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“Secondary objective is to destroy mankind”

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Googleplier collab i did with @sokoistrying

This was so fun, omg! She did the sketch and I did the lineart and colour!

Love how it turned out!


requested by anon <3
If it’s not to much trouble may you do one where (Reader insert) is eating dinner with Jacksepticeye and ends up blurting out a question they’ve wondered ever since he’s been playing dream daddy; “Are you gay? Because not going to lie I think you and Markiplier would be the cutest couple on earth!” And jacksepticeye just stares at her before silently standing up and walking away. It’s more of a Jacksepticeye x best friend!reader it’s more comedic then romantic.


The bantering stops for a moment as the two of you focus on slurping down your delicious food as fast as possible in fear of it getting cold. You haven’t seen Sean in so long: the two of you grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same kindergarten and were even lucky enough to push through high school in the same class. But he moved away after college, the two of you kept in touch and you did go to visit him a few times, drove him home out of that one college party where he got too drunk to walk back to his dorm…You grin to yourself as you chew on your noodles. That was a really good party. A real rager as the kids call it these days and you still regret not sticking around and having a few shots.

Sean sure has changed over the years. He’s more open, you realize. The side of him you didn’t really know about shines through Youtube and you are a loyal subscribe, just like you are a loyal friend. A recent video of his, of that game Dream Daddy, ticks in your mind and that goofy smile is soon replaced with a lazy smirk as you set down your bowl, finish chewing and call for his attention with the snap of your fingers, “Oi, Jackspedicey.” Sean snorts.


You frown, “Hey, no, serious question.” He nods. “…Are you gay?” Sean nearly chokes on his noodles, for a moment thinking that you’re actually serious. You grin, “Because I think you and Markiplier would be the cutest couple on earth!”

He doesn’t find it amusing however, as his expression falls stoic and he stares at you, unblinking. A second later he sets down his bowl harshly and a lone noodle flies onto the table. His chair screeches as he stands up and promptly exits the kitchen. You don’t know whether you should laugh or be worried that you genuinely upset him.

SEPTIPLIER IS DEAD!” He screams from the other room.

Laugh. Yeah, you should definitely laugh.

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