sean hennessy

The April of 2015 was a very special month for me. It was on the 26th day of this month that I decided to make PodCake into the podcast publicity and critique palace that it is.

After a few attempts to find a way to make use of this space I created, I finally made the conscious decision to expand my writing skills and show my love for the audio drama community by posting my first Podcast Pallet.

Things started slow, but overtime, more months pasts and more things were made. I was thrown into this new realm of possibility that I had created for myself as I made friends, discussed artistic criticism on a level I never thought I’d reach, and potentially molded a new career path I am more than eager to follow through with.

So for April 26th, I want to make it a yearly reminder of all the things I’ve written, accomplished, and the bonds I’ve made with a humble masterlist. Like many lists, I intend for it to grow more and more, as a sort of reminder of all the work I’ve put into PodCake shaping a special part of myself into the internet community.

Also think of this as a neat guide for those who may be new around here or want to find a specific piece.

That’s all PodCake has had to offer over the course of barely a year. And who knows what else I can make and learn within a few more months? But I must admit that this list wouldn’t exist without the help of all your support. Yes, everyone reading this right now is very vital to this whole thing even existing.

This goes for regular readers, those who give me updates on new shows, all the talented folks I was able to befriended over a few short conversations, and those who continue to create their own works of art in audio drama. 

PodCake is nothing without a strong community keeping it afloat and I plan to “stay sweet” with you all for a very long time. 

love, PodCake