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Capitalism, Neurotypicality, and the War on Consciousness | GODS & RADICALS

Capitalism, Neurotypicality, and the War on Consciousness | GODS & RADICALS

Many of us whose ways of thinking and processing diverge from the narrow confines sanctioned as normal by discourses of neurotypicality have begun celebrating and embracing our difference. I see neurodiversity — the wide and wondrous neurological and cognitive variation among humans (and other sentient beings) — to play the same role in the realm of consciousness that biodiversity plays in…

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The love this mans words radiate, each one he speaks in this piece is warming my heart.. Lately i’ve been starting to feel the humanity frost around me get frostier and frostier.. I have this huge inward need of rebelling against allowing that frost getting to close to me. I’ve been thinking a lot about this in an attempt to find words for the discomfort i feel with the wide spread new age notions of us being solely responsible for the manifestation of everything we see in and around us..that we are individually accountable for the creation of everything including war, hunger, other misery and illness we when we are those unlucky souls who live in the middle of that and/or otherwise are personally affected by..

This, “Me Me Me, I did this” nonsense is also being applied to the lucky circumstances some of us live in btw..

I think that theory a whole lot of crap and buL!!! And on top of that its highly tied in and playing into the capitalistic world view that has taken over the world and made it into a big corporation by taking over our hearts and the ability to share what we have with each other on the material plane and share on the emphatic and compassionate planes..

As you may have noticed this subject is very very close to my heart…It makes me want to rebel against that new age crap in a big way!

You know when that evil moment occurs when a meaningful conversation turns silent, where they start pointing out that you should read the bloody secret with its crappy law of attraction theory, that therein lies your bloody salvation, and if you graciously but determined decline their advice, they point out that when all hell breaks loose you should be aware of the fact that its all on you, you call upon all the misery that you fucking going to attract and obviously so deserve, only because you dare to share your fears and misery with them in search of some human contact..

I am so happy that Sean Donahue talks about this here. And what struck me as brilliant is his very eloquent way of putting the context of healing through herbalism and political context together..this is food for deep thought on my part and probable of a new post too

This is what Sean Donahue wrote and which touched me deeply.

Not every illness is a cryptic message from the universe, or even from the individual spirit, in the way that Caroline Myss and Louise Hay and their ilk suggest. Yes, I do work with a lot of people whose illnesses have their routes in struggles in their lives and who see some relief or resolution when their lives change. Intersections of magic and psychoneuroimmunology. But people dying from Ebola in Liberia are not learning a spiritual lesson. The change they need in their lives is an economic system that gives them access to health care and sanitation and clean water. People downstream from a uranium mine dying of cancer aren’t dying because their consciousness is insufficiently evolved. They are dying because someone decided that making money off uranium was something to be pursued at the expense of other people’s lives. And to the extent that there are emotional and psychological factors that create increased vulnerability to those illnesses, those factors are related to structural oppression – the stress of living in poverty is a major factor in the dysregulation of people’s immune responses. (As are the stresses of living with colonialism and white supremacism and misogyny and compulsory norms around gender and sexuality and neurobiology and … ) … and even in the clear cases where we can see the way that someone’s asthma or fibromyalgia or hypertension are profoundly related to unresolved emotional pain, that pain is not of their choosing, and it too is often deeply related to structural oppression . . Concepts of health and disease as states confined to individual bodies are capitalist constructs that need to be dismantled, and New Age thinking too often reinforces these concepts. It’s sloppy medicine and sloppy magic. Good magic skips the stories of self-blame, takes into account all the levels of influence at play in a situation, and rolls up its sleeves and does what needs to be done. Part of that is blessing and supporting the vital force working to heal individuals, communities, and ecologies. And part of that is naming and cursing and taking concrete action to address the forces that are creating suffering in the world. The spiritually and magically oriented herbalism that I teach and practice and love is in need of a good infusion of Gramsci and Marx and Foucault.

~Sean Donahue

Notes from Between The Worlds: Austim from an Autistic Perspective with Sean Donahue

Here are my notes from this lecture for blood-and-vitriol because I think she might appreciate the information. :) 

Sean Donahue is a Traditional Herbalist who lives in British Columbia.

Notes from Between The Worlds lecture:

-For me, personally, I am linguistically precocious and I do well in one setting, but I am often put in overwhelming situations that set up for failure.

Self awareness and connection with the autistic community is healing. It helps us all share successful strategies with each other.

While not for everyone, somatic therapy approach works best for me because I can appear to be progressing in talk therapy, when that isn’t really the case.

-Finding ways to be embodied helps me. Weightlifting by myself has helped me be aware of my body. I weight lift alone because I am not interested in weightlifting culture.

Another way I am embodied is through plants.  I work with damiana. It allows me to have plesurable experiences and is relaxing. It pairs well with corydalis as well as prickly ash and wild cherry.

Herbal combinations that work for me:

There is something we call the ‘autistic fog’. Sensory overwhelm can lead to 'fogginess’.

Here is my Between The Worlds formula when I’m moving toward shut down, but I’m not there yet.

-Wood betony for the nervous system in a low dose mixed together with equal parts of  Calamus and Mugwort.

If I am already overwhelmed:

Hawthorn is great for early overwhelm.

Keep in mind- if a person is pushing a boundary, this will not work. This only works if I can remove myself from a situation, take my herbs, then return later.

(Answering a question about herbs for autistic children)

-Hawthorn and wild cherry

-Syrups made from these

-Passion flower

-Reishi mushrooms are great for long term use.

Kids on the spectrum are excited to try drops of tinctures.

(Answering questions about autism and cannabis)

For me, it can be regulating. It keeps my mind from being a wreck. It’s not for everyone. My favorite combinations for myself are:

-Cannabis and damiana

-Cannabis and calamus

-Cannabis and mugwort

-Cannabis and (a small amount) of wood betony

(Answering a question: Can you speak to the influence of hallucinogens for people on the autistic spectrum?)

For me I feel hallucinogens allow me to get a perspective on myself. I am able to see layers and levels and it’s helped me understand my processing. I have an ongoing relationship with mushrooms. I love engaging them and in different ways.

Hallucinogens are really good internal housecleaners. I make extractions of mushrooms with alcohol and vinegar. The vinegar is for extraction and the small amount of alcohol is to preserve. I usually take 2 drops of this. It enhances my ability to process sensory information.