Originally conceived for the French International Design Biennale 2008, ‘Petroleum Jewellery’ was deemed too complex for series production. Imagined by the Anna Gram’ Design Studio (Florian Dussopt and Julie Girard) and produced by London based jewellery designer Niza Huang; each piece is an intricate composition of either 18ct Gold plated Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver, Petroleum and Mineral glass.

On the concept, Dusspot explained, “Petroleum is considered ‘black gold’, a precious substance which literally fuels the modern world, though it also has the capacity to destroy it. The collection asks us to think about how precious this substance is and how beautiful it can be, how it needs to be preserved, so our planet is preserved for future generations.

“Oil always got a lot of presence into the media: Oil tanker crashing, wars, economic oil crash, etc… At the same time scientists and essayists like the French Albert Jacquart was highlighting the value of this material. From there the concept of changing the vision of this black gold by introducing into jewellery appeared.

The shapes of the collection were inspired by the idea of a miniature landscapes with mountains and valleys. While liquid, the Petroleum is delicately poured then dried layer by layer, taking is own space like a river would do. The texture itself is Niza Huang’s organic style, who hand-carved each single pieces into wax to create the mould. No CAD or 3D software has been used for this collection – which aids it’s organic form.

Each piece of ‘Petroleum Jewellery’ is a breathtaking hand made sculpture, containing a droplet of petroleum magnified by mineral glass, encased inside a delicate silver or gold cocoon. The concept has been re-imagined in various forms, encompassing, rings, earrings, pendants and bangles.

Everything is made locally in London and can be purchased directly from Huang’s online boutique.

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I love the rawness of this jewellry.