7.24.14 #TheVoidMiami IV

So when I arrived at LMNT, I actually walked into the wrong party thinking it was the void. Something was so off though, well a few things…. Lol first of, I didn’t recognize ONE person. I mean everyone was dressed up but still, the second I walk into to #TheVoid i always see someone I know. So as i walk around and heard the music I was like…. NOPE, this is definitely not The Void.  As sooooon as i walked over to the other side of LMNT to the correct entrance.. Immediately someone came up to me. I could feel the energy… that “artists are thriving here” type of energy. I was thankful lol. 

I can’t even express how proud I am of the growth #TheVoid has made within four segments so far. I knew from the first one that once the little tweaks got fixed, it would thrive and thats exactly what happen. It’s a blessing we can come together once a month like this. The masterminds behind #TheVoid really created a dimension where muggles and mystical souls can come as one. THANK YOU 

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