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Help me into some house, Benvolio,

Or I shall faint.

An AU where Endless Summer is an incredibly popular TV show part III

A/N: partly dedicated to the anon who asked for a continuation involving Jake x MC

  • Jake and Taylor (MC) seen holding hands causes speculation whether they are dating or not and Diego accidently confirms it.
  • Zahra going to the Ellen show and playing “Who’d you rather” feat. The ES gang and she ends up with Michelle. “She’s just… such a badass queen, I adore her!”
  • During an award show, Taylor is wearing a long dress she struggles to climb up the stairs and Jake sweeps her off her feet, bridal style and carries her to the stage.
  • Craig hosting TCA and everyone loving that after the fiasco of Jake Paul hosting it (I freaking hate that guy)
  • Raj publishing a cook book.
  • Sean posting workouts pics on instagram AND tips on how to gain muscle weight on YouTube.
  • Michelle sporting her signature Purple Eyeshadow and Peachy Blush combo™ to the Emmy’s
  • Estela being an amazing singer and writing a soundtrack for Season 2 of ES and performing a theme song.
  • High School Story is also a TV show and Grace is trash for it and when an interviewer tells her that the cast of HSS loves ES, she freaks out.
  • Aleister talking about disliking the whole cast at first. “I am… basically my character ”. He admits awkwardly
  • The Island’s heart prop is actually part of Quinn’s personal collection of crystals and minerals consisting of 1264 samples and counting
  • Michelle constantly posts pics on instagram where she’s having a brunch with the other girls.
  • Lila crying after reading the script for Season 2 finale.
  • Jake proposing to MC during a comic con panel where ~1000 people were present. “Will you be my Endless..?” He said as he kneeled. Craig was filming everything.
  • Raj being high and unfollowing the cast on Insta and everyone panicking and posting articles on the feud already and then he tweets “Lol sorry guys, I was high and talked to their PFPs and when I realized they were ignoring me I unfollowed.”
  • Varyyn’s actor talking about the horrors of applying the Vaanti makeup
  • Quinn’s red hair extensions weigh 5 pounds.
  • The gang doing a photoshoot inspired by their idols where each of them is professionally transformed into an anthropomorphic version of the animal of their idol.
  • Craig making coffee for everyone , especially paying attention to Zahra’s ‘cause she’s just as picky with her coffee as her character is
  • Estela posting a video snapped through a small door opening where Aleister teaches MC how to slow dance for her wedding and Grace supporting her and demonstrating it with Al
  • Estela plays Olivia as well, the power of makeup.
  • Rourke’s actor is nice af and partakes I’m multiple charities.
  • Diego and Raj sporting matching man buns during red carpet appearances.
  • Sean pretending to be jealous of Jake and MC cause Jake is actually his bae and Michelle supports 100%
  • The gag reels being the funniest things ever, appearing in the trending page of YouTube every time.

Welcome to The Valiant Book! Hubby was in Texas on a work trip and spent his weekend at Fan Expo Dallas. While he was there, he picked up some fantastic sketches to start off our new Valiant-themed sketchbook (don’t worry, The Buckyyyy Book is still in action too!)

First up…. War Mother by the lovely Emily Rose Romano. This was a surprise gift I arranged for hubby, he LOVES future Valiant. War Mother has not been stuck into the sketchbook yet as she may be getting framed instead! Emily’s watercolours are so beautiful, it’s a gorgeous picture.

Ninjak by Clay Mann. I was thrilled that hubby got this as the first sketch in the book. Ninjak was the first Valiant book I read and I am a big fan of Clay Mann’s work, so this is wonderful.

Eternal Warrior by Cary Nord. Gilad is my absolute favourite Valiant character and Cary Nord… wow! I am delighted :) yay!

The Valiant Book is off to an AMAZING start! More sketches will be added as they materialise…


🎨  updates since Fan Expo Dallas: 🎨

Bloodshot 🔴  by Joey Lee Cabral (more details here)

Gin-Gr by Joel Carroll (more details here)

Gilad & Ninjak - The Fist & The Steel by Katie Cook (more details here)

X-O Manowar by Sean Chen (more details here)

Neela Sethi, Timewalker by Pere Pérez (more details here)


Clue references in Poe Party (46/?): An assumption we’ve been making all night just turned out to be completely false?!?! What is going on here???

Ours to Choose (pt. 8)

Part 7

“Really?” Mark asks, voice flat. “You’ve got powers?”

Damien hangs his head. “Not exactly… I mean, I do, but I don’t want to use them.”

Sean, once he’s finished wrapping his arms in bandages, sits down beside Damien and tries to catch his gaze. “What you did was amazing. I’ve never been able to fend him off before.”

Damien turns his face away from Sean and sighs. “I was scared. That’s why I could do it.”

Mark leans back and crosses his arms over his chest. “So I guess I’m the only normal one around here, then. Damien has creepy mind control powers, and you’ve got a monster in your head.”

Sean shrugs. “As much as the other guy scares me, he’s not what I’d call a monster.”

“He just forced you to nearly kill Damien. That’s not exactly a saint, you know,” Mark offers, getting up off the floor as the sun slowly rises outside. “Do you really want to defend him?”

Sean scratches the back of his head. “Well, believe it or not, he’s saved my life a couple of times now.”

Damien looks up. “What? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I mean, I didn’t exactly live in the best neighborhood before.” Sean watches Mark cook breakfast for the three of them. “But if anyone tried to hurt me, the other guy would step in. I’d wake up covered in blood, but it was never my own.” He shrugs and gets up, too. “It’s not exactly ideal having a demon in your head, but it does have its advantages.”

Damien blinks. “That’s a trend I’m starting to notice,” he says with a sigh. “Nothing good comes without its disadvantages.”

“Nothing bad comes without its advantages,” Sean finishes with a smirk. “Life is funny that way.”

“Well, if you two philosophers are done contemplating the meaning of existence, I’ve made eggs.” Mark hands a plate and fork to Damien before offering some to Sean, too. “And we have class in an hour.”

“Since when do you care about going to class, Mark?” Sean asks, amusement in his tone.

Mark glares at him. “Who asked you?” He drops his plate onto the counter after barely touching his breakfast and storms off into his and Damien’s room.

Sean looks over at Damien. “Um, was it something I said?”

Damien shrugs. “He gets like that sometimes, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it. He’ll be back to normal before long.” Damien pokes his fork at his eggs and sighs. “But when Will was here, he could always cheer Mark up.”

“You really miss him, don’t ya?” Sean shoves a bite in his mouth and chews pensively. “When is the last time ya heard from him?”

“The last letter came about a month ago. He’s not really the type to write often, though…” Damien sets his plate on the counter and gets up. “I’m not hungry.”

“He’s alright, Damien,” Sean calls as Damien heads for his room. “From what you tell me, he’s a real fighter.”

Damien, his hand paused on the doorknob, looks at Sean over his shoulder. “You have no idea.”

He’s stuck in a trench in the freezing cold with twenty other men shivering and muttering to themselves. Private William Wilford tries to shut out the sounds of gun shots, that terrible noise that he hates with every bone in his body, and he tries to picture himself somewhere safe and warm. He hears the shell whistling through the air, just like every other man in the trench.

They say you never hear the one that kills you, but Will knows how arrogant that statement is as an explosion rips through his section of the trench, killing every man left in Will’s unit. Except for the Private himself who looks up several yards away with no idea how he got there.