sean mulveyhill

Never again will she ask me to read a short story … or poem she has written. Phoebe was a beautiful, intelligent and gregarious daughter with a kind heart able to show compassion for others.
—  Phoebe Prince’s mother, Anne O'Brien • Describing the pain she’s had to deal with since her daughter committed suicide as a result of sustained bullying. O'Brien read from a victim impact statement in front of a judge, who handed down year-long probation sentences to Sean Mulveyhill and Kayla Narey, both 18. Both took part in the bullying which started after Prince briefly dated Mulveyhill, Narey’s former boyfriend. The bullying took place both online and offline. Prince hanged herself in 2010, a story which made national news. A reminder to all that the “It Gets Better” campaign isn’t necessarily for gay students, but every student. source (viafollow)