Saturday Mixtape.

Denzel Curry ft.Lil Ugly Mane - Twistin’

A$AP Ant & Kane Grocerys - 36 Degrees

Chris Travis - The Godfather Is Here

Pouya x Sir Michael Rocks - FYE

Jazz Cartier - Holy Shit

Sean Price - Garbanzo Beans

Curtis Williams ft.Cam Sheely & J.I.D. – <3

ChillxWill - Warning

Earl Sweatshirt ft.Vince Staples - Wool

Yung Simmie - Dead Beat

Antwon & Wiki ft.Lee Spielman - Squad Deep

Mick Jenkins - Alchemy

A$AP Rocky - M’$

Earl Sweatshirt - Faucet

Bones - TheHealingFields

ChillxWill - The End

R.I.P. Sean Price!
Motherfucker, this sucks big time! Couldn’t believe it when I heard, still don’t know what to say. Been meaning to do his name for a while now and I’ve been struggling to do it right. So I gave it a go again today after I heard the news, to show some respect for P! but today I was even more critical to it than usual, so I decided to leave it until I come up with something that will be good enough to go with a picture of this great MC!

Ah where was I, Oh yes
Sean Carter is nice but Sean Price is the best
Sean gone, no Chandon, Sean is a don, I don’t wear Sean John.

Rest in peace P!