A quick little comic I made based on @therealjacksepticeye ‘s tweet that was reblogged here…. I know he’s strong and can brush off any diss of negativity, but a hug or two wouldn’t hurt right?

We all love you, Jack!

ah, I’m such a touchy-feely person tonight >_< OH! and it’s the return of Jackaboy’s awesome cool sexy jacket!! It looks so cool on him!!

I can feel the wheel, but I can’t steer
When my thoughts become my biggest fear

Ah, what’s the difference, I’ll die
In this sick world of mine

Dear @therealjacksepticeye
I could write a thousand words and it still would not be able to explain how much you’ve helped me and the community. I know that you know that you help us, but sometimes i wish you could see how much of an impact you have on us.

For example:

Every weekday, not wanting to get out of bed. School and my anxiety do not mix well. But then i think of you and your videos, and i smile and get out of bed.

In addition, when revision and exams are stressing me out, ill watch one of your videos and ill be calm and relaxed.

That’s just a small part of how you’ve helped me.

But i want to tell you my story, of how you really helped me.

3 years ago school was the hardest. I was getting bullied, i was hurting myself, and i had nobody. I felt as if it wouldn’t matter if i just left. It was the 28th September 2013. 4;05pm. I looked at the packet of strong medication and the reflection of myself in the cup of water. I was going to play a song which i wanted to listen to for the last time, but i accidentally clicked on your first ever far cry 6 video. I watched it through & for some reason which i didn’t understand at the time i put the medication back in the cupboard and just drank the water.
I Went down stairs and told my parents everything.
You saved my life. Literally.

3 years on i have moved schools, getting good grades, i have amazing friends and that’s all thanks to you.

You’re a hero.
I cannot thank you enough. I have tears in my eyes writing this. But happy tears. Thank you JAck ,thank you so so so so much.

I hope i can say thank you to you in person one day. I mean i have no clue if you will come to the UK. But hopefully you will & ill get too meet you.

Sorry for so much text, i just wanted to tell you everything.
Thank you again,

From A Girl Called Katie, From Northampton UK  :)