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-Anon request (A/N: Reader has the mutation of heightened senses and general ‘spidey senses’)

“Hey, Hank?” you called into the lab where Hank hadn’t emerged for three days now. It was normal enough for the reclusive scientist to busy himself under so much work that he forgot that he still needed things like food, water and showers. But this time, something felt a bit off to you, so you’d decided to go down and see him when he made another no-show at dinner.

At your first glance, form the door, you couldn’t immediately see anything wrong, but as you stepped into the lab your heightened sense of hearing picked up an odd hiccoughing noise coming from around the corner.

Frowning, your picked your way through the labyrinth of science equipment stacked precariously around the room, towards the source of the noise. As you rounded the corner, you spotted Hank bunched up on the floor with a half-empty bottle of liquor in one hand. His figure looked so small and was shaking with each sniffle.

“Hank?” you asked quietly, approaching him and kneeling down beside him. “Hank, what’s wrong?”

He shook his head miserably and offered, in a husky voice, “I’m…I’m just tired of…of being like this.” He gestured to himself with a particularly loud sniffle. “The professor managed to convince me to go down to the end of the road to collect the mail from the box and I-I thought it was fine until a car drove past…a-and I just- I freaked. The mail’s still lying on the floor at the end of the road and I just- I don’t want to leave.”

Sighing, you lay down next to him and said pointedly, “Hank, it was one car going really fast- for one thing they probably didn’t even see yo, and for another: they probably didn’t care.” Cupping his furry face with your hand, you added, “And if you don’t leave this bloody lab sometime soon, I think I’m gonna go mad. Alex has never been more annoying than when he’s missing you and Charles is driving everyone mad trying to pretend that nothing’s wrong.”

Hank grunted noncommittally, and you leaned upwards to drag him down next to you. Winding your arms around him, you pulled his body close to yours and buried your face in the musky fur of his chest. “I love you, Hank,” you mumbled into his fur, “And I hate seeing you so self-conscious, especially when I think you’re so beautiful.” Pulling his head downwards with a hand wound in his hair, you kissed him and muttered against his lips, “And if you leave the cooking to Sean again, we’re all going to die from food poisoning.”

Chuckling, the scientist, kissed you back and promised, “Ok, I’ll be up tomorrow for breakfast and I’ll be cooking blueberry pancakes.”

“Score!” you grinned, and the two of you laughed.


After the two month-line wide-hiatus due to Convergence, THEMED VARIANTS RETURN IN JUNE! And the theme is…THE JOKER! I think it’s his 75th anniversary this year, so it makes sense!

1) Action Comics #41 by Darwyn Cooke

2) Aquaman #41 by Walter Simonson & Laura Martin

3)  Batgirl #41 by Rafael Albuquerque

4) Batman #41 by Sean Murphy & Matt Holingsworth

5) Batman/Superman #21 by Jock

6) Catwoman #41 by Javier Pulido

7) Deathstroke #7 by Lee Weeks, & R & T Horie  

8) Detective Comics #41 by Patrick Gleason & John Kalisz

9) The Flash #41 by Eddy Barrows & Marcelo Maiolo

10) Gotham Academy #7 by Craig Rousseau

Some pretty interesting covers here, and also of note? The first instances of Gotham Academy & Deathstroke receiving themed-variants! Of these my favourites are Darwyn Cooke’s (I ADORE his art), Jock’s (although it’s hard to tell that Superman is on the one side), and Catwoman #41 by Javier Pulido (with him doing the variant, and Kevin Wanda doing the standard cover, me thinks someone at DC enjoyed Marvel’s most recent volume of She-Hulk)! 

1. Cook with soul - but first, get to know your soul

2. Be proud of your roots, be proud of your home, be proud of your family and its culture. That’s your inspiration.

3. Cook as if every day you were cooking for your grandmother. If your grandmother is still alive, cook with her as much as possible, and write everything down.

4. Respect ingredients and the people who produce them.

5. Visit the farmers’ market at least once a week, and use most of your food budget at the market.

6. Buy the best food you can afford.

7. Grow your own - even if it’s just a rosemary bush. You’ll taste the difference and start planting more right away.

8. Do as little as possible to an ingredient when it’s perfect and at its peak.

9. You can never be too organized; a clean work space allows for a clean mind that can produce a clean plate of flavors.

10. Cook in the moment. Cook the way you are feeling, cook to suit the weather, cook with your mood, or to change your mood.

11. Let vegetables tell you what to do. Taste them raw before you start thinking about how to cook them. Are they sweet? Tender? Crunchy? Starchy?

12. Cook a vegetarian feast occasionally. Vegetables coked with care can be just as rewarding as a piece of braised meat.

13. If you are dead set on making a specific recipe but when you go to the market the ingredients don’t speak to you or feel and smell perfect, don’t make the recipe. Cook from the hip - you may surprise yourself. Perfect ingredients don’t require much; shop for flavor, not concept.

14. Over-season something with salt and acid just so you know what is too much. Then ride the line, and you’ll find your balance.

15. Listen to your tongue; it’s smart.

16. Cook using your instincts. Cooking times are just guidelines.

17. Try to make every dish better every time you make it. Keep a notebook to document successes and failures. And record your creative inspirations in it as well.

18. Eat with your hands as much as possible.

19. Be curious! Ask yourself questions: Why did the fish stick to the pan? Why did my sauce break?

20. Never stop researching and seeking knowledge in the kitchen.

21. Cooking should make you happy. If it starts making you angry, stop cooking and go eat at a nice restaurant. Come back the next night and think about what went wrong and give it another shot.

22. He who dies with the biggest pantry wins.

—  Sean Brock, “My Manifesto,” Heritage
The Pirate Chef, ch.1  (1/8)

CS AU: When all her planned work for the upcoming special in the show she produces falls apart, Emma Swan is forced to work with the networks rising star. And she doesn’t think anything good will come out of it. 

It’s finally here! This has been a crazy ride, I tell you. It was meant to be a one-shot for @kat2609 on the ocassion on her birthday in late september and here we are now, 37k words later. I’ve been working on this one for months and I am incredibly excited of the outcome. 

Shotouts to @fairytalesandtimetravel for the amazing art cover (seriously look at it! please take a moment to appreciate the wonderful background she built for this and let her know!) and both @sambethe and @nowforruin that have been sounding boards, betas, translators when I ran out of words in my meager english lexicons and cheerleaders to no end. Thank you so much for the support.

ETA that this is also dedicated to @amagicalship and @brooke-to-broch (it would be nice to remember my mind someday!)

I really hope you like it this fic as much as I’ve loved seeing it through. If you want to be tagged in future chapters, let me know!


The Pirate Chef

It shouldn’t have come as a shock to Emma. They might be two renowned cooking stars, but both Granny and Auntie Em were first - and foremost - strong, passionate and fiercely protective of their families. That was why their on screen rivalry had been such a success throughout the years. Their cooking shows were #1 in their own countries, and they used them as platforms to issue challenges to one another from across the ocean. All of which culminated in a final showdown: their awaited annual trip in which the self-styled “Two Old Ladies” would tour one of the countries and attempt to out-cook one another.

It was set to be in England this year, where Auntie Em had taken up residence over a decade ago, leaving her native Kansas and embracing British cuisine. It all had been planned in advance: routines crafted, locations decided and a thorough schedule set up. Emma had worked on it for months - it was one of her responsibilities as the executive producer of the show and a member of Granny’s crew who would take part in the trip. It hadn’t been easy, as her counterpart from Em’s team - an erratic redhead named Zelena - had made her task quite difficult by withholding information.

That should have been Emma’s first red flag right there, but since she was aware of Zelena’s aloof behavior, she didn’t think much of it. None of them did.

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