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AO3 Filtering and You!

So I’ve seen a couple people talking about hating to see certain pairings and characters when searching on AO3, and I thought I’d take a moment to teach everyone A Thing I Love To Do. You can absolutely and very very easily filter out pairings and characters when you search for fics!

Step one: Find the tag for the character/pairing you want to filter out.

You’re gonna have to click on it (I’M SORRY I KNOW BUT ONLY FOR A SECOND).

Step two: After clicking on that tag you hate, find the RSS Feed button up on top and click that.

This is gonna bring up a screen full of gibberish. But it’s okay! This is good gibberish.

Step three: In the address bar, find the numbers that appear after tags/

That’s the numerical code that AO3 has attached to that tag.

Step four: Copy that number, then paste it in the search bar with a - in front of it

Step five: Success! Pressing search will remove that tag from the search results.

For best results, save all the tags you hate in a document and copy/paste when needed. You can totally stack these filters as much as you want, just make sure there’s a - in front of each tag code.

But Lady, you ask, how does this work? Well, the AO3 search engine, like every single search engine you will ever use, uses something called boolean searching. Putting that - in front of what you don’t want will tell the search engine “show me everything that fits this criteria, EXCEPT NOT this other criteria”.

The problem with AO3 is, if you search “-Character1/Character2″, it will fail to filter out stories tagged with “Character2/Character1″, or any stories where the tag uses a character’s nickname. But thanks to something that AO3 calls tag wrangling, both of those options will be stored within the same numerical code, so that a search for one will also bring up the other. You can use that in your filtering to ensure that all iterations of that pairing you hate will be removed.

WARNING: this currently only applies to character and pairing tags, and only the tags that have gotten enough fics to have been “wrangled” by AO3 and given a tag code. It also won’t work on stories where the tag has been misspelled.

(fun fact: i searched the whisper photo to know who are the guys in the background and shut-your-ass that’s elijah wood i just made my everything-is-fucking-connected todd brotzman face)

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A walk in town - Hometown series

ok ok, it was a 35 minutes warm up and I tried to record myself while painting~~

Painted on PS [2017.07]

Have an awesome day !!!!!


Full Atypical Chaos, one song for each atypical

Sam, I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
Caleb, Grass
Chloe, People
Damien, Search and Destroy
Mark, Wake Up
Frank, Blue Lips
Rose, Day Disguise

the most obscure crossover concept in the world

The definitive* guide of Robert spending money on Aaron

Here it is, a definitive list of things Robert has spent money on for Aaron, on Aaron or to be with Aaron. 

Some of the things in these categories are questionable (cough hitman cough) BUT on the positive side the most amount of money Rob’s spent was for good not evil. 😅 

This post got longer than i expected, it was fun so i hope you enjoy.

How can I spend more time with bae AKA the beginning

Scrapyard Investment -  The best money Robert has ever spent.  He was so smitten with Aaron after 2 fucks he was already breaking all his rules and handing over 10k to invest in whatever Adam & Aaron wanted, he didn’t even care what the business was £10,000

Hotel 1 - Let’s be honest this hotel was nothing special and Robert probably expensed it back to Home Farm Estates like the trash he is. But waking up together for the first time. The heart eyes. Robert in those tight black underpants. Money very well spent. £60

Originally posted by itsafangirlthing

Hotel 2 - Robert just wanted to spoil Aaron, rip his suit off and fuck him in a fancy hotel…if that’s not love i don’t know what is? Damn you Katie for ruining this night.  £250

Oh shit, I don’t want people to find out about bae AKA the affair continues

The Hitman - If you think I googled “how much does a hitman cost” you’d be right? Are the police going to break down my door in the middle of the night and arrest me? Probably. This plot is ridiculous let’s not dwell on it. £20,000 I guess

Cain’s blackmail - What started as Robert using the ridiculously random Cain & Chrissie kiss to blackmail Cain completely backfired, no thanks to Aaron who outed him and their affair. Not cool Aaron, not cool. So now the blackmailer is being blackmailed. But the lesson is never cross Cain Dingle or you’ll be paying for Vadam’s honeymoon £5000, The grain pit at Butlers  £15,000 and a holiday for Coira £2000.

Trying to do right by bae AKA the abuse sl

Sandra’s address - One day we’ll find out how Robert got all these dodgy contacts but for now I’ll just assume he used a PI. By finding Sandra’s address we got rejected park bench kiss, lake side declarations and Rob reunited Aaron with his long lost sister and gave us all Roblivion….Also my search history is getting interesting right now. £300

Bribing Ryan - What to do if you want to see justice done, Gordon locked up for his horrific crimes & your future mum in law is pestering you to make sure he gets sent down. If you’re Robert Sugden you bribe a local teen to lie about also being abused. Oh Robert, your heart was in the right place. The only hint at how much he paid Ryan was that it was the same amount as a fancy watch, so £5000

Bonus Bribing Ryan again - Leave my family alone, we never hear from you again + here have a delicious hummus and coriander sandwich. Mwahaha I’m an evil genius.  Never change Rob. £104.50

How can I prove to bae I love him AKA no one else comes close

Barcelona -  The first cancelled holiday and the the start of the Robron chill *cries*. Rob just wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday and spend some time with Aaron & be proper boyfriends and it’s beautiful. Flights + 2 nights in Barcelona £1000

France - The second cancelled holiday.  Robert being playful murmuring into his kiss with Aaron was the stuff of dreams. God bless you Maxine. Also i can kinda forgive Liv for ruining this holiday cause it gave us the quality content of Rob dangling from a tree. 2.5 weeks in Calais, hotel only £1400

Engagement ring - I would’ve paid money to to see the scene of Robert at the jewellers, being sassy to the sales assistant, demanding the best for the man he loves. I think I found a very similar platinum ring and as Vic days “it’s perfect” so can Aaron hurry up and put it back on his finger £2695

Originally posted by thisdamndesire

Las Vegas - The third cancelled holiday.  First class flights, limo from the airport, helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Cirque du Soleil tickets, the works. Do you know how expensive first class tickets are? But Aaron deserved this big romantic gesture. I’m assuming they were staying for 5 nights + I gave him a 25% discount courtesy of Rebecca’s mate £11,250

The wedding - So perfect, so them, but as far as weddings go this was done on the cheap. Free venue. Free Decorations. Only thing paid for would have been finger food and drinks and we know the Dingles love a free drink so let’s say £1000

Appealing Aaron’s sentence - Robs face when he found out Aaron got 12 months breaks my heart every time, he was so determined to free his husband. A decent barrister is £300 per hour and it took 3 weeks for the appeal to come through. If only you worked a little faster unseen barrister person we may not be stuck in this hell plot £10,000

The Mill renovations - This includes fixing the damn dry rot I had to listen to Rakesh moan on about for months, the fire damage, doors without handles & drawers pure white, posh appliances, the Vespa chair and all the questionable artwork. I didn’t include flat 2 cause we don’t now what the deal is with that.   Let’s be real though Robert has great taste and the Mill is the best house in the village. £80,000

5 week honeymoon to Mauritius - Seriously Emmerdale now you let them go on a holiday? After Rob has cheated and Rebecca is pregnant and nobody actually wants them to go because we all just want Aaron to learn the truth as soon as possible. Yeah, fuck you Emmerdale, fuck you.  Flights + airbnb accommodation £4200

I’ve been an idiot, please don’t tell bae AKA the hell plot

Full disclosure this is the part where i become bitter at the writing regarding Robert’s money. 

Ross’ blackmail -  Ugh, just ugh at this whole plot point. In the end Robert only gave Ross half of of what he was blackmailed for and then crushed his taxi and destroyed his weed as payback so at least there’s that £2500

Mill Chairs - So this was the ep Aaron listed all the things Robert didn’t spend his money on ignoring basically everything i have listed above that he did spend it on. I mean Aaron didn’t want the chairs at the time but he sure seems to enjoy them now (see, told you i was bitter).  Also who knew ugly leather reclining chairs would be so expensive? £3500

Burnt money- Holy shit Robert just threw the briefcase into a fire barrel because Aaron told him to! I think this is what the kids call EXTRA. And the lesson is Robert loves Aaron more than money. OF COURSE HE DOES HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION. Lucky it was all saved (thanks cute fire extinguisher scene) except a couple of hundred . £100,000 £200

Bribing Jason - TBH I love protective Rob, his heart was in the right place (again) and let’s be real no one wanted to see Aaron hurt.  But he didn’t bribe Jason because he didn’t believe in Aaron so thanks for making this clear, it’s just THEY ARE SO IN LOVE still. WHEN ARE THEY BACK TOGETHER THE STRUGGLE IS REAL?!? £5000

GRAND TOTAL - £180,459.50

And here it is in handy excel spreadsheet converted into multiple currencies because i’m cool like that. 

*not at all definitive 

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twelve

Summary: You fly out for Asylum and meet up with the rest of the cast, only to find out that you have to do your first ever solo panel in front of two thousand fans
Words: 4.4k (+ tweets)
Jared x Reader x Gen, Misha, Kim, Briana, Danneel, Jensen, JJ
Warnings: smut-ish phone calls, mild angst, fluff
Beta: @blacksiren

IKYW Masterpost

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Your name: submit What is this?

In-flight wifi was a God sent gift on the flight to London.

Despite appearing calm and feeling tired, you couldn’t get to sleep for the first few hours due to anxious energy.

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How To Art when everyone just keeps telling you to practice and you don’t know how to do that

I’ve seen a lot of stuff going around that’s like “The best think you can do when you’re a beginner artist is to practice!!!” And while that’s true it can be very difficult to get started in art when everyone just keeps telling you “practice practice practice” without giving you any tips.

I’ve seen one post that explains this pretty well but anyway here’s how to start doing art a lot besides practicing (which you should be doing):

  • Find motivation!! This is the hardest part because in the beginning it’s really easy to give up since you’re not “good enough” yet but just keep pushing forward
  • Look to others for inspiration. Did you see a really good drawing today?? What did you like about it? Maybe try to draw something using similar elements as their art did, but try not to copy them completely
  • Find a style that you like. If you really like the art style for Steven Universe, great!! Or if you like another artist online, that’s cool too!! Don’t copy their art completely, but look at things in their style that you appreciate and try to incorporate that into what you want to draw
    • Also developing an art style takes FOREVER so don’t force yourself into a style right away. It’ll come to you
  • Do studies. What that means is realistically drawing something using a reference. Seriously, draw a ceramic mug or a pencil to practice shading if you want, or draw a person to figure out anatomy. this can help a lot with just getting basics like lineart and shading
  • Practice using different techniques. For example, once you have a sketch and lineart done of your drawing, how do you want to color it? Flat colors, smooth shading, or cell shading? Don’t just stick with one thing all the time unless you really love it. It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone!
  • LOOK FOR RESOURCES. Tumblr is a good place for tutorials (@drawingden is a great blog to find some things). Look online for different techniques people use in their art that could help you
  • It’s okay to use reference images. You will thank yourself later. Google image search what you want to draw and then draw the thing

And like it’s been said before, practice. And practice every day. If you think you don’t have time to practice, make time for it. If you really want to progress in art you’re going to have to find time to practice doing it.

Also???? Do some traditional drawing before you spend money on a drawing tablet. If you’re interested in digital art that’s great but try just drawing on paper and see if you really want to go on to digital.

It’s easy to get discouraged by looking at other people’s art so try to stop comparing yourself to others too much and just use them as inspiration or your goals for the future

Anyway I guess that’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading if you made it this far :)

You are what you want to become. Why search anymore? You are a wonderful manifestation. The whole universe has come together to make your existence possible. There is nothing that is not you. The kingdom of God, the Pure Land, nirvana, happiness, and liberation are all you.
—  Thích Nhất Hạnh
FP Jones/Andrews family /Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 5

Originally posted by archiiandrews

AN: This fic has gotten such a positive reaction and I’m so glad all of you are enjoying it!

Catch up here: (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 1,956 (This chapter is a little short, sorry!)

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic,

“You dragged me over here because you can’t find your wallet? That is what you need me for?” You laughed with disbelief, FP only shrugged his shoulders and rose his eyebrows. 

“Hey, the more people, the quicker I find it.” FP said as he continued to look around the trailer to which looked like a bomb site.

You wanted to say some snarky comment about him having any other friends but in all honesty you were happy he had called you and even thought of you when it came down to something like this. 

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Separate Case

||| Requested by anon, based on my BTS as the Mafia |||

Min Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Summary: You knew he is the only person capable of taking a request like this but there is another problem. How are you supposed to convince him?

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 963

Originally posted by milky-melon

You crouched down and blew some air into your hands in an attempt to stay warm. You have been searching for him for a few months now because you knew he is the only one who will take your request. You paid a lot of money to that guy who promised he will come through here tonight, he always does after a job. He didn’t specify the time tough, so you have been waiting for him since ten pm. You took your phone out and looked at the clock. It was half past two am. Great. If this keeps up you will actually freeze to death. You shunned that thought away. No, you’re not going anywhere just because it’s a bit cold. You slowly slid down the wall and sat up against it. You sighed and leaned your head against it. How do you even approach him? He’s dangerous, you can’t just come up to him and say hi. People associated with this line of work describe him in five words: sharp, precise, quick, silent, deadly. You heard footsteps approaching and immediately stood up. A young man’s figure entered the alley. He looked completely not how you imagined him. He was in his twenties but you expected to see an older man in his fifties or something. He stopped a few steps away from you.

“Are you… Yoongi?” you asked.

“Yes,” he just simply replied. There was silence for a brief moment before you began speaking again.

“I’m here to request-“

“I know why you’re here,” he interrupted. “Everyone comes here because they want me to take care of someone,” he outstretched one of his hands and propped himself up against the wall. “What is it? Be quick. I don’t have all night.”

You quickly took the bundle of money out your pocket and offered it to him. You have to ask him. It’s now or never. You gathered all your courage to finally say those damn words. You told yourself you will feel better later, you just have to let it all out.

“I… I…” you stuttered. You took a deep breath. “I want you to kill my father,” there you said it.

He cocked up his eyebrow at you. He looked at you from the bottom up. His gaze was intense. Only now did you feel the danger radiating out of him.

“I usually just take my money and ask no questions. I don’t care who I kill but…” he looked you in the eyes. “Aren’t you too young for this?”

“Excuse me? I’m probably older then you!” you lied, trying to act offended.

“Are you serious?” he mocked and stood up straight. “You chose the wrong person to lie to. I can see right through you.”

“Wait…” he began, as he took a few steps closer to you. Not breaking eye contact. His face suddenly became serious and you wanted to increase the distance from him but bumped into the wall. He grabbed your hands and pushed you against it.

“Are you even legal?” he started searching around your body.

“What are you doing you pervert!” you wanted to shout but he put his hand over your mouth.

“Shut up. Don’t draw any attention,” he took your wallet out of your jacket’s inner pocket. “I was looking for this,” he waved it in front of your face.

“Are you going to steal from me now too?”

He looked at you like you were the dumbest person on the planet.

“Does it look like I need money? If I wanted anything from you, you would have been dead before you even stood up from your sitting position.”

He opened the wallet and started going through your cards. He took one of your IDs out.

“A high schooler, really?” he sighed and turned the card around. He checked your birth date and smirked to himself. “You’re lucky you’re nineteen,” he threw the wallet back to you. “I will do it.”

You were so surprised he agreed, you just froze to your spot. You actually thought he will get rid of you. He started walking further into the alley but only then you realized you never gave him the money. You ran after him and tugged at his sleeve but he spun around and grabbed you by the neck.

“Don’t ever do that. I hate people sneaking up on me,” he loosened his grip and let go of you. You rubbed your neck, you could still feel his fingers. You shouldn’t let your guard down just because he agreed on the offer. You bit down on your lip and clenched your fists, your hands were trembling, you were actually scared,you can’t give him the money this way.

“And don’t do that either,” he sighed. You looked up at him, not too sure what he’s talking about. “With your lips,” he gestured at you.

You started blushing like crazy and just took the money out. At least it was dark and he couldn’t see you that clearly. You handed them to him. He took the money out of your hand, counted it and gave it back.

“You can keep it,” he said. “You will pay me back when I get the job done.”

“What? I heard that’s not how this works,” you asked him confused. Doesn’t he meet his clients only once?

“Well you’re a separate special case,” he turned around and started walking again.

“How can you believe my word just like that? I could run away with your money right now,” you shouted after him.

“Oh trust me, I will find you…” he just laughed at you, you watched him disappear into the darkness. You stood there still wondering what happened. Did you really just hire an assassin to murder your father?

The Sound

Character: Haechan, Reader

Pairing: Haechan/Reader

Genre: Angsty Fluff

Word Count: 4.8K

*soundcloud au where you hear his voice on some poor quality cover he totally used his laptop mic to record, but now you’re in love with everything he uploads. Litlle did you know he is a regular in the vinylshop you work at who flirts with you shamelessly, but you’re loyal to mystery boy.

You had stumbled upon his profile sometime late in the night (early in the morning) when your eyes were failing you and your taste was becoming musty with sleep. You were trying to find some antidote to lull you to sleep as your usual concoction of hot chocolate and Tylenol P.M. was lacking at its job. You had an oral report in the next few hours and you were practically begging your body to be well rested so you didn’t slur your speech in the middle of a presentation about America’s faults during WWII.

You hadn’t paid much mind to the song creator, your focus had reached a steady lull by then, but you had clicked on the title Everything’ll Change because you were hopeful your alertness would change to REM cycles. You had closed your eyes as the beat started, burying your hands underneath your dark gray blanket as you breathed in the down linen myth you achieved with downy weekly.

The sound had caught you off guard, your hazed emotions and senses reeling you back to attention as a honey-filtered voice scratched over a stripped track. The quality was nothing to be proud of, but the liquid of his voice flowed still- strong and confident as a faint static caught the background, almost as if it was recorded in the middle of the night with a fan turned into the mic. You melted under the docile nature of his tone, hearing the raw power and emotional connection through your Soundcloud free-trial as if you were listening to his own handcrafted mix that he tagged especially for you.

You slept well after that.

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Poshmark for Cosplayers (a sort-of guide)

I’ve been using Poshmark to buy pieces for some of my cosplays for a while , and since it’s really come through for me, I thought I’d put it on your guys’ radar.

The basics: is one of the many online secondhand clothing sites out there, but they’ve been around for ages. People use it to clean our their closets, find out-of-stock pieces, and make swaps. It’s like eBay, but just for clothes and shoes, with simpler search perimeters that you can set and save to your custom size. Best of all (for me): you can make offers. There’s no guarantee the seller will take your offer, but I always try to knock off a buck or two if I can.

What it’s good for: Finding screen-accurate pieces that have long since sold out. I was trying to find a pair of boots featured in a single episode of a show like three years ago; no one had them. But some chick in TX trying to make a quick buck was selling a pair. Match made.

Most often, I use Poshmark to find pieces for cosplays I’m loathe to make from scratch. Currently, that means Prompto from FFXV. This nugget. More on that under the cut.

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artist-in-space  asked:

Hi, okay, was dabbling around Google because of the hype and I want you to search what Google's motto is. Compare the original one to the 2015 one. Goes to show how Googleplier is way off track but somehow on the line of their motto. What do you think?


does…. does that mean that google is infected with a virus? has some corrupted files? being controlled by some dark intentions? thinking that he’s ‘doing the right thing’???


Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Soulmate au

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

You were walking down the halls of your high school, best friend beside you babbling about another boy.

“And oh my god here he comes! I hope he’s my soulmate, y’know how awesome that’d be?” she squealed, before turning bright red when he locked eyes with her.

“Hello Irene.” Markus said smiling, before walking away.

“Oh my god he said hi to me!” she whispered holding onto you for support.

“Oh my god it’s just Markus that stuck up pompous asshole that has daddy issues.” you said rolling your eyes, you never could recall why Irene was so into Markus, he was the school’s golden boy, good grades always straight A’s, never got in trouble.

“You just don’t understand y/n, he’s so….” Irene sighed dreamily staring off into space.

“Irene? Earth to Irene!” you called waving your hand in front of her face when you felt a sharp pain in your finger. “Ouch.” you hissed bringing your hand to your face to inspect it.

“What’s wrong?” she asked finally brought back to earth. You paused and watched the red blood well up and form a small bubble on your finger. Sticking it in your mouth you tasted the iron, sighing you grabbed a band aid and secured it around your finger.

“It’s nothing, just a paper cut.” you said,

“How’d you get it? You weren’t even near paper.” she asked,

“I don’t know…” you mumbled, a conversation catching your ears.

“Damn Yoongi, did you get another paper cut?” Namjoon asked grabbing a band aid, “You’re always hurting yourself whether it be out fighting in the street or making music.” he shook his head.

“Fuck off Namjoon i’m fine I get them all the time.” Yoongi mumbled as Namjoon handed him a band aid.

“Y/n!” Irene called, narrowing her eyes, “Why were you staring at Yoongi? You do know that’s the Min Yoongi right? The one that you hate, the boy that spilled paint on your hair in third grade?” she asked,

“I wasn’t staring!” you huffed walking faster to put some distance between him and your confusion. Alas, luck was not on your side. “Oof.” you grunted, bumping into him.

“Well look who decided to drop by.” Yoongi smirked, “Couldn’t get enough of me last night?” he asked,

“What does he mean last night?” Irene hissed from behind you.

“Nothing!” you snapped,

“By the way you were screaming my name it sure wasn’t nothing sweetheart.” Yoongi drawled having fun twisting the story.

“I have a class to get to, move Yoongi.” you hissed before pushing past him Irene timidly following.

“What did he mean by last night? And why must you pick a fight with Yoongi every day? I fear for my life you do know he’s dangerous right? He fights in the streets, he’s in a gang I heard, all seven of those boys are dangerous!” Irene said determined to get answers.

“It was nothing, I was coming back from the convenience store and this guy tried to pull something, Yoongi came and stopped him.” you paused, “It was nothing!” you said, before walking into your chemistry class. Searching for a seat you found one in the back corner, just what you wanted. Walking up the aisle you passed none other than Markus.

“Not even gonna say hi baby?” He asked smirking, rolling your eyes you kept walking. “Aw c’mon I even saved a seat for you!” he called but you just ignored him sitting in the back,

“Class please be quiet we’re going to learn about the periodic table today!” The teacher called walking in. Soon you were lost in your own world, doodling in your leather book.

“And so that’s why this is….” the teacher droned on, you sighed. It was going to be a long class, the clock had barely moved to signal five minutes. Looking around the room your eyes landed on Yoongi. Hand moving on it’s own you scribbled black lines of ink on a page, filling in the hair before drawing the delicate neck. Looking down you realized that you had drawn him.

You had drawn Min Yoongi.

Slamming the book closed the teacher looked at you with disapproval. “Drawing in class again Miss y/n?” he asked,

“N-n-no sir!” you stuttered before catching Yoongi’s eye. Blushing you stared straight ahead for the rest of class.

Why did I draw him?

Shaking your head you quickly left class glad that you had a study hall next. You vowed to never show Irene she’d never let you live this down.

“Y/n!” Irene called motioning for you to join her at a table outside.  

“Hi,” you said sitting down and pulling out a pencil and your journal,

“Drawing again?” she asked looking over your shoulder,

“Yup,” you responded absentmindedly drawing the scene unfolding in front of you.

“Ya! Respect your hyungs you brat!” Yoongi snapped as Jungkook sprayed them with water. Laughing Namjoon used him as a shield to stay dry. Looking over he saw you staring at him, winking he laughed.

Embarrassed you looked down and saw that you had drawn him laughing as Jungkook sprayed them with water, groaning you closed the book and slammed your head on the table.

“What’s wrong?” Irene asked looking up from her phone,.

“Hey, the whole soul mate thing, do you believe in it?” you asked,

“Of course I believe in it, it’s been proven if you’re soul mates you feel the same pain they feel, the same emotions, it’s a beautiful connection! Don’t you have a tattoo on your wrist?” she asked, concern showing, “Y/n, the whole soul mate system, it works. I’ve seen it my parents are living proof, so are yours.” she sighed, “just because you haven’t found your soulmate doesn’t mean you should completely disregard the system.” Irene paused, “I haven’t found mine yet, besides I learned something interesting.” she paused, “I heard you got caught drawing in chem, you never get caught anymore. What’s going on?” she asked,

“Nothing, why I get caught all the time.” you defended,

“Oh, sure the last time you got caught was about five months ago, when Mr. Jung showed your drawing to the whole class you vowed to never get caught again, something’s up y/n and i’m gonna find out what.” she said before getting up and leaving for her next class. Groaning you reopened your journal and looked at the two pictures you had drawn, one of Yoongi’s head facing away from you and one of him laughing while Jungkook splashed water on him. Sighing you grabbed your bags and headed to your art class hoping that drawing the model today would get your mind out of the gutter.

“Oh! Y/n, I have the pencils you lent me last time! Thanks you really saved me!” Taehyung laughed as he handed you the pencils. “C’mon! Let’s sit do you know who’s modeling today?” he asked, you just shook your head and flipped to a new page before grabbing your charcoals. “I heard it’s Min Yoongi!” he whispered as the teacher walked in, “I don’t know what convinced him to model or what the teacher did but damn.” Taehyung giggled.

“Taehyung do you have something to share?” Ms. Park asked, “that’s what I thought, Class today we have a special guest modeling for us.” She clapped her hands before Opening the door, “Yoongi has agreed to model for us so I hope we all have fantastic drawings today!” smiling she had Yoongi sit on a stool in surrounded by easels. Internally groaning you picked up a piece of charcoal and stared at Yoongi.

You marveled at how the sunlight hit his hair just right making him seem like he almost glowed. He had porcelain skin and chocolate eyes. Everything about him was beautiful, and you hated that you loved it.

“Beautiful.” you whispered before finally getting to work after staring at him. Looking down at your blank sketchpad you marked it with bold black lines, soon a rough face formed. Glancing up so every often you found that Yoongi’s eyes never strayed from your view, he was always staring at you, analyzing you, watching you, but you didn’t mind that you found out.

Yoongi watched as your eyes flitted back and forth from his figure to your paper. It was mesmerizing, how each line you made on your paper was highly calculated and perfectly executed. It sent shivers down his back how whenever your eyes landed on his figure it was like you were memorizing him. Memorizing each and every nook and cranny, like you could see and point out each and every one of his flaws.

“Damn.” Taehyung breathed looking at your drawing, it was a living masterpiece. You had drawn every stray hair, every shadow down to how his eyes sparkled and his hands rested peacefully on the stool. “Y/n….” he started,

“What?” you asked, looking up at Yoongi before adding some more shading to his cheek bones.

“That, that’s not a drawing or a sketch y/n.” he looked up at Yoongi for a minute making him squirm before looking back down at your drawing, “That’s a masterpiece.”

“Why do I hear you guys talking and not drawing?” Ms. Park said walking over about to scold you both more when her eyes landed on your drawing. “My god….” She whispered before plucking it about to show it to everyone…….Yoongi included.

“No!” Suddenly burst from your mouth when you snatched your pad back and flipped to a new page, “I don’t want them seeing my artwork thank you though.” you muttered before starting a new one. Shrugging Ms. Park just walked away.

“Are you going to model for us tomorrow too Yoongi?” Ms. Park asked him, he nodded watching you leave silently. “She’s got talent,” she said noticing his interest in you, “She’s shy about her artwork though, that drawing of hers today was one of her best yet I’m surprised she didn’t want to show the class.” then she went to work on papers at her desk.

Grumbling you punched the numbers into a vending machine to get a snack waiting for Taehyung and Irene to meet up with you.

“Ya! Why didn’t you show the class your drawing?” Taehyung called walking next to Irene. You looked like a deer in the headlights holding a candy bar.

“What drawing?” Irene asked staring at you,

“She drew a beautiful drawing of Min Yoon-” Taehyung started but you suddenly slapped a hand over his mouth,

“Nothing!” You snapped staring at Taehyung pleading for him to not say anything, not that he needed to because Irene was a smart girl and had figured out who your model was.

“You drew Yoongi!” she said grinning before Yoongi came running around the corner.

“Ya! Listen to me!” Jaebum yelled chasing after him,

“No! Get away from me!” Yoongi called when he suddenly tripped over Taehyung’s thoughtfully placed foot falling face first into the concrete. “You little!” He started before playfully tackling Taehyung who just laughed as you and Irene slowly backed up when she suddenly gasped.

“Y/n,” she said, catching everyone’s attention looking at a couple of bruises forming on your arms and legs. Yoongi stared at you, “H-how?” she asked, “You didn’t do anything to hurt yourself….” she trailed off before glancing at Yoongi who had the same bruises, “But he did….” then it clicked, “He-he he-.” then, she fainted. Gaping you groaned internally before reaching down to pick her up. Nodding and ignoring Yoongi you walked with Taehyung to take Irene to the nurse.

“Hey, is it true that Yoongi’s your soul mate?” a classmate asked when you walked past her,

“Fuck off.” you groaned as you kept walking. You were were living a nightmare, out of all people Yoongi had to be your soulmate. The boy who poured paint in your hair in third grade, the boy who always tripped you during recess, the boy who terrorized your high school life.


“Goddammit!” Yoongi yelled kicking open an abandoned classroom door and slamming it shut Namjoon following.

“Dude what’s wrong? Have you heard the rumors about you and-” he started but Yoongi whipped around,

“Yes, I’ve heard the rumors Namjoon.” Yoongi hissed,

“W-well is it true?” Namjoon asked, Yoongi didn’t respond turning away. “Is it?”

“Yes.” He huffed, “and if one more student asks me about it I swear to god I’m going to kick them to africa.” Namjoon paused, before grinning.

“Don’t-don’t you like y/n though Yoongi?” he asked slyly,

“You-she doesn’t like me back anyways.” Yoongi said shrugging, “Besides she hates me and I’ve gotten over my middle school crush.” he said firmly before walking away to his class, “Are you coming?” he called over his shoulder. Namjoon just nodded praying that the poor classmates wouldn’t bother Yoongi today because he was pissed.

You stomped into your class to your spot in the back, noticing a smirking Markus you promised yourself that if he said anything you’d punch his sorry ass.

“Hey baby, why don’t you sit next to me today hmm?” he asked,

“She can’t she has a soul mate now Markie!” a girl giggled,

“All more reason for her to sit next to me,” he said smirking, “I’m better than Yoongi y/n I promise.” he winked at you as you walked away,

“Don’t bother she’s just a stuck up nerd anyways.” Jennie said smirking as she walked up to Markus, eye twitching you stomped up to her and slapped her across the face silencing everyone in the room,

“At least i’m not some slut that sleeps with every male in sight.” you snarled before stalking out of the room bumping into Yoongi who stood in the doorway shocked, never has he ever seen you slap someone with such force. “Move.” you said pushing him out of the way and disappearing around the corner,

“What ha-” Yoongi started but Jennie was furious, not to mention embarrassed.

“You tell your soulmate to watch out Min Yoongi, I’m not going to stay still and I will make her life living hell.” she hissed, but Yoongi narrowed his eyes,

“Have you forgotten who I am?” he asked raising an eyebrow before walking slowly towards her, “I can make you wish you were dead Jennie so think about your next move, I have a gang that would happily make your life living hell.” he whispered quietly, yet the whole class heard his threat and with that he walked out of the room.

You stomped down the hall kids jumping out of the way not wanting to face your anger. The thing was you didn’t even know why you were so angry, it was just like something snapped in you. You’re not normally a violent person and before you would have never dreamed of slapping Jennie.

What’s happening to me?