sean dwicky

It was an odd sequence of events. Something was wrong when Sean didn’t answer his phone, or at least get right back to him with a text or a return phone call. So when he didn’t answer back as quickly as Dib was comfortable with, he hopped in his car and headed over to his place.

Once he arrived, using the spare key Sean had provided him with, he headed inside. There was silence at first, which worried him. If he was sleeping, he would’ve warned him that he could’ve possibly fallen asleep. But then as he headed up the stairs, he heard running water. The shower specifically. And upon further inspection, he even heard crying. 

Keeping himself calm, he took a deep breath and opened the door, looking inside to see Sean, sitting on the floor, crying. Something he had only ever seen him do once.

Biting his lip, he closed the door behind him, squatting down in front of the shower. He wasn’t sure what to do in this situation. Especially because he didn’t even know why he was crying. After thinking it over in his head, he sighed and stripped out of his shoes, socks, pants, and shirt, before stepping into the shower to join him, sitting down beside him and pulling him into his arms.

“Shhh…It’s alright Sean, I’m here…”

—« ☤ »—

It all happened so fast, like a tidle wave breaching the shore and taking the menial debris with it. You had just planned to take a quick shower, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe it was the pressure, maybe it was everything else. You had no idea. It was like hell was setting up camp in your chest and you were remembering everything you had ever done wrong. Everything you had failed at doing right. Maybe it was that patient who never got better, maybe it was the one that did get better then relapsed. You had no idea what set it off, but something was causing this breakdown.

Crumpled in place, you had curled up as tightly as you could to try to ward off the feelings. As if your own self could be used as a barrier against them. You figured it was just time for another breakdown. Your job was stressful, it harbored a lot of feelings that people didn’t think possible of a simple therapist. Often you felt useless for the patients you couldn’t help, felt cruel to the ones you had to be firm with, felt sorrow for the ones with tragic stories to tell. It all piled up eventually.

You didn’t hear the door, didn’t see anyone coming, you were closed off to the world around you. Only seeing and realizing your knees in your face and your mind going wild with turmoil. It took you a moment to realize that Dib was there, that his arm was pilling you closer to him. Shock settled quickly and you ended up losing yourself entirely. Fuck, why couldn’t you just operate like a normal human being? Maybe because you forgot you were one in your decade long leave. All you could do right now was mutter apologies both for this and for everything else.