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Jacksepticeye Imagine #dos // REQUEST ME IMAGINES :D (Btw continuing with the ‘sad’ theme.)

Okay so! Imagine that Jack is live-streaming and you have no idea. The night before-hand, you had had a huge fight, the biggest one you’d had the whole time that you’d been dating. You felt like shit, and you watched his new video that was uploaded that morning, and he seemed so happy, like the fight hadn’t even happened. You pick up your phone, still not knowing that he was live, and text him a short ‘it’s over, Sean.’ You log onto YouTube, opening up your subscriptions tag, and finally seeing that he - he was live-streaming? Oh god, you think, what if he reads it on camera? You quickly click on it coming face to face with a video of crying Sean. “Um, sorry g-guys, I’ve uh - gotta go, h-have a good day.” He mumbles, clearly holding something, (his phone,) off screen. The live-stream ends, and you get a phone call. Shit, you think, what did I do?

:))) one.

Request: Can you do a cute fluffy jacksepticeye x reader imagine thst involes the reader and Jack having a chill day? 

 Requested by: @breathesnow 

Warnings: None! 

Notes: Last request! Hope you like it sweetie! And, I’m mobile right now so I’ll fix it when I can.


Y/N leaned into Sean as they watched the tv, not taking theirs eyes off of it. Sean put his arm around them, pulling them closer to him. Y/N grinned and began pulling their shared blanket away from him.

“Hey, what are you doing!” Sean chuckled looking down at them.

They looked up at him and stopped pulling on it. “Stealing the blanket…” They mumbled and continued to do so.

He shook his head. Sean ended up just giving Y/N the blanket anyways. He had another beside him, which Y/N would steal later.

Imagine Jack trying to get flirty and saying really cheesy and over-used pickup lines, which end up making you laugh, and in turn, actually work.

“You come here often?”
“*deadpan* My god, I’m drooling. 😑”
“Why don’t we take this somewhere more private?”
“Shut up 😏”
“You, me, the endless oblivion that is the infinite universe.”
“Uhhahah okaaay, fair enough.”