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People in the CU fandom, I need help. I am not too happy right now. Okay, for some reason, I’m having the hardest time finding these plushies online. I’m told they’re at ToysRUs, but the site says they’re all out of stock. I could maybe call in to the nearest store to see if they have them in person, but it may not be likely. I just dont understand how they ran out so quickly, the movie hasn’t been out a month. I found a couple listings on eBay, but they’re asking about 100 bucks for the whole set, and I wouldn’t spend that much money on plushies (except if I buy a bunch of Build a Bear plushies at once, but that only happened once or twice lol). I dunno, if someone could help me out (or even gift me a plushie or two since my birthday is on the 30th this month), that’d be awesome I guess.


Filipinotale Grillby, Muffet, and Mettaton(box) :D

Not much change has been made to grillby though. XD

Grillby sells barbecued and street foods and Muffet sells filipino desserts!(Toriel makes the best champorado and ensaymada XD)

Also Mettaton has water on his body so he does not overheat!

The Flying Bicyclist

31 Days of Fanon Swan Queen, Day 2:  Who is the first to find out about them and how?

Summary:  Emma and Regina think that they have a private moment alone.  They were wrong… and in a rather comical way!


“Sheriff Swan!”

Sheriff Emma Swan moved suddenly at the reproachful sound of her name and hit her head up against the roof of the car yelping in pain.  Backing out slowly, she turned on her heel to find an inquisitive Mayor Regina Mills glaring back at her, with an agog expression and hands on her hips.

“Jesus, Regina.”  Emma rubbed the back of her head.  

“I am burning with curiosity, Sheriff.  Would you mind telling me just what you think you are doing in the backseat of my car?”

Emma’s face turned beet red and she chuckled nervously, “Well… you see… you’re going to laugh.”

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