search and you shall not find

“Y-You’re just the s-stupid mortal whelp whom I shall devour to satisfy my hunger! B-But I’m j-just letting you off EASY this time! Because i’m so m-merciful! Understand?!

And you’re just the princess whom will attract knights, searching for misled fame and glory! *cough* *gack* But FINE, let’s find a lake! But it’s because I’M DECIDING TO GO THERE! NOT YOU!!!

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A Valentine (1850)

For her this rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes,
   Brightly expressive as the twins of Lœda,
Shall find her own sweet name, that, nestling lies
   Upon the page, enwrapped from every reader.
Search narrowly the lines! — they hold a treasure
   Divine — a talisman — an amulet
That must be worn at heart. Search well the measure  —
   The words — the syllables! Do not forget
The trivialest point, or you may lose your labor!
   And yet there is in this no Gordian knot
Which one might not undo without a sabre,
   If one could merely comprehend the plot.
Enwritten upon the leaf where now are peering
   Eyes scintillating soul, there lie perdus
Three eloquent words oft uttered in the hearing
   Of poets, by poets — as the name is a poet’s, too.
Its letters, although naturally lying
   Like the knight Pinto — Mendez Ferdinando —
Still form a synonym for Truth. Cease trying!
   You will not read the riddle, though you do the best you can do.

Edgar Allan Poe.


Twins of Lœda: In Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux were twins born of Leda and fathered by Zeus, who disguised himself as a swan and seduced her. The twins are also the two brightest stars in Gemini constellation.

Gordian Knot: A legend where Alexander the Great tried to untie a complicated knot and when he couldn’t solve the puzzle, sliced it in half with his sword. 

Mendez Ferdinando: Fernão Mendes Pinto was a Portuguese explorer born in 1509. The stories he wrote of his life were so unusual and exaggerated that they were not believed. 

nothing will ever convince me that morrigan didn’t leave skyhold to go search for the warden. king alistair gets a letter from her basically reading, “since you seem utterly incapable of finding your wife, i shall do it for you. try not to ruin fereldan while i’m gone.” and then she takes kieran and goes west. 

when he asks her why they’re searching, morrigan takes time choosing an answer. because she had not known what a friend was before fighting the fifth blight. because what the warden is looking for will bring thedas crashing into a new age. because the west is where the old magic - the true magic - lies dormant, waiting to be woken up.

finally, though, she decides to tell him the truest of all these things. “because the warden is our family,” she says. “and we need her to be safe.”

On Women Warriors in For Honor and “Damn Feminists”.

I just find those people who think the option of female warriors in For Honor is just “feminists ruining everything” adorable. Especially when they spew the “historically unaccurate” argument. Let’s have a look at history, shall we?

Female knights are the hardest to find information about, but you can find a decent amount of information with a quick Google search. While the Order of the Hatchet was a honorific order, its women were called “knights” did in fact fight, with the aforementioned weapon. What more, we know women fought during the Crusades, even lead armies, if not as knights, then at least disguised as men or sometimes not even bothering with that. The Templar Order admitted women as well.

Female Vikings are already well-known in the scientific community, as archeologists have found several graves of women from Viking communities buried with their weapons and armor. In fact, several graves that were previously assumed to have male Vikings in them turned out to hold the remains of women. 

Female samurais? Well, that one is super-easy because female samurai are a well-known staple of Japan, even despite it being a patriarchal culture. Heck, they existed recently enough that we even have photographic evidence of them being a thing. 

So there you go, For Honor isn’t “historically incorrect”, not by a long shot. Women always fought and defied gender roles, even during times when the general consensus was that they should cook, look pretty and squirt out kids (so there goes a comfortable image of “good old times” for some, I guess). Heck, they even got the armors and body types correct, because it’s made for function, not to make the characters look attractive. Because let’s be honest who gives a shit about that when you’re about to be brained with a mace.

So, dear “feminists ruin everything” people. If you want to be offended by anything in this game, and this is tumblr where we’re notoriously offended by anything and everything so have fun, perhaps you should direct your anger at the fact that in this game, each faction has a “tiny, light and fast person” class that can only be played as female. I mean, there are slender, lightweight men of 5 foot 7 and under in real-life, right? Why not make gender optional there as well? At least you have something of a leg to stand on there. Or what, do you not count anyone without a beard or under 6 foot as a man either?

heave canticle to praise sweat, pregnant talks of lovers in acidification, watch my glass strength aroused, bits of moans dissected, “here she breathed through her thighs; there through her arch and I suffocated in planes ecstatic”, this is a religious poem. in heaven they are given in marriage and inhale the sex of creator/creation. in heaven they consummate love through becoming and fire. in heaven they are as angels who give themselves eternally to lust separated from moorings. in heaven they are given as stars give, as gravity waves, as particles surging together who themselves declare life shall form from us and finds us again in searches. I have loved you in every manifestation of me, in every rough and useless beginning, in every thwarted change, in every vibration overshadowed by a pause. I break my back, contact my spine, press myself against force to know you as I am known by return. we kissed once invisibly, I remember and dismember myself, a shattered glass of whiskey, a plum left upon its stem. I burst. I yield my juice. I proliferate. I think of you torturously.
—  Stimie
Letter. Thoughts of a Dom

Little girl;

Sometimes I feel lost. I feel like I would gladly kneel to you. Crawl to you. Kiss your feet. Kiss your ass (if you’d like). Without you I am alone. I need you. Without you I am not Dom. I am only me, in the dark searching. You are my complement. There is a little of me in you and a little of you in me. I would cry with you. I would shed tears of sorrow or joy with you. Gratefully with no shame. I can be naked with you. There is no need to run, no need to hide. I have the strength to be vulnerable with you.

Your submission is a most cherished gift. I cannot ever forget that it is a gift. If I abuse what you give me, I shall be an unworthy wretch.

I am deeply touched when you wear my collar. I find myself melting a little inside when you have it on. You wear it proudly. You wear it with a glow. 

I want to see you naked except for the collar, standing by my bed by candlelight brushing your hair. I like to watch you, to see the feminine motion of your hands, as the brush bristles flow effortlessly through the softness of your long red hair.

You kneel to me. Between my legs. Head lowered, you pleasure me with your mouth. I watch you. I see the joy etched in your face as you give and give. I command you sternly. I demand that you do it the way I like it. I order you. I dictate to you the exact motions to make. I tell you how deep to take it, how wet to get it, how fast to stroke it, how tight to grasp it. I swear. I scream obscenities at you. I call you dirty names. I grab your hair. But inevitably, the balance shifts. I go quiet. My breathing deepens. I stroke your hair. The power is yours. And you know it. You bask in it. You delight in it. I don’t see your smile as I can no longer watch, but I know that you are smiling. My hands tremble. You have me.

I was afraid when we met that I would be taking advantage of you. But no more. I am Dom, you are sub. We can play. We can laugh. We can love. We can discover. We can be wicked together. Yes.

Your shy giggling is so submissive. I smile when I hear it.

Would you bite into me if I told you to? Could you use the whip if I handed it to you?

You are my poetry. My muse. My thoughts surround you. They squeeze me toward you.

You are my sin, my wickedness. My mind flows to you. Into you like a river to the sea.

Rope is not strong enough for you. You need metal cuffs and chains to contain you, to hold you. I will have you like that.

When we are apart, the distance is painful. My soul aches. My body aches. For you. I can touch myself. I can close my eyes and close the distance. I feel you. I call you. Your name fills the air as my body convulses with pleasure.

Time is an ocean, but it ends at the shore. The waves will roll in. I will touch you again.

I want to whisper in your ear. I want to be breathless from fucking you. I want to hear your low cries as I thrust into you. I want to feel your supple skin in my hands, and your soft hair against my sweat soaked face. I want to flog you. To hear the thud of the rope on your body. I want to see you in heat. I want to go to exhaustion with you.

When I say “the position”, you know. Your position. Doggie style, hands and elbows flat, head low, ass high. It is beautiful to see you waiting like that. Waiting for discipline, waiting for love, waiting for the unknown. Waiting for the decision. You excite me. You thrill me. You make me salivate like a Pavlov dog. Is that power?

Yes, I feel lost but found. I shall come to you. We shall both know our place.

Eruri in AoT Junior High vol 3

Be-Bop Junior High

“And they both, the teacher who didn’t want to do any work and his student who probably had some sort of obsessive disorder, lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER

I just got my copy on AoT Junior High 3 and without second thought this is the chapter I look forward to. Can we talk about the last sentence? HAPPILY EVER AFTER ERURI!!!!!!! 

Also, this part

Eren: Why would Erwin be talking about “Letting Levi in?”* I have to know!!

*Take our advice: Do not search for this on Tumblr

US!Kondansha is acknowledging Eruri!!! Now excuse me, I shall throw cookies to their translation team.

Note: the entire chapter has been translated by glorious darlingpoppet & scanlated by awesome erwvi

You can find it HERE 


The Temple of Sacred Ashes

According to legend, the Sacred Ashes of Andraste were carried out of the Imperium by Havard, disciple of Our Lady. Wounded by Tevinter soldiers when he tried to stop Andraste’s capture, Havard was too late in coming to Minrathous to stop the execution. All he found was her ashes, left out in the elements. As soon as Havard touched them, Andraste appeared in a vision.

“Rise,” she said, “Aegis of the Faith. The Maker shall never forget you as long as I remember.”

The Aegis of the Faith, so named by our Prophet herself, stood at her word and found his wounds healed and his spirit renewed. He gathered the ashes of Andraste and returned to the lands of the Alamarri tribes, which are now Ferelden. It’s said that Andraste’s song led him to a holy site, where Havard and his followers built a temple to house her remains.

There the legend ends. For centuries, men searched for the Temple of Sacred Ashes, finding only rumours and tall tales. Chantry scholars concluded that there was no temple. There were no Sacred Ashes. It was all a myth, allegory intended to inspire and feed the fire of faith.

Then the Hero of Ferelden came. Seeking to cure a dying arl with the miraculous powers of the ashes, the Hero, with the help of renowned scholar Brother Ferdinand Genitivi, traced the steps of the ancients and came to a remote ruin, high in the Frostback Mountains. There, the Urn of Sacred Ashes waited, as the legend said it would.

After the triumph of the righteous over the Fifth Blight, the temple’s discovery was shared with the world. Much to our dismay, however, by the time our soldiers arrived at the temple, the urn had disappeared. To this day, we do not know who took them or why. All that is certain is that it was the Maker’s will.

The Hero of Ferelden did not share the discovery with the world, and Brother Genitivi, whose research made it possible, had disappeared without a trace. Truth, however, will always out and rumours circulated about the cause of Arl Eamon Guerrin’s miraculous recovery. Agents of the Chantry investigated claims about the Urn of Sacred Ashes and were eventually led, as the Hero had been led, to the temple. By the time our soldiers reached it, however, the urn was nowhere to be found.

Though the ashes were gone, the temple itself stood, and it has since become a source of hope to the faithful. If the Grand Cathedral is the beating heart of our Chantry, then the Temple of Sacred Ashes is her soul. Here, we honor the Chantry’s past even as we forge bravely into our future.

—From a lecture delivered by Chantry scholar Mother Clothilde at the University of Orlais in 9:38 Dragon

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. 12 Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. 13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah‬ ‭29‬:‭11-13‬

A Valentine

  For her this rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes,
      Brightly expressive as the twins of Loeda,
  Shall find her own sweet name, that, nestling lies
      Upon the page, enwrapped from every reader.
  Search narrowly the lines!—they hold a treasure
      Divine—a talisman—an amulet
  That must be worn at heart. Search well the measure—
      The words—the syllables! Do not forget
  The trivialest point, or you may lose your labor!
      And yet there is in this no Gordian knot

  Which one might not undo without a sabre,
      If one could merely comprehend the plot.
  Enwritten upon the leaf where now are peering
      Eyes scintillating soul, there lie perdus
  Three eloquent words oft uttered in the hearing
      Of poets, by poets—as the name is a poet’s, too.
  Its letters, although naturally lying
      Like the knight Pinto—Mendez Ferdinando—
  Still form a synonym for Truth—Cease trying!
      You will not read the riddle, though you do the best you can do.

  Edgar Allan Poe — 1846.

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Poe Meets World: Volume 2

     You can find Part 1 if you search the “gmw” tag on my blog!  It’s one of the most recent posts (if not the most recent; I’m not really sure).  Anyway, let’s get started on this article, shall we?

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     In the previous volume of this series, I discussed the similarities between Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “Ligeia” and how the Gothic doubling of two female characters has continued to twenty-first-century tween television with its new “brunette/blonde best friend dynamic.”  I discussed how shows like “Hannah Montana” or “iCarly” nearly rewrote Poe’s story of Ligeia and Rowena with different character names and then wondered if Disney Channel’s current biggest hit, “Girl Meets World,” textually follows the same path through its best friend characters, Riley and Maya.  For the sake of this volume, I will say that the show does fall into Gothic doubling because of the metaphors and adjectives that other supporting characters use to describe the girls and highlight their differences.  In the case of “Girl Meets World,” the potential Gothic doubling appears in the text as early as the pilot episode.

     The pilot episode’s first scene features seventh-grade versions of Riley and Maya.  Riley is terrified to sneak onto the subway without her parents’ permission, and Maya (the cavalier) assures Riley that if she wants to be more like her, she has to sneak away.  Already, we are set up to believe that one character has all the morals and the other is thoroughly lacking them.  The double only intensifies once the girls finally make it to school and their history class, where the audience first encounters a character that will soon be central to the doubling plot.

Originally posted by floralhart

     All of the characters comment upon Riley and Maya’s extreme differences in the pilot, but one character does it far more frequently than the rest.  Their friend Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis) claims to be in love with both girls equally.  His rationale is that the personalities are so contrasted that loving them the same amount makes for a kind of “super girlfriend.” When Riley’s father and history teacher, Cory (Ben Savage), asks Farkle how he could possibly love these two incredibly different women the same amount, Farkle stands up to give a conceit about the girls, and although the conceit is cliché, it is crucial to understanding where Riley and Maya fall on the Gothic double spectrum.

     Farkle says that Riley is “the sun” because she is “warm and lights up [his] day.” The sun and daylight are usually associated with goodness—in other words, a worn-out metaphor.  On the other hand, he compares Maya to “the night” because she is “dark… and mysterious.” The use of the adjective mysterious to describe Maya in opposition to Riley is crucial in seeing why the supporting cast tries to force the two girls into a Gothic double.  Farkle associates the night with mystery, and since he has created a binary opposition between Riley and Maya, the viewer can infer that if Riley is the sun, she is not mysterious at all.  This allows for the implication that there is superficiality to Riley because she is kind, which not only reinforces the doubling trope, but also, it can be interpreted as sexist.  Over time, the Farkle character does change and overcome his seventh-grade-sexist tendencies, but at this moment, the attitude is clearly quite intact.  The doubling and consequential sexism are revealed even in Farkle’s syntax.

     When Farkle refers to Riley and Maya, that is exactly how he does so – Riley before Maya.  Another way of writing that?


     The above is a clear representation of the binary opposition that Farkle (and later on, other characters) initially tries to force the girls into.  In Western culture, people read from left to right.  With Western binaries, then, the “favored” half can almost always be found on the left side of the conjunction or slash mark.  It applies to more than just “Riley/Maya.” Other examples include “light/dark,” “happy/sad,” and “good/bad.” But from Farkle’s description of the girls, it can be inferred that “good/bad” and “Riley/Maya” are one in the same.  Riley is on the side of the good.  Her personality is favored by not only Farkle, but by Western culture.

     Riley herself understands that she is the “good half” of the supposed double.  Her struggle in this episode is the desire to renounce her goodness and adapt to Maya’s allegedly dangerous behavior.  She wants to “become” Maya, an incredibly Poe-esque wish that will be discussed in a later volume. Putting the girls in a comparison like the one Farkle gives and noticing the binary opposition between them is a way that this show attempts to hold up the Gothic double.  Still, the trope goes beyond Farkle’s initial observations about the girls.  Another character (and possibly two) puts them at odds due to their physical appearances.

     In the season-two episode “Girl Meets Creativity,” there is a point where the girls’ classmate, Zay Babineaux (Amir Mitchell Townes), reveals how his friend Lucas Friar (Peyton Meyer) described the girls when he would report back to his hometown of Austin, Texas.  Currently, one of the major plot points in the series is a love triangle existing among Riley, Maya, and Lucas [insert timely Oxford comma joke here].  His descriptors of both of the girls he has romantic feelings for, then, are crucial.  Apparently, Lucas referred to Riley as “the pretty brunette who never gives up on her friends” and to Maya as “the blonde beauty.”  These descriptors are relevant to Poe and “Ligeia” in a number of ways, beginning with the fact that Riley is described with both a physical feature and an undoubtedly positive personality trait.  Ligeia is complimented on her looks and the steadfast quality of her character.  Rowena is just beautiful.  Likewise, Maya is just beautiful.  While Zay does add that Lucas said Maya was “all full of fire,” the audience might want to keep in mind that fire is destructive.  While the trait attached to Riley would likely never be considered destructive, Maya’s trait could very well go that way.

     It should be noted that typically, pretty is a lesser degree of attractiveness than beautiful, and the former term is used to describe Riley (the light double).  Zay claims that Lucas thinks Riley is simply “pretty,” and it is easy to assume that her physical appearance might be less important if her character is so pure and strong.  But if Maya lacks Riley’s goodness, it would be simple to assume that she needs to be stunning to garner any redemption. But the key word in both of these statements is assume.  Even though Lucas is in the room when Zay tells Riley and Maya what he said about them and does not correct a thing, the conversation is still based upon hearsay.  Zay is still a first-person narrator who can filter Lucas’s speech to fit any mold he wishes.  How Lucas sees these two girls is completely up to his narration, and his narration might not have many Gothic doubling tendencies (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t have all that many.). After all, the Lucas character’s perceptions of the two female leads are vital to the current plot.  What is immediately pressing is the way in which Riley and Maya attempt to box themselves into the Gothic double, a recurring topic so central to their characterizations that it must be reserved for its own volume.

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(Check back soon for volume 3!)

“Barry deserves better than Iris” “Iris doesn’t deserve him”

So really what you’re saying is that since Iris didn’t drop her long-term committed relationship for Barry - who didn’t tell her how he felt until she was in a serious relationship - and be with him, Barry somehow deserves better?

Let’s discuss why Iris is “underserving” of Barry, shall we? 

  • was the only who who believed Barry when he said his father didn’t kill his mother
  • started writing about The Flash - searching for the impossible - so she could find answers and so that Barry didn’t seem insane
  • has done nothing but be supportive of Barry throughout his life
  • imagine all the times she comforted him and made him feel home when he first moved in???!?!?!
  • constantly expresses how she wants him to be happy
  • wants everyone to know how truly amazing he is
  • ostracized and lied to constantly by Barry but!!!! forgives him because she’s an absolute angel
  • visited Barry every day when he was in a coma, describing her relationship with him as “home”
  • “do what you need to do for yourself”
  • did I mention literally sought out The Flash for Barry!!!!
  • constantly supports Barry as The Flash and does everything in her power to not diminish The Flash’s actions in the public eye
  • plus more!!! 

Iris has been nothing but supportive of Barry - throughout all of his hardships. But since she didn’t dump her boyfriend for Barry, he deserves better? Since when is love about “deserving” someone? If we’re going by that logic, Iris deserves to be respected, included, and not have her agency diminished by her best friend and her family. 

Get outta here with that shit.

As requested . . .

As requested by @larriefreedom here are all my points from today’s argument in relation to what makes Shadowhunters good without the negative bits inbetween!

What, in our opinion, makes the show good?

*Cracks fingers* Well, to name a few….

The show is diverse. Honest to god it is one of the most diverse shows I have ever seen on telly, giving actors from all minorities opportunities to express their talent on-screen. They made sure they didn’t white wash Magnus and searched for Asian actors only and gave people like Alberto and Emeraude who actually deserve the ability to show the world how amazing they are despite their nationality is just fantastic.

But you’ve been going on and on about the source material so let’s examine that, shall we?

The main plot points of the show are the same from the source material. I.E: Find the Mortal Cup before Valentine; Save Clary’s mother. No matter what you think, as long as these points are followed and the main outcome is the same then the events that bring them to each plot development is subjective. And Shadowhunters has taken that opportunity and it used it to actually IMPROVE on some of the flaws from the book, and make them better.

1. The Parabatai Bond: Cassandra Clare bigged up the Parabatai Bond as something incredibly important, that if one half died or got injured the other would feel it. So, of course, whoever marks themself in a bond with someone else would be incredibly close with them. Yet, in the TMI series, Alec and Jace’s bond fluctuates between extremely important to “eh, it’s incidental”. Yet, in the show, we get things like the tracking; how the bond makes their abilities stronger. Or how they can fight as one in battle, seen in Pandemonium when they kill the demons together. It is given the importance it deserves!

2. Isabelle: Isabelle is given so much depth in the show. It would have been so easy to make her just another pretty face but the writers took the time to make her smart; loving; caring; sassy; and beautiful. Her relationship with Meliorn is mentioned and expanded upon, unlike in other adaptations of the books. I mean, in episode eight, she is THE BEST FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST IN NEW YORK. What else could you ask for?!

3. Clary and Alec: Clary and Alec’s behaviour towards each other is so much more realistic in the show than it ever was in the books. Clary doesn’t out Alec for the sake of spite or hurting him, nor does Alec force her against a wall or hurt her for saying it out loud. Throughout the episodes their relationship has been growing from hatred to dealing with one another to actually becoming friends. Something Cassandra Clare didn’t bother to show herself. She just had Alec express some remorse in Born to Endless Night, which not everyone will be aware of due to the fact that it is an eBook. The fact that he ever reacted violently to her in the first place was so impossibly OCC I was baffled that the author herself even wrote it. The show worked on this flaw and fixed it, creating another fabulous brotp for the franchise!

4. Isabelle and Alec: Isabelle and Alex are actually acting like brother and sister in the show! They’re teasing each other; worrying about each other; supporting each other; like any brother and sister would. Not just that, we actually get to SEE their interactions, not just have it going on behind the scenes where we don’t know what really happens between the two, simply glimmers of their behaviour around each other, which brings me on to point five…

5. Malec: The fact that I have to say that Malec getting actual screen time is a miracle is rather sad since we should have got it in the books. Anyone who complains that Magnus and Alex aren’t getting enough screen time certainly must have read different books than I did. Malec is getting more development in eight episodes than we got in six books. We actually get to see Magnus and Alec speak to each other; watch them interact and see their interest in one another blossom. Unlike in the books where it just goes on secretly with a few short stories to expand upon it later.

6. Alec is NOT a gay token character: What? Alec has more to him that just being an instrument in a gay ship? What?! Anarchy! On a serious note though, Alec is given more development in the series than just being that gay character who’s repressed and closeted and has no other plot to him. In the show Alec cares so much about his family that he is willing to give to his own freedom up to ensure that they keep the Institute and their family name retains its honour. He makes sure that it isn’t Izzy who is giving up her freedom. He doesn’t see himself as important enough to be worth falling for: hence why he doesn’t see Magnus’ advances. He’s too oblivious, too busy thinking that he isn’t worthy enough of someone else’s interest that all the flirting goes right over his head. He’s too caught up in making sure that he does his duty for his family, to do the only thing he thinks he’s good for: being the guardian to those he loves.

7. Maryse, Robert and Max: We’re actually seeing more of the Lightwood family and seeing how they treat their children and how they all work as a family unit. We’ll grow to care about them and learn more about them as the show progresses, and know more about their history and how important they believe it is for their kids to uphold the Lightwood name.

8. Infernal Devices references: I personally am not a fan of the Infernal Devices, however the fact that there are references to it in Shadowhunters shows that the writers and producers have actually taken the time to read Cassie’s other books and incorporate that into the tv show. References such as Tessa; The Spiral Labyrinth; Henry Branwell and the invention of the portal with Magnus; all of this shows to the audience how much the producers and writers cares about the show.

9. The small details: Isabelle’s necklace is the major example of this. They didn’t just give her a necklace that detects demons, they actually gave the necklace it’s back story with Magnus and Camille and the message written on the back. They take care with EVERY piece they take from the books and gives it the attention it deserves.

10. The actors: This is mainly a matter of opinion whether you believe the actors can embody their characters, however, you can’t deny that they all aren’t giving their all. Each and everyone of them are giving 100% each time they are on screen. Sure, in the beginning the acting was dodgy but with each episode it has been improving.

11. The circle: We get to see the back story of the circle, and they actually bothered to hire younger actors to portray Jocelyn, Luke and Valentine. We see what happened when they were younger and how the circle came around, and how it threatens the future now. Magnus even alludes to the uprising, something mentioned in the books that didn’t have to be touched upon but was.

12. Dynamics between Shadowhunters and Downworlders: We mainly see this in episode six when Magnus is telling Clary about her mother’s history, he describes how Valentine treated the Downworld and believed everyone within it was scum, and I have no doubt that we won’t see more the Shadowhunters in modern time behaving like Magnus is nothing but a tool to them, especially when Alec starts dating him. There’s a subliminal message of the Downworld being the minorities and the Shadowhunters being the privileged and that I think that’s just amazing.

13. Sebastian: We’re already getting Sebastian’s foreshadowing I mean come on!

14. MAGNUS IS BISEXUAL: They actually took the time to emphasise that Magnus is bisexual and the line ‘freewheeling bisexual’ will come in eventually, especially when we learn more about his past. He says ‘man or woman’ to Alec and it is said by Hodge that he gave the demon necklace to Camille Belcourt as a gift.

15. Alec and Jace: Jace actually treats Alec in the show the way he did in the books. He treats him like a convenience, someone who will come when he calls and not question it. Yet when someone outs him about this he would immediately go on the defensive, threatening anyone who dares to question their bond. We will see him realise how much he has been using Alec when Alec stops taking it and actually feel remorse for it.

16. Important messages: Accept who you are. Be who you want to be. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from fighting for what you believe in (and don’t you dare try to relate that to you stupid petition argument because in cancelling the show you’re doing more oppressing than anyone else). Girls can be badass. Girls can be scientists. Girls can be whatever the hell they want to be. It doesn’t matter what minority you are, you can still follow your dreams.

17. Strong female characters: Shadowhunters is giving us a wealth of strong female characters for younger viewers to look up to and aspire to be like. Isabelle is badass but also enjoys looking good and dressing well, oh and she’s a scientist! Clary is strong and badass, a bit misguided but who comes at every situation with everything she has. Lydia is a working woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Sure, we don’t know her true motives yet but so far she’s been great. May that change as her motives are revealed? Could do. But we don’t know yet.

A big thank you to everyone who supported me today throughout that ridiculous argument, it means so much to me! <3

I shall return to you as I may, but do not wait! Go south as swiftly as you can – if I live I shall follow, and I shall find you, though I have to search through all Beleriand.

Hurin Thalion (Children of Hurin, chapter 1, by JRRT)

Kindly reminder that Hurin did just as he said. He searched through all Beleriand and has found his wife, only to have her die in his arms on the grave of their two children.

By the end of this month
In our night sky,
Jupiter and Venus shall converge
Closer than they shall ever be
For almost a year to come.

Beautiful, that’s when you’ll be closest to me
Than you have been
With the passing of these weeks.

Elliptical and uncertain but still
Following a path that we know
We cannot escape.

Your effervescent glow tricks my mind
As we zero in on the passing of time.

My lungs welcome your toxic air
You skin welcomes my untamable wind.
Are you scared?

Are you scared?

After we meet
We will leave
And you will find yourself
In different corners of this empty galaxy
For something to make the vastness less alone.

Is it selfish of me to hope
That no other celestial body’s heat comes close?
To pray that when you are being touched
In the dark
That silently you miss my great red storm?

It is, I know.
Love is the most selfish,
Selfless thing I have ever known.
It says ‘come, give me all of you,’
It says ‘here, take all of me.’

So we’ll both come
We’ll both go
We’ll both exchange gravities
And then roam.
Spinning slightly out of control
Until one day again
We might meet;
Call each other home.

—  “Jupiter Transiens”  - Nishat Ahmed

Wednesday, June 3
…Jesus answered, “It is written; ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”
-Matthew 4:4

My dear sister,

If you find yourself searching for that “something more” this summer, that something that is just a bit more exciting than the day-to-day, you have to know that it’s Christ! Everyday, feast on the word that comes from the mouth of God. Not the word of other people. Not even the words from yourself.

So don’t let yourself only live on:

1. A dating possibility

Perhaps you’ve been talking to this guy, or you just found out someone who caught your eye is single. Maybe you find yourself checking your phone for their texts or checking out their social media page to see if they’re talking to anyone. Don’t let these things consume your day. Let Jesus consume your day. The next time you find yourself rereading his texts or reminiscing about what might be, think about what opportunity you have to serve someone in your life today. Think about a text you can send to a friend that might be struggling, or an encouraging word you can give to a coworker who doesn’t know Jesus. Let’s connect our daily relationships with others to our relationship with Christ, and He will provide the rest!

2. A summer possibility

Maybe you have high hopes for this summer: a job, a vacation, time off–whatever it is, let us make an effort to not get wrapped up in ways we can feel satisfied by what we can do, but what Christ can do in us! Let’s spend more our “summer reading” time exploring God’s word. There’s nothing wrong with finding a good magazine or book to take with us on a plane or to the beach, but there is absolutely nothing like the word of God. Even on those days when we’re just not in the mood for reading or journaling, or when we read a scripture or a devotional that doesn’t seem to be “for us,” let us continue to make the sacrifice to find time for our relationship with Jesus because none of this is possible without him!


Biblical context + further reading: Matthew 4:1-11

I wished Solas would have gotten more focus in DAI.

True, he shines if you bring him along to Adamant or into the Temple of Mythal, where he has unique extra dialogue … And “In Your Hurt Shall Burn” wouldn’t function without him (because he’s the one who gives you Skyhold).

But you can’t talk to him about what happenend in Adamant/the Fade after the quest is done and I think that’s a huge oversight.

He’s such a great and excellently written character, he should’ve gotten more screentime. 

More cutscenes. 

I sincerely hope we got a Solas heavy DLC where we don’t just find him at the end of 5+ hours of searching, but get him back as (temporary) companion and a huge amount of dialogue and cutscenes because …

Heck, I would wish for a patch who adds extra Solas cutscenes to the main game. I would pay for it, even. (I know that’s not going to happen, but still …)

I’m just glad that he played such a big role in Cole’s personal quest (and also in Cole’s recrutement quest), because every Solas scene/dialogue is important and he got not enough of them.

I want more Solas content. 

The Year of Inevitable Change

Originally posted by onikasbooty

Besides the booze in that last gif, this is basically how I feel about the new year. I’m ready to get started on this new chapter of my life - a chapter with less distractions, less “friends”, less internal drama, and way waaaay more God. As custom by the season, I always construct a list of what I’ve learned this past year in my own life. If you find any advice or wisdom in these words, share it with someone else. Shall we begin?

  1. Even with all of the soul searching in the world, you’re nothing without God.
  2. It is healthy and inevitable that you will disagree with your friends.
  3. A change in perspective may teach you something.
  4. Be grateful for your opportunities, even those that feel like burdens.
  5. If you need a break from life, take some time, but don’t take too much time.
  6. Whining does not solve your problem. Solving your problem solves your problem.
  7. The Bible is relevant, even if you’re not a believer. Read it frequently.
  8. Journaling your life will be the best thing you will do for your future self.
  9. Volunteer somewhere, anywhere. Reach out to your community at large.
  10. Giving to others, selflessly, is the best way to enrich both you and the recipient.
  11. If you can afford clothing, dress nicely.
  12. Don’t trust anyone unless God ordained it Himself.
  13. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.
  14. Love your skin, love your face, love your body, and love you.
  15. Stop expecting young, inexperienced boys to be bold, godly men 2k16.
  16. Take care of your body - diet wise, sleep wise, emotionally, and spiritually.
  17. Travel out of your home as often as you can. There’s a world out there!
  18. A healthy loving relationship > a passionate unhealthy relationship
  19. Dance to the beat of your own drum, whatever that means!
  20. Reflect often, and improve upon past mistakes.

Stay blessed everyone!