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Of Mountains and Lions
A poem by: Sean Michael Moreno
for Sarah (durnesque-esque)

Today… I helped a lion.
I know, yeah, that sounds funny, 
like why, why was I with a lion, right?
N why choose static, n not flight?

Allow me first to defend
this step I didn’t take, 
coupled with benevolent wonderment
because all the doubt will be asunder rent.

Take, if you will a moment
to imagine this brilliant scene
where a tired lady, and a mopey bard
found themselves with their eyes starred

Where together they stood, 
but still separate they were, 
because fierceness and ambition are not
the same as confidence and belief. Forgot

did they, in this moment, here.
Standing still, and uncertain
but bearing, both, the burden of love not
known. To them, were their passions for naught.

Now, awkwardness rendered clear, 
our star-crossed goofballs lay the scene
where I’m the mountain, and the lion is she.
Addendum: Things of sappy kind, here, be.

TODAY… I helped a Lion.
Or rather she helped me help her.
With proximity came our clarity, 
and in stillness we accomplished rarity

Together we found our love
because our love found us together
and in that discovery our lips made one, too
or, ours met, and hearts became one, not two.

In truth, she had initiative
and moved first to acquaint our lips
but I played the Don Juan in this our tale
In that I was swept, and swooned, e’en as I regale

So I suppose I was more quarry
than Quartermaine in this story
but I helped, as I stated, my lion, today
I promise these are true facts, so listen I pray

When she kissed me, her heart stopped
for a second, like mine did, 
and in that moment I found her alone.
An awkward way for your kisser to be known.

I pondered this in that time
that half-second of sensory fail
where action hadn’t quite registered
but my mind had a short hour to think

What makes a lion shudder?
What could make my huntress meek?
Then I realized that I’m a mountain
But, in moment’s, a mountain of dust.

Why couldn’t a lion at times
be a mouse, if stone crumbles?
So it hit, right as the first kiss parted…
She was afraid of being disregarded

But not just in general.
She loved me, so she feared me.
But more than that, she was afraid of 
losing herself again to some un-love

So I did what anyone
would do in my fortuned place:
I requited the bold kiss of my girl
It took me long enough to, yeah, I know

But I kissed her. I love her.
I knew in a kiss that I did, 
and in mine, my girl has her fire again.
See, like I said, Today, I helped a lion.

I gave her the confidence
to know that she deserves
every ounce of love the world, over, can fork
much less the love of one huge, silly dork

so with that my tale ends,
but ours here begins.
Through each other, we know our full strength
and will be bold for one another for some length

Because this love we’ve found is
forever, the kind we have can’t die.
A mountain and a lion must together be…

Because this mountain must run… and his lion should see
every ounce of what she is and will be.

Our tale continues, but
this short one closes shut.
We’ll seal that chapter as we have every other
with a long overdue kiss, and smile to melt the sun.

For this mountain walks, and his lion can rest

For they both are loved, and their tale has just begun.


© Sean Michael Moreno 2014

(Forgive the crappy angle of the video, I’ll probably reshoot it when I fix or replace my webcam.)

Hope y'all enjoy!

New followers like nobody's business...

Sooo… Now that I’m sitting at almost 15k… And was at 14.3 last night… I’m gonna go ahead, and do this action:

Hey, folks.
I’m Sean Michael Moreno-Carroll. I’m an actor, a fighter, and a massive nerd with a quick wit, an unending amount of sass, and more ambition than you can shake a stick at. I also have a horrid panache for pissing off tumblr folk by having the unfortunate gift of insight, and an unyielding lack of interest in softening blows for the sake of misplaced comfort.

With that crap outta the way: If you’re still in, awesome. Beyond all the rage-monster, duty-bound, super heavy shit, I’m actually stupid fluffy and happy-go-lucky… Which is most of the time… If you go through my blog there’s more positivity and hope flying around than there is “SEAN SMAAAASH!”… If that makes any damn sense at all…

Anyway, I am 27 years old (28 on November 25th), I’m a believer in the power of intellectual discourse, the sanctity of challenged and challenging thought(s), and the necessity for knowing one’s world, its histories, and one’s own place therein.

I am an Actor, both on screen and stage… I have an agent, I’m union, I’ve worked professionally since 2010, and I’ve done everything from commercials, to multiple seasons on a national series, to industrials, to straight plays, to Shakespeare festivals, to Renaissance Festivals… It’s what I trained a good portion of my life for, it’s what I love, and it’s what I studied in college.
I also draw, paint, sculpt, write, sing (poorly), and dance.

I’ve studied stage combat since I was a wee lad. And have grown up in it, and with the SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors) because my more adulty peers (rennies who did fight stuff) were awesome, and thoroughly better parental figures than my Mom was.

To that previous point, I also grew up at Ren Faires! Which, if you were/are shocked by my frankness and colorful vocabulary, then that’s is the thing you get to blame for my broken give-a-fuck-er… But you also get to thank it for my endless imagination, stupid humor, and sense of honor.

That all said, I should just lay this one thing aside… I’m sorry you followed, and I’ll do my best not to deal the full breadth of my sarcastic bullshit in a day, but I will also try to do cool things that don’t hurt souls on the regular.

All in all, I’m just some jerk of an art nerd who lives in a constant state of his own mental flux. I also know a LOT of history… A ton. Because reasons…

I also game more than any self-respecting adult should, because fuck you, that’s why.

Console, PC, board, D20 anything ever, cards, warhammer… You name it, I have spent too fucking much money on it. And I’m not ashamed of that fact. Not one bit.

Gamer Tag on XBLive is Darth Panda1127.
Hit me up if you want, but I reserve the right to ignore you. No offense. I’m just a social recluse when I wanna be… Which is usually.

That pretty much sums me up. If you want more detail, READ. That’s pretty much the whole point of this whole… Blog… Thing…

Anyway I love your respective faces, and I hope to hear from/make you happy/challenge you to feel and be better, soon.


Decided to throw up a video of me doing my Patrick Warburton impression.

Hope y'all dig it!


A poem by: Sean Michael Moreno
© Sean Michael Moreno 2012

I wrote this a couple years ago, because it was sort of my way of taking power and pride back from years of being looked down upon for being a mix, a mutt… a “half-breed”… It was my way of saying that humanity, being a person, being who you are is far more lovely, far more beautiful, and far more important than fitting into a certain “breed” of human. Race does not define you.

So maybe I’m not perfect,

And neither are my words.

While we’re at it,

I’m not special,

No greatness in me stirs.

There’s nothing to be cherished,

And not a single shred of hope.

But that’s just an image some have,

The edge of a burning rope.

Some may see this life as fleeting

Sure, they watch it as it burns,

But I am the flame upon it,

You’re the rope for which I yearn.

This heat inside me scalds you,

And boils up the life within,

While I burn my licks unfold you

As I reach inside your skin.

Each second brings me closer

To the center of your world,

You’re unlacing yourself around me

Together we are unfurled.

Some may think this is just physics,

Just science with a flare

I say this is creation,

Name the theory if you dare.

There’s gargantuan emotion,

And deep impact, to be sure,

Audibly, it’s concussive,

Though, I’d say that’s mostly her.

You see, I would not say that I am perfect,

No, alone I’m just a spark,

But so long as you are with me,

We burn perfection in the dark.
-A Poem By: Sean Michael Moreno 
©Sean Michael Moreno 2012


I wrote this a few years back after watching a bunch of movies with damn hot sex scenes, running though Game of thrones, and Spartacus in a weekend, and being like, “Damn, I want that.” So I wrote this… Never shared it before, so yeah. Here ya go Tumblr: my only ever attempt at a sexy poem. lol

Hope y'all enjoy!


So… Did a fight today at the A-Town Throw Down that I was pretty pumped about. Quick, stupid, fun, and funny. :)

All things I love in a fight.

Choreographer: “M.J.” Johnson
Actors: Sean Michael Moreno and Britain Willcock
Weapon: Single Sword


HOKAY, I promised an update! Here’s the deal, kids:

If you don’t know me, just started following, or just want a refresher…
I’m Sean Michael Moreno. I’m a 26 year-old SAG Actor, Actor Combatant, and absurdly huge nerd. :)

^That’s me.

You might know my amazing girl, and I better from this:

And if you watch BET, you might know me as my character “Hot Sauce” on “The Game(thegamebet)

That’s me on the left. In the middle is my boy Pooch, and then my buddy Kobe.

Now that all that’s done. ON TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF!

I get in to the airport (O'Hare) at oh-my-god o'clock in the morning on Friday, and will be heading straight to the con area. Soon as I get there, I’m gonna figure out what the ever-loving crap to do with myself until check-in… Probably eat delicious food-things, so if you spy me near the overflow hotel in the wee hours of the morning on a mission to stuff my face, feel free to join me for breakfast. It might look like this: Once that’s all taken care of, and my face has been thoroughly satiated, and I’m all checked in, there will be rehearsing for a couple of my panels. It will be boring, you won’t want to watch. (read: It’ll be awesome, and hilarious. You would love it, but you should totally wait for the panel)


^Just like that.
I’ll be, as previously mentioned, running 5 panels. I’ll get to that in a second. I’m there Friday through Sunday, and will be chilling and taking in all the awesome that will be DashCon. Don’t hesitate to come say hey, give a high-five, get a photo, tell me you love me, ask me to kiss your baby, or generally make me feel like a rock star. (don’t ask me to kiss your baby) I will be cool with all of these things. That said, here’s what’ll be happening over the course of the Con for your favorite… me…?  

I’ll be rocking appropriately nerdy video game attire most of the day, BECAUSE…

At 5pm in NIRVANA B&C I will be rocking out Hidden Treasures: Video Games You’ve Never Played with my AWESOME P.I.C. Kelli.

9PM in SCHAUMBERG D I’ll be killing Video Game Plots with my boy Jacob (I’ll probably change into a suit, because…)

from 10-10:30pm, Sarah(durnesque-esque) and I will be at DashProm generally being awesome, and dancing like crazy people, before we have to depart to go prepare for our…

STAGE COMBAT DEMO and Q&A @ 11pm Where upon Sarah, and I beat the #$%& out of each other in fancy clothes for YOUR AMUSEMENT, and answer questions about it afterward! :D

Following that we will most likely HEAD TO THE HOTEL BAR to chill with a beverage before heading back to our room, because we’re old.(read:Awesome) 


I’VE GOT NOTHING TO DO! So I’ll be chilling out in my new and improved Action Comics Superman attire, being super ‘n stuff with Sarah who will be rocking Street Clothes Wonder Woman (Awwwwww yiss), until it’s time for…

BRAAAAAAAAINS!! @ 3pm in Nirvana A, where my fine compatriot in zombie slaying, and survival, Madeline, and I will discuss the finer points of the undead menace.

After that I’m home-free until Sunday, so I’ll hit the Poetry Open Mic at 5pm in Utopia A&B, and throw down some slam, and most likely be roaming the show rooms, and supporting my lovely lady at her panels the rest of the day, before calling it a night. ^ ^


It’ll be the last day of the con, and so I’ll be pirating like a boss, until my just after..

My PERIOD DANCE panel 12:00 Noon in SCHAUMBURG A. Where we’ll be doing a series of various dances, and generally being awesome.

Once that’s done, I’m calling it a day, changing into civvies, and heading to the Airport.

I can’t wait for the Con, and I hope to see all of you there!

Much love!

So I got a cool ask the other day...

The super-cool, and wonderful bobbieah asked a while ago if they could get a few questions answered… almost like an interview… and the questions were awesome, so I was completely down. Anyway, it took a while, but I eventually got around to answering them, but they were in fan-mail format, and upon finishing, I thought my answers might be useful, or at the least, interesting for some of my other followers, especially the younger, aspiring actors among you…

Hope y'all enjoy!
B- how’d you get into acting?

SMM- Oof… Well… I always had a knack for dialects. It just came naturally, and I just sort of… fell into it. My mom had been taking me to renaissance festivals and plays since I was a boy, I always loved film, and my father actually took me to my first ballet (The Nutcracker). I suppose it was through all of that exposure that I eventually started doing theatre, though I was shy at first, so at 11 I was part of the tech crew at my Junior High. I painted set pieces, and worked lights a bit(I had no clue what I was doing, and I was still trying to be cool and play football… so that didn’t help) but I wasn’t instantly amazing, like I was with drawing, so I quit. I was 11. Nobody is wise or has forethought at 11. Anyway, I ended up hating football, and blowing up like a balloon due to health stuff anyway, so no cool kid football points for this guy. Two years, and metric fuck-ton of angst, anger, and mental issues later I started working at The Texas Renaissance Festival, which turned out to be the greatest thing I could have ever done for myself… I had a whole 13 years of rage and hurt to call on and no way, save drawing, to release it… by that point my illustrations were dark, violent, and introspective, I was cutting myself (thankfully I don’t have any scars… yay medications and bandages) stealing, lying like crazy, getting involved with people I shouldn’t have, and generally being a shitty human being… and getting away from it all on the weekends for 4 months out of the year was a god-send. I found confidence, it gave me an outlet for my creativity, afforded me the ability to be around a whole cast of people who were mostly older, wiser, and more understanding, and compassionate, than anyone I had known up to that point. Jeff Baldwin, the Entertainment Director, became a father figure, and the mentor I never had as a kid. I learned in those four years at TRF that I had value, and that my talent was real… I wasn’t just playing at being something, and that gave me confidence I had never had… it gave me the will to create, and to be something more… and from there I couldn’t be stopped. So, I guess, for lack of a better way of putting it, Jeff gave me acting, and by the grace of God, I was good at it.

B- how’d you decide that this was the career for you?

SMM- Haha, well… um… Funny story, that… I didn’t. I mean… yes, I chose to become an actor, but the thought to pursue it as a career had never hit me until orientation right before my freshman year of college. I was young, ridiculous, had long hair down to my mid back, still sort of clung to my goth days and mentality, but was starting to wear nicer clothes, because I had begun to realize girls liked sharp dressed men. (damn my parents for not making me listen to ZZ Top when I was younger… The things I could have done better lol) Unlike most 18-19 year-olds in their freshman year, however, I plopped my happy ass down at my comfy chair, turned on my 360, and played call of duty 2 til all hours of the night, because I had a girlfriend back in Texas, and I was, and still am, cripplingly shy. This was only a hindrance until a group of girls on the bus one day decided I needed to hang out with them and go on a ghost tour… well… hours later, I’m asked what my major is going to be, I tell them “Game Design, focus on Character Design” and this one girl who would become one of my best friends at the school, Vanessa Ortiz, tells me, no shit, ”What? Game Design? No. No way. You’re way too loud, way to crazy, and way to obnoxious to be Game Design. You’re going to be in Performing Arts.” I was baffled, and totally disagreed at the time, but she meant it in the best way, and it totally came across that way, so I was like, “I mean, we’ll see” and we laughed, and had a great rest of the night. It was awesome… 6 months later, I’m filling out my Major as Performing Arts, and listing my Minor as Game Design. The rest is history.

B- how’d you go about getting representation?

SMM- Oh, wow… Um… I didn’t. Haha! I know that sounds shitty, but I didn’t go about it… I was in my school’s showcase my senior year, which hit Atlanta, and before I graduated, I got signed to my agency. It was luck, a lot of hard work, a shit ton of confidence, a whole lot of prep, amazing mentoring, and a little bit of divine intervention.

B- favourite & least favourite roles to date?

Favorite: Tito Merelli from Lend Me A Tenor, or Jake from A Lie of The Mind
Least: Jigger, from Carousel. God I hate that play.

B- what kinds of training do you recommend for aspiring performers?

SMM- I think that’s up to the individual… not every school works for every actor, you know? Different styles lend better to different performers, and picking any one would be absurd. I’d say find what suits you, and the style you pursue, be it film, TV, commercial, vocal, or what-have-you… All of the various schools have their merits, but you just have to find what works for you. Personally? I love Stanislavski. I also love Declan Donnellan’s book The Actor and The Target. As a fighter, it really speaks volumes to me. I need to dig that book back out, actually. I need a refresher.

B- tips in general:

SMM- The best tip I can give any young actor, or really any actor in general is this:
Don’t be a dick.
You’re on set for 16+ hours a day usually in film, in rehearsals for a minimum of 4-6 weeks in most stage shows, in holding for 5-6 hours on average on commercial shoots, and in that time, you end up dealing with between 15-150 people who all have to deal with your stupid ass. They know this when they audition you, and if you come in all, “fuck you people I’m amazing, look at me and how good I am” NOBODY WILL WANT TO WORK WITH YOU. EVER. Do yourself a favor, if you want to work, learn how to not be a tool. It will serve you better than any training you could ever imagine.

B- bonus question - talk about any- & everything you love and/or hate about acting

SMM- It’s home. It’s the only thing I could ever, and will ever do. Not because I don’t have other talents, I do, I have plenty, but acting is all I want. It’s all I’ll accept. I want to move people. I want to make people remember who they are, to remember what it is that drives them… the best definition of acting I’ve ever heard, described it as, “reminding people what it is to be human… Giving a re-education on how to feel.” I think that’s beautiful. Also, the Japanese, before they go on stage, don’t say, “break a leg” they say… granted I can’t type the kanji… but they say, “Gambate” which means “fight” or “struggle” which speaks to me in an almost primal way… When I go on stage, or when I’m about to go on set… my whole body feels like it’s prepping for war, and, in a way, it kind of is… with itself; with my mind… I don’t think much of me, but I have to know all of me, and pull on it to let the spirit of the character possess me, and filter through my emotions to draw what it needs… In that process, in becoming who I need to, to fit that need… I have to understand the fight I will endure, and the places my mind has to go to draw that energy out into the ether. It’s not easy, and at times it’s terrifying, but it’s those places that scare us that we have to face, and it’s those places… those dark recesses of our minds that we need to understand. Acting gives us that. And without the depths of those places in me, I wouldn’t be able to do this as well as I do. Actors are the pioneers… we delve into the abyss and come back unscathed so that the rest know it’s safe to go there. Feeling is correct, and that’s what the theatre, what film gives us… It’s why I love it so much. 

Much love!
-Sean Michael Moreno

I went down to Savannah to talk at my alma mater yesterday...

My school (SCAD) invited myself and two of my fellow performing arts alums to come speak at the school for a panel and a series of closed Q&A’s on being successful young professionals in the industry.

(None of us feel like we’re particularly wildly successful, but apparently the school disagrees, which was humbling.)

Long story short, it was cool to reconnect with people I barely knew, or haven’t seen in years, and it was good for my soul to be able to give some of the knowledge and lessons I’ve learned to the kids soon to follow in our footsteps. I don’t know how much of it really sank in, or got any real traction, but it was definitely cool to potentially ease some fears, and verify some others, while providing a bit of understanding and reality on what waits for them when they leave the security blanket of academia.

In light of that, I’m going to open up the opportunity on here to those of you who aren’t in my school, or weren’t otherwise able to attend the panels. I’m about to be 27 in 14 days, have been working professionally in the industry for almost 6 years now, and have been acting since I was 12. I’ve got multiple professional credits to my name, most notably 3 seasons on The Game on BET. If you have a legitimate question on the industry, my career, or the art itself in particular, feel free to ask. I’ll accept your acting related questions through midnight tonight, and answer them as best I can until they’re all covered.

Much love, and I look forward to hearing from you. <3

I’ve heard about this thing…
this tendril of hope that drips off the tongues of acid filled sympathizers,
who’d have those lacking pieces of their subconscious vicariously filled by your absolution.

They call it closure, but you see, to me…

The closure is like a thousand cacti fighting a cage match in your heart,
here with every beat, a spine breaks through.

The closure is like submerging yourself in sea of molten hatred,
and realizing that the only thing truly burning is you.

The closure is the silent scream that escapes at 3 in the morning
between that sleeping nightmare, and the real one.

The closure is that thrust you feel in your solar plexus as you reach out with all your strength to that girl
you always loved, and as the words escaped you, you realized you’re done.

The closure is that thing you always heard you’d love, because it would fill you to the brim again,
But when the brim returns it brings with it the brink.

The closure is the hour after something that’s constricted you has been lifted,
and while the pressure is gone, now there’s an imprinted pain that’ll hurt and itch so it’s the only thing you think.

The closure is that moment you wake up, and when you look to your right and your arm is empty,
…You remember why.

The closure is like the first second you place your hand in a fire and you watch the tiny hairs burn away, 
but the heat hasn’t hit you, so you’re not ready to cry.

You see, the closure is the thing that hurts deep within, like your pride did when you tripped in front of her walking down the stairs on your first day of high school.

The closure is so varied, so vast, so volatile, so completely far from anything I ever wanted back…`

…So thanks, I’ll hold it close, to remind me that this is nothing, compared to you.

-“The Closure”
A poem written by: Sean Michael Moreno
© Sean Michael Moreno 2012