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The assassins hurt them selves doing something dumb In a mission! How do they tell their s/o? Or do they have to find out themselves?

These were fun! Again, I used female pronouns but feel free to replace then with whatever pronouns you want. 

Altair: Altair is pretty likely do try to overcompensate for himself and get hurt. It’ll be a pretty major pain, so he’ll get aggravated that he allowed himself to get that hurt. His fellow assassins would carry him back to Masyaf and he would be taken to the medical wing. When the nurse asks if he would like his SO to be notified, he would angrily tell her no. He knew his SO worried and he was embarrassed to show how weak he was in front of her. After a couple of days, however, his SO would come searching around Masyaf for him and finally find him in the medical wing. She would instantly run to his bed and kneel by his side. She asked him what happened and how long he was there. Altair wouldn’t look her in the eye and say she had been there a few days. This would cause his SO to tear up because she worried he didn’t care enough to tell her what happened. Altair would quickly reassure his SO that he did care for her, and finally (and begrudgingly) admit that he didn’t tell her because he was strong and didn’t want her to think he couldn’t protect her.

Ezio: When Ezio stumbled back to his villa, his white robes turned red from blood, his first thought was of his SO. This injury was his fault, and she deserved to know that he was safe. When the assassins rushed to his side to help their mentor, he would send one assassin away to alert his SO. His assassins would bandage his side and be would begin to rest in the bed. Soon he heard frantic footsteps coming up the stairs and his SO rushes into the room. She would instantly sit on the bed next to him and take his hand in hers. “Do not worry, mio amore,” he would say. “I did this to myself. I was foolish.” She would look onto him with sympathetic eyes and put her hand on the side of his face. She would then kiss his forehead, happy he was safe.

Connor: Connor returned to his empty manor, his side bleeding from a deep cut. He was dumb and thought he could take on more soldiers then he really could. He was able to defeat them, but he was now limping and trailing blood. When he got into the manor, he focused on getting himself patched up. He quickly removed his jacket and shirt then began to bandage his side. It would be sore for a long time and he would have to re-bandage himself often. But now that he was okay, he needed to go to his love. He took the extra bandage, got dressed again and then went out of the manor. He walked to a small home on the outskirts of the homestead. He knocked on the door and after a while it opened, Connor’s SO standing there with a jacket wrapped around her night gown. When she saw him, her eyes widened. “Oh my God, Connor! What happened?” Connor was too tired to say anything though. He simply walked to her and hugged her, not tightly though for his scars. She was stunned but returned the hug, letting her exhausted love relax against her. “Come on, let’s go to bed,” she says, knowing he was tired and didn’t walk to talk. The two then went to sleep, with Connor holding his SO all night. He’d tell her what really happened in the morning. For now, he was happy with his SO in his arms.

Arno: Arno would return to the assassin complex, his arm killing him. He let a templar get the best of him and they grabbed his arm and broke it. It made Arno struggle back to the complex. When he got there, he immediately went to the medical area where the nurse worked on making him a sling. “Would you tell (Y/N) please?” he asked, his arm secured in the sling. The nurse nodded then left the room. He returned with his SO, who ran to his side. She rubbed his upper arm where it wasn’t broken, then gave him a soft kiss. He caressed her face with his non-broken hand. “So sorry if I scared you, love,” he said. She simply smiled and sat next to him. “So since you’re out of assassin duties for a while, I guess we will have to spend some time together,” she said with a smile. Arno smiled back; he needed some time off with his love.

Jacob: Jacob walked into their train hideout, clutching his chest. While trying to investigate Templar influence, he didn’t notice someone following him. They got him and were able to get a shot into his chest before he noticed and went after them. It wasn’t until after the fight where Jacob noticed that he was badly losing blood. Luckily the train hideout was going by so he could jump on. Evie was the first one to see him and worked on stitching up the would (it wasn’t the first time they were shot). “You have to tell her,” she said, looking up at her twin. Jacob rolled his eyes. “I know,” he said. He promised his SO he wouldn’t be careless on these missions and he wouldn’t get hurt. That was two weeks ago. Now, he was bleeding profusely with a bullet wound in his chest. So as soon as Evie wrapped it up, he got off the train and walked to his SO’s home. “Jacob! Why are you here so late?” she said when he came to the door. Jacob asked to come inside and she let him. He then proceeded to remove his shirt and show her the wound. She stopped and moved to touch the wound. “Damn it, Jacob,” she muttered, examining the wound. “Sorry, dear,” he said. She then wrapped him in a tight hug. “Well, if this is the worst of it, I guess you should be fine,” she said. Jacob was stunned, but hugged her back tightly.

Desmond: Desmond returned to the hideout, limping slightly. He just HAD to land wrong when he jumped off the room. He just HAD to try and impress Sean by saying he could jump from high heights. And now here he was, his leg almost out of commission. Sean made plenty of sassy remarks, but now he had to hide it from his SO, who warned him and Sean from messing around. It wasn’t long before she saw him and his limp, however. “Mhm, what did you do?” she asked, crossing her arms. Desmond rubbed the back of his neck. “Uhm, well, there was a Templar and he kicked at my foot so it’s still healing,” he lied. His SO raised an eyebrow. “A Templar? Is his name Sean?” she asked. Desmond just looked to the ground, knowing she knew. She just chuckled and rolled her eyes. She then offered her arm to him to help him into the hideout. Desmond smiled and took her arm.