~Flight Rising Meme~

Username: SeaqueenVS 

ID: 6479

Flight: Arcane

Clan Population: 15
Favorite Breed: Ridgebacks
Least Favorite Breed: Snappers. I’m not super fond of Tundras either, but I really don’t like Snappers UwU
Favorite Color: 
Reds, blacks, whites, greens, browns
Least Favorite Color: Pinks. Except dark shades on wings, but as a body color oh dear lord….
Favorite Gene: Shimmer!!! 8D
Least Favorite Gene: Not super fond of Gembound except in certain cases… Also don’t really like Tiger all that much for some reason. 
Favorite FR Game: Shock Switch! (‘cause I was addicted to Pokemon Puzzle League as a child…. and still a little), plus the Coliseum of course~
Waiting For: New servers! Which hopefully mean the site will be faster?
Excited About: Skydancers~
Saving For: Genes, mostly shimmer
Dream Dragon(s): Probably a black/dark grey Ridgeback with White or Red wings with Shimmer UwU

Open to friend requests? YES. I HAVE LIKE NO FRIENDS. Add me please?