with relationships led him to spend large amounts of time by himself, when he’d brood over his social failings and supplement his lack of experience with the opposite sex through fantasies, which gradually became violent.  To facilitate these fantasies, he searched detective magazines, crime novels, and true crime documentaries for tales of sexual brutality, particularly accompanied by illustrations of dead bodies.  He also began roaming the neighborhood at night, peering in windows to watch women undressing and retreating into the woods to take off his clothes.  Slowly, this deviant behavior would evolve into sexual gratification achieved through the assault and murder of young women.

One Shot #4

Title: Attack

Ship: Sister!Reader x Sam; Sister!Reader x Dean

Prompt: “Sorry, my first instinct was to attack.”

Description: The reader hasn’t returned to the motel in over three hours, worrying her older brother, Dean, to death. While searching for her, he is greeted with a surprise.

Warnings: Mentions of porn; mentions of gore; violence

Word Count: 1,106


“She’s been gone for three hours, Sam. Are you sure that (Y/N) is okay?” Dean rocked his chair back and forth on it’s back legs. The brothers were waiting for their sister to return with evidence from a victim’s home. But, the only thing on Dean’s mind was going out to eat like his younger brother promised once (Y/N) returned. “(Y/N) can handle herself well. She probably went to the bar or something to hustle guys, you know her.” Sam didn’t look up from his laptop as he spoke, which annoyed the hell out of Dean. Something deep down inside him was telling him that (Y/N) was in trouble. Yes, Sam was correct that she could handle herself, but that doesn’t mean she could have been ambushed by whatever the trio was hunting.

“I’m going to find her.” Dean shot up out of his chair and grabbed the keys to the impala, finally making Sam look up from his computer. “Dean, she is fine. Give it ten more minutes, she’ll be back. You’ll see.” Sam’s persuasion only made the older Winchester more frantic with his thoughts. “Man, what the hell is wrong with you? That is our sister out there… on her own! We’ve only been letting her go alone for a couple weeks, Sam. What if she isn’t okay? What if she’s being torn apart as we speak?” Basically, raising his younger siblings at a young age didn’t help with his anxiety. He had responsibilities that no older brother should have had at his age and it only made him worry about the two even more when they weren’t in his line of sight. Dean didn’t say anything as he turned away from Sam and headed out the motel room door and straight to his impala which was parked right in front of the door.

As he drove toward the house the trio passed up earlier in the day, his fingers were sloppy at dialing his little sister’s number, something he’s been trying to do for hours back at the motel. The house seemed to be right around the corner and there, in the driveway, was (Y/N)’s rental car along with it. It was empty since the victim didn’t have any friends or family living with them, making it very easy to inspect the house for the usual things, which the brothers left to (Y/N) since it was the simplest part of the job aside from actually questioning witnesses.

Dean parked right behind (Y/N)’s car and turned off the engine. He didn’t like the sound that followed… which was nothing. Complete silence. To some, that would be good, maybe even peace upon their stress. But Dean knew (Y/N) and he knew that she wasn’t a quiet person. Wherever the girl went, she would wreak havoc. He stepped out of the car and immediately trotted to the side door of the house, not even bothering to knock. “(Y/N/N)?” Dean called out as he stepped into the dirty kitchen. A pungent smell hit his nose, making him take a step back. His eyes searched around the source, landing on the multitude of dirty dishes piled up in the sink. “I’ll take what’s a maid for $500.” He joked to himself as he continued his way into the house, which definitely wasn’t any better looking than the kitchen sink.

“(Y/N)?” Dean tried one more time, hoping that he would hear his sister’s voice calling out, even if it’s a cry for help. He just wanted to know she was okay and alive. As he rounded the living room, he found many  - interesting – magazines scattered all over the coffee table. “Ooh, Busty Asian Beauties. I’m goin’ to save this for later.” The man bent down and picked up one of his favorite erotic magazine, rolled it up and placed it in his back pocket. Just as he did, a rustling was heard in the basement, causing him to turn around quickly, gun pointed at the cellar door, ready to shoot whatever it was down there. Taking a deep breath, the man gained his confidence back after being startled and made his way to the doorway that lead to the stairs. Dean silently crept down the stairs, trying not to disturb whatever was making noise down there so he could sneak up on it.

When he reached the final step, his eyes searched for whatever was making the noise but to his surprise, there was nothing. That was until a hard punch landed directly on his jaw, making it click at the impact. Another hit was planted on his opposite cheek, making him take a few staggering steps backward, but immediately recovered and pushed his surprise opponent to the ground in a tackle, knees on either side of it’s stomach. “(Y/N)?!” Light from a cellar window shown on the figure’s face revealed it was who Dean was looking for this entire time. “Sorry, I saw you and my first instinct was to attack.”

“You didn’t hear me calling your damn name?” Dean rolled off of the girls stomach, standing and holding his hand out to her. “Oh, I did.” She smirked and began walking up the stairs, “I definitely did.”

“What? No sorry? Why can’t you pick up your fucking phone once in a while. I thought you were in trouble.” His hand made it’s way to his jaw, rubbing it as he felt a bump appearing where she had first struck him. “That fucking hurt.” He followed the girl upstairs and into the living room. “Well, it was kind of meant to hurt, right? That’s what you taught me.” (Y/N) sat on the couch across from the smut littered coffee table. “Hey, where’s the Busty Asian Beauties mag?” Her eyes met with Deans, who was still trying to calm down from being completely ambushed by his little sister.

“Why?” He cocked an eyebrow, hand running over the rolled up magazine in his back pocket. “Because, dummy, I was going to take it back. Obviously, Pete has no need for it anymore, does he?” She began to search through the magazines as a smile crept onto Dean’s face. “You’re just like me, aren’t you, (Y/N/N)?”


cute + good notebooks can be really expensive so i just decided to buy a couple that were good quality but the cheap regular kind and design them myself! just used searched through magazines and cut out cute pics + printed a couple quotes + glued them + painted the spiral borders white so these are the results! [front + back] i’m quite proud tbh

also the quote from the bottom pic is from the all for the game series which i’m completely obsessed with… it’s so good someone talk to me abt it

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Miss Fisher Reading List (15)

In S1E8 Away with the Fairies, Miss Charlesworth and Miss Lavender co-ran the “Women’s Choice Magazine”. Miss Charleswoth says “If I have to run 100 new recipes and dress patterns for just one article on women’s health or education that may change a life, then I’m happy,” which sums up the spirit of the publication.

It is unclear how widely circulated it is, but we know that its finances are rather tight (“if we don’t meet the printer’s deadline for the next edition, I don’t know how I’m going to pay this fortnight’s wages”). However, Miss Charlesworth declines Miss Fisher’s loan and shows no sign of compromising the way she runs the magazine in order to be profitable. Her pride and unwavering vision impresses not only her former pupil but us the viewers as well.

In terms of the magazine itself, it’s fictional. I found a “Women’s Choice Magazine” Facebook page, but it’s based in South Africa, not what we are looking for. When I redirected my search to Australian women’s magazines in general, I found one called “Australian Women’s Weekly”. According to Wikipedia, it was started in 1933 as a weekly publication but now publishes on a monthly basis. I imagine that it didn’t get changed to “Women’s Monthly” for obvious reasons. (I am looking right at you, Dot.)

Anyhow, according to this episode, Miss Charlesworth’s magazine covers the following topics:

– Domestic and cooking pages of recipes and needlework pattern for dresses or embroidered lavatory seat cover
– Fashion
– Social calendar
– Gardening
– Fantasy stories like “Hilda and the Blue Fairies versus Marvin the Monitor Lizard
– Family planning
– Women’s health and education
– Migrant’s stories
– Agony Aunt Artemis

When comparing them to those in “Australian Women’s Weekly”, you will see that there is some overlapping. I don’t plan on becoming a subscriber, but it will be interesting to check the website now and then to get a feel of what’s trending among Australian women today.

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“Aykroyd Given the Finger! – To promote the opening of his new movie Doctor Detroit, Dan Aykroyd went along with the promotional idea of a ‘Dan Aykroyd Look-Alike Contest.’ And boy, did he regret it! ‘Cause when all the look-alikes were assembled, in walked the I.R.S.! When the government rep asked ‘OK you guys, who’s the real Mr. Aykroyd?’…well you can see what happened. And was Dan mad! ‘Hey, he said, ‘I let you guys plagiarize me from conehead to Elwood Blues! I eve let one of you win! (The guy in the bow-tie.) And you finger me with your gratitude! Well, fine!’ said the huffy Canuck as he was led from the room. The party ended a few hours later when the two Slavs decided to swing down to Studio 54 in search of ‘foxes.’” (Vidiot Magazine, August-September, 1983)

Everyone knows how to “Google,” but not everyone Googles efficiently. This one-minute video from Hack College offers these three essential tips:

Be Specific. Find pages within sites using site:[website URL] and your search phrase, find authors using author:[name], and type intitle:[word] to find a page with that word in the title.
Format. Use filetype:[jpg or other extension] to find images and all sorts of files (such as docs and pdfs)
Broaden Your Search. Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard search operator to fill in the blanks. For example, “Why money is *”
Taking this further, you can als

Find exams to practice with and other reference materials. Taking the “site:” operator a little further, you can search only education sites by typing in site:edu. This comes in handy when search for exams you can use to practice with: “site:edu advanced chemistry exam.” Combine this with the “filetype:pdf” or “filetype:doc” format for additional exams and documents. You can find a list of Google search operators on this Google help page and even more advanced operators here, but there are also non-official filetypes, such as “hlp for help files and js for Javascript files” you can search for (which we know thanks to the NSA, oddly enough).

History/politics students (or anyone interested in government) should also remember they can search site:gov.

Find more research. Use the “related:” operator to find similar sites to broaden your research. For example, “” or “” to make sure you’re covering all your bases in your research.

Limit search results. Let’s say your professor doesn’t want you to use certain sources. Use the minus sign (-) operator to exclude results from a certain site (e.g., “encryption”). You can also do this to refine the results when a word can mean more than one thing (e.g., “jaguar -car”).

Similarly, if there’s only a range of dates, measurements, or other numbers you want to find, use two periods (..) to set that range, e.g., “manufacturing 1990..2001” or “laptops ..$1000” (leave out one of the numbers to set a minimum or maximum).

Combine modifiers together. There are all sorts of powerful things you can do when you combine these search tricks. For example: “ high school "test scores” -SAT2010..2014"

Here are more research tricks in one handy infographic.

Use Google Search Shortcuts to Pull Up Quick Answers
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know

You shouldn’t have to dig around or visit web pages for easy answers.

Get definitions. Use “define [word]” to quickly bring up a word’s definition.

Make your browser do math. Also, start typing in your browser to do instant calculations and conversions (you don’t even have to hit enter!)

Have Google fill in the blanks. Just start typing something in, and Google’s autocomplete will likely give you the answer. For example “Martin Luther King Jr. was born on ” will show you “January 15 1929” and “Thomas Edison invented ” will list a few notable inventions. Google’s Knowledge Graph might even show you quickly the answers you’re looking for beneath your search. If autocomplete doesn’t help, add the “*” wildcard to get more answers (e.g., “Obama voted * on the * bill” to give you stories on a bunch of different bills).

Check out 20 Google Search shortcuts that can come in handy, and if you’re using Google Now, you have over 60 commands you can use to get quick information just by saying “Okay Google.”

Organize and Cite Research with Google Drive
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know

Google Drive comes with a research tool that finds information for you while you work on your paper. It also conveniently grabs the citation and inserts it, already formatted, for you into your document. Handy!

To use it, go to Tools > Research in your document or presentation and enter your search term. You can also right-click on a word or phrase in your document to search it. Click on the Google icon to specifically search images, Google Scholar, quotes, and more.

In the research pane, hover over a link to preview the page, click on it to open in a new tab, or drag-and-drop selected text into your document. The “cite” button will grab the citation (in MLA, APA, or Chicago styles) and the “insert link” button will insert the source website into your document.

Search Google Books and Use Google Scholar
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know

In the olden days, we had to go to the library and look up books that possibly had information in them as resources for papers. Now, you can just do a Google book search (which includes magazines) for anything that’s relevant, copy quotes, and pull all the information needed for your bibliography.

Head to to start researching your topic or use Google’s advanced book search for options like book language, author, publication dates, and more. In the search results, you can also click on “Search tools” to filter books by ones that are available with a preview, select books or magazines, and filter or sort by date.

Public domain books can be downloaded as PDF, and out of copyright or books with author/publisher permission are fully viewable. You can search within books too, and have your search phrase highlighted, as well as add books to your library for future reference.

Additionally, when you search on a title, Google’s book overview page will list popular passages, a word cloud, bibliographic information, and other reference information.

I don't even know your name.
  • *based off the song by Shawn Mendes*
  • *I kinda cringe at this but it's worth a shot*
  • I saw you standing there, My mind was taken over by your brown eyes that somehow shined in the dim room.
  • I dont know if I was drunk or not, I didn't remember much from that day.
  • It was long before I saw you sit down. Alone.
  • I would have walked up to You, Would have talked to you, I would have done anything to see them eyes again.
  • But I was pulled back by Pj, He asked what drink i wanted, I replied to him quickly without thinking.
  • As I turned around you weren't on the sofa any more, I searched the room for you, only to see you beside Me, ordering from the bartender.
  • _______
  • I said hi and you replied with a slightly drunk smile, But I could tell it was genuine.
  • "Hey", You said, taking a sip of your drink.
  • "How are You?", I asked, trying to make small talk.
  • "I'm good now that I have someone to talk to", You smiled.
  • I remember, we talked for a few hours, I made a stupid joke and you laughed at it, Your smile was somehow beautiful.
  • We ordered more drinks, both of us becoming even more intoxicated.
  • You led me to the bathroom, your hand in mine.
  • You pinned me against the wall, Gently somehow, You were so gentle with everything you did, wether that was with the way you spoke or the way you touched Me, You were always so gentle.
  • You had your lips against mine, my hands tugging at your shirt.
  • It was a drunken mess but it felt right, I knew I wouldn t regret it.
  • We didn't take it far, we both knew that was going too fast.
  • I led you away, we smiled at eachother, My head hurt from the amount of alcohol I had consumed but it didnt matter when you smiled at me and the pain was gone.
  • We saw a group of people, you looked like you were trying to hide from Them, they had cameras, I understood.
  • But of course they saw you, we both saw them walk up to us and you quickly scribbled on a piece of paper, I took it without looking at it.
  • And then you were gone, Taken with the crowd.
  • _________
  • Turns out you were a celebrity I had never heard of.
  • I walked- no, I staggered home and almost immediately collapsed on my bed, The alcohol I had drunk that night was too much.
  • I forgot to check that piece of paper.
  • I think I dreamt about You, I don't remember properly.
  • I only remember waking up, In the dream, I only saw a tall silhouette, somehow the dark eyes glowed and it's the only feature i could see.
  • Nothing happened, I was propped on my elbows, just watching the shadows and it was doing the same.
  • Then I woke up.
  • Everything was so quiet and lifeless, my head hurt so much and my throat was dry, I went to the kitchen and downed a few pain killers with water.
  • I remember staggering to the kitchen and putting my clothes into the washing machine, a piece of paper fell out of the pocket of my jeans, I checked it and saw a number written messily on it.
  • Someone picked up the call on the third ring.
  • "Hello?", They said, they're voice hoarse.
  • "Who is this?"
  • "You called Me.."
  • "I found your number on a piece of paper in my jeans"
  • "Ah, You", I could hear your grin, "How are You?"
  • "You still haven't told me your name"
  • "That doesn't matter right now"
  • "But-"
  • "We made out last night"
  • ""
  • "Don't worry, It was great"
  • _____
  • You were always on my mind, I couldn't  sleep properly, couldn't eat, I could barely form a sentence.
  • It had it been a few days, I hadn t called you, I was too shy.
  • I got through work somehow, altough I was constantly drawing you on my notebook, I would get weird looks from my co-workers but I didn't really care, How could I care about other people when you were on my mind?
  • "Why do you keep drawing that one random person?", Pj asked as he say down to eat lunch with Me, of course I left my sandwich untouched.
  • "Um-I, No reason, I just like drawing it", I spluttered, stuffing my notebook into my briefcase and bending the pages slightly.
  • "You know, He looked a bit like someone I keep seeing in magazines", Pj told me.
  • I knew he was talking about you, "W-what's his name?", I asked, desperate to know who you were.
  • "I don't know, I just keep seeing him"
  • I sighed without replying.
  • "What?"
  • "Nothing", I said, getting up and leaving.
  • I took my phone out of my pocket and picked the contact I had saved as 'nameless'.
  • _______
  • "Hey, you", You said down the phone, it made me blush, I'll admit that.
  • "Hi, Can you please tell me your name?"
  • "Why would you want to know my name? Names are just sounds we use to label ourselves"
  • "Shut up, you dork", I laughed, I could hear you laughing to.
  • "I dont know your name either actually"
  • "You mean the sound used to label me?", I smirked.
  • "Yes, I dont know the sound that is used to label you"
  • "That sound is Phil"
  • "Nice sound"
  • "Thank you, altough, you should probably thank my parents"
  • "Ah, Yes, the parents, when do I meet them?"
  • "After you tell me your name.....and buy me dinner"
  • "I'll have to wait then"
  • "Why wont you tell me your name?"
  • "I don't know, it's fun to know you're thinking about me"
  • "Seriously?"
  • "Yeah, Its cute"
  • "Shut up!", I laugh down the phone.
  • "Make me"
  • "I will if we meet up"
  • "Sounds like a plan"
  • You told me to meet you at the coffee shop that was just around the corner from me.
  • It wasn't long until you had your lips against mine and my hands travelling up to your hair.
  • The coffee shop was luckily empty, apart from the woman behind the bar that was listening to music through her headphones and couldn't care less that we were making out in the corner.
  • I pushed you away, "I-I still dont know your name", I muttered, Looking into your lustful eyes.
  • You held a finger to my lips, "soon", You whispered softly.
  • _______
  • The morning after tore me apart, The daily newspaper was delivered, I looked through it and suddenly stopped, dropping the paper immediately, Running into my room and grabbing my phone, I was reading the words over and over, They were imprinted into my mind:
  • Dan Howell caught making out in corner of local coffee shop with mystery man.
  • Followed by a picture of us on the green armchair that I remembered as a place of happiness.
  • I didn't even think this sort of stuff would be printed into a newspaper, It wasn't news-worthy.
  • I called you, You answered, The fist thing you said to me was "I'm sorry", Followed by a small sob.
  • "I-Dan.."
  • "Well now you know my name"
  • "Yeah"
  • "I'm sorry", You said again.
  • "Its-It's okay", I replied.
  • "Really?"
  • "Yeah, Dan, It isn't your fault"
  • "Thank you so much"
  • "Its no proble-", I heard shouting coming from your end of the line.
  • I could only hear a few "Dan Howell!"'s and one person shouted, "Who was that man?!"
  • "Shit, They found out where I live"
  • "Dan?"
  • "Ive gotta go"
  • "Dan?", The line went dead.
  • I didn't hear back from you since.
  • ______
  • I hadn t heard from you in at least a week, your calls went voicemail, you didn't reply to my messages.
  • I searched your name, It said you were some sort of ex-band member.
  • It made sense.
  • I had no idea where to start looking, I didn't know where to go, who to talk to.
  • I called again, It went to voicemail, again.
  • I spent hours everyday, just wandering up streets, Looking  for any sign of you, I found nothing.
  • I searched through magazines, nothing.
  • Nothing.
  • I couldn't take it, I sat in bed, tugging at my hair, Craving you and your beautiful smile, your eyes that seemed to brighten my day, your soft voice and kind words, I missed it all.
  • _______
  • Even the lack of the 10 minute phonecalls we had was killing me slowly.
  • I missed your cocky personality.
  • I missed your stupid remarks.
  • I missed your lips.
  • I missed your name.
  • I missed you.
  • If I couldn't sleep, eat or work earlier, I definetly couldn't now, It wasn't good, It wasn't healthy and I didn't know why you were doing it to me.
  • ____
  • I remember when I found you, I should have been happy but you were shaking, You were crying, you were curled into a ball in the corner of your living room, your for head resting on your knees.
  • You called me, told me the address, I got in the back, past the paparazzi, You told me you couldn't take it anymore, you wanted to be normal, you did want people chasing you around with cameras, making everthing you do public.
  • And I understood.
  • I sat down next to you and wrapped my arms around you, I felt your body relax and I laid your head on my lap, stroking your hair in a comforting manner.
  • You were breaking and I was trying to fix you, bit by bit.
  • It was slow, but it worked.
  • I snuk you through the back of your house, you had a small bag of only important belongings, I held your hand, Running my thumb over he back of it.
  • We walked back to my flat, I let you sleep, you needed it, I saw the bags under your eyes and the way your hands shook slightly.
  • I got in bed beside you and you immediately wrapped your arms and legs around me and nuzzled your head into my chest.
  • I hugged you back, It was comforting for the both of us.
  • "Thank you", I heard you whisper, And you hugged me a little tighter, I stoked your hair.
  • "No Thank you", I whispered back.
  • ________
  • We had been together for 2 years and engaged for 3  months.
  • remember when I proposed.
  • We went on holiday, to Paris.
  • I brought you onto the Eiffel Tower, I giggled when you covered your eyes, you were scared of the height.
  • I told you not to worry, I held both of your hands and told you I was there for you and wouldn t let you fall, I would never let you fall.
  • You smiled at me and kissed my cheek.
  • It was such a beautiful view, you were looking out the window when I laced my hand in yours and kissed it.
  • I got down on one knee and saw your lips stretch into a smile.
  • I pulled out the ring and uttered the words I had been wanting to say since I laid eyes on you.
  • "Will you marry me"
  • You said yes, You said yes and slipped the ring onto your finger, you pulled me into a kiss, cupping my cheeks, I held your waist gently.
  • It was beautiful.
  • ______
  • The wedding was even better somehow.
  • Our families both came together, our friends joined to.
  • No one disturbed the wedding.
  • We said "I do"
  • We told eachother that we Loved one another.
  • It was all true, every word.
  • ' Till death do us part.
  • I remember the after party, we cut the cake and you smashed some into my face as a joke, I laughed with you and did the same.
  • You held my hand while Pj gave the best man speech.
  • We watched our mother's tear up and our father's hug us with a pat on the back.
  • We were told we were perfect for eachother, 'a match made in heaven'
  • We were.
  • We were told our love was from a movie.
  • It felt like it.
  • We were told to take care of eachother.
  • And we did.
  • For a while.
  • _______
  • I miss you.
  • We were married for 3 years.
  • It was the best fucking three years of my entire life.
  • I remember waking up every morning to the smell do you cooking breakfast.
  • I remember how I would lace my arms around your bare back in the shower and wash your hair.
  • The nights we spent watching movies, a bowl of popcorn in front of us, we normally got too involved in eachother to focus on the movie, Sharing soft kisses.
  • The way we would talk about adoption.
  • That never happened.
  • We planned to travel the world.
  • That never happened.
  • I miss the way you would whisper in my ear at night, you would always say "We're in love, aren't we?"
  • It made me smile and I would kiss you before laying down and letting you rest your head on my chest.
  • I would stroke your hair until you fell asleep and let out soft snores.
  • I remember Christmas, we'd put the tree up together and you would make fun of my wrapping skills.
  • I loved it.
  • I loved you.
  • I love you.
  • Our movie-romance soon ended.
  • You became weaker, you couldn't do much.
  • I had to help you get dressed.
  • I had to help feed you.
  • You couldn't whisper to me at night any more and make me smile.
  • You were in hospital most nights and I wasn't allowed to stay.
  • I would grip the space on the mattress where you used to lay.
  • They never did diagnose you.
  • I guess, Just like your name, It was just a sound to label you.
  • You wouldn't have wanted to know What It was, you really did hate labels.
  • And I love you for that.
  • Rest In peace....Nameless.
  • I love you.
  • __________
  • The end 
  • You can call me a liar but you just witnessed the death of Danisnotonfire.
  • (Sorry not sorry)
  • P.s I wrote this at 12am

♍️My 2016 Vision Board🔮
Tips for Vision Boarding
1. Get Creative: gather supplies/photos to make a collage on paper or on your computer
2. Find Inspiration: Search Tumblr, Pinterest, and magazines for images you find inspiring and want to focus on in 2016
3. Think about what is important to you: Family, love, religion, career goals, and health are all things to think about. Vision Boarding is visualizing your goals instead of listing them during a new important time of your life.

Imagine being pregnant with Spencer's child and not wanting to reveal the truth to him.

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[Based on the “Were you ever going to tell me?” and “There’s someone I’d like you to meet…” prompts, one of them requested by @wholockdemon]

​One thing can change your whole life. Only one. At first, Doctor Spencer Reid was that one thing. And now, six months later, two lines on a pregnancy test were the one thing. You had been seeing each other on and off for months now, but with his schedule, it was kind of hard to establish what you were. You weren’t together, that much you knew for sure. And now, you were the dumb 24 year old girl who got pregnant without having a secure future for your child. You weren’t sure if you should tell Spencer because of how things were.

Every time he would come by, you would avoid to talk about it. He would stay up with you for hours talking about the most random things, what books he was reading, what cases he had just finished and more recently, how his friend JJ was pregnant again. “That’s exciting,” you said and sipped your tea. “So you’ll be a godfather again I’m guessing?”

“I believe so,” he said, smiling wide. “I’m super excited.”

You had seen him with Henry, and you loved seeing him so excited showing his magic tricks. He had mentioned to you that he knew how to play piano and you had played chess with him before. You couldn’t even begin to imagine how smart your child would be and how much of an amazing dad Spencer would be to him, or her. You bit your lip and decided to ask something carefully. “Do you think you might want kids someday?” Your voice was low and that made Spencer look up quickly at you. “I mean, you are really great with Henry.”

“Yeah, I love Henry so much..” Spencer said softly. “He’s a great kid. For the longest time, I didn’t want kids.” You nodded and frowned slightly at that. “Why do you ask? Just curious?” He stared at you confused and you shrugged.

“Yeah.. I mean, everyone has different opinions about it.” You avoided his eye and he just nodded. “I just thought that you’re great with kids, maybe you would want some at some point.”

“Oh, well I try to be a great godfather to Henry.” He smiled again and you smiled back. “So, what do you say, are you hungry?”

“Yes! I’m starving actually.” You were about to make a comment about having to eat for two now, but stopped yourself before you spoiled the night. You still weren’t sure if you were ready to disclose what you found out just a couple of days before. Technically, he didn’t answer your question. What if he wasn’t ready to be a dad?


Weeks went by and you started to feel more tired. You were having a hard time at work trying to stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet. Spencer started to notice you wanting to stay home more often and not eating like you used to. When he was away on a case, you would look over baby magazines or search for baby names. Eventually you knew you had to come clean, before your belly started growing before Spencer’s eyes.

You had all your magazines hidden in your room where you figured Spencer would never look. He hadn’t stayed over in more than a month now and that made you feel a little anxious. Maybe it was time to tell him, before he decided that he didn’t want you. At least, you wanted him to be a father to his child. That was what mattered to you now.

When you walked into your apartment one afternoon, you didn’t notice the duffel bag on the couch and walked straight into the kitchen. “(Y/N)” you heard a voice said softly. You turned to see Spencer holding your baby magazines and your eyes went wide. “Is there something I should know?”

You hesitated for a moment. “Where did you find that..?”

“I thought I left one of my ties here,” Spencer said, biting his lip. “A-and I found this in your drawer. What’s going on (Y/N)?”

“Spencer .. we should sit.” You pulled him towards your room and made him sit on the bed with you. “Listen, I.. I’m sorry I’ve been hiding something from you. At first, I didn’t know how you’d react, I mean I still don’t but I think you need to know the truth… About four months or so ago I found out I was pregnant and.. it’s yours.”

Spencer’s eyes went wide and he stayed silent for a moment. Then he spoke softly, “Were you ever going to tell me?”

“Well, my stomach is growing so I figured at some point I had to,” you said, chuckling and it made you feel relieved hearing him laugh with you too. “I’m sorry Spence.”

“It’s alright..” His face looked sad for a second. “Why didn’t you tell me right away?”

“Um, well because…” you said softly, avoiding his eye. “You never really said you wanted kids or anything like that. I was scared that I would scare you away if I told you I got pregnant when we’re not even together.” Your voice was shaky by the last part. Spencer just sat quietly for a moment and then he grabbed your face making you look at him.

“I would never leave you just because of something like that.” He smiled and kissed your cheek. “I think we’d be great parents.”

You bit your lip, blushing. “Well.. there’s someone I’d like you to meet…” you said softly and opened an envelope you had on your bedside table. You showed him your ultrasound and his whole expression changed. He broke into the biggest smile you had ever seen from him and took a long look at it.

“It’s beautiful..” he said in awe. He looked up and took your hands in his, looking into your eyes. “I’m sorry I didn’t do this before but I was scared that you’d want to leave cause of my work schedule. I try to spend time with you as much as I can, but now I will try harder. I promise.” He smiled and leaned in closer. “(Y/N), will you do me the honor to be mine? I promise I’ll be there for you and for our baby, always.”

You smiled and kissed his lips softly. “I thought you would never ask Doctor Reid. Of course I will.”