Eminem will be featured on the song "No Favors” from Big Sean’s new album

Big sean: “He was the only person I heard that could be on that song, to keep it honest. It reminded me of why i am such an eminem fan and it reminded me of why i fell in love with eminem’s work, you know? he’s unique. When i first heard of him, he was bringing new flows to the game, so when he did this verse it brought that feeling right back to me…When I heard Eminem’s verse, I played it back over and over again. I think I was just sitting in the studio in shock.” Big Sean’s new album, “I Decided” comes out on February 3rd. {source}

May 21, 2009

The letter “I’’ on the Big Mac Land sign at Busch Stadium is knocked out by Albert Pujols’s first-inning blast off Sean Marshall in the Cardinals’ 3-1 victory over Chicago. During any game, if a Cardinal player hits a home run into Big Mac Land, built in the left field stands (section 272) as a tribute to Mark McGwire, everyone at the game is entitled to redeem their ticket for a free Big Mac® at all participating restaurants in the fast food chain.

Oh my god I want to watch Pete’s Dragon again! What a lovely little song and what a cute little kid. When I was little I thought he was a girl. I’ve got next week off work, maybe I’ll watch it sometime then. =)


Okays, so the Seniors got in an assembly Friday to see Sean Marshall (he’s a baseball player for the Chicago Cubs) who graduated from my high school in 2000, i think he said… He was pretty cool.

I heard Denny Hamlin was going to be asked to come over but since the race is in Pheonix, I’d imagine he’ll be on his way there… So yeah. But if Denny shows up to the assembly, I will be in the front row and I will meet him. For reals. Jordan said he’d have to hold me back, which is true because I’m going to be so incredibly happy to meet him. Like… yeah.

Anyways! Last night was the last football game and I’ve seen on facebook that we’re the district champions so… yay Lancers. I couldn’t care less, really. It was so fun. The last game, we all go crazy and do whatever. I dropped my flag, I danced like I was having a seizure, I skipped around and made stupid faces. It was the most fun I’ve had during a performance in my guard years. The most fun. EVER. 

Next year, I’ll be back to be assistant couch so that should be fun! No guard drama 24/7 because I won’t be there long enough to hear/have any of it! Less crap from the band directors because I’m not under their crazy dictatorship as much. I don’t have to be at all the games, and when I am, if I’m not up to it, I can leave after halftime and after I make sure the girls are fine. So it should be great. :) I’ll help out when I can, I just need to make sure that college is above colorguard. I love guard, I just have to have my career plans first. I tend to forget school during the band season… Blah. But yay! More fun with the band, but less stress. I imagine. Idk. We’ll see. :)

There’s room for everyone in this world, If everyone makes some room, Won’t you move over and share this world, Everyone make some room, Even a dragon deserves a place, a wide open space, With no reins, no chains, He wants to play games, dance with you, Give him a chance to sing his song, He only wants to belong
—  Helen Reddy & Sean Marshall - There’s Room For Everyone (from Pete’s Dragon)