sean pry

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DUDE I have the best Rhysand fancast, way better than Ian Somerhalder or Sean O' Pry. Toni Mahfud, he's a model so he wouldn't act in a potential movie, but look wise he looks exactly how I picture Rhys.

ok first off, SEAN O’PRY IS THE DARKLING AND CANNOT BE RHYS PASS IT ON. i have been raging at the fandom about this since they started fan casting him. the Grisha fandom had Sean first and honestly, how dare the ACOTAR fandom? how.dare.they.

second, I had to get my lazy ass onto desktop because I am SHOOK. this is the best fancast. this most beautiful. the most holy. i love it. this is the most accurate as well because he’s supposed to be “TAN” right, SJM? so fancast him as a POC HELL YES.





bless you for sharing this with me. my whole life has changed.