seaplane carrier

KanColle Asks!

1. Did you like the anime? Why or why not?
2. Do you know about the desktop game?
3. Did you know about the anime or game first?
4. Is Fubuki a good main protagonist choice?
5. Was the anime too short?
6. Who did you want to see in the first season?
7. Who do you want to see in the second season?
8. Favorite destroyer?
9. Favorite light cruiser?
10. Favorite heavy cruiser?
11. Favorite light carrier or seaplane tender?
12. Favorite aircraft carrier?
13. Favorite battleship?
14. If you had to create a fleet, name your top 6!
15. Dismantle, yasen, marry? (Asker chooses three)
16. Fave abyssal?
17. Do you play the game?
18. Who is your flagship?
19. Highest level ship?
20. Most annoying ship?
21. Most overpowered ship?
22. Lowest resource of the four?
23. Current world you are working to clear?
24. First event?
25. Fave event?
26. Worst event?
27. Have you ever said ‘poi’ in context IRL?
28. Do you collect anything KanColle?
29. Fave verbal tick from the game/anime?
30. Going to see the movie when released?
31. Cosplay a ship/admiral? Have you?
32. Most ‘moe’ ship?
33. Fave loli?
34. HQ Level?
35. Most overrated ship?
36. Bring one shipgirl to life, who and why?
37. Hot or not? (Asker chooses one ship)
38. Who is the most ‘top heavy’?
39. Do you play World of Warships?
40. Do you use the KanColle skins created for the game?
41. How many buckets have you burned in a single event?
42. Most desired LSC ship?
43. How many times have you tried LSC for said ship?
44. What LSC ships do you have currently?
45. Rarest ship you have?
46. Have you leveled a ship past 100?
47. Ship you are farming for?
48. You hear a knock at your door, you open it and find your flagship there. What do you do?
49. Who do you wish was in-game, who currently isn’t yet?
50. Picture of your most valued KanColle item/screenshot of your fleet.