Quick note: half of my files decided not to import into Vegas, so I had to hunt out clips on YouTube and rip them, so apologies for the Gwen quality.

The Fantasy POC edition of “Wicked Girls” is a go! As to the Sci Fi edition…I don’t know if it’s happening. I had so much trouble with the files this time, and I’m having even more trouble with the sci fi files that I may just give up on it. Don’t count on me finishing that one, is all I’m saying.

Besides, I live and breathe fantasy over sci fi anyway.

Anna Maria and Tia Dalma (Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy)
Guinevere (Merlin)
Persephone (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief)
Isabella (Galavant)
Mulan (Once Upon a Time)
Dido (Belle)

Song is “Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves” by Seanan McGuire, as found on her CD WICKED GIRLS, which can be purchased on CDBaby.

As a side note: this will probably be my last post on this blog. I’ve moved to a different username for personal reasons. I have no current plans to delete this blog, but I won’t be around on it.

Thank you for your understanding.

So….here are my totally non-canonical interpretations of the characters from the wonderful book “Every Heart a Doorway.” 

Tor released a free download of the book and I had not the slightest inkling of what it was about. I really enjoyed it( That may be a mild understatement. It was one of those books that leave you satisfied and then the plot and it’s characters haunt you and you’re slowly forced to realize it had a lot more impact than you originally gave it credit for and you go and reread it and look for all the hidden clues and hunger for more). All that being said, I really enjoyed the characters. McGuire describes them in such a way that their personalities really instruct their appearance. I couldn’t help but sketch out my visions of them.  I highly recommend reading this book and I’m excited to read Seanan Mcguire’s other books! 

Expect much more fanart of this series.  

P.S it would mean everything to me if @seananmcguire saw this. 

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Hi Sam! I donated! I have no idea if you're all wiped out politics-wise, but I'd love another Steve Rogers, Vice President snippet. I firmly believe this universe splintered from that one and I got stuck in the bad one where Trump won. Any window I can open to that brighter future is one I'd love to Break in Case of Emergency & crawl through!

I just got a ton of new followers because @seananmcguire reblogged the Steve Vs. Trump story – thank you, and hi new followers! So now is a good time to link to Leader Of The Free World, where the below story is set, in which Clint Barton was elected president in 2016 and Steve is his VP.

Also I love how Steve slowly became the fan favorite of this story. I blame the Vice Presidential Snowball Fight. 

“Okay, explain this to me,” Clint said with a sigh. 

“I don’t think it’s that complicated,” Steve said, glancing sidelong at Bucky. “There’s a running bet between the Secret Service and the President’s personal secretary.”

“That’s me,” Bucky said. Clint gave him a dry look. 

“Every time Bucky gets the best of the Secret Service, the agent he defeated has to learn a song,” Steve said. “Of my choosing. I mean, he is my best pal, Clint. He’s got an interest in my safety too.”

The four Secret Service agents also clustered in the room looked embarrassed.

“And what you chose to do with this,” Clint said, “was to teach these gentlemen each a different part of some four-part harmony union songs?” 

“You’ve been a very union-friendly president,” Steve said. 

“Which is why when I went running this morning, running along behind me was a barbershop quartet singing I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night?”

The agents looked sheepish. 

“Could’a been worse,” Steve said. “Coulda been Waist Deep in the Big Muddy.”

“Steve, can’t you teach them My Country Tis Of Thee or something?” Clint asked. “I got enough problem keeping Congress in line without you teaching my personal security force anti-authority ballads.” 

“They already know My Country Tis of Thee,” Steve pointed out. One of the agents hummed, and on his key note the others burst into song. Clint let his head fall onto his desk.

“I am exercising my presidential veto power,” he said. “Steve, you are now restricted to showtunes.” 

Steve set his jaw. “Fine. I’ll teach them I Know Where I’ve Been. Come on fellas,” he said, gesturing to the quartet, who left still singing. Bucky patted the back of Clint’s head.

“I’ll go easy on them for a while,” he said. Clint groaned again, and decided to stay there for a while, at least until he couldn’t hear the singing anymore.
Two Spirit Water Protectors Need Immediate Lodging!

UPDATE: Please help! We got as much as we could from our Two Spirit Nation camp to set up a temporary shelter for our remaining Two Spirit Water Protectors. It’s snowing and cold! We made trips non stop for the last three days, with one day being blocked out from camp because there was a direct action and we couldn’t get back into camp until after midnight. We are at a temporary camp on the bank of the Missouri River. We are exhausted and traumatized, with a couple sick folks and now I am running a fever. We need hotel rooms for the next few nights if possible. Chase IronEyes just paid for one room for the night for us because they are all booked at the Casino and we only have one truck for the 12 of us so we aren’t driving too far. Also, folks are still being harassed on the roads. We have two army tents and my tipi, but honestly…our folks are beyond exhaustion and just need time to heal and sleep before we can set camp back up and winterize.
It has been heartbreaking, heart aching & psychologically wounding to see how Oćeti Śakowin ended and to watch our camp go up into flames. Also, we had to leave our kitchen behind and will only be cooking over an open fire. These water protectors need support and prayers! We completed our commitment to stay till then end, we represented as Two Spirit Warriors, reclaimed our sacred places, carried the ceremonies and remained in prayer!
Please donate to this link or pay for a room at the Prairie Knights Casino Hotel under my name. Wopila Tanka❤️


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For the record...

I am here for a Riverdale where all the creepy things are actually going on, where Mrs. Cooper is not wrong about the Blossoms, where there was a supported (if not accurate in this case) belief that Jason could come back, and where Jughead Jones is actually a ghost. That’s why there were really only three people in the booth.

Seriously. If Reggie had hit him or if Veronica had actually taken his hand, it would have slipped right through him. So my heart tells me.

(Of course he can eat. That’s fine. Ghosts can eat if you give them food, so @seananmcguire has told me, and this is why he insisted on the girls treating.)

God I need a spooky TV show. *sighs*

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Where did the "For the love of Serenity, burn" come from? I've been looking through your sm ep 92 tags, but I can't seem to find it even though you mention in a post about cells how you associate that line with the episode.


It looks like it’s in the “black hole” before the online backup got that far pre-nuke. Those posts DO exist, they just haven’t been restored yet.

Ah but wait, good news! I found it on Seanan’s Tumblr!