A Walk To The Road Less Traveled

The hike to Mount Pulag was not quite an easy feat -overcoming the dark and narrow pathways, thick fogs and the freezing cold weather to reach the summit was another crossed out from my bucketlist. Yay!!!

Witnessing the majestic view ,2,922 meters above sea level, of the Milky Way Galaxy at dawn, seeing how the sun rises up into the sky and encountering the breathtaking sea of clouds were definitely worth the 5 degree weather hike. I am definitely in awe of what beauty God has bestowed upon this planet.

There’s so much more to see and so much more to experience and explore.And, in the silence of my heart (when we already reached the summit), I whispered a prayer to God. I’m thankful I conquered the 3rd highest peak in the country. My first major climb with some of my favorite bunch of people. And, definitely proud of myself for taking the road less traveled towards the “Playground of the Gods.”

It’s a walk to something bigger other than ourselves.