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I call these “raiding my other fandoms for clothing ideas” - McCree’s poncho stolen from Red Dead Redemption and Hanzo’s Nagajuban-under-a-suit look nicked from Inception’s Saito.


happy wednesday my dudes <3

(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )

all jokes aside though bts worked really hard to get to where they are today they weren’t just some ‘viral sensation’ that gained fame overnight they don’t owe their popularity purely to youtube (or any website for that matter) they worked their asses off day and night and gave up a lot to do so so the fact that that woman had the audacity to say anything of the sort is just plain rude and frankly very disrespectful 


The kid of taehyung and baekhyung
Also he reminds me of min yoongi 🤔 Instagram: haodongma

Crashed landed on Earth and all I got was this rad shirt from the back of Coran’s minivan.

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since I am still quite busy these days, I decided to compile in one post all the stories that have caught my eye and that I plan on reading as soon as I can. I encourage everyone to check them out with me! I also recommend to keep an eye on this post as I will probably continue adding more to it. | updated on 21/06.

(also, quick thanks to @gukvory for giving me the idea of making this post in my fic rec blog. I hope you don’t mind me blatantly imitating you for this :’D)

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