Fan Expo - The Karl Urban Experience

So, I drove from NH to Toronto just to see Karl Urban. Here’s what happened: 

So, I’ve gotten pictures with a lot of celebrities, but Karl was #1 on my list. So, I was a bit intimidated when it was my turn, because it was my first time seeing him in person EVER. I was dying. I actually let two people go in front of me, because I was losing my shit.

I was surprised that he was leaner than I thought he would be. Yes, he’s got muscles, and he’s very fit. I just thought he would be … bulkier. But he’s not! And that’s okay! ^_^

So, I went up to him for my picture, frantically trying to control my breathing. I think he said, “Hi, how are you” or something generic like that, at which point my brain went, “OMG that ACCENT!” So, I got into place and quickly asked, “Could you look at me instead of the camera?” He said, “Sure.” And then stared down at me, and OMG his eyes were GREEN GREEN GREEEEEEN. (I know they’re hazel. Or whatever. On Saturday, they were very green.) And I think I held my breath, beacuse I have no recollection what he smelled like or anything. And my brain was screaming, “HOLY CRAP KARL IS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME OMG." 

I think I confused the picture people (I definitely did when I did the same with Nathan Fillion), because there seemed to be a delay before they actually took the picture. Then *click*, and I thanked Karl. Now, this part … well, I’m pretty sure I’m remembering it correctly, but it’s difficult with that much adrenaline screaming through your system. Karl, I will say, is definitely not shy about complimenting the ladies. He told a girl in TOS science blues that she was hot. And I seem to remember that he kind of looked me up and down real quick and said, "Very nice.” (I was wearing a really pretty dress my husband bought me, and well, my cleavage was pretty rockin’.) I could be mis-remembering, but I would swear that’s what happened. 

Later, I went to get his autograph. At this point, he had put sunglasses on (sadly). The place was a zoo, and I got a number and then went to chill for an hour. (At which point I met up with this girl Ashley who looked at all of my pictures and then told me to come hang out with her and her friends afterwards in the Almost Human line. And who were among her friends but seanchaidh and canis_takahari!!! I had no idea they were evening going to be there! What a coincidence! Fabulous to meet them and make new friends as well.)

Okay, so then I’m in line for Karl’s autograph for him to sign a graphic for this very comm. I went up to him and said, “You’re my favorite actor in the entire world, and boy is my husband ever glad about THAT!” He chuckled at that and signed my thing, and I explained that, yes, fan communities already exist for it. He seemed pleased. I couldn’t help myself from staring at the little heart tattoo on his ring finger. It’s so cute! And I’m just like, “Wow, how many times have I stared at it on a screen, and now it’s RIGHT THERE." 

So! Then I went and joined fabulous new friends in line for Almost Human and played Cards Against Humanity while we waited. It was so fun. Then we went in, and we were right in the third row! Karl came out to introduce the show, explaining that he had had no sleep (poor baby!). And of course, he asked us if we were out of our Vulcan minds. Me and my friends made a VERY loud screaming block, and Karl definitely noticed that! He said there would be a test about the show haha. seanchaidh and I were frantically clinging to each other as we basked in his presence. Then he left, and the show started. And it was awesome, of course. In the intro, there was something about it being the future and law enforcement implementing a new policy. At which point, someone shouted, "Judge Dredd!” And we LOLed. I REALLY hope Karl heard that.

So, I went and got a second autograph on Sunday. The line was much more sane. I got Karl to sign my picture with him. He looked at it and said, “That came out great!” And I agreed. On my note for personalization, I had written “Rachel (Darlin)." 
Me: If I could hear Bones say one thing, it would be "darlin’.”
Karl: *ponders that, starting to sign* Darlin’. 
Me: *dies but then resurrects long enough to bask more in his presence and grins like a fucking loon* 
Karl: *writes “Rachel, Darlin …. love, Karl Urban XX and hands the pictures back* 
Me: OMGthankyousomuch
I think he thanked me for coming or something like that.
Girl behind me in line: *hands Karl picture*
Karl: *looking at the personalization* Darlin?
Me: *shouting over my shoulder* I started a thing! (I inspired the girl behind me to simply have him sign it to Darlin.) XX He put XX, like kisses OMGYAY

And then I went to his panel with mah friends, and we screamed a lot, and it was awesome. There is video on YouTube. Check it out! 

seanchaidh101 replied to your photo: More McKirk Comic shit because I feel like sharing…

Holy crap, you’ve got the angles of Bones’ face just right! I kind of want to write something for this picture.

Oh my god.  THANK YOU.

Y-you know…I uh…love your writing.  SO I WOULD NEVER OBJECT TO THIS. 8|  EVER.

seanchaidh101 replied to your post “Everything that can go wrong today will”

Yikes! Hope it gets better.

alyharania replied to your post “Everything that can go wrong today will”

Oh my god, honey, I hope your day gets better!

limeorca replied to your post “Everything that can go wrong today will”

Oh my God. One of those suck ass days. I wish ya all the best, hon!

Ahh thank you guys so much! The day actually DID wind up going much better! Some great people were working with me so I got to chat with them like crazy! Also some great back and fourths today via text and twitter relaly helped! Sorry about not responding faster, I can’t do ‘replies’ on the work computer! And after work I did some shopping with TOTALLY made me feel better! Sorry! I’m on such a high! Ahhh! I love going on a shopping spree! I’ll post about it later after I watch Free! But thank you guys so so much! <3