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This is Just Hot & Fucking Sexy plus Sean Paul Lockhart/Brent Corrigan is just so Sexy in it & His ASS is Just Perfect


chillerama: i was a teenage werebear 2011 - love bit me on the ass.avi (by buhoklinaruTIE)

4 Fresh films to watch on Netflix

1. Honeytrap (2014)

Layla moves to Brixton, U.K. to live with her mom. She gets involved with local rapper Troy who has more secrets than she thinks. I’m very bias because I love Lucien Laviscount and Jessica Sula both of which were on the show Skins. I also love this movie because the ending is wild and it’s a roller coaster ride watching Lyla grow up or at least try to. 

2. Being Charlie (2015)

Charlie is a teen drug addict with nothing to lose. He simply does not care for rehab until he meets a girl. This movie is very sad at times but makes you laugh too. Also Nick Robinson has the cutest smile i’ve ever seen.

3. King Cobra (2016)

Based on a true story King Cobra follows the tale of gay porn star Sean Paul Lockhart who tries to get away from the producer who made him famous. This movie is very interesting but worth a watch. Garrett Clayton, Christian Slater, and James Franco all star. Also, for my fellow #Spoby peeps, there is a ton of shirtless Keegan Allen. You’re welcome.

4. Teenage Cocktail (2016)

Two friends plan to runaway from home but find a scary way to make the money. This movie shocked the fuck out of me. The end was insane I still talk about it.