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Looks as though CBS’s financial woes have finally caught up to the star studded male cast within the company. 

Due to recent budget cuts, Criminal Mind’s character Dr. Spencer Reid’s hair has reportedly been replaced by a hay bale. Executive producers Erica Messer and Mark Gordon remained unavailable for comment. When asked, Matthew Gray Gubler himself stated “It’s itchy, but it makes me look kind of deranged, so I’m a fan. I’ve always wanted to be a scarecrow, so this is a good opportunity for me to do what I love.”. 

Gubler has been seen off set sporting the bale and has even given a few lucky fans pieces of straw as keepsakes. Discussions are rumored to be in the works over expenditure for a hair brush, however, so hopefully Gubler isn’t too attached to his new do. Mass out cry from a group called The Barber Purists has sparked debate over misrepresentation of hair in media, and it’s likely the look will not last under the controversial heat. 

We were able to get one anonymous show runner to confirm that the company is indeed in monetary peril: “We just couldn’t afford the hairspray and mousse needed to keep Matthew’s hair in check. We had several stylists come out of his trailer in tears and then promptly quit. They looked frightened. Even though we’ve saved some money because Alexander Joy Cook and Kristen Vangsnasel [sic] are making notably less then their male counter parts, tough fiscal decisions have still had to been made. We can’t even get sashimi through craft service anymore.”. When asked about the gap between wages for the misnamed actresses, the show runner refused to comment, citing that he was confused by the question.

For now, fans of the hit show Criminal Minds, must hold their breath in anticipation over these developing events as season 11 draws near. CBS maintains that the Premiere date is still set for Wednesday, September 30th.

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