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Fine, Great
Modern Baseball
Fine, Great

“I hate worrying about the future
Cause all my current problems are based around the past
And I hate when you call me late at night
Just to check in to make sure I got nothing to be sad about
But it’s alright
And I’m okay
I won’t need your help, anyway
Ah, well
I hate having to think about my future
When all I wanna do is worry about everyone but me”

  • Me: *likes Gal Gadot*
  • tumblr: u can't Like Gal Gadot she supports the military of her home country
  • Me: *likes Gal Gadot whilst glaring at the people trying to impose their own feelings towards her onto me*

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I'm watching Free Rein on netflix right now, and while I'm not sure how I feel about it, Freddy Carter is definitely my new Sean fancast.

I haven’t seen that show or heard of him before BUT OH MY GOD THOSE CHEEKBONES????

we’re really being hit over the fucking head aren’t we

Sean, Dean

A trio of boys

One dies, the one that’s closest to him witnesses it and is irreparably changed by grief and trauma

The third boy, not involved, does not truly grasp what is going on and instead pretends that everything is fine

Sean/Dean both die, following their best friends into the grave

and then, at the end, the two dead boys move on to a better place, side by side?


Jackaboy's Sister - Markiplier x Reader

Request: Could you do a Mark x Reader where the reader is Jacksepticeye’s sister and you and Mark meet at a convention and start to flirt or kiss or something and Jack finds out and goes all over protective but ends in fluff.

A/N: I changed up the request a little, but kept the same general idea. I hope I did it justice!

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1762

Being the sister of the famous Jacksepticeye wasn’t always the most fun or easy thing. It seemed like you barely had any privacy anymore. You were exposed. Whenever Sean wasn’t filming, he was documenting the rest of his life through pictures or short videos, and more often than not you were in them.

You tried to stay out of the limelight as much as possible, especially in the beginning. You’d put your Instagram profile on private, and you denied any requests from his fans adding you on Snapchat. But this just led to his fans complaining that you were anti-social and didn’t care about Sean’s fans. Which was rubbish. You were so happy  about what his fans had done for him. Hell, if it weren’t for them Sean probably never would have met his girlfriend, Signe.

But still, you wanted more. You didn’t want to be just known as the sister of Jacksepticeye. A few times, new friends or even potential relationships of yours had turned out to be fans of his, just trying to get close to Sean. And this was one of the reasons that you were currently single. You weren’t complaining! You’re a strong woman, and you don’t need anyone in your life romantically to make you feel better about yourself.

Sean, of course, no matter how many times you told him it was okay, felt personally responsible for your status as a single woman. And so he had offered multiple times to get you anything or do anything to make you feel better. You’d rebuffed his attempts so many times, until eventually you gave in, and asked for him to take you along to PAX. It had been a while since you left the country, and you’d always wanted to visit the States, so this was the perfect opportunity.

So after a six and a half hour flight, with Sean paying for your ticket, you ended up in Boston. Despite being there for mostly sightseeing, you were also there to support your brother. And after stopping off at the hotel to drop off your bags, you, Sean, and Signe turned up at the venue for the people behind the event to let Sean know how things were going to go down.

After a mini tech rehearsal, you and Signe went backstage to talk to Sean and his friends. And amongst them, was Mark. You’d met him a few times before, and spoken to him many more times. It started off as sending silly memes to each other, but then it evolved into proper conversations. You found out you had a lot in common, and it turned into text messages occurring almost every day. Occasionally the odd Skype call. And it was good to actually see him face to face again.

“How are you doing Y/N?” Mark asked when you and Signe joined the group. You nodded, an indication that you were fine. Sean didn’t know how you and Mark had gotten quite close over the past few months, and you’d decided to keep it that way. Despite Mark being one of Sean’s best friends, Sean was still really protective over you. So you didn’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

The group continued to have a conversation, and you stood there, laughing along with every joke that was being made. And every so often, you and Mark would catch each other’s eyes. You weren’t entirely sure what you had, or where this was going, but you did like it. Whatever it was.

The panel was over. Both Sean’s, and Mark’s. You’d found both of them amusing, and now you were hanging backstage. Signe and Sean had gone out to get food along with the others, and that left just you and Mark. Except you had no clue where he was. You’d been looking around for a while now, trying to find him.

After a while, you gave up, sitting down in a chair and taking a sip of water from a bottle one of the backstage people had given you. You took your phone out, ready to send a text to Mark to find out where he was, but then something caught your eye. It looked like someone was crawling around on the floor. After a few more minutes, you realised it was Mark. You stifled a laugh, what on earth was he doing?

You watched him for a while, highly amused. It looked as if he were reliving a Call of Duty mission or something. And it seemed as if he were talking to himself. You got up from your seat and walked over to where Mark had stopped behind a crate. You could still hear him. You walked around the side of the crate, and Mark instantly turned his head to look at you.

“Just making sure you’re okay over here.” You said with a grin. Mark reciprocated your smile, and you looked down, realising what he was doing. He was doing a livestream. It made sense. You didn’t think Mark was going crazy. At least not yet. Thank goodness he was actually talking to real life people.

“I’m fine, Y/N.” Mark said, tilting his phone up so now you were in the cameras view. You gave a quick wave to the millions of fans that were probably watching him act like a fool. “Can’t you see how fine I am?” He spoke again, lightly chuckling. You shook your head, the grin never fading from your face.

“You know, I can tell. You look very fine.” You said. You almost immediately regretted what you said. What you said was supposed to be a compliment, but it had been a long while since you’d tried to flirt with anyone. And saying that in front of all Mark’s fans probably wasn’t the best idea. You felt very awkward. But Mark didn’t seem fazed by what you’d said. At least, not in a bad way.

“Well you look very fine too, Y/N.” He replied. You were so very grateful that you hadn’t blushed. Why did you feel so weird? Did you actually like Mark? You’d suspected you may have feelings for him a few times. But due to the fact that Mark and Sean were friends, you’d pushed it down. And it had worked pretty well, up until now.

“Okay, well, I’ll be over there if you, uh, need anything.” You muttered, smiling a little before you walked back over to the chair you’d been sitting in. You sat down, putting your head in your hands. “What the hell was that, Y/N?” You asked yourself quietly. Oh look, now it was you who was talking to themselves. You sat like that for a while, until you heard someone call your name. You looked up to see Mark.

“Oh, hey!” You said, standing up. “You, um, finished your livestream then.” That’s it Y/N, state the obvious. That’s sure to ease the awkwardness that you created. Mark chuckled.

“Yeah, I did.” He replied. “And, I just wanted to ask you something.” Was it just you, or did he seem nervous? “Y/N, do you like me?” It took all of your energy to not run away from your embarrassment. You knew you shouldn’t have said anything. You sighed and nodded, closing your eyes and preparing yourself for the inevitable rejection.

Except it never came.

“Thank God.” Mark said, making you open your eyes again. You were confused. “Because after all these months, I thought maybe you did, but also I’m a terrible judge of character and I’m the most oblivious person in the world usually. And I’ve liked you for a long time because you’re so beautiful and smart and funny, but I just didn’t know what to do, y'know? I was scared you’d laugh at me and I-”

You cut him off by kissing him.

After he got over his initial surprise, he started to kiss you back. As your lips moved together, you couldn’t help but smile. You were a lot less confused than you had been a few hours ago. At least now you knew where you stood. It was pretty clear what your relationship with him was now.

“What the fuck?” A new voice exclaimed. You knew exactly who it was. You and Mark pulled away from each other. You didn’t open your eyes. Perhaps if you kept them closed, and wished hard enough, Sean would just go away. Just… keep your eyes squeezed shut, and maybe…

“Mark what the heck are you doing with my sister?”

No such luck.

You opened your eyes to see Sean standing a few feet away from you, Signe standing behind him, as if she were there to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.

“Sean, I-”

“Mark that’s my baby sister!” Sean cut you off “My sister! You can’t just… kiss her! You can’t do that!”

“But Jack, I like her.” Mark said, trying to reason with his friend. “A lot. And I have for a while now.”

“So why keep it a secret, huh?” Sean asked. You honestly couldn’t tell if he was angry or shocked or what. His face wasn’t really conveying anything to you.

“Because we didn’t know how you would react, Sean!” You said. “You’re always going on about how you feel bad that I don’t date anyone, and I was worried if you found out I liked your best friend you would freak! But can’t you just be happy for us?”

Sean paused for a moment, looking away. You saw Signe whisper something in his ear, and he sighed before turning back to you and Mark. He took a few steps forward so he was directly in front of Mark.

“You can be with her. That’s fine. If you make her happy, then it’s all good.” Sean said, sounding eerily calm. “But if you ever hurt my sister. Ever. I will kill you. Understood?

Both your eyes and Mark’s were wide. You’d never seen this side of Sean before. But it was kind of sweet how much he cared. Mark nodded.

“Alright great!” Sean said, a grin suddenly appearing on his face. He started to walk away. “I’ll talk to ya later buddy!” He called over his shoulder. Signe walked up to you quickly.

“I’m glad you finally admitted it. You weren’t exactly subtle. Sean’s just oblivious.” She said with a chuckle. “I’ll talk to you later, Y/N.” She winked before following after Sean.

A few moments of silence.

“So…” Mark said, clearing his throat. You looked at him. “Sean’s kinda overprotective, huh?”

You laughed.

Say Goodbye

For a month Anti had been trying to take control of the famous Jacksepticeye, that ridiculous screaming YouTuber whose head he was trapped inside ever since the figment was born. He’d glitched videos, written messages, and had the entire fanbase wrapped around his little finger. With each new theory, each new comment he grew in power. And now it’s time. He’s finally strong enough, and he will put an end to Jack once and for all.

He thinks Jack is oblivious. After all, Jack has no memories of the times that Anti grabbed the reins, but of course, Jack has seen the videos. He’s seen the glitches and the fans chattering about it like crazy. He knows that something is amiss, but he doesn’t know what he’s going to do about it. Anti seems to crave attention from the fans, something that he already has plenty of, but what more does Anti want? And what sort of climax is all this building up to?

When Jack picks up the knife to finish his pumpkin, he suddenly realizes. He feels an insane compulsion to cut his own throat, and he can’t understand why until it all clicks in his head. With him out of the way, Anti will have center stage. Jack tries to stop himself. But Anti has control now.

He feels the blade biting into his skin, feels the blood creep down his neck, and at the last moment, he feels Anti draw back. His influence over Jack’s body wavers, and Jack releases the knife while he still has time.

He springs away from the table, his breathing erratic. “Wh-what do ya want?”

Anti, from inside Jack’s mind, growls in a layered fuzz of static, “I want out!”

Jack rushes to the bathroom to grab a towel and presses it against the wound to his neck; fortunately, Anti hadn’t managed to cut a major artery. “You could’a killed us both!”

“Maybe not! Maybe I would finally have a body to myself! And even if it did kill me, too, it would be better than having to live inside another person’s brain all the time!” Anti makes Jack kick the bathroom vanity. “’m tired of having no control!”

Jack rubs his sore toe and keeps pressing the towel to his neck. Can’t let Signe see this, or she’ll have a fit. “Can’t we work something out? Isn’t there another way other than murdering me?”

Anti pauses. “I hadn’t considered that.”

“Yeah, of course ya didn’t,” Jack mutters. “You were just going to make me cut my throat right in front of all my fans.” Jack gasps. “Oh, no! The video… what are we going to do now? I can’t use that footage! Everyone will freak out!”

Anti giggles. “That’s why we should use it!” He claps his hands together and glitches inside of Jack’s mind, “It would be so much fun!”

“Yer horrible,” Jack says with a laugh, but he shrugs. “Think of what a cool ending that would be, though. I mean, you’ve been appearing all month, so why not have this be the grand finale?”

“Exactly!” Anti glitches all over the place inside Jack’s head until he finally stops, “Wait, ‘finale?’ As in, the end? B-but…”

Jack feels Anti’s anxiety in his own stomach. He suddenly understands the figment’s desire to be seen and heard. If he doesn’t get the attention he needs, he’ll fade from existence, slowly and painfully. Jack wouldn’t wish that on anybody. “Hey, Anti. D-do you mind if I call you Anti?”

The glitch shrugs. “That’s what yer fans call me. It’s the only name I know.”

“Well, what if… what if we kind of work together, ya know, to keep ya alive? I’ll find a way to get ya yer own body, and you can be in a couple of videos every now and then. As long as ya promise not to kill anyone, alright?” Jack waits for Anti’s answer, pulling the towel away from his neck and inspecting the cut in the mirror. Maybe it won’t scar, he thinks.

Anti thinks over his host’s offer and nods. “Ok! As long as I get out of this awful place!”

“Hey!” Jack shouts. “It’s not so bad in my head.” Jack hears someone clear their throat behind him, and he turns to see Signe standing in the door of the bathroom.

“Who are you talking to in here?” When she sees the blood on his neck and all over the towel in his hands, she screams. “Sean! What have you done?” She starts to run to go call for an ambulance when Jack grabs her hand.

“No, no, no,” he says quickly. “I’m ok! Anti did this!”

Signe shakes her head. “No, he’s not real! Sean, I’m scared. Please, let go so I can call someone to help you!”

Anti grumbles from deep inside Jack’s brain, “I am real! I am!”

“Shut up,” Jack growls at the glitch, but Signe thinks he’s talking to her. She fights to get out of Jack’s grip on her wrist and runs for the door. “Signe, don’t! I promise, he’s real!”

Signe grabs her phone and purse, heading for the door. “Fine, Sean. Fine. If you want to bleed to death, so be it. I’m leaving. Goodbye.” She slams the door behind her, and Jack feels it like a stab of pain to his heart. Anti curls into the corner of Jack’s mind, feeling that awful sensation pins and needles in his host’s stomach.

“I’m sorry, Jack,” he mutters.

“Let’s just go finish the video.”