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D.J. Cotrona as Sean Mathers in Windfall

“I just want to show up with the other lottery winners. You know, stop living my life in the shadows.” 

Done and Done

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Request: Heyo! I was wondering if you could do a writing about if Ethan/Mark/Sean went mad while making cupcakes or some other dish/food and maybe turned into their dark persona? Idk, its Halloween so I thought maybe something spooky

Pairing: Sean/Anti x reader

Genre: angst?

If there was one thing Sean wasn’t proficient at, it was baking cupcakes. There was no other person who became so frustrated at misplaced icing and overflowing dough than Sean himself. Even with you by his side, Sean’s patience wore thin while he waited for things to set and bake, all while his stomach growled in greed as the thought of devouring cupcakes overwhelmed his senses. Not to mention the heavenly smell of the batter itself and the way you carefully measured it.

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