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St Patrick's Day coming soon and I know what I'll be watching

Boondock Saints

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All Mine Now

Smut Saturday this week! <3

Murphy x Reader | Connor x Stacey | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Request: “Okay so I had this idea that maybe you and your friend are drinking at the bar for the first time and Murphy is heart eyes because you were drop dead gorgeous and seemed to not only be able to handle drinking but also fought off a guy that was bothering you and your friend. When your friend goes home with some cute guy Connor tells him to talk to you and stuff and you guys go home and have some freaky deaky time lol maybe some cuddles and he asks you out on a date in the morning??”

Summary: The reader catches Murphy’s eye at a bar and her friend Stacey picks up a liking to Connor. The two get friendly with the guys when someone at the bar makes a move on the reader. Murphy and Connor teach them a lesson and smutty smuttiness ensues. I didn’t get around to him asking her on a date at the end, but sort of implies they will be together. End game Murphy smut turned out a lot longer than intended,but I doubt I’ll hear complaints ;) Feedback welcome! <3


You huffed angrily and looked at your friend in dismay.

“Of course! There’s no place to sit!” You complained loudly over the sound of the drunken chatter and the jukebox rattling out some old Irish tune.

Your friend Stacey laughed and rolled her eyes light heartedly at you. She knew you had had a shit day. You had just quit your job unable to take your bosses shit anymore. That is why you were standing here, your hair drenched from the dismal drizzle outside, staring over at the see of smiling drunken faces, wishing you had felt even half as good.

Suddenly, Stacey tugged at your arm, “Look! Someone is leaving! Let’s go grab that table!”

You groan a little, still not wanting to be surrounded by people, but needing a damn drink! You follow her begrudgingly across the smoke filled room to a small two person table that sat adjacent to the long wooden bar. You glanced around to the bar and put up your index finger, trying to get the bartender’s attention. You succeed and an older gentlemen with short white hair and square shaped glasses back his way over to your table.

“What can I get ya? Fuck!” He called out suddenly, his eyes blinking rapidly as he stared at you.

Had you heard him right? You thought to yourself. But, quickly shut It off, you didn’t even honestly care you just wanted to feel something other than pissed off.

“Can I get a double shot of Vodka with some limes?” You smile politely and then quickly slam your hand on the table.

“You know what? Fuck it! Just bring the whole damn bottle over.” You said smirking, feeling yourself finally loosening into the idea of cutting lose and enjoying yourself tonight.

You look over at Stacey who smiles in happy approval before turning her attention to the older gentleman in front of her, “I’ll have the same.”

The mad nodded rapidly and walked away, “Fuck! Shit! They can drink!” You heard two heard him mutter to himself as he walked away.

You looked at your friend and cocked your head to the side quizzically at the man’s behavior. Stacey shrugged and you both leaned into each other to have a little laugh.

The man quickly came back over and set down a big bottle of vodka along with two ice filled glasses before walking back behind the bar to serve his many other customers.

You picked it up and tipped it at him, “Thank you good sir!” Nodding your head down as if you were one of the elite pricks you used to have to cater to, you giggled to yourself and went about opening the bottle and pouring you both big glasses full of the sweet elixir.

You take your glass in your hand and raise it toward your friend, who mirrors your behavior, awaiting you words.

“To a night of I don’t give a fuck antics, girl! I need it! That fucking job can kiss my ass and so can my boss! Which he has tried to do several times despite me telling him to fuck off! Nothing better than having to fend off unwanted attention while kissing the ass of the corporate elite! So here’s to new beginning and knowing that I will never have my ass grabbed by that prick ever again!” You slam your glass into Stacey’s, who laughs at your sudden determination, and throw the alcohol swiftly down your throat.

You quickly pour yourself anything one and repeat, laughing a little as you felt the firewater run down your throat and loosen every cell in your body. You kicked out of your high heels, never liking having to wear them, and begin to rub the soles of your feet up and down on the wooden floor, loving the feeling of them being free from those contorted contraptions.

You slam more of the liquid down your throat before slamming it back down. You slam your hands up and down on the table as you watch Stacey trying to catch up, cheering her on, “That a girl!” You smile and laugh loudly at her and pour her and yourself another.

You begin to relax into your environment, slumping back in your chair a little, allowing your eyes to roam the room. You glance around and see several tables filled with your typical 9 to 5 blue collared, good time boys making the most of the few hours of freedom they had before having to go back to the salt mines. Rowdy, drunk men filled the room and you started to realize there weren’t very many women, you saw a couple that were obviously there with their man, but you realized you two where the only ones in here alone.

“Dude. The male to female ratio in this place is crazy.” You look over at Stacey who laughs to herself and winks, “Why do you think I brought you here?”

You laughed and looked down at the table, embarrassed. You knew Stacey had been trying to get you laid for months now since you had broken up with whats-his-name. But work’s bullshit had kept you far too busy, not to mention you had more than enough issues trusting a man would ever stick around.

“Ah shit girl, I don’t know. It has been so long I might not even remember how it goes.” You say sarcastically, still looking down as you smirk to yourself.

You take another gulp of your drink and lift your eyes, allowing them to scan around the room with a different intention. Would you take any one of these guys home tonight? Could you? You scanned their faces and bodies, nothing really sparking your interesting. Your eyes move back over to the bartender who suddenly cusses out loudly, you laugh quizzically to yourself again before noticing a pair of eyes on you. Your eyes look slightly to the right of the bartender and you see a man with piercing dark blue eyes staring at you as if he were angry, he bite his lip and swirled his shot of whiskey in his hand as he glared you down.

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