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Milo Ventimiglia & Lily Rabe as Sean & Claire Bennigan
the Whispers 1.10 “Darkest Fears”


the indian runner vostfr scene

This is like…super indulgent angsty fluff, I think? If you like telepathetic mind links/bonds than this is probably your cup of tea lol :D

Erik is Charles’ anchor while he sleeps. Erik’s POV, ~980 words

Hold On To Me

Erik is standing on the ship’s top deck, looking out into the empty night, a starless sky over the deep, dark waves.

Where is he?

He’s here, she says, he’s everywhere.

What do I have to do? he asks.



There’s no answer.

He dives in.


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She looks away from Dark, thinking she might actually start crying if she met his eyes. She doesn't say anything at first, silently thanking herself for taking her Adderall before eventually speaking. "Sean is fine... as far as I can tell... Well. Maybe. Anti publicly made himself known once again yesterday." She rubs the back of her neck "And you could her Sean crying... so there was that..." she pauses. "Sorry sir, I didn't mean to anger you by bringing.. him.. up.." she says quietly.

“So he cried because of Anti’s mediocre show? Pathetic. I always knew he was a weakling.” Dark shook his head in disappointment and brought his hands to his lap. Below the table, he dug his nails into the soft skin of his palms in order to keep himself calm.

“I suppose I can forgive you this once. Just be sure to not make the same mistake more than once, Sunny. I may not be so kind and forgiving next time.”


Explosive Paintings

Canadian fine artist Sean William Randall creates awesome explosive paintings of flaming cars streaking across the sky. Lets be honest everyone imagined these scenarios when they were kids playing with toy cars.