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  • Trump administration: We're rolling back the protections for trans students because it should be left up to the states. This isn't a one-size-fits-all situation, the states have rights, they should be able to chose whether or not they offer protections to vulnerable children and teens. We're a state's rights party uwu.
  • Also the Trump administration: We're looking into enforcing the federals laws that deal with recreational marijuana because these stickin' states think that they have rights or something.


Future - H&M
Sean Combs - RICK OWENS
A$AP Rocky and Ashton Sanders - CALVIN KLEIN by Appointment
Wiz Khalifa - THOM BROWNE
Michael B. Jordan - RALPH LAUREN
Rami Malek - DIOR HOMME


‘Room’, Lenny Abrahamson (2015)

One, two, three… There’s room, then outer space, with all the TV planets, then heaven. Plant is real, but not trees. Spiders are real, and one time the mosquito that was sucking my blood. But squirrels and dogs are just TV, except Lucky. He’s my dog who might come some day. Monsters are too big to be real, and the sea. TV persons are flat and made of colors. But me and you are real.


Room (2015) - Lenny Abrahamson

5 bullets on this film:

  • This movie was like a punch in the face for me, in a good way. I felt shocked, disgusted and sad at the same time. It made me feel so anxious that I forgot how to breathe during some scenes. BUT IT WAS GREAT, I SWEAR.
  • Can we talk about how Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, who is 9 years old,  made this movie? Not that the story wasn’t good, because it was, but they made everything 19x better.

  • I love movies about moms, they are so cute and real. Shoutout to all the cool moms. 

  • Many people thought this movie was boring, but I honestly can’t understand how. It has the perfect pace, and if you were annoyed by the fact that most of the film has only one scenery, you are very small minded, my friend. 

  • I don’t think it will win the Oscar for best picture, but Brie Larson has a good chance of winning as best actress. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won for best adapted screenplay. 

Back in the day, Raw used to be preempted on the USA Network for events like the Westminster Dog Show and the US Open; so in September of 1998, they made a commercial ridiculing the US Open. It aired on Sunday Night Heat, to advertise that Raw would be back on next Monday. Here’s a snippet from it, in which all of Degeneration X squares off against the Undertaker.

(The full commercial is featured in the first couple minutes of this video, at least until WWE takes it down:

Pt 4


“Get up, get up, come on, get up.”

“C'mon Fe, get the hell up.”

“Fuck, get up.”

“He isn’t getting up.”

“You think I don’t see that?”

“Why isn’t he getting up?”

“Fuck, I dunno Pj, maybe it’s because some dickhead suffocated him??”

“Jesus Christ, you don’t have to be so snappy.”

“Are you actually serious? This kid got assaulted in your fucking laundry room!!”

Felix slowly opened his eyes, blurry and vaguely stinging. Everything was so dim around him, his chest felt on fire, his body ached in spots he didn’t realize could hurt…

In front of him, crouched down, were two kids. One with brown curly hair, the other with green. The two noticed Felix stirring and the green haired kid let out a large sigh.

“Thank fuck.”

“Where..” Fe croaked weakly, looking around him. He was in a barely lit room, laying on a pile of lumpy somethings, his mind drawing a blank at the names of them.

As his senses faded back slowly, Fe began to remember. He remembered hands on him, rough rough hands, hitting him, slapping him, grabbing at his skin like he was some toy.

His chest felt cold, his skin clammy. His shirt was open.
And then it came flooding back-

Fabric tearing,

Pop, pop, pop, his buttons were off,



He needed air,


He couldn’t breathe,

Who is that?



Get off of him,

And cursing. Lots of cursing,

How dare you,

Stay away from him,

I’ll kill you,

“Felix, buddy?”

Felix blinked softly, his eyes still burning a bit. He looked up at the two boys over him, recognition snapping briefly in the back of his mind.

“Did I..” Felix began, clearing his throat. “What..”

“Calm down, lil guy.” The brunette said, reaching toward Felix’s arm.

It felt like needles pressed under his skin as the kid’s fingers grazed against his arm; tingling painfully, and cold. He could feel his muscle contract against the contact.

“Don’t-” Felix snapped, flinching away quickly, his voice harsher than he’d ever heard it get-or intended it to be. His heart was already beating in his chest like drums, hard, and loud, and fast. It matched the pace of the painful thumping in his head. “Please, I hate being touched.”

“Sorry,” The curly haired kid drew back, his face flushing pink in embarrassment; as though he’d never been rejected before.

“Are you okay, dude?” The messy haired kid asked, his voice oddly soft. Felix studied his face. His skin was splotched a similar color to the blood he consumed for communion;wine-red, and some areas were darker shades than others, some purple or dark blue. He looked more ruggedly disheveled than normal.

“Are you?” Felix asked halfheartedly as he studied his skin. He attempted to push himself to his feet, but failed as the….um…clothes, that was the word- only sunk down the more he struggled; like quicksand, Felix assumed.

The disorienting feeling the blond got in his belly seemed to only heighten as he kneaded at the pile, which he assumed was all unwashed clothing, just stripped off of Pj’s-and his mother’s- sweaty skin and thrown into this heap of hell. And now, Felix was sat in it, his own clothes soaking up all the smell of grime and disgusting dirt. His skin suddenly felt gross. Maybe he’d contract some sort of disease from rolling around in this pool of mess.. The occurring thought made his palms burn.

The grass haired kid grabbed Felix’s hand gently, pulling him up off the pile and out of his mind.

“What?” The Irish kid’s face shifted into a bewildered look.

“You look like you’ve been hit by a bus..” Fe admitted.

The green haired kid’s face kept it’s puzzled look, as though Felix was speaking tongues.

The blond reached out to touch one of Sean’s bruises, his muscles quickly protesting at the rapid stretch. His fingers met with one of the deeper purple spots around Sean’s eye, Fe making sure to be as gentle as he could.

Sean winced faintly as the blond grazed over his cheek; where another mark-this one tinged blue- lay under his skin.

“Jesus-fuck-” The Irish kid muttered, the pained looked being immediately replaced with guilt as Felix blatantly chewed at his tongue in annoyance. “Er..sorry.”

Fe forcefully stifled the cringe down his back. He should’ve been used to the curses by now. And at least, it seemed, Sean was aware of his discomfort with the harsh sounds, now.

The swede turned his attention back to Sean’s wounds, imagining how hard the fists that made these bruises must have felt as they clashed into his body. Felix had never been in a mutually agreed fight in his life-not counting all the times he’d been ganged up on, such as this most recent event.

Felix’s jaw ached at the memory of fists flying into his head, disorientingly quick, and from everywhere. Fists that were trained to handle footballs, and offensively padded muscles. Though, Fe’s body hadn’t been padded, in any case, and he’d been pummeled by those fists into a heap of whimpering, bloodied submission. But Sean hadn’t fallen into the power of those fists. He’d willingly pushed into them, in fact, fighting back hard, as Felix recalled.

He’d seen the green poof of hair burst into the room as he faded out of consciousness. Seen the chaotic movements-although blurry- flying and writhing around the room as bodies flung at each other. It was like watching an animal fight for its life. Except it wasn’t his life Sean had been swinging for. It was Felix’s.

He’d heard the fury in his screeches to get the hands off of the blond. The green haired kid’s voice had been so intense. It was different than his usual voice, as he’d seemingly been overpowered with the aggression and possessiveness he had toward Felix. It was more fierce. More upset. More protective than when he was angry, or simply frustrated. It was as though he’d become an entirely different version of himself.

All for Felix..

“Should I get some ice?”

Felix blinked, drawing his hand that’d stayed a bit too long away from Sean’s face and glanced at Pj, who was staring awkwardly between the swede and the punk. Fe’s cheeks suddenly felt hot.

“Those bruises look pretty deep..” The kid admitted, reaching out to touch a dark splotch on Fe’s chest.

“Yeah. That’d be great.” Sean quickly swat away the kid’s hand, his attention also diverted to Pj for a moment. Felix let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in. Eye contact had never been his strong suit. Being touched was even worse.

“Sweet. Brb.” The taller kid muttered as he whisked gracefully out of the laundry room.

“Brb?” Felix cleared his throat after a few moments, quickly fiddling with the buttons left over on his shirt to feel less exposed. He tasted iron on the back of his tongue.

“Seriously?” The Irish kid scoffed at Fe’s lack of knowledge, his face turned down in annoyance.

Felix sighed again.There’s the Sean he knew.

“You weren’t lying about being banned from the internet, huh?”

Felix shrugged. “Lying’s against the rules.”

Sean’s face immediately turned down, rolling his eyes.

“Uh-plus, I’m not really into ‘leetspeak’. Not a very good millennial, I guess.” Fe gestured around the room, trying to regain casualty.

“How do you not have the internet, but you know the term ‘leetspeak’?” Sean scoffed, shaking his head with a small laugh.

Nailed it.

“Which, btw, isn’t what he used.” The green haired kid crossed his arms, shifting most of his weight to one leg. “Leetspeak was originally hacker lingo, not “millennial”. Leetspeak dates back to, like, the 80′s.”

Felix stared in aw for a moment. He wrapped his palm around his mouth as it turned into a grin, holding his breath until he couldn’t anymore, and burst into small snickering.

“What? Why are you laughing? It’s history!” Sean laughed along with him, though his tone sounded somewhat defensive.

“Nothing! Nothing! It’s just- forgive me if this sounds rude-you sounded like..such a nerd..” Felix giggled, still covering his mouth.

Sean gasped, his tone slightly more defensive now. “I’m hurt..”

“What’re we laughin’ about?”

Sean and Felix turned their attention to the head poking into the laundry room door, their laughter stopping abruptly. Pj stepped further into the room, grasping two balled up wash cloths in his hands.

“Jeez…what a mood change.” Pj scoffed nervously, passing one of the bunched up rags to the green haired kid.

Felix’s heart jumped to his throat as the tall kid approached him with the cloth, his panicked eyes darting  to Sean, a silent plea to stop this kid. The swede leaned away from the brunet’s attempt to put the rag on his skin. There was no way that was touching him. It was a dirty yellow, Felix assumed it’d been white at one time, and it looked older than his grandmother’s prayer cloth. His head hurt, yes, but not nearly enough to make him sink low enough to let that gross thing anywhere near his face.

“Hey-buddy-” Sean grabbed Pj’s arm quickly, forcing him to step back.

“Sorry..” Felix shrugged apologetically as the taller boy realized Fe’s concerned look.

“Your friend a bit of a hydro-contract?” Pj pouted, seemingly hurt from being rejected yet again.

Sean scrunched his brows in a mixture of confusion and entertainment at his friend. “Pj… it’s hypochondriac, and-” Sean took a wary look at his own crinkly, grime covered, green washcloth. “You don’t have to have hypochondria to be grossed out by these..”

“I was only trying to help..” Pj frowned.

But he wasn’t helping. Felix needed real help, not just dirty cloths rapped around clunky ice cubes melting all over his head. He needed to get out of here, get actual..sanitary healing.. His head was banging harder by the minute and Fe could feel his legs weaken with every beat of his heart. He eyed Sean again, blinking uncomfortably.

“And that’s very..” Sean nodded slightly, and slowly put his cloth back into the towering kid’s grasp, patting his hand to close it around to wash rag. “..uh..kind. And we appreciate the attempt-” Sean slung his arm around Pj’s back, pushing him toward the door. “But we’re probably gonna go-”

“Go? But you guys just got here?” Pj protested, holding his arm at the door’s broken frame.

“Yeah, and look what happened.” Sean glanced back at Felix.

The swede’s heart jumped for a moment, and he lowered his gaze, staring at a lint ball on the cement floor.

“That’s why I wanted to help..” Pj sighed, his tone shifting to an apologetic tone. “I didn’t realize your friend was in bad terms with the guys..”

“Oh, he’s not.” Sean turned back to the taller kid, pushing him a bit harder now. “Those guys are just douche bags.”

Felix choked on his spit at the vulgar language and began coughing. He wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to them. He wiped at his mouth, coughing more, spluttering as quietly as possible as the two others pushed each other out of the room. The blond looked down at his palm, with sudden wide eyes.


That would explain the taste in his mouth..

Felix felt his skin prickle a moment. Okay. This was fine. No, it wasn’t-but it was. It was completely and totally fine and he was probably definitely not internally bleeding. Felix rationalized that he’d probably just bitten his tongue during the fight. Or maybe they’d punched his nose so hard, it caused it to bleed. If it were the case, this would be his first nosebleed ever. 

Felix reached up to his nose with his other hand, and felt a wet trail down to his upper lip. Bringing his hand back down confirmed it, his fingertips stained a dark scarlet.

Had this blood been on him this whole time? How embarrassing.. Felix didn’t even want to imagine how unkempt he must look, standing awkwardly in the dingy basement.


Fe’s heart jumped to his throat, his fingertips going cold for a moment. He couldn’t be alone again, not down here. What if his bullies came back? What if he lost Sean again? Had he already lost him in the panic of internal bleeding? Who’d come rescue him now, if he were to get into trouble again? Felix already felt like he’d brushed the dark tips of hell; another firm punch, and he was sure he’d be knocked out for much much longer than earlier…

Felix glanced back down at his fingers, and wiped them on one of the dirty clothes in the pile. He shuffled his way to the splintered frame, looking around in the dark space, and saw Sean’s green fluff across the room, near the bottom of the stairs, seemingly just standing there, still conversing with Pj probably.

Felix took a breath of relief. He hadn’t lost him. He decided to stay behind a bit, as not to seem too needy. He couldn’t keep following Sean around like a lost puppy anyway.

The blond’s attention drifted to the broken frame he was leaning on, studying the cracks and splinters sticking out of it. Grout surrounded the outer wood, on both sides of the door. Of course, Pj or his mother wouldn’t come down to their basement and scrub their doors, but it was still fairly gross, in the swede’s opinion.

It was interesting that Fe had heard each of these spikes of wood tear apart from each other. He’d never witnessed someone break down a door, though how hard could it have been, with the wood’s condition being rotten and soft in many spots.

Felix looked back across the room to the one who caused this broken mess. Sean was such a small guy, and the fact that he had buckled the frame was bewildering on its own. It hadn’t sounded like he’d had help. Felix only remembered one shape enter the room as his vision had gone out, and Pj didn’t really seem like the “saving strangers” type anyway.

The green haired kid was staring in Fe’s direction, it looked like, and he nodded his head to the stairs. His finger was pointing to them as well, and Felix assumed it meant he was ready to go.

So Felix cautiously stepped out into the open, leaving the somewhat comfortingly small space of the laundry room. He expected to step around some of the other attendees who had laid on the rugs almost unconsiously, but found that the entire floor was empty. All the rugs, and the lava lamps, and the bean bag chairs. Everyone had seemingly cleared out.

But how? Felix thought he had only been out for a little while, they couldn’t all have had enough time to just pack up and leave?

Felix reached Sean much quicker than the first time they’d journeyed across the basement, mostly because he had a direct b-line now, imstead of having to weave around ragdoll teens strewn about the ground like a graveyard.

“Where’s Pj?”

“Upstairs in his room.” Sean said, looking down at his black chipped nails nonchalantly. “He said we could let ourselves out.

“Where’s everyone else?” Felix queried.

“They left. And we should to, so come on.” Sean stated blantantly, his voice back to his usual annoyed tone. He grabbed Felix’s arm and dragged him up the stairs.

The blond looked around the kitchen, and in the living room, puzzled. Everyone was gone.

“Why did everybody leave?” Felix turned to Sean after a moment.

“Party’s over.“

“But I thought it just started?”

Sean scoffed, tapping his foot. “Yeah, and now it’s ended.”


“Why do you think?” Sean huffed, rolling his eyes. “Nobody wants to be at a party where a kid nearly died. Plus, it was getting late. You were out longer than you thought, dude.”

Felix stepped up to the front door, which was open wide. The sky was dark, the sun seemed to have been gone for a while now, and only a few streetlights flickered down the road of the neighborhood.

“Apparently so..” Felix breathed. His chest felt tight with anxiety. He turned to the green haired kid. “Do you have the time?”

Sean reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, clicking a button on it, and answering casually. “8:32.”

“I need to get home..” Felix breathed out skakily. “It’s already past my cerfew, and I think I’m starting to feel light-headed again..”

“Your cerfew is before 8 o’ clock?” Sean stifled a laugh.

“Yeah..” Felix admitted with a sigh if defeat. “Would you please help me home..?”

“Sure. Here.” Sean rested Fe’s arm around his shoulder as he wrapped his arm over the blond’s waist. “Should help you walk a bit. Lean your weight in me for support when you need.”

“Thank you..” Felix murmered, his face burning from this unusual act of kindness. Maybe this kid wasn’t as emotionally numb as he let on. “I..uh…appreciate this help..”

There was a small “Aww..” from upstairs. Pj must have been eavesdropping.

Sean rolled his eyes with a sigh as he pushes open the door and helped the swede wobble out. “Yeah..don’t mention it. At least…not around Pj.”