sean tells all

Psychic: *reads my mind*

Me: I began in 1809. I was born to a mother and a father in the dead of winter. And then what became dead was my mother. And then my father left because he couldn’t stand the sight of a baby with no hair - so I grew hair! And then I was adopted by a family named the Allans - just kidding, the didn’t adopt me they just gave me their name. And to make matters worse, we lived in Virginia. And, also, a bird was there.

Psychic: what the fuck?

Felix loves talking to Pj

- Felix non-stop talking about Sean to Pj

- Pj telling Felix to just ask Sean on a date already

- Felix playing it off like he doesn’t like Sean like that.

- Pj teasing him and say “Maybe its more of a love”

- Felix eventually asking Sean out.

- After the date Felix calls Pj and rambles on and on about it

- Felix going on more dates with Sean and telling Pj about all of them

- Pj telling him to just ask Sean to be his boyfriend already

- Felix acting like he doesn’t want to take that step yet

- Felix calling Pj excited after asking Sean to be his boyfriend.

- Pj and Felix hanging out and sometimes all Felix can talk about is Sean

- Felix being nervous on Sean and his two year anniversary. 

- Pj following Felix in to several ring shops that Felix just ‘happens to want to look at’

- Pj asking Felix if he’s gonna purpose

-Felix acting like he doesn’t want to take that step yet

- Pj getting a call at 2:00 A.M from a very excited Felix

- Pj getting asked right away to be the best man for Felix

- Pj calming down Felix when he’s getting last minute jitters and wanting to back out of it

- Felix waiting for Sean to come down the isle and tapping his foot carefully.

- Pj poking Felix and whispering “So I guess I was right, you do love him”

- Felix elbowing Pj lightly but laughing softly 

- “Damn it Pj, you’re always right”