9 peculiar production quirks in the replica productions (*) :

  1. The original West End production had skulls on the large Mausoleum cross, as a nod to Leroux’s description of the scene. This was only done for the original West End production, as far as I know.
  2. The early Japanese productions had a combination of low stages and very strict regulations, and didn’t have a lowering Golden Angel in the proscenium. Instead the Phantom sang his curse from the Pegasus sculpture on the rooftop. 
  3. The Stockholm production didn’t have the grave in the Mausoleum scene. Apparently due to the stage being low, so the bridge was placed lower. Copenhagen inherited this set, and didn’t add the grave though they definitely would have enough space for it.
  4. Original Firmin, John Savident, liked to skip the jacket for the managers scene. This is something current Broadway Firmin - Tim Jerome - also does from time to time.
  5. The current Hamburg production doesn’t have the dummies in the upper staircase. No-one quite knows why they’re left out.
  6. The Theatre an de Wien in Vienna had to install the proscenium a bit differently. The side sculptures was installed closer to the stage, while the corner sculptures and Golden Angel was placed further out. I believe they also had to alternate the exact combo for the Raimund Theater?
  7. The original Stockholm production didn’t have the side sculptures in the proscenium, but a wreath. This was another Stockholm detail that made it into the Copenhagen production.
  8. The Viennese chandelier was circular.
  9. The original Australian production and tour had collapsable candelabras in a colums shape without the usual triangular frame. The same candelabras are currently used in the World Tour. I believe the early US tour also did something similar. At least they had the column look.

(*) Obviously leaving out the Vegas production and the RAH concert, as neither were strickt replica productions though they used Maria Bjørnson’s set and costume design as basis.

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Thoughts on what clubs/student organizations/sports the Jupiter Ascending crew would be in if they were all in high school? (Stinger would probably be a former vet who now teaches home ec and rotc lbr.) But what about the glorious trash bag family? And Jupe and Caine? Mr. Night? Oh, and we can forget Famulus and Cpt. Tsing! Also Razo and Ibis, who would probably be the kids who skipped class to smoke behind the school.

I’m going to direct you, first of all to this post, submitted by pinkypirate to jupiterascendingheadcanons, because it’s so on point I can’t even. I don’t really enjoy school AU’s, personally, because I can’t imagine why anyone would want to write about being in school when I have spent my life so desperate to get out of it. But out of a will to be sporting, for your consideration:

Jupiter: Absolutely in the astronomy club, if there is one, but I can also see her in theatre tech, figuring out lights and sound and making the drama club look good. She’s not technically on the wrestling team, but shows up to their events.

Caine: Wrestling club. He’s especially good in bouts against larger competitors, and he likes it because it’s a solitary activity. He only has to rely on himself. Jupiter likes to come out to watch these because have you seen those tights?

In theatre tech with Jupiter, and queen of the Green Team.

The headcanon puts him in tennis, which I think is perfect because he gets to scream and hit stuff at the same time. He’s very intense, gets remarkable grades, and he’s almost always scowling or about to scowl. Everyone agrees that Balem Abrasax is about as angry as he is busy. And he’s very, very busy. That said, he’s great at networking thanks to Kalique’s contacts and Chicanery Night.

Kalique: Head of the student council. She does everything Balem does backwards and in heels. Except tennis. She avoids the tennis court like it has a toxic miasma hanging over it. She’s personable, well-liked by her peers and teachers, and she’s in the school choir and drama club.

Dates everyone. Has dated everyone. He’s in clubs almost peripherally, depending on who he’s with. As such, he also has a fair amount of dirt on everyone. Everyone thinks he’s dated Famulus, but that’s not the case; they’re just incredible friends. Mostly because she will always and forever turn him down. He’s in drama club with Kalique, which she secretly despises.

Mr. Night: Probably that guy who’s in every club and knows everyone, but it’s always a surprise that he knows so-and-so from such-and-such a club. He is a spymaster in-verse, after all. That means if he isn’t everywhere, he has contacts everywhere. He’s actually on the theatre tech crew with Jupiter, and they get along surprisingly well (but if Balem Abrasax is around, they’re totally not friends). He’s very close with Greeghan, who is not only his muscle, but also his protector when he gets on the wrong side of the wrong clique - navigating between clubs can be tricky, sometimes.

Greeghan: Quarterback. He’s terrifying, methodical, and on top of it all he gets good grades (tutored by Chicanery Night in exchange for protection from would-be bullies). He was on the wrestling team for awhile, but couldn’t take getting trounced repeatedly by Caine Wise.

Student council, secretary. Titus wheedled her in to get an ear in on Kalique, but she doesn’t mind because Famulus is indispensible in arranging student events and pep rallies and so forth.

Diomika Tsing:
Captain of the rugby team. She’s the right mix of scrappy and level-headed, and she can work with anyone. No one fucks with Diomika unless they want to deal with her crew. They’re very close, and operate on the mantra “Do no harm, but take no shit.” She’s also very active in social justice clubs on campus.

Totally cuts out sometimes to smoke behind the school with Ibis. She’s an underachiever, who could be great if only she didn’t find this whole “academia” thing to be utter nonsense. She’s found a like mind in Ibis, and they’ve been known to take the same courses just to walk out of them. Falque joins sometimes, but they never let him in the loop on purpose to see what he’ll do. She’s on the rugby team, when she’s not on academic probation.

Besides cutting class because it all seems pointless and arbitrary, Ibis actually belongs to the art club. And you can bet he’s tagged the school on more than one occasion. They keep painting over it, but he can’t be stopped. Razo and Falque are his lookouts, and he posts his tags on an instagram account, claiming to have “found” them.

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Here's a fun question for you: If you were directing/producting/set designing/costuming designing your own non-replica production of Phantom, what's something you would most want to change/alter, add, or remove entirely?

To be honest, I’ve always wanted the “Don Juan Rehearsal” scene to be after the graveyard scene. Storywise I think it would make more sense for Christine to refuse to sing, run out of there, and head for her father’s grave. THAT’S where she understands she’s the queen of her own destiny and decides to sing so she’ll get out of the situation she’s in. I’ve never quite understood the “I refuse to sing!” attitude, and seconds later we see her in rehearsals. We’re never explained what happened in between. 

As a bonus there could have been a cool transaction from the rehearsal music to the actual opera. 

There’s nothing I wanna remove entirely, I think the show has a nice pace throughout. 

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Does THE GATHERING STORM have a release date? How will fans be able to view it? I'm super excited for this project!

We don’t have a release date yet, but we’re working as hard and fast as we can to get the project completed. As soon as we have a more concrete idea, we’ll let you guys know. And as for how you can view it, the film will be available for everyone on both youtube and vimeo after its release!

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WHAT IS JACKBITTY?!?! I keep seeing art of them that's really freaking cute, and 60% of it I keep thinking is Steve/Bucky before I realize that it's "JackBitty"??? So I'm intrigued but nothing ever says what it's from??? SEND HELP



you can follow their adventures on the webcomic at @omgcheckplease and also if you wanna start from the beginning with all the extras (tweets, doodles, one shot things from the comic) go to @omgeverythingplease

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I need your help! I'm cosplaying the Nome King from Disney's RETURN TO OZ (1985) but need some tips. 1.) How could I do the stone-texture makeup? 2.) The stone on his robes... do you think layering/texturing craft foam onto the fabric would work? 3. How the heck should I make a head mold to build the stone wig (aka a model magic helmet)?! This is my first time doing something of this scale. Any help is appreciated!

Image Source

1) The makeup
I am pretty sure that he is wearing at least a partial prosthetic for the forehead, cheeks and the nose. So if you want to match his look you’ll need to sculpt and cast a face prosthetic, and then paint it with the texture. Painting your face with the same texture will help hide the seams of the appliance. Plus creating the beard. 

I talk about sculpting/casting and link to some tutorials in this post.

2) Yes I do think that layering craft foam would work for that stone effect.  

3) In the link above, I mention casting a head double with plaster to sculpt your prosthesis on, this head double could also be used for creating the head piece.Otherwise, you could create a paper tape / duct tape head double to work with.   

Side note, you might find Doctor Who Weeping Angel cosplayers and their progress pictures a great source of inspiration for this costume. Both deal with stone effects! 

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So I've just discovered Jack & Carl and have read EVERYTHING. I'm obsessed. But imagine their reactions when they realize that /Steve fuckin' Rogers/ is Cap. Surprise at his new body, yes, but imagine past that. Imagine their pride that this man that they KNOW can command a group of people is now an American icon doing good. Imagine the smiles they share with one another whenever they see some kid sporting Cap comics, or a homemade trashcan lid shield. And as great as that is...

Every year, on the anniversary of Captain America’s death, they go to the Bucky Barnes Memorial along with hundreds of others—although, over the years, the number dwindles (but they almost always manage to see a kind, smart-lookin’ British dame paying her respects)—and they toast to Bucky & Steve and count their blessings. When they decide to stay together for life it’s Carl who quietly says he never wants to leave Jack over the Memorial. He left him when they were drafted; he won’t leave again.

Sometimes, even years later, Jack will get a look on his face whenever someone mentions Captain America & his sidekick Bucky Barnes, and Carl just lays a hand on Jack’s shoulder to calm him. Sometimes Jack’s upset, sometimes he’s furious. Shortly after returning from war he goes off on a kid and says that Bucky was so much more than just a sidekick. When they get back to their apartment, Jack just collapses. Carl remembers what Steve taught him, he always remembers to take care of Jack.

But the pain gets easier over time. They fend off questions when people realize they knew Bucky & Steve before the war, even just a little bit, and more than once they’re offered a decent amount of cash for an exclusive interview. But they never take those offers up. They keep mostly to themselves, but Jack does end up becoming an uncle figure to the neighborhood kids. When Carl overhears him telling a story about Cap & Bucky to the kids, Carl knows how therapeutic it must be. Just imagine that.


Yeah, this could definitely be an outcome for the nice version. I think that version of Jack and Carl would really want to preserve the memory of the guys who taught them to love. Man, just imagine them hearing the news that Steve’s plane had gone down. 

seanfmcguire replied to your post: Would you prefer a book about the Marauders or the future generation like Albus Severus and Scorpio?

I disagree because we already know all their major plot points. That’s boring! But the next gen. could be interesting. But I want Founders stories! Or the McGonagall years since Riddle was there when she was, and Moaning Myrtle died then.

You think it’d be boring? On the contrary, I think a MWPP book would be the best choice because it

  • a. provides new history for ongoing fans
  • b. is an original story/group for new readers with clear connections to the plot of HP
  • c. has a basic outline of events (mostly in the later years) to scaffold a story around.

There’s a big difference between knowing the facts of a backstory and actually experiencing it: similarly, we only really know echoes or impressions of a lot of the MWPP characters, and there’d be heaps of time to explore them fully. Also, a MWPP book could show us elements of the wizarding world we haven’t seen before: when you begin Harry’s series, you’re introduced to new things and places as Harry is, but this series could take the wizarding world as a jumping point and then dig deeper into elements of its society and culture.

The other viable spin off story would be Tom Riddle finding and making his Horcruxes (although this would obviously not be a children’s book - more for the already grown HP fans).  There’s a lot to work with there too, I think.