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Ok I really don’t know how this came to be just that this came to my attention when I played episode 4 but didn’t think it was that important. Until I saw this user wondering ‘okay so nathan likes drugs i get it but why diet pills, i don’t understand’ and that’s when I started wondering too what the hell was going on. Meaning i did some research and this is what i’ve got So, what if: Asides from his mental illness Nathan was/is being sexually abused (by mr jefferfuck tbh i wouldn’t put it past him, the guy is a sexual predator or by the dark room group)? What do you think?

P.S: there was an article that explicitly stated sexual abused victims started taking diet pills but i forgot to screenshot (i suck)

Note: My other posts about Nathan and stuff can be found here x x x Please check them out

I can’t decide which of these men is the most handsome...

Josh Dallas

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Jamie Dornan

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Eion Bailey

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Colin O’Donoghue

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Sean Maguire

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