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Sorry that i haven’t posted in forever. I wasn’t at home for so long. But I’m going to post more often now :) love you guys lots xx

A lil hot Joseph here for you 😏💕

Literally all of the British youtubers are tweeting about 6pm!!! I think it might be about Red Nose Day!! I’m shook anyway

Hey guys. I’m bored and I’d love to do some lil shipping “game” 
All you need to do is send me a message with a pic and little description of yourself (pls don’t tell me your fav) &I will ship you with one of the YouTube boys. 
I’d love to do that and maybe make some of you happy. :) ❤️💋




There is this lil cute named Joseph Sugg, he’s exploring the world doing what he loves. He’s the kindest, prettiest and funniest sweet heart I’ve ever “met” in this whole wide world. Nobody can ever make me as happy as he can. Nobody can push my mood up to a new level and make my day. Even if it was the worst day ever. He’s my sunshine. My light in the dark. My hope. My lifesaver. My everything. I know I’ll never be more than just a fan but he’s giving me so much without knowing. He’s so important to so many people in this world. I’m not even sure if he knows how amazing he is or how happy he can make people around this world with what he’s doing. For me Joe Sugg is a Hero. My hero. ❤️


They all look so amazing!
I love their whole friendship and I wish I could have something like that as well. ❤️

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The Boyfriend Experience: Girls & Ribs

The boys from D.I.R.T. = Your new boyfriend.