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What are your thoughts on Dylann Roof? He sort of pisses me off but he isn't nearly as cocky as TJ and I read a letter he allegedly wrote to someone and he seems reasonably intelligent. I'd love to hear your opinion!

Honestly?  At first I fucking hated him.  When those photographs first surfaced all I could think was “this cocky little shit.”  

But as time went on and new information became available, I don’t think he’s cocky at all.  I don’t think he’s confident.  I think those photographs were more of who he wanted to be, not of who he actually is.  I also do not think he’s mentally ill.  
So far, he’s not making a mockery of his victims.  He’s not handing off the letters of young girls who write him to other inmates like TJ Lane was doing.  
Thing is, I think he’s confused.  What he did was 100% fucked up and wrong.  I’ve corresponded with several older White Nationalists in prison about him (they have read his manifesto).  None of them agree with what he did, none of them stand behind him, and none of them think he knew what he was talking about.  In fact, they all agreed that he had it all wrong.
You said his letter made him seem intelligent; to me, his letter(s) just made him seem polite, but closed off.  A bit unsure of what to make of strangers writing him, perhaps uncomfortable.  Guarded.  
So at this point, I’m not sure what to make of it all.  I’m interested in seeing what happens during his trial, what he has to say, and if he will grow up and realize what he’s done.  

I’m not sure if any of you have heard of Sean Gillespie.  

He was a young man, 20 years old at the time, who was sentenced to 39 years for firebombing a Jewish Temple (he filmed it in order to inspire other racists).  This was in 2004, and now he’s completely changed his views on the world.  He said “Since then, I have renounced my past of hatred and ignorance. My life seemed like a wasted experience until the last four years, but life brings many changes to us. I had let hate ruin my life but decided in 2008 to change that. Now I realize the world is a diverse, beautiful place of kindness and love.”

Sorry, I’m rambling, aren’t I?  I had a long talk with @bowlcutworshipper about him on the phone the other night, and my thoughts are really all over the place now, so I’m sorry if this answer is messy.

For those of you who don’t know:  Sean IS gross..

Drawn last night at Oakland Drink and Draw.  Special thanks to Jon Carling for coming out and being all around awesome.