Everybody seemed to like the Markiplier aesthetics I did and since I had fun making them I made some Jack ones too. It was harder since he’s always had green hair so I tried to do the different shades he’s had over the past year.

Also while I was looking up green aesthetic pictures I found a TON that would work well with Anti so maybe I’ll do some alter-ego edits in the future? >:)

SBUK3: Saturday - Sean Panel


  • Sean talking about Irish dancing and how he likes the odds of being outnumbered by girls (x)
  • Sean would have regina on Robin hoods pub quiz team because “she’s my girl” (x)
  • hahaha his whole quiz team is Henry, mr gold and Regina so thereeeeee ya go (x)
  • Sean just learnt about dragon queen (x)
  • Sean wonders why there’s no ship with him and Colin or josh (x)
  • he’d be happy with robin and mal together because he loves kristinbauer(x)
  • “SQ shippers ship Emma and Regina… but nobody ever ships me with Hook or Charming” (x)
  • New ship alert : Robin Hook!!! (x)
  • Sean would pick “me old pal Colin” to be shipped with (x)
  • Ginny has the cutest giggly laugh (x)
  • I’m crying he just made up a whole scene about the hook and Robin Hood spin off (x)
  • ‘Colin’s very choosy about knives and forks and plates and things’ - Sean (x)
  • he is taking accent requests and he can do every one I’m dying (x)
  • Sean would have Michael Colman play Robin Hood if he didn’t but he said he’d want all the characters to gender bend (x)
  • “I think the guys should play the girls and the girls should play the guys. It’ll be "Once Upon A Drag Story” (x)
  • Sean wants Robin to learn all the good lessons the old Robin knew so he could settle down with Regina (x)
  • just chatted about domestic oq with Roland and Henry and the old chestnut “their story isn’t over yet” (x)
  • “I’d like to have a crack at it” - Sean on playing Dr Who (x)
  • “They wouldn’t let me have a real arrow… ABC have a strict policy on not killing your cast friends” (x)
  • “ABC have a very strict policy on killing other cast members” - Sean talking about how most of the time the arrows are CGI (x)
  • he’d have John Lennon, George Harrison, William Shakespeare and Obama at a dinner party (x)
  • Sean approached the new Robin as a “new guy” as it was hard to not have the closeness with Regina (x)
  • Sean: “I tried to make the new Robin less likeable..” Little child in the room: “dadadada!” Sean: “Yes, I know!!” (x)
  • Sean talking about losing his way after his music career  "your friends and family come before everything" (x)
  • “it taught me how to be a bit more of a decent guy” - Sean talking about life after his music career (x)