Based on these documents:

Their full names revealed except for Estela whose middle name was canceled in black marker.
- Sean Marcus Gayle
- Raj Aditya Bhandarkar
- Grace Tamara Hall
- Estela Montoya

Their birthplace.
- Sean: Florida
- Raj: New York
- Grace: Washington D.C.
- Estela: Colombia

Their ages and birthdays.
- Sean: 14th of September 1995 (currently aged 21 and is a senior in his college??)
- Raj: 7th of October 1995 (same grade as Sean)
- Grace: 4th of April 1996 (currently aged 20)
- Estela: January 1996 (have or have not turned 21 this month)

Their backgrounds.
- Sean is the son of a Hall of Famer.
- Raj is actually a genius with an IQ of 178 and a business major.
- Grace is the daughter of Blaire Hall from RoE. (yes the stories are connected)
- Estela used to be in the military and has an ex-mentor.

Psychological profiles:
- Sean is a born leader.
- Raj did a property damage of the Sigma Chi Incident 3rd of July 2016 or 7th of March 2016???
- Grace has a criminal record. (that explains the mugshot)
- Estela is exceptionally determined, with the skills to pull off her goal.

Threat Assessment. (Idk what the numbers mean? Meaning the top number is a serious threat or what)
- Sean: 4
- Raj: 1
- Grace: 6
- Estela: Do not approach (Estela’s hiding something)

There’s also an extra note on Grace’s document, stating that her actions are unpredictable.

Can we trust these people, guys?


“Its always about me……”

Wow, Jack, that’s rude…


Dead Poets Society (1989) Dir. Peter Weir, Cin. John Seale

“This is a battle- a war- and the casualties could be your hearts and souls.”

Now You’re Old Enough to Buy a Gun, So Many Better Ways of Having Fun (Jacksepticeye)

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