seanut brittle

RuPaul: Peanut Butter (feat Big Freedia)


New Orleans Bounce

Peanut Butter (feat Big Freedia)

Oh. My. Snickers.

So…due to the fact that her thighs spread just like.

no no no


RuPaul coming out of no where with a New Orleans Bounce style track. Sampling her old track “Pussy 4 Sale” RuPaul shuts down EVERYTHING with this track.

The verses honestly don’t thrill me in this track. I love the bridge and the chorus however. Also the ending break is awkward in my opinion when it goes from the sample to the slow verse. Its an awkward transition which may honestly prevent me from mixing it. It’s a sudden stop, and then it goes into a slow transition. It’s hard. But the insanely catchy bridge and chorus keeps this song on repeat for me. And keeps me twerking.

I don’t think this girl has any clothes on^^^^ She’s missing some paint on her doody booty.

Check this track for some serious black girl/ gay guy music perfection.