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davidamazouz Final table read for season 3 calls for 🎂 #gotham

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A dope collab between two of the coolest dudes. Tricks by Brian Freeman & cut by Sean Keane.


New photos from Erin’s Instagram:

— «Just when you thought all was lost…» (photo №1)

— «@mjmf nailing the #Gotham Season 3 final table read cake once again. I ate Chicklis.» (photo №2)

— «This made me chuckle.» (photo №3).

anonymous asked:

Is Gotham going to be cancelled?

There has been no word as of yet if Gotham will be renewed or cancelled.

If you’d like, you can tweet at the Gotham Twitter account, stating how you’d like to see the show renewed, and the reasons why you enjoy it so much. You might also consider @’ing the Fox Twitter account as well.

If you feel that you would go over the 140 character limit, you can always upload a picture of your text and simply tweet that at the account.

It might also help to use a hashtag with your text or picture of your text, such as #FansOfGotham or #GothamSeason4.

New promo for Season 3 of Gotham.


Gotham Season 3 Character Poll:            

The following characters will be placed into a poll vs each other, and it’s up to you to decide which you like more.

Voting will start January 31st, with a new poll each day, the results from the previous poll posted the next day.

This is meant to be for fun and to spotlight which characters fans like. Consideration has been given to put each character on an even ground with a character popularity similar to theirs, for more honest results, and perhaps a more difficult choice. Just like living Gotham, it might not be easy.

Who will you be voting for?


Erin Richards, Robin Lord Taylor, and Sean Pertwee during Walker Stalker Con 2016.