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  • Home Recording: In The Sky
  • John Lennon, Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon
  • Late November, 1979

Late November, 1979 (Dakota, New York): A bemused John and Yoko talk to Sean about where he came from.

SEAN: Daddy, when did we have no house?

JOHN: When? [Yoko laughs]

SEAN: When did we have no house and we rented this house?

YOKO: Um, 1973 we didn’t have this house yet. That’s when we bought this house.


JOHN: Two years before you were born. [Yoko laughs]

SEAN: Oh. And I wasn’t coming with you to find this house? [Yoko laughs]

JOHN: No, you weren’t born yet, you were still in the sky.

SEAN: Oh. [Yoko laughs] And when I came back down here, what did I land in – on?

JOHN: A little cardboard box, with a little blanket in. A little teeny tiny… [laughs] Teeny tiny little Sean-chan in a little teeny tiny cardboard box that used to have apples in it. [laughs] And it used to be just here.

SEAN: I’ve never heard of a – apple box.

JOHN: Well, a little cardboard box like that, see? Like they use to bring the groceries in, only it’s you instead of the groceries.



October 9.

It’s officially the birthday of John Winston Lennon.

He should be 75 years old today. Time flies, doesn’t it? Yes, but when we think about his death, the time becomes an eternity. […]

Johnny boy… What can I say about him? First, he is my inspiration. Every day, this guy is in my mind. All the time. Maybe I have an obsession, but I’m proud of it.

I know him since I am a little child. I was too young to understand that he was in The Beatles. I knew him as John Lennon, a hippie who likes to sing. Then I rapidly learned that he is a LEGEND.

He will forever be the boy of my dreams. I love everything about him. I like his humor, his intelligence, his music (of course), his beauty, his humanity, his existence. [etc]

John gave us a big heritage from his life. Today, we still remember him even if he passed away 34 years ago (soon 35). Yoko Ono is also there to share the rare things that she has from his husband.

He was a genius. An amazing person. He used to be an asshole to finally become a peaceful. That is a part of why he inspires me.

Everybody likes John Lennon. Maybe not his personality, but we all know how smart he was. “The mind of The Beatles” is his nickname.

I can’t even explain why I adore him. There’s so much things that come in my head when I think about it.

Okay. First, he was and is still hilarious. John was the kind of guy who always says something of funny when he is in a stressful situation. His jokes can be rude, but still funny. I mean, if his music music career wouldn’t have worked, he could have been humorist! I need someone like that in my life.

Johnny always said what he thought. It may not be nice to hear, but it was always true. Direct. He said his opinion since the beginning of his career and never stopped. Watch some interviews of him if you want a proof. Nobody should be scared to say his real thoughts.

He was enjoying life. His happiness made everyone happy. Always smiling, saying how much he’s blessed to be alive…. Of course when he was in a bad trip I don’t think he loved his life, but then he realized how much life is precious. He didn’t deserve to lose it. And I will never forget what happened.

His damn mind. The fact that he had the talent to write songs with amazing lyrics in the 60s. I listen to his music and just can’t believe that he actually existed. There’s a lot of quotes from him that are so inspiring. We could create false quotes and people would believe us because they know how smart he was. No one can get compared to John.

I love him more and more every day. It’s crazy how much I get love for him all the time. Every time I’m watching something that he’s in, I just think “omg he is so amazing. I adore him.” Do you understand how I feel? […]

If you don’t think he was important, let’s talk about the fact that he got his own park (Strawberry Fields Forever), his own museum, his own fucking airport and people still visit the “bed-in” in 2015 ! Oh and we still go to his childhood house, Abbey Road Studios, and so much more !

He created his own mode (his sun/glasses are very famous), the hippie styleis especially known because of him, he is even considered as God ! (which is funny) […]

All the Lennon/McCartney stuff make me cry of sadness and sometimes of happiness. Their friendship was one of the most wonderful things ever. I still cry a lot, because his death is horrible. Just writing this got me tears.

I always wonder how can Paul and Yoko be happy without John if me, as a fan, I can’t. At the same time, I understand that they’re just trying to be strong. Of course they think about it, but they don’t say it to everyone.

It’s really hard to see life without him. I know I didn’t meet him, but I already know what it’d be like. 
It’s also sad to love someone who’s no longer alive. Knowing you won’t meet him. Never. The only thing that you have from this person is his music.

Well…. My boy should be an old man today. A wonderful man. 
We lost a legend 34 years ago. People all around the world still think about it.

I love him. My inspiration. I know him since a long moment and it will be forever. He will never get forgotten.

“John Lennon was both a saint and a bastard.” -George Harrison.

Please, on this day, let’s talk about the good things he did, and not the bad ones. He truly deserves it. Have some respect.

He only wanted peace and love in the world. We can at least share peace for his birthday.

John, thank you for inspiring me every day. Thank you to have made things that we still can watch/listen all the time. Thank you to have existed. You’re always missed in my heart.

Even if you’re gone, you are still alive by your music, and by all the beautiful things that you gave us. I am grateful for that.

Have a nice day in heaven, you deserve it.

Also an happy birthday to Sean Lennon. he’s 39 years old. Born at the same day as his dad. A beautiful human being. Your father would be so proud of you. I’m pretty sure he’s looking at you all the time. I love you so much. We can definitively see John in you. I really hope to meet you someday. 

I wish you the best. 

Happy birthday to both of you.

With love, from me, to you. xoxoxoxo


Celebrating the lives of John & Sean Lennon today

“The real truth is that when my dad passed away, I really felt as if the only way to replace him was through music and it never has really succeeded, obviously, fully. But it’s my way, sort of, feeling he is with me I remember when I was around 6, I would pick out songs like, ‘Yellow Submarine’ and 'Imagine’ simple ones & I would pick them out on the piano at my house. And that was the first time I actually felt, kind of, almost like, I was with him physically again. And it was that feeling that has driven me to play music ever since.” Sean Lennon, interview with WNYC